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Angel and the Agent: Part One (Amelia Stark)

Angel and the Agent: Part One by Amelia Stark

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    • Average 5.0 from 1 ratings

Angelina Carter is desperate to get into movies but is finding it difficult to get her toe in the door of a reputable agency. Attractive and talented, she finally gets a referral to an obscure agency run by the dominant black businessman, Damon Sanderson. He not only finds acting roles for aspiring young actors, but also coaches them in all aspects of the profession.
Most of the roles that Damon finds for his starlets are in the adult/porn film industry. So, naturally, the innocent Angel needs to be thoroughly trained before he can start introducing her to directors and producers.
An owner of four West End stores selling Gothic fetish wear, Damon sets Angel an acting task. Before she meets him, she must don a sexy outfit in one of his shops and then play the role of a besotted admirer. This is the first part of a continuing story in which Angel starts a slow slide into the dark world of ‘X’ rated movies. This book contains descriptions of explicit sex acts and deviant behaviour. It is therefore only suitable for mature readers above the age of 18

Product type: EBook    Published by: Amelia Stark's Erotica     Published: 8 / 2018

No. words: 17835

Style: Interracial Erotica, Erotic Domination - M/F, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The thought of meeting the mystery man in the evening made my pulse race. I was thinking like a kid going on a blind date, not meeting a talent agent. Perhaps it was because he had the power to get me my first break in the movie business that made me so nervous.
“Damon sounds like a good guy.”
“He is…” She maintained a stoic expression. “I’ll tell you how he works. He has four shops in Soho, like this one…”
“Do they all sell fetish clothing?”
“Sure. The one in Dean Street, our head office, has the largest showroom. That’s where we’ll find the man, later. In the meanwhile, we’ve got to get you changed, ready for the meeting.”
“Changed? Do you mean…?”
“Yes, Angel. If you want to be an actor, then you’ve got to be able to play roles. Today, Damon is providing the outfit and a synopsis, and you will play the part, from the moment you meet him to when he says stop. This is your audition and if you impress him, he might let you come aboard and join our group.”
I was stunned. I left home earlier, thinking I’d do the interview, shop for a couple of hours and then return home and watch TV. Now, instead of a boring evening, I was being challenged to act out a role, without a rehearsal or any kind of preparation work. I was out of my depth and didn’t know what to say. All my self-confidence was crumbling away.
Savvy Jessica read me like a book. “Listen kid, among agents, Damon is unique. He knows everyone, and they know him. If a director is making a movie in Elstree and needs a couple of girls for walk-on parts, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll contact Damon. Of course, he doesn’t always have the right girl, or we fuck-up in the audition, but he gets us the opportunities. He also supplies costumes for some movies. He has his finger in many pies.”
“How long have you been on his books?”
“I’ve been with him for a couple of years and he’s found me dozens of roles.”
Now she was telling me something. However, I had to find out more about the genres he expected his girls to work in. “Jessica, I’m not interested in pornographic work.”
She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s up to you kid. Make sure Damon understands what you like and don’t like. Walk on parts in adult movies, where a girl is just window dressing, pays well for very little effort. The stars who do all the fucking are not in our orbit kid, so you’re not going to be offered roles like that.”
Her answer calmed me a little. “Are you talking about full nudity?”
“Sure, sometimes. Look, that’s only one part of the industry. If you want to make an omelet, you have to crack a few eggs.”
She had a point. “Have you been in any good movies?”
“Not any you’d know, but I had four lines in ‘Dead End Street’, directed by Steven Crabb. It was released on video last month. I hear he gave Damon another script for a sequel a couple of days ago. I’m going to ask him about it tonight.”
“What type of movie was it?”
“South London gang drama. Cassie had a part too. Finish your drink and I’ll get your gear. Make your mind up by the time I get back. Damon needs to know if you’re in or out, so he can plan his evening.”
She didn’t give me a chance to ask any more questions. I waited until I heard her heavy boots on the stairs, then gripping the can of Pepsi, I got to my feet and strolled around the room. I stood on the edge of the gleaming white photographic set and imagined myself doing a screen test with a handsome young man. Then I pictured myself naked in his arms. I shook my head, annoyed by my vivid imagination.
I was afraid to take up the challenge offered by Damon, but I knew I was going to do it. Having seen the pair of girls in their goth outfits, I found myself wondering what I would look like in one. And afterwards, if I didn’t like Damon or what he was offering, I could put it all down to an experience gained.
I didn’t have long to think it over before the sound of Jessica’s boots on the stairs rang out. She entered the room carrying a holdall and brought it over to the sofa.
After setting it down, she looked up. “You’re not the first person to play this role…” She let that sink in. “Are you game, or do you want to run away with your tail between your legs?”
Jessica’s attitude was a trifle blunt, but I had already made up my mind. “I’m cool, Jessica. Where do I change?” I looked around the room, but there was nowhere to hide.
“Here and I’ll help you…” I looked up at the high ceiling and spotted a couple of CCTV cameras. Jessica understood my concerns. “Angel, the only cameras on are the ones in the showroom, stairwell, office and storeroom...” She pointed at one. “These are on a timer and are switched off. Only Damon and Jenny can override it.” She noticed my continued reluctance. “I’ll pull a mobile screen over, if it’ll make you feel better.”
“Do you mind? I’m a stranger in a strange place.”
“Start getting undressed and I’ll pull one over.”
I waited until she had freed a soft pink backdrop, then started unbuttoning my blouse. I didn’t remove it until she had wheeled the screen across the front of the settees. Even then I wasn’t totally at ease with stripping my clothes off in front of the black haired young assistant. Blouse, skirt, tights and bra slipped from my body while she removed the items from the bag.
She held up a black satin corset. “Ever worn one of these?”
I shook my head. “I’ve worn a fake one, but never one like that…”
“That doesn’t count.” She stepped forwards and wrapped it around my waist. “Every girl should spend a few days in a corset. Damon is right when he tells us they improve posture.”
I held the sides while she connected the front busk fastening. Short half cups pushed and lifted my tits, and left my dark areolas and nipples free, poking over the edge of the shiny fabric.
Jessica slapped my ass. “Pull your tummy in, kid.”
I made a conscious effort to make myself slimmer, while she tightened the laces, locking me in the tight grip of the corset. I ran my hands over the satin material and felt the metal bones; and thought about the effect an hourglass figure had on men. Both of my boyfriends at university, in Oxford, liked me in tight fitting dresses.
The other aspect of the corset was that it had six wide suspenders. I had worn stockings with a suspender belt in my teens but hated the gear because it kept slipping down. I wasn’t going to have that problem with the tight corset.
“How old are you, Jessica?” I asked.
“Twenty-one, same age as you. Cassie is twenty.” She tied the laces and then came around to face me.
Her long dark hair had been cut with a swept fringe. Beneath the punk makeup her face radiated vitality. She had stunning hazel-green eyes and a wide mouth with attractively shaped full lips. I could imagine her playing a temptress in a dark romance story.
“Is it a coincidence that we’re similar ages?” I asked
She shrugged. “Damon likes to coach girls before they’ve been ruined by the grinder.” Her eyes dropped to my breasts, which were jutting impressively.
Her hands hovered near them. “Are they real?”
I laughed. “Yes, of course.”
“I believe you. Can I feel them?”
She wasn’t the first person to ask me that question. The last time it happened, I was in the showers after a hockey match at school. Me and a girl named Liz were the last ones to finish and she took the opportunity to ask/demand a feel. The girl was a bully and I had no option but to agree. Because she hurt me and then forced me to orally worship her, the vivid experience had stuck in my memory and made me wary of anyone touching them.
I didn’t need to worry about Jessica though. After I agreed, she gently massaged them and tweaked my nipples, which had become as hard as cherry pips. It wasn’t a quick feel either. The young woman fondled them with a thoroughness I had never experienced before. It was a stretch to think Jessica was a lesbian, but the thought seriously crossed my mind.
I was disappointed when she stopped. “Gotta move on,” she sighed. “I was enjoying that. Your tits are fantastic and a terrific asset in this business.”
If she was alluding to the pornographic industry, I wasn’t interested, but if she meant showing my cleavage in a low-cut dress, then I was all for that.
“Sit down and put your stockings on.”
Black seamed nylons were sitting on top of the pile. I fed them onto my legs and was surprised to see there was small heavenly symbols woven into the material.
I stood up and was just about to start fastening them. “Ah, ah, Angel. Knickers off first.”
“Oh!” I looked at the pile and there were none.
Jessica picked up a black lace and jersey top “I’ll give you your knickers in a minute.”
My dominant companion had felt my boobs and wouldn’t be satisfied until she had seen my pussy and ass. I wasn’t a prude, in fact I was proud of my body; but I hated surprises and the afternoon was turning out to be one huge surprise!

