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The Boathouse (Ginny Watson)

The Boathouse by Ginny Watson


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Quick and Filthy - Erotic PI Flash Fiction.
Susie is a very bad girl, her step-daddy has just caught the 18 year old slut naked with her legs spread wide in the old boathouse! What is he going to do with her, how is he going to keep her under control? But his anger is short lived as she remains defiantly nude while he shouts... and pretty soon she gains the upper hand as she begins to understand that her step-daddy has a kinky streak too!

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 06 / 2018

No. words: 3115

Style: OM Erotica - Step-Parents, OM Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Susie felt his eyes burning into her, then felt a strange confusion, why hadn't she snatched up her clothes the second that her lover Troy scampered out the back like a frightened jack rabbit, he had grabbed his jeans and t-shirt as he ran. Yet I just lay here as my step-daddy stared down on me, I just lay back with my legs spread wide and let him look!
“I guess so,” she huffed, “But this isn't fair, I am an adult even if you don't see it!”
“Oh I see just how adult you are!” he snorted, “You are making that very clear, but you seem to have missed the point. And that point is responsibility… I am responsible for you until you reach the age of twenty one… and after that birthday has passed you can lie in the street with your legs spread wide for everyone if you want, then you will have to take responsibility for your own actions… until then your actions reflect directly on me!”
He can't take his eyes off my pussy! Susie suddenly realised that his focus constantly flicked back to the pink display she was still showing. Oh step-daddy, you naughty man!
He is absolutely correct about me she admitted as despite understanding that her exposure had gone on long enough she spread a little wider, knowing that she was probably on the verge of gaping. She had studied herself in the mirror, her muscles contracting as he legs spread to force that inviting dark hole to appear… almost an invitation that screamed “Insert Cock Here!” She loved the sight, her own arousal causing contractions that enlarged it steadily before her eyes.
Oh yeah, I am! Susie almost chuckled as she watched her step-father's mouth open slightly, she was working her muscles hard and his reaction spoke louder than any words… he was looking deep inside her, he was staring inside her pussy.
“How can my reactions reflect on you?” she asked quietly, “It's not like you tell me to do these things, I know you want me to stay at home and be a good girl… But can't you see that's impossible!”
“Impossible?” he replied quietly, his anger fading swiftly as her snatch slowly opened wider.
“I'm not a good girl… I'm a very bad girl!”
“Yeah, I can see that,” he whispered, “A very bad girl!”
“I don't think I would like being good, because I enjoy being bad so much, but you must understand that, because I think you like being bad too!”
Oh yeah, that confirms it she almost giggled, the evidence was clear to see creeping down the inside leg of his trousers. And it looks huge!
“You should put some clothes on!” he said quietly as he avoided her observation.
“I like being naked,” she chuckled, “Or are you a prude, does nudity embarrass you?”
“Of course not!” he snapped as his eyes flicked up to hers for a moment, “I'm completely comfortable with nudity!”
“Then why do you want me to dress again, can't you accept that I'm comfortable with nudity too? Or is it a case of double standards, you're okay with seeing a girl naked... as long as it isn't me?”
“Ridiculous, I just thought you should dress so we can go home!”
“And what if I want to go home exactly like this?” she teased, “What if I'm happy to walk through the park like this? Will you walk with me, or will the shame be too much for you to handle?”
Anger flared again, but just for a second. She knew that she had touched a nerve. He reacted the way he did because he loved her, she had always been his pride and joy, so the insinuation that he would be embarrassed by her was impossible in his mind. Yet she had thrown him into confusion, would walking through the park with his naked step-daughter at his side prove too much, would he feel shame, would he resent her for the situation she was currently forcing?
“I will never be ashamed of you baby girl,” he replied softly, “But I would also hope that you could respect my sensitivities… but if it's what you truly want, then I will walk proudly at your side!”
“Really?” she whispered, “And what if I decide to stop half way home, then lay myself on the grass and do this… would you still feel proud?”
Susie grinned as her step-father's eyes followed her fingers as she began to slip them one at a time into her slippery and gaping hole.
“Would you still feel proud of your little girl if she was doing this for everyone to watch?”


Short, pithy, well written. Worth a read. 5 out of 5 (Fred)

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