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I Adore You, Master! (David Jewell)

I Adore You, Master! by David Jewell

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She was a Strong Woman but She was Proud to Call him Master!

Master Jack wants to see his two slaves, Cate and Suzi, under the control of a dominant woman. He takes them to Mistress Stella and after she has finished with them, he and Mistress Stella are so hot for each other they go one-on-one between the sheets.

Itís the perfect end to a perfect evening that leaves both of them wanting more: Mistress Stella wanting more of Cate and Suzi and she definitely wants more time with Jack - and Jack wants more of Mistress Stella!

But Master Jack is blown away when this dominant mistress asks to submit to him - but never in his wildest dreams did he think that would happen! Taking charge of this powerful mistress, he orchestrates a mind-blowing orgasm that her leaves breathless and definitely wanting more. Sealing he bargain, he takes control of this powerful, inventive and very beautiful mistress until he owns her!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 39447

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Groupsex

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It was Wednesday; four days after Master Jack Perry had met Mistress Stella for the first time. He had taken his two submissives, Cate and Suzi, to her play party last Saturday night. It was his first play party, and he found himself thinking of little else since then. Along with Keith Powers, his mentor, Master Liam and his striking submissive Claudette and Stan and Rick, two of Mistress Stellaís submissives, he had enjoyed a long and educational evening in Mistress Stellaís dungeon. He also enjoyed part of the evening in her arms and in her bedroom. He felt a special connection with Mistress Stella and found himself frequently thinking of her Ė her sparklingly blue eyes, her soft curly brown hair, her well-proportioned figure and how it felt against his body and her full, sensual lips. He was taken not only by her beauty but by how she expressed her dominance over Cate and Suzi. In fact, he was really turned on by seeing his submissives under her control and responding to a strong, demanding mistress for the first time. And since Mistress Stella wanted to see Cate and Suzi again to continue their training as only a mistress could, he was sending them to her tonight as promised. He smiled an evil smile as he waited for Cate and Suzi to finishing getting ready for their evening.
He walked out onto the patio. Enjoying the coolness of the evening air, he looked up at the star-filled night. Sipping his drink, he recalled his time with Mistress Stella. From the moment he saw her, he wanted some alone time with her. Finally, towards the end of the evening, he got his chance. By then, he was naked; she wasnít. He was filled with anticipation of finally seeing her body as they walked into her bedroom suite. He smiled as the video inside his head of being alone with her began to play.
* * * *
Once they were in her lavish suite, they moved into each otherís arms and enjoyed a long kiss. He held her close as she made him tingle while she sensuously used the tip of her tongue to touch his. He responded by moving his hand towards her breast.
She stopped him. "How about a drink first?"
"Sounds good. Iíd like a little Southern Comfort if you have it."
"No problem. Why donít you shower while I get more comfortable? Your drink will be ready when you're done, and so will I." She gave him a wicked smile.
"I like how that sounds."
She admired his firm naked body as he walked into the huge bathroom. She wanted him. And it wasnít the mistress inside of her who was talking. But rather, it was the sensual, sexy woman, who was craving a special evening with a special man. And she had found Jack to be special, interesting and exciting. She began to remove her leather corset when she heard him turning on the shower.
Walking into the bedroom naked after his shower, Jack found Mistress Stella and his drink waiting for him. His drink, a double of Southern Comfort on the rocks, was on the nightstand. Mistress Stella, wearing a white satin, short nightgown, was laying on the light pink satin sheets of the king bed. He picked up his drink and took a sip while looking at her long, slender legs and her prominent nipples tying to poke holes in the bodice of the nightgown.
"Do you like what you see?"
"Definitely. You are a beautiful and attractive woman," he shared as he looked into her eyes.
"Thank you. Please join me. I canít wait to get my hands on you."
"The feeling is mutual." He took a long sip of his drink, set it back down on the nightstand and joined her. He loved the sensation of the satin sheets on his cool, moist skin as he moved over them to embrace her. He loved the silky sensation of her nightgown even more as they moved into each otherís arms. He felt a most erotic sensation when their lips met. He quivered when her tongue lightly moved over his lips. He pulled her even closer and realized just how large and firm her breasts were. He pushed his tongue into her mouth.
