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The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 13 (Shadow)

The Chronicles of Rita - Volume 13 by Shadow

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The next five chapters in this epic story.

Brenda continues to slither past Carmella’s emotional defenses and make the older woman increasingly dependent on her. It might have been Craig’s plan, but it’s Brenda’s adroitness and acting skills that are making the plan work.

Jodi has a plan that she thinks is pretty good. It gets her a pretty good punishment.

Carmella learns what it means to be on a rack. She puts up a valiant fight, but no slave can withstand what a rack can produce when a determined master decides the slave will yield her secrets.

Craig changes the orgasm rule for his slaves and denies them to the new slaves. Jodi sees a flaw in his order and exploits it, risking a punishment in doing so. The sequence of events as that happens astounds the Chicago group all the more.

Carmella earns a fearful punishment and Angel gets the honor of administering it to her. But that punishment gets delayed as Monica catches Carmella in another time check. It works, but it’s the last time she will ever get to play the game again.

Carmella has a secret stash of cash that Craig’s team never got a hint of. She knows it’s enough to rebuild her empire. Then she’ll destroy Craig.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 58900

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter 61 – Cum Quickly

Craig knew Carmella wasn’t exactly having a good time at the moment because Brenda was down in the basement with her. He smiled at the thought of how well Brenda was handling her assignment. So far, every report from Brenda about her time with Carmella had been not only entertaining, but had clearly shown that Brenda was adroitly working her way into Carmella’s confidence. Carmella needed Brenda’s friendship and protection and Brenda was providing as much as she could… but at a price. Brenda was making his long-shot idea work. He looked forward to hearing her report about how things went this morning.
However, until she got back upstairs he was lingering over a cup of coffee and enjoying the company of his other slaves. After a short while Brenda appeared, slightly damp, but grinning broadly. He knew without asking that things had gone well. He motioned for her to sit next to him, shooing Michelle in the process. Brenda didn’t even think to offer Michelle a silent apology, nor did Michelle think one was due: master’s orders were master’s orders. He asked if she wanted coffee, and when she said yes, Michelle, who was already on her feet, said she would serve it. He watched Michelle depart and then he turned his attention back to Brenda. He raised his eyebrows as he looked expectantly at her, and that was her cue to begin.
She related the incident from start to finish and got a laugh and friendly applause from Jodi when she told how she handled being called an imbecile. He complimented her. In summation she enthused, “Master, it’s working perfectly. When I threatened to abandon her she got very nervous. The fact that she apologized to me is positive proof that she’s hooked. I really think I’ll be able to get her to tell me things. Hopefully I’ll also be able to change her thinking and make her more cooperative. Lets just hope I’m right.”
The phone rang. He ignored the phone because he knew that one of the slaves would get it. A few seconds elapsed after it stopped ringing before Veronica appeared, carrying the handset while using her hand to cover the mouthpiece.
“Master, it’s the store making the delivery today. They want to know if they can reschedule it. Something got screwed up at their end and they would like to have the truck here right now. They say it can be here in ten or fifteen minutes if you approve.” Craig nodded. He told her to accept the immediate delivery.
Turning back to Brenda, he instructed her to release Carmella and bring her upstairs. He told her that he didn’t want Carmella to see what was being delivered until he was ready to use it on her. Accordingly, she was to bring her into the living room, close the door and keep her busy. As he said that he looked at Monica and suggested she call for a time check as soon as Carmella was in the room, then another two or three in close succession. Startled, Monica looked at him sharply. Three or four punishments in the space of an hour or so would be an incredible level of pain. Assuming, that is, that she failed all of them. That was likely, so she was likely going to be in for a lot of punishment. When he saw Monica’s look, he confirmed his order as not being a casual overstatement by saying that her period of easy treatment was over. Then he added that he had an idea. He told Brenda to leave and bring Carmella up, then told all the other slaves to make themselves comfortable in the living room. As Monica passed by him he looked at her. She caught the expression on his face and nodded her understanding; Carmella was going to be in for a rough time.
