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Non-Consensual Female (Roget Gaiton)

Non-Consensual Female by Roget Gaiton

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    • Average 3.9 from 7 ratings

She was the 317th woman to be delivered to the training centre, so that became her name. But 317 was not there to be trained, as the centre was supposed to believe: she was an undercover agent for the UN, trying to expose the slavery organisation.

The ruse was very quickly discovered and the entire team, her backup, captured and locked in the cellars. 317 herself is shown the video of their capture and incarceration so she knows there is no likelihood of rescue.

Then the centre begins her training, using a mixture of psychology, sexual pleasure and much suffering to take her down through the many layers which would make her truly submissive and not simply giving in.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 34500

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1 - Day 1

She was the 317th slave brought to us for training, a consensual female roughly 35 years old with a robust full figure. When I reviewed the questionnaires she and her master completed, a small alarm bell went off. The questionnaire is nineteen pages long and very detailed. Their answers not only agreed, they were very extreme. Under body privacy they both said no residual. That means that once trained she would not resist or even resent having anyone touch her intimately under training methods both opted for severe classical conditioning. That meant that they not only wanted her tortured far more than necessary but that her training would be virtually irreversible once completed. The possibility that both members of a consensual relationship might agree on this is very unlikely. Contrary to popular belief, D/S relationships are rarely cruel in nature and submissive women are seldom masochist.
I met with them myself the day her training was to begin. Questionnaires in hand I reviewed each of their selections with them, pointing out, as I did, that they were opting for an incredibly intense and painful course for her. My certainty that they were some type of police grew with every word exchanged. For one thing the Master got an erection during the discussion. This is something that would not likely happen to anyone with enough experience in perversion to be interested in our services. He also paid our full price without quibbling. We don’t give discounts but our services are very expensive and we are almost always asked for them. For her part the woman remained calm and businesslike. That was also the wrong reaction. A real submissive would have been either terrified or excited, most likely both. When the interview was over I told the man to have her stripped and ready for transportation when I returned. I then went into the next office and called our electronics expert. He had scanned them when they came in and said they had nothing on them. I told him to try harder especially while she was in the elevator.
When I re-entered the room she was casually standing naked. That was the last straw. Any real master would have had her kneeling or in some way posed. I approached her and did a full inspection of her very nice body. She has smallish but natural breasts. That’s a treat in a world full of inexpensive implants. Her hair was silky, long and naturally dark brown. Best of all her hips were round and full giving her a very womanly shape even though she was slimly built. Touching her was a pleasure in spite of the fact that she didn’t respond to me sexually yet.
When I examined her genitals I knew I had found what I was really looking for. She was shaved rather than waxed and her barely healed clit hood held a ring with three oversized gold balls on it that screamed bug. Knowing that she was an agent added to my pleasure in continuing the inspection. She pretended enjoyment when I inserted two fingers into her nice and tight vagina but she was as dry as a bone. Her anus was also so tight that I knew she had not been sodomized in months, if ever. That is not possible for any sort of real slave.
When my examination was finished I reminded her master of the URL where he could see occasional films and pictures of her during her training and assured him that he would get back an incredible slave. I then cuffed her hands behind her with heavy leather restraints, put a ball gag in her mouth and attached its heavy strap behind her head. As I put her in the private elevator I watched her master try to look satisfied as he blew her a goodbye kiss.
As soon as the elevator door closed I began taking the pins from her hair and the earrings from her ears. She looked nervous but bore that stoically. When I went for the clit ring she began to struggle. I waited until the door opened and the tech could help me before finally removing it. With her struggling I was afraid I would have to damage her to do it solo. It took the tech less than 10 seconds to confirm my suspicions. One bead on the ring was a battery, another was a microphone and the third a transmitter. He had missed them before because the transmitter was inactive until a small stud was pressed.
This is a situation that we are prepared for. Several police agencies around the world have attempted to infiltrate the organization through the years and we have always dealt with them with ease. While the tech setup his counter measures I guided our newest slave towards a waiting van. I admired the fact that even though she was terrified she remained rational enough to decide that this wasn’t the time to try to escape. .
At the same time I drove off with her, the tech drove away in another van. Soon the transmitter was activated inside a soundproofed box and in front of a speaker playing a tape of a gagged woman being taken by several men inside a van. The tape was over three hours long and was intended to satisfy the listeners that she was getting the beginning of her training on the drive to our facility. Within five minutes of being activated, the box was loaded onto a truck belonging to a genuinely innocent courier with instructions to deliver it to a fake address a hundred miles away.
The van I used that day was almost unmodified. Its windows are very heavily tinted and I had locked a set of leg cuffs to the second seat. Other than that, it was factory standard. I put the woman in the leg cuffs and told my driver to depart. Then I began her training.
