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The Golden Mistress of Slave World (Wayne Mitchell)

The Golden Mistress of Slave World by Wayne Mitchell

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Georgio Georgson, Primus of the Nulian Council of Quatrebleus secretly informed the Galaxy Alliance that there was a threat to the Nulian Planetary System that would affect Nulia and the Galaxy Alliance forever. In response, they send one of their best agents to investigate. Star Commander Layla Parthena is genetically modified to look like a Nulian pleasure slave, including the living slave collar that is around the neck of all Nulians.

The scout ship Eusebius secretly inserts her on the planet. But it is a trap. Layla and the entire crew of the scout ship are captured and taken to a large Coliseum-like arena where they are all fitted with the collars. For three days, they are degraded and humiliated as they are compelled to engage in a variety of twisted sexual competitions and punishments. Each day ends with a manditory orgy to show the citizens of Nulia “how depraved and decadent the Alliance scum actually are.”

The fourth day is supposed to be their day of execution, but Layla, their commander, has assured them that as long as they try their best to enjoy EVERYTHING their captors do to them, everyone will survive. Is she telling the truth? Or is she just giving them false hope so that they can bravely endure what the Quatrebleus are doing to them? Only the Golden Mistress of Slave World knows the answer to that.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2018

No. words: 41448

Style: SciFi BDSM/Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Wayne Mitchell