Carmella entered the living room and nervously looked around as soon as she was inside. All the slaves were lounging in various states of repose, and none were paying any attention to her arrival. She spotted Monica who was engrossed in a book. She watched her for a few seconds, waiting to see if there would be a reaction to her presence, but there wasn’t one. She looked at Brenda and got a shrug in response. “All he said was that I was to bring you up here.”
Without looking up from the book she was pretending to be reading, Monica gleefully called for a time check. Carmella’s heart sank. Her pussy was a total mass of pain already from having sat on the pony for the short time, and now this, because she knew she had failed again. She was terrified at the thought of receiving one of Monica’s punishments because she knew it would be on her pussy... it always was when it came from Monica. Her only hope was to resort to begging. She fell to her knees and began. She pleaded for mercy and understanding because Brenda had told her that the master wanted them together to do something, so she thought she was being brought upstairs to serve him. Monica said icily, “You were brought up here as a slave. You are my slave as well as his. You have duties to perform as my slave and I have not given you a day off from your duties. You have failed. That means you get punished.” She sighed heavily. “Now I’ll have to go find the whip I want to use. You’re too stupid to be able to follow instructions and you would come back with the wrong one.” As she left she said to no one in particular, “Somebody please tie her up. I’m going to give her pussy a good whipping and I don’t want her squirming all over the place.”
When she left the room, Monica headed straight to Craig’s office. She knew he kept a crop there; it was one that would be perfect for this purpose, it was one designed for use on horses. It had a wide, flat leather tip that no matter how hard she struck with it, it wouldn’t cut flesh. It would just hurt like hell. He was in the office and looked up as she entered. She explained that she was killing a few minutes by pretending to be looking for the riding crop she wanted to use. He knew which one she wanted. He pulled it out of a cabinet, then as he handed it to her, he asked if it meant what he thought it meant. She nodded, smiling. “Yes master, she failed the first time check. I suspect she’ll fail the second, which I plan to give her as soon as I get back.”
Before he returned to his seat she stepped into him pressing her breasts against his chest while rubbing her thigh gently against his. She looked up at him seductively. “I asked the others to tie her up, so she’ll be fine until I get back, there’s no need for me to hurry. It’s not exactly keeping her busy but she won’t mind waiting if you take me to your bed. You haven’t used my pussy in a while and it misses you.” He cupped her breast and squeezed it gently. She stood on her toes to reach his lips with hers. “Can you think of a better way to make her wait for a whipping?”
He eased her away from him. “It’s a tempting thought Monica; very tempting. But I want to be available when the delivery shows up and you have a punishment to administer. Maybe later.”
She sighed, feigning petulance. “Typical master. Push the poor slave off then forget about her.”
He grinned as he reacted, placing his hand over his heart as though hurt and offended. “When have I ever forgotten about you?”
She struck the classic comic pose of thinking. She held one arm across her chest and pressed the balled fist of her other under her chin. She squinted her eyes and wrinkled her forehead as though deep in thought. “When? Well, let’s see. There were all the times with Jodi. Then, of course Rita, Sasha, KD, Veronica… more Jodi…” He laughed. “Point made, you’re forgiven.”
He told her to proceed as planned and that he would be in after a while to get them started on a new game. She looked at him expectantly, causing him to chuckle. “Yes, you will like it and no, Carmella won’t. But she’ll love it compared to what her afternoon is going to bring.” Monica grinned.
While she and Craig were talking, the slaves in the living room were eagerly tying Carmella in preparation for her punishment. They had her on her back with her arms pulled straight out from her shoulders as though she was being crucified on the floor. The ropes from her wrists were tied to sturdy attachments, so there was no fear that she would ever be able to pull free. Her legs had been pulled out and up to meet her wrists, then they were tied there. Her pussy could not have been more exposed and vulnerable; it was ideally positioned for a serious whipping.
When she returned to the living room, Carmella eyed the crop in Monica’s hand and knew what it portended: very hard hits with virtually no fear of it opening a cut. She also knew she had only fleeting seconds in which to try to win a reprieve, or some show of mercy. She got right to begging as earnestly as she could. “Mistress, please, have mercy. I know I failed; it was inexcusable of me to think that I was temporarily exempt from your rule, and I shall not make that mistake again. I’ll be a better slave to you mistress, I swear I will, please give me another chance. May I lick your pussy, please, mistress? Will my doing that help convince you that I’m dedicated to pleasing you and in being a good slave to you? Pleeeeease mistress!”