"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she used her tongue to duel with his.
He moved his hand over the nightgown and then below the hem to massage her thigh. Finally, he moved his hand under her nightgown and gently squeezed her ass. He discovered that she was firm all over. From her kisses, he knew she wanted more, much more.
She massaged his buttock. She like how it felt. She moved closer and pressed her pelvis up against his penis. She was further excited when she discovered that he was already responding to her. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. She arched her chest back slightly as his hand moved over her hip and towards her breast. "Oh, yeah," she moaned when he cupped it.
"Fantastic," he breathed. He was further aroused when he felt her hard nipple against the palm of his hand. He squeezed her breast and kissed her deep and long. He jerked when she touched his penis for the first time. "Mmmmmm," he moaned into her mouth. Breaking away from their kiss, he gently pushed her onto her back. He admired her breasts and the exposed cleavage before he started to play with them. "These feel awesome."
"So does this," she said as she stroked his almost fully erect penis.
"It does," he agreed. He kissed her as he pulled down the top of her nightgown and exposed her breasts. He kissed her neck and shoulders several times before moving down and taking her right breast into his mouth.
"Yeah," she moaned. She stopped stroking him and pulled his head firmly against her breast. "I love how that feels," she purred.
He sucked on her breast and licked her areola before lightly biting her nipple. He enjoyed her reactions.
"Oh, yeah. Suck it harder," she murmured as she helped him understand what she liked. "Yes," she moaned in gratitude when he did. "Mmmmmmm." She squirmed and pulled his head firmly against her breast when he moved over to the other one. "Yeah."
He slowly moved his hand over her abdomen. The silky texture of the nightgown made his penis flex. He loved how the silky sheets felt against his raging hard-on. He moved his hand over her mound of pubic hair still covered by the nightgown.
She spread her legs in anticipation. "Ohhhh," she purred as his hand moved between them and lightly caressed her satin covered slit.
He felt her warmth. He quickly moved his hand under the nightgown and touched her naked pussy for the first time. He felt a slight dampness on the lips. Sucking on her breast, he more firmly massaged her pussy.
"Oh, yeah." She was quivering with need. She felt his penis leaking against her thigh. She pushed him away and then onto his back. She kissed his hard nipples.
He found a breast and played with it. "Yes," he purred when she started to stroke his penis again. Filled with a growing need, he fucked her hand. He pulled her head firmly to his chest when she sucked his nipple into her mouth and rapidly moved her tongue over it. "Suck my cock."
"I will if you eat me."
"Deal." He admired her pussy as she straddled his head and pulled up her nightgown. He lifted his head and tasted her.
"Mmmmmm." She leaned forward and returned the favor.
He tilted his head back when his cock disappeared into her mouth. "Oh, yeah!" He grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down so he could devour it.
"Mmmmmm," she purred as he enthusiastically ate her. Working her pussy on his mouth, she stroked his hard cock while focusing her oral attentions on the tip. She was pleased with how much pre-cum was leaking into her mouth. She proved without a doubt that she was very oral.
"Mmmmmm," he moaned as he drank down her flow of sweet juices.
"I want this in me," she finally shared as they were both closing in on their climax.
"Iíd like that, too." He cupped her breasts as soon as she turned around and straddled him. He squeezed them as she easily slid down his cock. "Oh, my!"
"Yeah," she added when he arched up and fully impaled her. She removed her nightgown and tossed it on the floor. Then she cupped her own breasts and gave him a wicked smile.
"Those are fantastic."
"I think they are, too." She leaned forward and pressed them into his chest. While she kissed him, she worked and flexed her pussy on the base of his penis. "Mmmmm," she groaned in pure delight.
"Damn, that feels so good," he said when she sat up. He cupped her breasts again. "Move up and down. Yeah."
"Oh, yeah." With her hands on his shoulders for balance and support, she massaged his extremely hard cock with her velvet smooth pussy. She made a slight adjustment to enable her to more fully enjoy every inch of his cock moving in and out of her pussy and stimulating her swollen clit.
Using her breasts, he continued to help her moved up and down. "Fucking awesome," he breathed. He moved his thumbs over her hard nipples.
"Pinch them. Iím about to cum," she said a minute later. "Yes," she said when he did. "Mmmmmmm." Her pussy tightened around his cock as she was about to explode. "YES!" she came violently. She shamelessly used him for her pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes." She convulsed as he kept pinching her nipples and thus prolonging her climax. She had no complaints, only deep gratitude. "Wow!" She looked at him with soft eyes.