Chapter Two
Layla Three-Greens

Layla heard Captain Randolph calmly order, “Insertion in three... two... one... now!” and she automatically tensed her body as tightly as she could. It wasn’t fear that caused her to tighten every muscle in her body. Making yourself rigid was the only way to remain conscious during an insertion when the scout ship fired the crypto capsule out of one of its weapons tubes. Because the commander was ejected head first, the sudden acceleration would cause the blood in her body to rush to her legs and lower abdomen– unless, that is, she had tightened her muscles sufficiently to prevent it. If they had fired her out of the tubes feet first, she would not lose consciousness, but there was a significant risk that the high blood pressure created in her brain would kill her. For obvious reasons, crypto capsule ejections were always done head first.
Layla felt the grayness begin to envelope her and began rhythmically tightening her leg muscles. Most people eventually lose consciousness in a crypto capsule insertion, but Layla was not most people. She was a level nine operative for Galaxy Alliance Security. This was her eleventh mission and her sixth crypto capsule insertion. Something was brewing on Nulia Prime, and whatever it was– at least according to Georgio Quatrebleu– could affect, not only the Nulian Planetary System, but also the future of the Galaxy Alliance itself.
Georgio would provide no details, but he kept insisting, “If this comes to pass on Nulia, the Galaxy Alliance will be changed forever.” Normally the Galaxy Alliance Council would not have accepted such vague assertions, but Georgio was Primus of the Council of Quatrebleus, and several Alliance ships, including one star cruiser, had gone missing in the Nulian system in the past two years. Finding out what had happened to those ships in this hyper-secret civilization was of highest priority.
Layla relaxed as the capsule lost almost all forward motion. At this very slow speed, there wasn’t even the slightest disturbance of the Nulian atmosphere. The capsule would now float slightly as if with the winds until right before dawn when it would touch down and open just long enough for Layla to step out. After insertion was complete, the passive masking of the capsule would allow it to float upward undetected until it could be retrieved by the scout ship. This was the hardest point in the mission for Commander Parthena. She was fully committed, and in great danger, but still had to wait patiently for the proper moment.
“Point of no return,” she said softly to herself even though she knew that wasn’t really true. Her true point of no return had been when Georgio carefully wrapped the soft collar around her neck months before. That had been preceded by many weeks of genetic modification to change the appearance of her body. Initially, she had been careful to conceal those changes from others on the space base, but once the collar was in place, Georgio– and Admiral Soffic– had insisted that she remain naked so that she became accustomed to it before her insertion.
“If you show the slightest hesitation,” Georgio had warned, “you will be discovered as an outsider. Being naked must be natural for you. And you must be willing to immediately do anything and everything that an owner commands of you or you will be culled as diseased stock.”
The first test of her obedience came that evening when Georgio told her to kneel at the front of the mess hall with her legs spread wide and then masturbate herself to climax again and again and again. He repeated that command the next day and the next and the next. The first day was the hardest. By the end of the week, it almost seemed natural.
It also seemed natural that her body was now turning the same shade of grayish-beige as Georgio’s. The second week after the collar was attached, the rest of the hair on her body began to slough off. She was left with just pencil-thin eyebrows and long, whitish blond hair on her head. Shortly after that, it was almost as if the collar began to whisper to her.
When she told Georgio that, he took her to the crew barracks and had her kneel at the doorway. Then he asked her loudly, “How many of these men will you suck off tonight?”
After a moment’s silence she spoke. Her unexpected answer surprised her more than it had the men. “As many as my Master commands,” she answered calmly.
That wasn’t what she wanted to say. She wanted to yell, “Fuck you, slimeball!” But the collar changed her words. It also changed her thoughts... and her desires. She knelt there naked with her knees spread slightly and wanted– no, needed– to suck off all of these men.
As the men lined up to experience her mouth, she could hear Georgio speaking to Admiral Soffic as they stood behind her. “Almost,” he said softly, “but that slight hesitation would get her killed on Nulia Prime.” His voice became hard as he continued, “She’s not ready yet. Your insertion capsule will get her past the planetary DNA scanners, but once on planet, she must act instinctively if she is going to pass for a three-green.”
The next day she was taken to the female barracks. And the night after that to the officers’ mess where she lay on the table while the officers took her in rank order. By the time it got down to the junior officers, they decided that she was too loose and sloppy from the front and used the mixture of cum and her fluids that was pooled on the table beneath her to lubricate her ass so they could take her anally.
By the end of the week, there was not even the slightest hesitation in her response to Georgio’s commands. She still had her own free will– or thought she did– but the former Layla was now hiding behind a mind wall composed of red and green stones.
And the collar was growing stronger. Even when Georgio was not around, it spoke to her and told her what to do and what to say and where to go. The final test of her transformation came when the Eusebius docked at the station with the specially-modified crypto capsule already on board. This was her ship. This was the crew that had fought beside her on at least four previous missions. And Georgio was going to have her entertain them.
The Eusebius was locked into dock station Q900. Q stood for quarantine. 900 meant it was the last station at the end of a very long dock which stretched far out into space. Docked at Q900, the ship was totally isolated from the rest of the base. Radio communication was limited to short text messages over secure com devices. Servomech transports carried equipment and supplies from base stores to the ship through a series of decontamination rooms. No humans– no living beings of any sort– transferred from the base to the ship or from the ship to the base... that is, until Georgio, the Admiral, and Commander Parthena arrived by dock shuttle.
The crew was told that there would be a start of mission celebration. That was highly unusual, but most of the crew assumed that it had something to do with having a Quatrebleu Nulian aboard. Nobody was really sure what customs and traditions the Nulians observed. Fewer than a dozen ships had been allowed in the Nulian star system in the past five years. Four of those had completely disappeared shortly thereafter.
The Eusebius was deadlocked to the base and all power was being handled from the shore station, so it was possible for the entire crew to gather in the hanger deck for the celebration. A banquet had been brought on board by servomechs and was being served by mechwaiters. The meal itself was mostly finished and the room was buzzing with muted conversation when Commander Parthena, in full dress uniform, strode in and took her place next to Captain Randolph at the head table. A murmur of voices greeted her appearance, but quickly quieted as Admiral Soffic entered shortly thereafter. Georgio Quatrebleu was a step behind the admiral. They did not sit at the head table, but came to the front and stood between the head table and the rows of crew tables.
“In a few days,” the admiral began, “you will begin one of the most important missions of your careers. You will be inserting Commander Parthena on Nulia Prime.”
He waited for the collective gasps and buzz of conversation to fade before continuing. “Two days later, you will openly enter Nulian planetary space and make landfall. A small party will go on planet, supposedly as a trade delegation. They will, in fact, meet with Nulian trade representatives and will have the power to form trade agreements and even treaties, if necessary. But their primary purpose will be to support Commander Parthena once the full aspects of her mission become apparent. Since none of you will be trying to pass as Nulians, you will be able go through the DNA scanners at the spaceport and enter the city. The ship, and the rest of the crew, will then remain on Nulia Prime for the duration.”
His voice became very firm as he said, “It is imperative to this mission that, should you chance upon Commander Parthena on planet, you interact with her according to Nulian customs.”
He paused and looked back and forth several times between the crew and the commander. Finally he took a deep breath and said, “So, tonight, you are going to witness the temporary death of Commander Layla Parthena and the birth of Layla Three-Greens.
The room was now totally quiet. Georgio walked around behind the head table and stepped up onto a small stage. He clapped his hands together sharply and Layla shot to her feet. A second clap and she spun and walked to the base of the steps which he had just used.
“Animals do not need clothing!” he said loudly, and she began tearing at her uniform.
The murmuring grew louder as she quickly stripped, showing her grey-beige body and straw-yellow hair.
“Service me!” he commanded and she came up on stage and knelt before him. The room again grew quiet as she slowly opened his pants and pulled forth his already engorging member. Then with loud groans and pants, she began sucking him off.
Georgio’s breath was getting deeper and he was starting to make slight moaning sounds when suddenly he said, “Present yourself for my pleasure!”
Layla quickly turned and placed her hands on the stage with her legs straight so that she was pushing her ass and cunt back up at Georgio’s prick.
He grabbed her waist and pulled her back onto his prick. Then pushing and pulling her bent body while he stood still, he effectively masturbated himself with her cunt. He finished with a slight groan and pushed her aside. Then he said loudly, “This is Layla Three-Greens. She is my pleasure slave, and I share her with you. Any of you who wish to sample her delights may come up here on stage and do so.”
The entire crew sat in stunned silence until Admiral Soffic’s voice boomed out, “That kind of hesitation will destroy this mission and get the Insertion Officer killed.”
He pointed to the stage and continued very loudly, “That is no longer Commander Parthena! That is Layla Three-Greens, a Nulian pleasure slave, and you will respond accordingly.”
He looked up at Georgio who took a deep breath and repeated his words, “This is Layla Three-Greens. She is my pleasure slave, and I share her with you. Any of you who wish to sample her delights may come up here on stage and do so.”
This time the hanger deck was filled with whoops and cheers and coarse comments as many of the crew members– both male and female– stood and began walking towards the stage.
After a dozen or so crewmen had used her, something almost like an electric shock went through her body. It seemed to come from the collar around her neck. At the same time intense pleasure filled her mind. Then, for a blinding moment, everything disappeared except for the sensations coming from her cunt and her ass and her mouth. An orgasm more intense than anything she had ever before felt overwhelmed her body and her mind as she screamed out her passion and fell limp onto the stage.
Georgio Quatrebleu watched as the four square’s on her collar began to glow slightly and then slowly lit up to reveal one red and three green colors. “She’s ready,” he said with a grim smile. “She is now Layla Three-Greens.”

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