While Carmella was begging Monica was standing over her, gently rubbing the tip of the crop against the intended target. When she thought Carmella had begged enough she slapped the whip down moderately hard. It didn’t hurt terribly, but it was enough to make her intention clear and to shut Carmella up. She glowered down at her bound victim then in an apparent desire to allow mercy she silkily asked, “So you want to lick my pussy? You think you can be a better slave to me? Maybe you can. Lets see.” While she was saying those words she was moving around Carmella’s leg, then kneeling astride her. She had deliberately moved in the direction that would cause Carmella to look away from the official game clock. As expected, Carmella’s eyes tracked her every inch of the way until finally, with Monica practically sitting on her breasts, Carmella couldn’t see a thing in the room.
Monica pushed her pussy into Carmella’s waiting mouth. Carmella began licking vigorously. She licked, nibbled, tongued, kissed and even rubbed her nose against her mistress’s clit in her desperate attempt to curry favor. Monica reveled in the delightful sensations for a minute then challenged her victim. “Ok, slave, since you think you’re worthy of forgiveness, lets see if you are. TIME CHECK!”
Carmella froze. Her heart started racing in fear and she blubbered the beginnings of an apology through her tears, knowing she had failed another time. Monica grabbed two handfuls of Carmella’s hair and pulled her head forcefully into her pussy. “LICK, you insufferable bitch.” Carmella licked while Monica shrieked at her. “You’re useless, do you realize that? You swear to be better and yet you don’t make even the slightest attempt to do what you swear you will do. Did you look at the clock? NOOOOO! All the while I was gone you could have glanced at it and redeemed yourself. You didn’t bother. You thought that you would talk your way out of a deserved punishment and offer to make amends by offering to give me that which you’re already required to give me. You’ll lick my pussy whenever I want you to, not when you offer to do it. Plus you lied to me. You said you would be good and you weren’t. Now I have to punish you for that too, and lying is far worse than failing a rule. You’re STUPID if you think that kind of brainless thinking will work. You don’t even qualify as an imbecile. Imbeciles are smarter than you, you worthless piece-of-shit moron.”
Carmella never slackened for an instant while Monica was berating her. She licked as furiously as she could, even while sobbing. After she was done screaming at her, Monica continued to hold Carmella’s face tightly pressed into her pussy. She looked up from watching Carmella to grin at the smiling faces around her and received a thumbs-up gesture from Brenda. After a few more minutes she released her hold on Carmella’s hair as she threw her head forcefully against the floor. She got up and repositioned herself to give the promised whipping. Before raising her arm she looked down at the distraught woman who looked back with a pitiful expression on her face and tried one last time. She whispered, “Please mistress…” Monica brought the whip down with more force than her slender figure seemed capable of producing.
Carmella howled and bucked. Monica was hitting her so hard and the pain was so intense that she wondered if sitting on the pony for a few hours might be easier to take. Monica had given no indication as to how long this punishment was going to last, but clearly it was going to be a bad one. Having to endure a punishment for two failures would usually mean something like twenty hits, but if Monica was as furious as she seemed, twenty might only be a starting point. Then there would be the punishment for lying. With only three delivered so far and her pussy already feeling like someone was pouring boiling acid on it, she wondered how it would be possible to survive her entire period of slavery. Or if she wanted to.
Her cries of pain were truly heart wrenching but Monica didn’t soften her blows one iota. Carmella howled at the top of her lungs and when she could catch her breath enough to do so, she pleaded for mercy. Monica was clearly enjoying herself and wasn’t showing any signs of growing tired. Carmella’s entreaty fell on deaf ears. Except for Brenda’s.
Brenda watched the proceedings with apparent anguish. She looked down at Carmella with a pained expression. After the tenth or eleventh blow had been struck she turned away and placed her hand gently on Monica’s arm, restraining the coming blow. Monica looked at her curiously but said nothing. Brenda said, “May I? You get to punish her frequently, but she always manages to obey my rule and I don’t. Can I have some of the fun?”