"Iíll say." He enjoyed the pulsations of her pussy as she came down from her sexual high. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. When he felt her stretching out her legs next to his, he moved her onto her back while keep his penis deep in her pussy. He kissed her before lifting up and taking her with long, slow strokes that were hitting all of the right spots.
"Mmmmmmm. I love how that feels." She smiled at him.
"So do I." He kept stroking her while keeping his need in check for the moment.
"Ohhhhhhhhh." She cupped her breasts and toyed with her nipples. "Donít stop. That feels so good."
He sensed she would be able to cum again. He wanted her to because he wanted their first time together to be unforgettable. "I wonít," he reassured her. He pulled out so he could stroke just the opening of her pussy with the first couple inches of his penis.
"Oh, god!" She squirmed beneath him trying to get him to give her more.
He refused to give her what she wanted as he unmercifully teased her by just fucking her with the tip. He wanted her needy and he wanted her next climax to be even more intense than the first one.
"Give it to me. I want it all."
He made her wait a little longer. When he saw her pinching her nipples, he fully and forcefully fucked her.
"Yes, yes, yes. Make me cum."
He gave her exactly what she wanted. He held back as he furiously pumped her.
He felt her pussy becoming even tighter. He felt his toes curling. He exploded with an intense orgasm. "YES!" he exclaimed as he shot a large amount of his semen deep into her pussy. "Yes," he moaned with each ensuing ejaculation.
"Ohhhhh," she added when she felt him cum. She pulled him down and kissed him passionately while continuing to work her pussy against the base of his cock to their mutual enjoyment and fulfillment.
Finally, he rolled off onto his back. He hugged her with one arm when she rolled onto her side. He playfully caressed the exposed breast that was lightly pressing into his side. "That was great."
"It was." She snuggled close. She made him flinch when she touched his flaccid penis. Then kneeling a few minutes later, she softly kissed his nipples while her breasts delightful grazed his abdomen.
"Mmmmmm. That feels so good." He enjoyed her shower of kisses as she slowly moved from his nipples to his penis. He jerked when she kissed the tip of his penis.
"I love tasting myself on a cock," she said.
"Oh, my," he moaned when she took his entire penis into her mouth.
"Mmmmm," she purred as she enjoyed the special blend of their juices.
He smiled as he watched her clean his cock off. He jerked when she licked the sensitive glans.
When finished, she spread her knees. "Put your fingers in me."
"Okay." He easily pushed three of them into her pussy.
Holding his hand, she worked her pussy on them. Then she pulled them out and sucked them into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she purred as she enjoyed more of his special juices. "You taste so good," she said as she pushed his fingers back into her pussy. "And I want more."
Moving his fingers inside of her, he made sure that they were saturated with his cum. He watched as she removed them and once again sucked them into her mouth. "That feels good."
"Mmmmm," she purred. She leaned forward and kissed him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth so he could taste their blend of juices.
"Mmmmm," he moaned as they shared a special moment. He held her close.
"Are you glad you came tonight?"
"Yes. And in more ways that one." He gave her an evil smile.
"The feeling is mutual." She kissed him again while making sure that her breasts were firmly pressed against his chest. She knew it wouldnít take much to make him hard again. And she entertained the idea of doing so. But she decided to leave him wanting more. It wasnít a decision based on her mistress persona but rather as a sexy, playful woman, who wanted to enjoy some more satisfying moments of pure pleasure in his arms. "Iím sure the others are waiting for us."
"Let them wait." He gave her a boyish grin.
"You are tempting me."
"But I donít want to be a rude hostess."
"Donít worry. You are definitely on my guest list for the next party."
"Great. I was hoping."
After helping her get back into her corset, she gave him a huge kiss before returning to her guests. It was a kiss that ignited his desire for more.
* * * *
"Master," Cate said interrupting his video.
Jack shook his head and came back to reality. He turned to find Cate and Suzi submissively presenting themselves to him. He finished his drink and looked at them for a moment. "Are you ready to serve Mistress Stella?"
"Yes, Master," they replied.
"Letís go inside and make sure, my pets." He indicated that he wanted them to go first. He admired the shape of their asses and legs as they walked into the family room.
Cate and Suzi stopped near the fireplace. Turning around, they once again assumed their submissive stance of spreading their legs, placing their hands in the small of their backs, jutting out their breasts and lowering their eyes. They each felt an increasing anxiety over being sent to serve Mistress Stella since she had been intense the last time.
