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The Burglar (Ginny Watson)

The Burglar by Ginny Watson


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Lois thinks that she heard a burglar, so armed with her hockey stick she creeps through the house, in the dark.. & naked! She didn't have time to dress but that isn't important, she just wants to drive the intruder away. But Lois gets a shock when she switches the light on & leaps forward to attack, because the intruder is her step-father, & he's so hammered he doesn't know who she is.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 07 / 2018

No. words: 3715

Style: OM Erotica - Step-Parents, OM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Lois woke suddenly, had she really heard breaking glass, or had it been a part of her dream?
Carefully she slipped from her bed and in the darkness reached for the handle of the hockey stick she kept close to the door for just such an event.
It can only be a burglar she told herself as she gingerly opened her door aware that the hinge might squeak. I should get dressed! Soaring temperatures had forced her to sleep naked, the air-con was broken and blew only warm air, her fan did pretty much the same, and all alone in the house what did it matter if she was nude most of the time. I don't have time to mess around she told herself as she fumbled on the darkened floor hoping to put her hand on the panties she had tossed toward the linen basket hours earlier.
The sound of glass crunching underfoot carried along the corridor from the back kitchen, and Lois ceased her hunt for underwear.
Offence is the best defence! Her Step-father's words drifted into her mind.
If only he was here she thought before pushing her door open and tightening her grip on the hockey stick. But of course he wasn't there, and he wouldn't be back home for at least another twenty four hours. He was away fishing with his mates, at least that was the excuse they used to justify days and nights of heavy drinking. But Lois didn't complain, he worked hard, even harder since her mother had left them. She had called him an aggressive drunk, but that wasn't possible because he never had a drink at home.
But none of that matters now she chided herself as she crept forward, naked, clutching her weapon in her right hand, her left pressed against the wall for guidance in the darkness.
Glass crunched again and from the kitchen and a flicker of light appeared for a second before plunging back into absolute darkness.
Oh my God, this is really real Lois groaned, the sound trapped in her throat by the fear building inside. There's a burglar in the kitchen!
Her fear peaked, then suddenly a courage bristled inside her. Indignation blossomed, how dare someone break into her house to steal her stuff. Get ready bastard she steeled herself as the scent of cigarette smoke drifted into the corridor, it was the ultimate insult and showed just how confident, or stupid, the intruder was. To make so much noise... then light a cigarette!
What if I kill him? The question made her pause, her plan was to hover at the door and listen for another sound, or spot the glowing end of his cigarette, then swiftly switch on the light just as she struck down hard with the hockey stick.
But things can go wrong, what if I crack his skull?
The law will be on my side she reasoned as she took another step forward, I have a right to defend myself and my property, he shouldn't be here!
A small trickle escaped and began to slowly descend down the inside of her thigh. Did I pee myself? she questioned, the moist track catching a small draft that chilled.
I didn't she told herself. Is this really exciting me, I mean that way? It had been a secondary consideration as she crept from her room, but when she cleared her mind she was shocked to find her nipples erect and with the fingers of her left hand she confirmed that her snatch was literally dripping! The risk is making me horny, the danger has got me dripping!
It wasn't the first time, she recalled an afternoon spent waiting in line to ride what was being described as the world's scariest roller coaster. And I was just as wet then! Adrenalin clearly acted as an aphrodisiac for the eighteen year old blonde.
Debate and dissect danger and arousal later she warned herself and tightening her grip she reached around the door frame and into the kitchen, her fingertips quickly finding the light's rocker switch. Now I have a burglar to beat!
Lois drew a silent breath then froze, every muscle in her body tense and ready for the attack, every nerve straining as she sought her target.
There she cried inside, the smallest orange glow, a cigarette end clutched between fingers. Three or four paces away she judged, the shock of sudden illumination would stun him while she covered that distance... then Bang, it would all be over before he had chance to react!
I'm ready, Lois took another deep breath, the glow wavered in the darkness, he was closer to the back door now, maybe five paces away, glass crunched again. Lois thanked her maker that her feet had automatically pushed into her slippers as she slid from her bed, or she would be cutting her feet to shreds in the rush.
Do it Lois! She demanded, then with a surge of courage and a loud shout she flicked the switch and raced forward, her stick held high and her full breasts bouncing.
But she had only managed three paces before the stick spun from her hand, the nerves in her fingers deadened by absolute shock. It couldn't be, her eyes must be playing tricks with her!
“Step-Father!” she exclaimed.
“Oh my God, it really is you!”


This short story brought a smile to my dial. Well done. 4 out of 5 (Fred)

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