Monica was a mite surprised at the request, and besides, she was having fun and didn’t want to give the whip up. Feeling very reluctant to giving the whip up she almost said no, but then caught herself. It occurred to her that Brenda was playing the ‘good cop’ role at Craig’s behest and this request was probably somehow tied into that. In that case, denying Brenda was close to saying no to him. She figured that if Brenda was going to utilize this to somehow advance her penetration of Carmella’s defenses, then giving her the whip was a good idea. Besides, she knew she could always call a few more time checks and have more of her own fun. That gave her the idea to do it again. She lowered her arm and drew Brenda slightly to the side as she did so. By stepping aside, Carmella had an unobstructed line of sight to the game clock. While moving Brenda to the side she spoke loudly enough that Carmella would be able to hear her with no difficulty, despite her sobbing. She told Brenda that she was giving her the whip only because she was a good friend, and that she felt sorry that Brenda’s rule had proven so ineffectual. Then she said that if Brenda didn’t hit hard enough she would take the whip back and perform the entire punishment herself. Brenda nodded her understanding.
With that much settled, Monica once again stood in front of Carmella, blocking her view of the clock. She looked down at the sniffling slave and addressing the spectators said, “Lets see how truly dumb she is.” That made Carmella look up at her, and when she saw the cruel grin on Monica’s face, she knew. She resorted to begging again despite knowing it would be a futile effort. “No, mistress, please, not again. Not during a punishment, that’s not fair. You have to give me a chance.”
Monica cut her off. “When it comes to you I don’t have to do anything, slave. Oh. On second thought, yes, I do. I have to punish you for your failures and your disobedience. If I didn’t, just think how unfair that would be to all the other slaves in the world who get punished for their failures if I allow you to remain unpunished for yours. And give you a chance? That shows how absolutely stupid you really are. I gave you that chance just a few seconds ago. I stepped aside while talking to Brenda. I did so for the express purpose of giving you a clear view of the clock. A good slave… a slave with even half a brain… would have realized that after two failures she had better get her act together. Did you do that? Did you even try to make amends? Did you give one second’s worth of thought to pleasing your mistress? No, you didn’t. You selfishly used both of your brain cells to think about your poor, abused pussy and how unfair life is.” She paused in her tirade, fuming silently, then resumed. “It’s bad enough that you’re totally brainless, but that you think begging is appropriate when you fuck up is disgusting. You’re disgusting as a human being. I’m so disgusted with you that I think it’s fair to say, ‘three strikes and you’re out’. So I’m doubling your punishment for all three. Maybe now it will begin to sink into you.”
When she turned away, once her back was turned to Carmella she winked at Brenda then told her to remember to hit hard. She figured Brenda had some idea in mind and that the massive punishment that had just been decreed might help her. And if not, well what did it matter if Carmella took a few more hits? She went to the side of the room and settled herself comfortably to watch Brenda in action.
Carmella sniffled, trying to clear her nose. Like most people, her nose got stuffed up when she cried. Brenda went to one of the many tissue boxes that were scattered around the room and pulled some out. She knelt by Carmella, put the tissues against her nose and told her to blow. As she was wiping Carmella’s nose she bent down pretending to need a better view, but actually getting her mouth close to Carmella’s ear. She whispered, “I’m sorry mistress, I’ll have to hit you pretty hard but I’ll try to help. Please forgive me, I’m doing the best I can for you.” Carmella knew better than to respond. Brenda rose, retrieved the whip from the end table she had placed it on, then began the whipping.
She didn’t attempt to fake what she was doing by pretending to hit hard when she wasn’t. She put muscle into the whip and whaled away at the upturned pussy. Except she didn’t hit Carmella’s pussy. She ‘missed’ and landed the blows more on the upturned ass. It didn’t matter a whole lot, the strikes still hurt. Despite the incredible pain she was receiving, Carmella still blessed the little slave. She knew it could, indeed would be far worse if Monica were wielding the whip. She also knew Brenda had to deliver a credible performance to keep the whip out of Monica’s hands. After only a very few blows, she was shrieking her agony as the blows kept landing. Somehow Brenda managed to keep a smile off her face.

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Currently living in this universe but searching in the Northwest corner of the planet, looking for the doorway to the alternate universe in which this story takes place


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