First I told her: “You no longer have a name, a position, or possessions. You are slave 317 and absolutely nothing else. My job is to make slave 317 desirable.” Her eyes were tearing and she looked terrified. My next words were meant to comfort though I am sure she didn’t take them that way.
“You will be trained to be an obedient and passionate slave; to become more erotic and desirable than you ever dreamed you could be; to experience pleasure so great that it will addict you. Within a few days you will begin cooperating in your own training and enjoying your new life. Until then you need only remember a few simple rules. The most important of these rules is that you must obey every order I give you. Every time you so much as hesitate to obey me you will be punished. We have done this 316 times before without a single failure and we are very good at it. You have no hope of escape or rescue and you are welcome to resist all you like for as long as you can face the punishment you will receive for it.”
I reached for her gag. “Now for your first command. Always ask permission before you speak unless answering a question and when you are allowed to speak include in every sentence the words Sir or Master.”
She coughed and cleared her throat for a few seconds then asked very properly to speak. When I allowed it she started by informing me that she would be rescued and warning me that her compatriots would exact terrible vengeance for anything done to her. I assured her that we would be proceeding on the assumption that they would not be arriving; then, if she got a pleasant surprise, so be it. She then asked how she would be punished for trying to infiltrate and arrest us. I told her that she would be punished only as needed for her training. She knew the truth of my statement and just then the reality of her situation struck her. With that she broke down and cried.
I let her sob for a while then asked her how much she knew about my operation. She said with conviction that she would never give me any information about the operation against me. I laughed, confident that they would never get near us then explained that I didn’t care about the operation. I just wanted to know how much of what would be happening needed to be explained to her. With a voice so filled with hatred that it gave me an instant erection she said, “I know that you snatch and fuck women all over the world for money and have gotten filthy rich doing it. I hope you rot in hell!”
I pulled on her collar to give her an electric shock and reminded her to end every sentence in Sir. I then began fondling her breasts gently and told her that I would be the first one to fuck her and the first one she thanked for her training. Her whole body tensed at my touch but she was smart enough not to try to pull away. For the second time I admired her. She was strong enough to endure and smart enough to choose her battles.
As we travelled I explained to her that slaves are always taken to and from our training facility unconscious as a security precaution and offered her a capsule. She looked resistant for a moment until I explained that she could easily be injected. She opened her mouth to receive it. I filled the time until the capsule took effect by idly enjoying her breasts and telling her about the basics of her new life. She would be kept naked from now on; slaves are allowed only makeup and earrings except when having their periods when they were also allowed to wear a red ribbon in their hair. She would not be made available to any man who wanted her though a good number might be allowed to have her. Since we are an organized and disciplined group that meant that any man who wanted her to submit would already have permission to take her and she would be required to do anything he desired. She began sobbing again with that statement, picturing, I’m sure, constant abusive fuckings. I let her sob until she went to sleep then put an IV drip filled with a more reliable tranquilizer in her arm and redirected the van to the airport.
She woke up in what we call the "Curie" room. It was decorated much like an early 1900's lab or doctor’s office. I had recently removed her IV and enjoyed watching her wake up and grasp her circumstances. Her head and upper body were firmly strapped to a half-length table. Her legs were cuffed with ropes run through pulleys in the ceiling to raise them straight up and spread them as far as they could go without pulling the muscles. Along with instilling a feeling of total vulnerability, this position exposed her pussy and anus for easy entry by a standing man. The tranquilizers I had given her prevented total panic but her fear was palpable. The hormone cocktail designed to make her both submissive and sexually excited would be tested shortly.
I approached from her between her legs and without ceremony touched her intimately. I saw her start to speak and raised a finger, which reminded her of the rule she had been taught. In a terrified voice she asked permission to speak and when she received it she begged me to please not “do this”. I told her to be silent then penetrated her with my index finger. When it was inside I commented that she was only slightly wet. I then began to caress her clit softly with my thumb. Before long I had her wet and told her so, enjoying her silent blush. I then did just what she dreaded and removed my pants and placed the tip of my erection against her. She screamed and called me several vile names while demanding that I leave her alone. Looking patient and understanding I pulled a thin cane out from under the table then walked around and put a gentle finger to her lips. She got the message and quieted. I gave her unyielding lips a soft kiss then told her; “You just committed two offences. Slaves are not allowed to use crude language unless told to do so; and you spoke without permission. Whenever a slave is disobedient they are punished severely enough to insure that they never do it again.” I looked down at her and studied her face. She was utterly terrified but even so I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful woman she is. Taking her was going to be a real pleasure and training her even more of one.
Her beauty softened me slightly so I bent over and gave her another small kiss and said, “This is your first time so I will give you as little as I can. Please remain silent so that I don’t have to start over.”
