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Do What You Like With This Bitch (Troy Black)

Do What You Like With This Bitch by Troy Black

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It was her birthday, she was twenty one today. Her friends had taken her out for a drink. Then they tricked her into running through a local public woodland as a dare. In the middle of the woods they grabbed her, tied her between two trees and stripped her to the waist. Then they hung a sign over her head that said “Do What You Like With This Bitch”.

They had only intended to leave her there for a short while, then return and free her, just to give her a bit of a scare. But they got drunk and forgot about her, so she was left there, tied up, topless and helpless. A plaything for anyone to use.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Eric - Shaun Publications    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 11070

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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About half way along the path they met up with the girl who had driven the van round. She had a worried look on her face and said that there was a group of rough looking, very drunk, men coming up behind her, no idea how they would behave if they saw Mable in the skimpy clothes she was wearing, so probably a good idea to detour into the woods and hide until they have passed. Mable agreed, and they ran off the path.

It did not cross Mable’s mind that one of the women appeared to be leading her to a specific spot, so she did not realise that the rough looking drunks did not exist, they were just an excuse to get Mable where they wanted her.

The women came out in a small clearing, hidden from, but close to, the path. In the day this would be a nice place. The grass had been trimmed like a lawn, a couple of wooden park benches adorned one side of the clearing, and there was even a litter bin. A pretty spot for a picnic in daylight hours. But at night it looked more sinister. The moonlight gave it a “horror film” feel, like a sixties British horror film. The scary nature of the area was made worse by the fact that there were two trees, about four foot apart with a sign nailed between them about seven foot off the ground. The sign said, in big, unfriendly, red letters “Do What You Like With This Bitch”.

Suddenly two of her friends grabbed Mable and dragged her between the two trees. One of them tied her right wrist to the tree to her right, above her head, the other similarly tied her left wrist to the other tree. Then they tied her ankles to the trees so that her legs were spread wide.

Throughout this mistreatment Mable was complaining loudly, they ignored her. Then her complaints got louder as one of the women removed Mable’s bra, leaving her topless, her breasts exposed to the night air. They still ignored her complaints. But they did not have to ignore them for long, next one of the girls pulled a gag out of her pocket and skilfully tied it round Mable’s mouth, gagging her effectively, and preventing her from complaining any more.

The women stood back and admired their handiwork. Mable stripped to the waist, tied topless between two trees, gagged into silence, wearing only a very short skirt and high heals. Helpless.

One of the girls then asked “Did you see the sign?” Mable could not speak because of the gag, so she nodded “Yes” The woman simply replied “Good – goodbye.” Then the women left her and Mable was alone, tied up helpless, naked to the waist, her breasts exposed, and a sign over her head saying “Do What You Like With This Bitch”.

* * *

Mable’s friends left here there and went to the late opening bar for a quick drink. The idea was to have one swift drink then come and free Mable. They only intended to frighten her, not leave her there long enough for anyone to find her and act on the sign. When you include the time it took to walk to and from the bar she would be alone less than an hour. Nothing bad could happen in that time.

However, while the women were still drinking their first drink, a group of good looking guys came over and offered to buy them another. Well, nothing bad could happen to Mable in the time it took to drink a second drink, could it?

The guys spent the whole evening, right up to closing time, buying the women drinks. But still, Mable was well hidden in the wood. Only an idiot would venture into the wood in the dark. She would be safe enough until the bar closed at two AM.

Two AM and the bar closed. The guys asked the women if they wanted to go to a night club. They could hardly say “Yes please, but first we have to rescue our friend who is tied up topless in the woods?” Could they? The guys would think they were weirdoes. Besides, there was exactly the same number of women as there were guys, Mable would ruin this perfect dynamic. It was still dark, Mable was safe, as long as they untied her by dawn. Or soon after.

The night club closed at six AM. Three of the women went home with the guy they had been flirting with. The rest went home to their own beds. All were too drunk to remember Mable.

The earliest any of them woke up was just after midday on Saturday, and even then it took a while before they remembered they had left Mable tied up topless in the woods. But when they did, each woman assumed that one of the others had woken earlier and rescued Mable from her woodland bondage.

But no one had.

Author Information

Troy Black is one of the authors who make up the group known as "The League Of Sadistic Bastards". Like many of the writers in that group, he also writes solo. However unlike the other authors in that group, he does not mind people knowing that he is a member of The League. This is because most of the other authors write milder stuff under their own name (or their solo nom de plume) and they don't want the world to know that they also write the kind of extreme stuff that the League write! However Troy does not mind, because the stuff he writes solo is just the same mix of very extreme sadism and forced sex that the League are famous for.


Publisher Information

Eric - Shaun Publications have been producing erotic eBooks since 2006. Eric - Shaun Publications is the \"adult\" division of a company that publishes mostly non-fiction eBooks, but occasionally fiction. And that company itself is a devision of our main company that has been in business since the early 1980s (it was initially a software wholesale/retail company, but has since branched out into many things). Because we published a large number of UFO and \"conspiracy theory\" books, the company began to get a bad name as \"a group of nutters\", which was detrimentally effecting the sales of our more serious publications. So when we decided to publish \"erotic\" eBooks we decided to set up a totally different company and keep it separate from our main business to prevent the main company getting even more \"bad press\".

Anyone hoping to contact Eric or Shaun will be disappointed, there are no such people. They are simply pseudonyms used by the main company to front our erotic eBook business (say the company name out loud to yourself if you want to know why we chose those names).

At the moment (February 2008) we are re-proofreading our books and giving the authors a chance to correct any errors that may have been missed. In some cases we are giving them a better cover too. This is because we are changing our sales method and will be selling our books through A1 Adult EBooks from now on, and felt that moving to such a prestigious company warranted this. It will take us about three to four months to do this to all our existing books, but we hope to have finished re-releasing our back catalogue in June, and will then begin releasing some exciting new titles to our range.

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