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The Estancia - Book 2 (Jonas)

The Estancia - Book 2 by Jonas

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The second book in the Estancia series continues the trials and tribulations of the hapless captured slavegirls.

The Estancia is the private, secluded South American Rancho of Don Garcia. The book continues the story of snatched young females who are there purely for the use of the Don and his guests, with the unfortunate slavegirls suffering yet more pain, suffering, and humiliation.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 37100

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Don Garcia carefully closed the French window behind him, and stepped forward to the balustrade. The balcony he stood on opened from his Master Bedroom, and looked out over the Estancia's inner courtyard. It was early evening, with perhaps an hour and a half before he needed to change for dinner; always a formal meal at the Estancia.
He often used this time for reflection. It was in many ways the best time of the day - the fierce heat gone, the local wildlife 'day shift' had packed up and gone home, whilst the 'night shift' was yet to stir.
He lit a cigar - only the best, of course. Cuban. They still made the best, some combination of climate, soil, and traditional working methods that modern industry couldn't emulate. And Garcia could afford the best - of everything.
Not least, his slavegirls. There were over fifty at the Estancia right now, and every one of them fit for a king. Even the ones he wasn't personally fond of for one reason or another were girls that almost any other man would kill for; at least, those men who were interested in girls rather than boys!
Below in the courtyard, there was a clank of two metal objects briefly striking the paved surface. Looking down, he saw Thomas and Hernando carrying various metal tubes to an area just below his balcony, where a broad plinth stood, studded with projecting bolts and metal rings. They began to erect a framework from the tubing. With a wave, Don Garcia acknowledged their presence, but didn't speak and promptly forgot them in his musings.


What occupied him most at present was the latest batch of new girls. An even dozen had been 'inducted' over a week ago. Most of them had now been used sexually in one or more of a multitude of ways - several by Don Garcia, others by his overseers and house-guests. Being used sexually - raped, fucked, screwed; whatever you wished to call it - also meant that they were now naked. Don Garcia usually left them clothed until the day they were to be raped. Once that was done, they were kept naked almost all the time. And gagged - by all means, let us have silence from the little dears unless we wish otherwise!
But each girl was an individual, and he studied their details - life history, temperament, physique, upbringing - and only then determined on which course of action to take with them. For, even if he wasn't lusting after each and every one (and Garcia was also a generous man to his friends, so some of the girls were presented, at least temporarily, for their use), the means of introducing the new females to sexual slavery was the best part of owning them. Not for him mass production methods, nor any programme simply designed to force females into absolute, unquestioning servitude in the shortest possible time, begging any man to use them!
No, each girl was to be savoured as a never to be repeated delicacy. Used and abused, certainly; but with style and panache!
Take some of the new group as an example. That first night, he had chosen the French girl, Bianca. Like many of the girls he acquired, her stunning looks had actually stopped her making the most of her body and emotions. Again like a typical Garcia slavegirl candidate, she had used boys for her own ends, but hadn't really enjoyed the experience. He had no compunction in turning the tables on her!
So, he had her fucked by six of his overseers in front of all the other girls - then left her there for the overseers to use during the night if they wished. Apart from the effect on her, it gave the other girls something to think about!
Garcia believed that Bianca had never had a proper climax - until that night. She was hot, but hard to rouse fully. It was no wonder then that it took the combined efforts of six men (though admittedly three of them were poor performers) to get her going! Really though the credit belonged mostly to the negro giant, Jean-Luke. His untiring assault inside the girl's cunt had first painfully overwhelmed, then devastated her. Once her defences had collapsed, only then could she begin to experience the real thing. Such orgasms as she might have brought about before the Estancia - through playing with herself - were as nothing compared to the continuous climax Jean-Luke forced on her. Don Garcia knew that, as a result, Bianca had much changed. Against her will, certainly; but now, who knew what she may be capable of?
Then Tracy-Jane. His own little treasure! Well, not so little, really; she was actually a big girl, well-built. And mad as hell about her situation here at the Estancia! His plan for her was pretty long-term. But there was no need to reflect on Tracy-Jane; she was literally a few yards away, within his bedroom. He would return to her in a few minutes.
Instead, consider two more young American girls, Cherry and Marcie. What a jape he had played on them! They were given the opportunity to escape, and then by careful, apparently chance events, guided of their own volition up to the Estancia's mining shanty town; whereupon they were swiftly 'recaptured' and given to the miners and guards to be used mercilessly. A fine joke which all shared - except of course the two thoroughly raped females!
Even after all that, the girls were still to be punished for 'escaping'; a cruel fate for something they could not have succeeded in anyway! But Garcia was making a point. Escape was impossible, and even to attempt it - and the girls certainly thought they were trying to escape - would bring awful consequences. At this moment, the two girls were chained in the deepest, dampest, least salubrious bit of the mine shafts, their only 'relief' the occasional use of them made by their guards.
Maria, the Mexican girl, was a bit of a dark horse. Slavery at the Estancia was actually an improvement in her situation, in some ways! One never knew how they might take it - in effect, she had exchanged one type of slavery for another, but one with more possibilities.
So far, she seemed to do her domestic chores dutifully and well, for the most part; being punished just enough so as to ensure she wasn't forgotten entirely! When she was eventually raped, she co-operated with all the overseers and was now 'chained' by Leon, his Head Overseer. Chaining meant that the individual had claimed the girl for his sole sexual use (except that Garcia, as her Owner, had full rights - but rarely exercised them over a chain girl), and had sought and gained permission - and thus confirmation of his claim - from Garcia and Madame Cara. This entitled Leon to lock a thin gold chain around Maria's waist, from the front of which dangled an Identity Disc proclaiming that she was Leon's. This exclusivity only extended to sexual use - all the staff still had the responsibility to punish and command the girl in all other duties and conduct.
Garcia had noticed the slavegirl taking everything in, and in particular she seemed to pay close attention to Madame Cara. Of course, all the slavegirls perforce had to attend to Madame, if they valued there soft and tender little hides! But Maria seemed to be learning from the Madame - and she certainly loved seeing the formerly pampered, rich, arrogant white girls' horror and despair at how their life had changed! Yes, Maria would bear keeping an eye on.
Then there was Monika. The Dutch girl was a prize - tall, perfect figure, regal, remote and contemptuous of all that she was made to do. Until, in a somewhat bizarre fashion, Thomas had discovered a violent aversion to anyone playing with her rear passage. Don Garcia's decision to be patient with this Ice Maiden had been vindicated, and her eventual taking made that much more pleasurable and complete. In one long day, the girl had been forced - through punishment and the threat of nasty things happening to that vulnerable arse of hers - to lick and suck male cocks and arseholes. Then, of course, Don Garcia and several of his overseers fucked the girl's arse anyway! That was a few days ago, but even now her arse was still the place to be - not one of them had yet sampled Monika's cunt! Garcia had Thomas and Madame Cara working on a suitable means to break the ice in that particular respect.