The cane I had chosen was made of some strong but flexible plastic compound and was about a quarter of an inch in diameter. This type can deliver anything from a pleasurable tickle to a scarring welt, depending on how fast it's traveling when it meets the skin. I struck her across the rump hard enough to leave a red stripe for a few hours but not hard enough for a full-fledged welt. She whimpered slightly with the first one but I allowed that and continued the beating without comment. I waited several seconds between strokes so that she would feel the full pain of each one. By the 10th she was sobbing hard and by the 20th was crying uncontrollably. I stopped and moved around to her face then bent over and kissed her again. As I rose I told her that I knew she desperately wanted to beg for mercy but reminded her that she couldn’t. I then explained that she was going to suffer less in the long run if I taught her now and slashed the cane down in a strong stroke that caught both of her nipples at once. She screamed but it was wordless so I allowed it and told her: “Just a few more now, slave, you can bear this.” Four more strokes rained across her breasts but not directly on her nipples.
After I put the cane away I gave her a full minute to collect herself then resumed my position between her legs. When I put the tip of my dick against her entrance I almost laughed. She was squeezing with all her might, as though she would somehow keep me out. Being careful to keep my voice gentle I said: “You must submit, the more you try to resist the more you will suffer.” She made an effort of will to relax and came near to succeeding. With one long, slow thrust I filled her. Once inside I stopped for a moment to appreciate the woman I was having. No matter how many women I take each new one is special and I always take a moment to savor them. In this case I looked at her pretty face, flat stomach and lovely natural breasts made even sexier by the stripes I had put there. With her softness enveloping me, I enjoyed her wetness which was especially slick. That’s a trait I really enjoy. She was also an uncommonly perfect fit, I filled her fully but not excessively and the tightness of her was just the amount I like around me.
I took her slowly at first, still feeling the subtle nuances of her inner body. Then, as she grew used to me and lubricated more, I grew rougher. I wanted to make sure that she felt fully taken and enjoyed so I took my time and made certain that my own excitement stayed under control. Before long my actions, combined with a little help from the drugs she had been given, caused her to have a powerful orgasm. I kept patiently thrusting inside her, knowing full well that her clitoris would now be so sensitive that her pleasure would be mixed with pain. That was deliberate. A big part of her training was to make her associate helplessness and submission with pleasure. Soon she had another powerful orgasm then several weaker ones after that.
When I didn’t think she could cum anymore I withdrew and took a small riding crop from below the table. After allowing her a few moments to catch her breath I looked at her now glowing face and asked, "Did that feel good, slave?” She remained silent for several seconds in an attempt to regain some tiny fraction of control then cried out as I struck her left nipple sharply. I reminded her that one of her rules was to answer all questions immediately and honestly and asked her again if that felt good. When she still refused to answer I realized that she had finally decided to try and resist. The fact that she was doing so over a relatively trivial issue didn’t matter. She knew that she was losing control quickly and had to either hold on to some tiny bit or she really was going to be trained into slavery.
Knowing that this was the right time to force the issue I began to apply the crop. It didn’t cause as much pain or damage as the cane had so she was able to hold out for a while. I gave each breast 4 strokes but for selfish reasons I didn’t want to bruise them and shifted the majority of the beating to her inner thighs. Even as I cropped her I spoke to her encouragingly.
“You should go ahead and get all the resistance out of your system now, so that we could move on. You are a strong enough woman to bear what I do to you.” To someone who has never trained a slave my encouragement would probably sound strange. The secret to making a wonderful slave is to train and condition her without breaking her spirit. That is why our products are so desirable and thus expensive. If you want a woman who has been broken either by a man or by life’s own hardships you can have one spread her legs in any city in the world for $50 or less. What we make is something so infinitely better that less than one man in a million will ever get to experience it.
I didn’t count the strokes and even helped her resistance a couple of times by easing off when she neared surrender. With my help she was able to hold out for an amazingly long time. I wanted her very best effort now so that later she wouldn’t be able to talk herself into trying to resist again. I had to be careful towards the end of her punishment as the skin on her inner thighs had grown a bright cherry red and I know from experience that it won’t get any more painful from that point forward. But, a careless stroke can take it from developing a painless surface bruise to an ugly and unhealthy one. As I had hoped, when she finally gave her surrender she knew that she had been truly defeated so it was a deep and meaningful one. By resisting with all her might on a minor point and losing she was forced to accept that she would not be allowed to resist at all. Mentally she was already beginning to adjust to that reality and I was glad to see her doing so. That meant that her real training would begin sooner than usual and I was anxious to see what I could make of her.
Once she had tearfully confessed that her ordeal had felt good, I asked her an even harder question, “Did cumming so hard and so many times for me make you realize that you can’t even control your own body?”


Disappointing and boring 2 out of 5

Kind of boring 3 out of 5

Well written story. Novel, imaginative, interesting. Looking for more books by this author. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5 (Lana)

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