Author Information

~~ Amelia’s new Paperback site ~ https://www.amazon.com/author/astark
~~ Follow Amelia on facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/amelia.stark.98
~~ Keep up to date on her website ~ https://www.ameliastarkserotica.co.uk
~~ Follow Amelia on Twitter ~ AmeliaStark_18
~~ Email Amelia at ~ Amelia.stark@mail.com
Amelia was born in Hertfordshire, England, and now lives in a beautiful country setting in the midlands. Working from a small cosy office and with only the occasional company of her pet cat, Amelia weaves her stories, morning, noon and night. She entered the literary world on a notion that she could write more interesting stories than she was reading; and thinks she has succeeded in her goal. An avid reader of BDSM, erotica, horror, science fiction and detective novels, Amelia is determined to bring some or all of these subjects into her own work and hopefully thrill her readers.
All of her work belongs in the BDSM category, but she has written in a wide variety of niches such as Urban, Interracial, Pony-girl, Puppy-girl, thriller and adventure. Her most popular books to date are the Hijack series (3 books), the Frisky series (3 books), the Husni series (9 books) and the Caged & Transported series (8 books/4 compendiums); but there are many more in the library to choose from. 45+
There’s a new paperback site that will grow quickly during the back end of 2016 and on into 2017 - https://www.amazon.com/author/astark


Publisher Information

Amelia Stark's Erotica is a Publisher of BDSM and Erotica stories. All the work is written by Amelia stark, although her work is split between 4 pseudonyms. Her own, Tor Melati, Laura Sinn and Tabatha Wild.

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