More sounds from the courtyard below interrupted Garcia's retrospective mood, and looking down he saw that the framework was now finished, and Hernando was leading a naked white girl towards it. Her wrists were confined in handcuffs behind her, ankles shackled and joined by a metre of chain. Hernando pulled the girl onward by means of a leather leash tied around the slave's metal collar. Every slavegirl wore this type of collar, engraved on which was the essential fact of their situation: 'Property of Garcia'.
The girl was obviously reluctant, and with good reason! It was, Garcia now remembered, the young Scottish girl Carolyn. About a week ago, she had been stripped and utilised as the entertainment and ultimately the first prize in a card game between four of his older male guests. Played with and thrashed during the game, and eventually raped by the winning guest - surely a nice way to be introduced to the full meaning of being a Garcia slave!
So enchanting was the spectacle of Carolyn affixed to her rape frame that she stayed that way throughout the night as the winner made use of her, and the following day she was displayed, still mounted, in the Estancia's main hall. She proved quite a popular exhibit! But she was not used again that day, as Madame Cara had promised the girl that she would be punished for various infractions - as if her pain and suffering during the card game and its aftermath were not enough!
However, once the Madame had inspected Carolyn, she decided that the girl had indeed suffered enough for the time being. Who said the Madame had no heart? But Cara also decided to use the period of convalescence to further enhance Carolyn's suffering, and had her pierced - nose, nipples and clitoris all received their little golden slave rings. But of course, the main reason Madame Cara postponed Carolyn's little treat was so the young girl would be fit enough to feel its full effect! And tonight was the night.
And Carolyn knew it. Madame Cara made sure that Carolyn knew. In particular, she impressed on the recuperating girl that the punishment was only postponed, not cancelled altogether, since discipline must be maintained and what has been promised must be fulfilled.