He walked around them and set his empty glass on the mantel as he did. He was silent, which served to increase their anxiety. It was precisely what he wanted. Then, standing in front on them, he could see their hearts beating. He smiled. He appreciated how Cateís off-white knit top conformed to her curves. Since she was braless, her nipples along with their nipple rings were clearly evident in the material. He thought they looked very sexy. He gently caressed them. "Iím sure Mistress Stella is going to enjoy these alot."
"Yes, Master."
He placed his hand over her heart. "Nervous or excited?" he asked when he felt how it was beating.
"A little of both, Master."
"I see." Using her chin, he tilted her head back so he could examine her makeup. "You look very nice, my pet."
"Thank you, Master."
He leaned down and kissed her. He kissed her again with authority to remind her that he owned her. "Is my pussy perfectly smooth?"
"It is, Master." She nervously bit her lower lip when he knelt in front of her and lifted up her short Columbian blue rayon skirt.
As expected, he found that she wasnít wearing any panties. He paused to enjoy how her freshly shaved pussy looked outlined by the blue garter belt with its garters attached to jet black stockings.
"Mmmmm," she softly purred as he moved his hand over her naked sex to make sure she was telling the truth about it being perfectly smooth. She spread her legs a little wide as she enjoyed how he was caressing her slit while he continued to examine her pussy.
"Iím pleased, Cate."
"Iím glad, Master." She beamed.
He spread the lips of her pussy apart and touched the barbell, the newest symbol of his ownership that rested against her clit. He had her pierced a few weeks ago and was more than pleased with the results. The pressure of the barbell on her clit kept her moist and mindful that she was his in every sense of the word. "Turn around so I can make sure your seams are straight."
"Yes, Master." She slowly turned on her black high heels. This was the first time she had worn seamed stockings. She was doing so because it was what Mistress Stella wanted her to wear along with the garter belt. She'd had to make a quick shopping trip this afternoon to find a pair. She welcomed his help since she was having difficulty getting the seams straight.
He moved his hand over the silky, seamed stockings that encased her legs. He made a minor adjustment to the seam on her left leg. "Thatís better, my pet. Turn back around."
"Yes, Master."
He stood up. "Mistress Stella is going to be pleased with you, my pet."
"I hope so, Master. I want to please both of you."
"I know. And you will as long as you obey her."
"I will, Master," she promised.
He kissed her and turned his attention to Suzi. "Look at me." He carefully examined her makeup. He was pleased with how she had accentuated her almond-shaped eyes, high cheek bones and full lips. "You are beautiful," he complimented her.
"Thank you, Master."
With the top three buttons of her simple white cotton blouse unbuttoned, he glanced at her small amount of cleavage created by a white cotton pushup bra. Like Cate, she wasnít voluptuous. But she had what excited him Ė small, perky breasts with responsive nipples. He lightly caressed her right breast. He looked at her plaid, pleated skirt that hung mid-thigh and then at her white over-the-knee stockings with black bows. Like Cate, she was wearing high heels that made her legs look longer and leaner. She was dressed exactly as Mistress Stella had specified down to the simple, white cotton panties he knew she was wearing under her skirt. "You have great legs."
"Thank you, Master." She beamed.
He touched her collar. It was an exact duplicate of the one Cate was wearing. "You look good as a school girl," he added as he thought about what kind of fetishes Mistress Stella would use her to satisfy. He sensed that she was in for quite a night. Part of him wanted to tag along to watch. But he had other plans for the evening.
"Thank you, Master."
He kissed her. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he impressed upon her that she was his property. "I expect you to serve Mistress Stella well and in any way that she desires."
"I will, Master," she promised.
"Yes, you will. You both will," he emphasized and made his expectations crystal clear. He touched their collars. "Iíll see you in the morning, my pets. And I will want a full report."
"Yes, Master," they replied.
"Mistress Stella is waiting for you," he said dismissing them. After they left, he poured Southern Comfort over the rocks. Sipping it, he anticipated the arrival of Johnnette, Master Keithís newest addition to his stable of submissives. Master Keith had promised that she would spend the night as an incentive for him to attend Mistress Stellaís play party last weekend. After meeting Mistress Stella, he was happy that he had. After all that went on at the party, having Johnnette for the night was icing on the cake. Glancing at the clock, he knew she would be there in half an hour. He poured himself another drink and went back out to the patio. He carefully rethought his plans for the evening.

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