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My First Caning (Chloe Cummings)

My First Caning by Chloe Cummings

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I had never been caned at school but now in my twenties and with a steady boyfriend, when a close friend divulged how much she liked to be upturned and have her bare rear caned, I knew it was something I would have to try, if only to find out how hot it would make me. Then the opportunity presented itself...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2018

No. words: 9000

Style: Erotic Short Stories, Spanking Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



It had always been a subject that intrigued me as I entered my twenties. With caning of youngsters more or less illegal as Id grown up Id been surprised when a few of my closer friends in their mid-twenties had shared with me their own experiences with their boyfriends and how those experiences had turned them on and given them huge orgasms, and inevitably the most outspoken of my friends, Melissa, had urged me to at least give it a try.
I knew my boyfriend of five years, Mark, had a fairly broad mind when it came to sex but caning or spanking (other than the odd friendly slap of hand on buttock during fucking) had never been something we had experimented with, for some reason or other.
We had experimented with a number of things, including good old fluffy handcuffs and I have to hold my hand up and say having my hands secured behind my back while Mark goes to work on my naked breasts and nipples, is a real turn on, especially when I am made to stand with my legs wide apart while he teases me from behind. Normally his caressing of my breasts involves a little baby oil. He rubs it all over my breasts, my dark areolas and my pink nipples, which almost always go immediately stiff under his caress. I know for sure it wont be long before his hand reaches down and releases whatever skirt I am wearing. When we are playing games I never wear underclothes, and as I shave my pussy at least three times a week, it is always hair free something I know Mark likes.
When his oily hand reaches down between my parted legs, I know it will only be a matter of a few minutes before I am helplessly shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure flows through me as he first of all rubs my very prominent clitoris and then slides a finger or two into my cunt. Over the years we have played with a variety of sex toys in a number of positions, but my favourite is the position I have just described. It is even more intense if he uses the magic wand vibrator directly onto my clit. After a shuddering orgasm, he usually steers me to the sofa, my hands still secured behind my back, and there he lays me on my back and lifts my legs high over my head before sliding his rock-solid nine inches deep into my pussy. Often the first thrust of his manhood entering my wet and oily hole will make me come again, and even if it doesnt, after a few minutes of him thrusting deep into my body, I will be shaking with pleasure, gasping loudly and begging him to fuck me harder and harder. I carry on calling for him to do that until he reaches his own climax. Then I cum again when I feel the hot seed spurt liberally into me and Mark has the wonderful habit of keeping his cock buried deep inside me for a few minutes until the mutual excitement has dwindled.
So, having been goaded for some months by two of my best friends, I finally decided to broach the subject with Mark.
Ive been thinking about something, I started. Now, if you are not happy with this dont worry, but its something Id like us to try if you are okay with it.
Go on Chloe, said Mark taking a sip from his wine glass. We had eaten and were sitting down watching television and relaxing.
Well, Ive often wondered what it would be like to be spanked, and maybe caned. I was watching his pants as I mentioned it, and smiled to myself as I saw his cock rise rapidly under his clothing.
You have, have you? Well you should have said. What exactly are you thinking we should do? Im all ears.

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Erotic writer with stories that involve more than a hint of my own experiences in life, and where my friends under alternative names will also recognise the parts they have played in the way my life has gone. Up for almost anything sexually, as I have cum to discover!


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