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Master's Fine Leather (Argus)


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Naive young Emily needed a job, and badly. A leather shop seemed a hopeful start. And when she discovered the fine leathers were in the form of bondage restraint gear, whips and slappers, well, she simply wasn't in a position to be too picky! Besides, the owner, John Master, was a deliciously handsome and sophisticated man who was infinitely polite, casual about his wares, and wonderfully sexy! Having her try out some of the things the shop sold seemed only natural. But thigh high stiletto heels, tight skirts and leather vests were one thing, collars and restraints another! And when he began to demonstrate the various crops, switches, straps and paddles on her tender skin she drew the line! Or... or should have. Somehow, it didn't quite work out that way!

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 7 / 2018

No. words: 14790

Style: Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Master’s Fine Leather

The sign said 'Masters' Fine Leathers'. It was the place I was looking for, the place where, I had heard from a friend of a friend, they were looking for someone. The only problem was that I had no experience as anything but a waitress. And looking at the place was intimidating. It certainly didn't look like Wal-Mart – where I had already applied and not found work.
The exterior was weathered brown brick. It had a mullioned bay window, the frame of which was made of some dark, glossy wood, like mahogany. The door was of solid wood, with a small, discrete plaque. This was certainly no cut-rate shop, and from what a glance through the lightly tinted window showed – leather gloves and boots on red velvet, unlikely to hire a novice.
I looked at my jeans with the frayed bottoms and my bright yellow shoes with the orange laces, and decided that it wasn't likely a look which would enhance my credibility at this kind of shop. No, this place screamed “snob”. Still, I was desperate for work, so I hurried home and ransacked my closet looking for something appropriate.
And then I remembered my sister's closet, and darted across the hall to look through it. Yes, Sara was always more into leather than I was, and she had a pair of leather pants – which were way too small, and a leather skirt, which was merely too small. Oh, and a leather vest which was cute.
I bit my lip with indecision. Going in wearing a short skirt was not my idea of a good introduction – though I do have great legs. On the other hand, if it was a man hiring it might help. And at least if I wore leather it might show an interest in what they sold!
I wound up in my mom's blue silk buttoned shirt under Sara's black leather vest, her too-short leather skirt, my high-heeled leather boots (though they really did make me too tall) and one of my mom's business suit jackets, which, like Sara's things, was a bit small.
I was a freak at five feet eleven. You know how hard high school is when you're five feet eleven? You can only date really tall boys, and most of them are on the basketball team, which means they're arrogant jocks and treat you like you're an accessory. They mostly pay attention to you when they want sex, and aside from that they don't care.
My previous job had been at O'reilly's pub. I wore a short kilt and a too-tight, midriff baring top I was grateful my parents had never seen. The tips were great, but it was still all about carting dishes of food out and dirty dishes back. Not very exciting except when one the drunks started getting touchie feelie. And then the pub had closed last month so I was out of luck and out of money. My parents were far from rich, so I definitely needed to find something. Now!
I bit my lower lip (a bad habit I haven't been able to kick) while examining myself in the mirror. I didn't look very sophisticated. I needed to do something about my hair, maybe apply some makeup. I did my hair half up, half down, with cute bangs, and donned lipstick, eyeliner and rouge, then put on the leather and hoped for the best.
The first thought as I stepped through the door into the tasteful and subdued lighting (no fluorescent lights in this place) was that it really was a store that catered to the moneyed set. The shelves and counters were of dark wood, and the walls were of dark brick and wood paneling. A pair of boots by the door had a price tag of four hundred and eighty dollars!
My second thought is kind of hard to describe, because as my eyes swept over the store I realized that some of the boots had absurdly high heels, while others were incredibly, ridiculously high, as in thigh high! The gloves were the same. Some clearly went up past the elbows. There were leather skirts and leather pants too.
And leather bondage gear. A lot of it. There were a lot of different kinds of leather collars and restraints. Various whips dangled from the wall in a long row which seemed divided by length and thickness. One counter had a number of mannequin heads all with different types of leather blindfolds, hoods and gags.
“May I help you, miss?”
I was speechless for a long moment, just absorbing it all, and then absorbing the guy talking to me.
He was, I don't know, maybe mid-thirties. He was taller than me, which I always appreciated, wearing a dark, stylish three piece suit which seemed to be tailored to his … his really well-built body. I mean, he had broad shoulders without being too wide, you know, like football players. They angled down to a nicely built chest and slim hips.
It was a man's body, sleek and powerful, but not bulging, with a short, graceful neck leading to a well-shaped head. He had high cheekbones, piercing blue eyes, a short, aristocratic nose and full lips. I felt myself going momentarily breathless just taking him in, and that was on top of my shock at realizing what kind of a store this was.
I think if I'd had the time to think I'd have found a way to lie about why I was there. But my instant, flurried thinking was that if I said I was a customer he'd think I was some kind of perve looking for handcuffs or something, so I had no choice but to confess!
“I uhm... I heard you were... looking for someone,” I gulped, wide eyed.
He kind of cocked his head a little, encouragingly.
“I mean, for a sales person,” I said.
“You heard incorrectly,” he said.
“Oh, okay,” I said, starting to back out.
“Or at least, not entirely correctly. I am looking for a person, but not for sales. And truth to tell, you don't seem the sales type. You give up too easily.”
He had a nice voice! I mean, it was masculine and deep, but also melodic, and not too deep, if you know what I mean.
“I uhm, you are looking for...”
“I do need an assistant,” he said. “To handle stock, for the most part, see to displays, perhaps run a few errands and be my general gopher.”
I could be a gopher! I mean, but then I remembered, and looked around nervously.
“I see you like leather,” he said, looking down at me.
“Well, uhm, yeah,” I said. “I just hadn't realized that uhm...”
“What kind of leather we sold?” he asked.
“Uhm, yeah.”
“Does it offend you? Shock you?”
“Oh no!” I said hurriedly.
I wasn't about to confess that anything shocked me. I mean, I was almost twenty! That made me extremely sophisticated and world-weary! Sort of. At least I my mind. Or at least, I felt the need to put up the front.

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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