Don Garcia knows he will not be able to do any more thinking for now, so he leans on the balustrade and studies the scene below. Since the destination of Hernando, and thus Carolyn also, is just below him, he is treated to a grandstand view of events.
His eyes suddenly narrow. What? Yes ... ha! Yes it is! Garcia chuckles and hails Hernando: "Is that necessary for guidance, Hernando? Do you expect the lights to fail, perhaps?"
Hernando notices the renewed attention of Garcia, and stops, then bows. He forces Carolyn to kneel, legs spread wide; this position is the usual obeisance. He is puzzled. Does the Senor mean the leash? It is a commonplace; slaves are most often towed around with one. What about the lights? Then suddenly, it dawns on him; the Senor means what decorates the girl!
"May it please the Senor, Thomas decided to add this little extra touch, Master!"
"Ha! Might have guessed Thomas would be behind it - or at the front of it, in this case! Please! Please proceed, Hernando - do not let me delay you and make our guests wait for this little treat!"
Still guffawing, he waved the overseer on. Hernando, with another short bow, tugged the leash and covered the remaining few metres to the frame.
What Garcia had made out was the fact that Carolyn's pubic hair had been carefully trimmed to form an arrowhead pointing directly at the juicy, be-ringed target immediately below. It reminded the girl exactly what her function in life was. The funniest part of it was that it wasn't necessary - what male, staff or guest, would have difficulty finding the cunt of a slavegirl like her? Nor would the trimmed muff be very visible anyway, in the position she was about to occupy!
Carolyn was made to kneel again, just in front of the frame.
For much of the time, Estancia slavegirls wear gags. It helps them concentrate on their tasks, or their punishments and uses. It cuts out endless female chatter, comment and complaint. In short, it contributes greatly to the comfort and relaxation of the other Estancia residents and guests. However, now and then a girl is punished ungagged. It serves to remind all present what they are, thankfully, missing. But it also adds to the occasion, to hear the girl suffer, as well as see it. Just as long, says Don Garcia, as it is done in moderation.
It had been decided that Carolyn could 'sing for her supper' in that way. So, before Carolyn is even installed in her punishment position, Hernando removes her stringent gag and works her jaw to free it of stiffness. At first, like a microphone being tested, there are just a few minor groans and odd noises as the vocal cords - so long unused - are carefully checked to see if they function.
They do. Within minutes, Carolyn is giving vent to her feelings about the forthcoming event, the fates, life at the Estancia in general and how it affects Carolyn in particular, and various trivial reasons why she should not even be a slavegirl, owned by Don Garcia!


Ah, here comes Thomas and Madame Cara, noticed Garcia. They both bowed to him as they approached the balcony (for Madame Cara was not known to curtsey!); he waved for them to carry on.
He noticed that quite a crowd of guests had gathered under the courtyard's colonnade, gazing expectantly at the unfolding spectacle of Carolyn's ordeal. The clink of glasses and the low hum of conversation could be heard - in the intervals between Carolyn's cries of anguish, and pleas for mercy.
But even she has the sense to be quiet when Madame Cara arrives. Whatever Carolyn was about to suffer could be doubled or trebled if Madame Cara felt like it, so there was no sense in asking for more trouble! And despite her pleas, everything she had seen, heard and experienced at the Estancia submerged any optimism she may have had that it wasn't going to happen to her.
The tubular framework in front of the horrified girl was fairly simple. The main item was an inverted 'U'-shaped section, the horizontal part of which was at about waist level and was wrapped in a cylinder of coarse horsehair. From the two top corners and facing the slavegirl, a diagonal tube led down on each side parallel with each other to the floor of the plinth, where it was firmly bolted down as with the other fixings. Just above the ground on these diagonals, there were hefty rings welded to the tube, projecting some way inwards.
Beyond the main framework, another, shorter inverted 'U' was fixed to it by horizontal tubes. This second frame had a pillory-type board with two holes in it attached to its top.
While Hernando holds her steady, Thomas removes her ankle shackles and fits a leather pouch over each of Carolyn's naked feet. These are drawn tight around the ankles and locked. There are no individual toes, just a bag with a stainless steel 'D' ring stitched to the end of it.
Now Carolyn is made to stand, and move forward to the frame, which she does awkwardly in the foot pouches until her unprotected thighs touch the horsehair roll. She flinches, a little. Words have failed her, now, and she starts to cry - but the overseers are ready for this tactic, and she gets a sharp stroke of Thomas's tawse across her legs!
He grasps her hair and pulls back, then removes her leash. Madame Cara comes forward; Thomas still has Carolyn's head back.
"Open your mouth, slave!" commands Madame Cara. Carolyn gulps back tears and does as she is told. Why remove her gag, then fit it again? But she does not question. Any order will be obeyed now, for the consequences of not so doing are too awful to contemplate!
The gag is not re-fitted. Instead, Cara places her riding crop into Carolyn's mouth, and tells her; "If you cannot behave properly, at least you can be useful. Hold that in place until I require it, slut - and if you drop it while we fix you in position ...!"

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author of four books set in the mysterious Estancia, where the slaves truly are slaves, serving the wealthy and the demanding.


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