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A Well Matched Pair (George Holland)

A Well Matched Pair by George Holland

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Family discipline in the home, mother to daughter, carried on by the devoted and loving husband who does not mind in the least disciplining his sister-in-law to be when she offers herself for a good spanking.

A spankerís dream, willing women and beautifully shaped bottoms, just asking for attention!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 64200

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

My wife Lucy and myself consider ourselves to be your fairly normal everyday type of couple, although we do acknowledge the fact that we are probably a lot better off than most couples, but then the main reason for that is because I have always worked hard and saved my money. However, there is another more simple reason for our 'wealth', which is that I work for a well-known Merchant Bank in the City of London, which meant that during the recent spate of companies going public on the stock market I managed to put away quite a tidy little sum of money. That, along with other 'small amounts' I have picked up on some insider dealings, has meant we have been able to purchase a brand new detached house in Coulsdon, Surrey.
Perhaps it would have been more appropriate if we had bought a house in the up and coming Docklands part of London, but living in such an area would of course have classed us as 'yuppies' and I have no wish to be put in the same category as that snivelling bunch of shits. Believe me, it's bad enough working with them day in and day out. Pompous, know it all young upstarts, I really have no time for them at all. They are just a bunch of know nothings who have accumulated their wealth by sitting at computer keyboards all day long, whereas I have had to work for every penny I've earned! Anyway, I really think Lucy and I are too old to be classed as 'Yuppies', at least I most certainly am.
But enough said about our financial status and my pet hates and more about ourselves. My name is Peter Samuels and I will be 43 next birthday, my wife Lucy is 28 and despite our age difference I am happy to report that we still enjoy being married, quite simply because we get along so well with each other, especially in our sexual relationship. Yes, it's quite true, surprising as it may seem to some people, even after seven years of marriage the novelty hasn't worn off, we still have sex regularly, quite frequently in fact, and my lovely Lucy often tells me that I am a sex maniac, and that I only ever think of one thing! I've also overheard her tell a couple of her more intimate friends that I never leave her alone, telling them things like 'Oh yes, he's always trying to get his hands inside my pants!' Which, I happily admit, is quite true, because believe me my Lucy is a very attractive lady and I don't consider myself to be different from any other red blooded male who enjoys taking every opportunity to be intimate with his lovely wife.
But, in addition to our regular bouts of sex, there is also another aspect to our marriage which we both consider to be just as important as our sexual activities, in fact it's very often a prelude to our sexual activities. You see I am, and always have been, a firm believer in strict discipline for the erring female and according to my rules that means lots of stringent corporal punishment and plenty of humiliation too!
In my humble opinion, over the last ten years or so, young women have been allowed to abuse their privileges, they can get away with practically anything and, in consequence, they have become far too full of their own self-importance for my liking. Women's liberation, equality of the sexes and all that kind of unadulterated claptrap has seen to that!
I also blame a severe lack of discipline in both schools and the home for the ever soaring rate of crime perpetrated by young females in their early and late teens, notably the crime of mugging, particularly against old people, or people who can't defend themselves properly. It has also become noticeable that many divorces these days come about as a result of young wives finding out that their husbands don't measure up absolutely perfectly to their high expectations, or because they won't knuckle down and give in to all their stupid little whims.
Then there is the way female workers always expect the same wages as men for supposedly doing the same job, which is a complete fallacy. Believe me there is no woman who works as hard as a man, and when they don't get their own way and get their bloody pay rise they promptly go out on strike! There are even women working on the floor of the Stock Exchange now, and that really is an act of sacrilege as far as I'm concerned. It really is a disgraceful state of affairs and one which is surely leading this once wonderful country of ours into absolute chaos.
Well, I've said my piece, so I can get down off my soap box, because I am happy to say that in my home at least, things are just as they should be. My wife Lucy has learnt the hard way that under no circumstances will I put up with any of this women's liberation nonsense and, as a regular reminder, she has been subject to stringent corporal punishment ever since we got married six years ago!
As I have said I'm almost 43 years of age and certainly no oil painting when it comes to looks, whereas my wife Lucy who, as I have said, is only 28 years of age, is indeed a most attractive young woman. Boasting a figure which I swear many of the sexy young models that appear in your magazine would envy. I consider myself to be a very lucky man being married to such a lovely lady and you can imagine how good it makes me feel when we walk down the road together, and a young man's head turns to take a second look at the picture of loveliness that just paraded past him. It is indeed most gratifying!
But, what I find even more gratifying is what a shock those young men would get if they were to find out that not only am I that attractive young lady's husband, but also her complete master! Although I must quickly add that has not always been the case. When I married her six years ago, she was like most of the young women around at that time, only too ready to take advantage of their new found 'freedom'. Not only did she think she had all the answers, just like the rest of these women's libbers, I found her to be extremely disrespectful. But, as soon as we were married I quickly straightened her out on that score! For no sooner had we arrived in our 'honeymoon Hotel', she spent the first ten minutes in our well-appointed room overlooking the bay over my lap, bawling her head off as I belaboured her bare bottom with the back of her hairbrush. The silly girl thought I had removed her skirt and knickers for some other reason!
An extremely harsh introduction to married life you may think, but believe me it was no on the spur of the moment thing, I had been encouraged to do it by of all people her mother!
I first met my wife when she was about 19; she was working in the bank in an adjacent office to mine. A friend of mine, a lecherous sod, took her out for several dates before I did. But when he didn't get anywhere with her, he couldn't persuade her to let him get his hands up her skirt, he promptly packed her up. A few months later, despite his warning not to waste my time with her because she was frigid, I took her out to the theatre and quickly realised that the reason for her prudishness was that she came from a very strict home.
Lucy is the middle one of three daughters and their father had died when she was 11, but unlike most mothers in such unfortunate circumstances, Lucy's mother took the responsibility of bringing her daughters up properly very seriously, and in fact she continued to take that responsibility seriously right up until they got married!
After taking her out several times Lucy took me home and introduced me to her mother. The lady certainly impressed me, she seemed fair and reasonable, and I'm happy to say that she took quite a shine to me too. And that was when I found out that Lucy came from a strict home, because from the very start her mother let me know that if I was to carry on seeing her daughter there were a certain set of rules that had to be followed. Firstly if I was taking Lucy out for the evening then she had to be home by ten thirty at the latest and secondly, and most importantly, there was to be no 'hanky-panky' allowed, and she assured me that she would know if we had been up to anything. Although how she would know she never explained!
Lucy's sisters, who were also party to this particular conversation and had heard the same 'sermon' preached to their boyfriends, had laughed when 'Miss prim and proper Lucy', as they liked to refer to their sister, had blushed furiously and became very embarrassed. But their Mother wasn't deterred by her daughters making fun of their sister, and reminded us about what she had said several times in the evening.
Having a great deal of respect for both Lucy and her Mother, I strictly adhered to her Mother's rules and I always managed to get Lucy home on time after a date. But surprisingly, I never gave any real thought to what the consequences might be if I didn't manage to get her in by the 'witching hour'. However, several weeks after I had started dating her I found out what the consequences would have been, when Lucy met me at the bottom of her road one evening with her eyes red from crying.
I didn't want to embarrass her at the time so I said nothing about it, but when she couldn't seem to keep still when we were in the cinema I just had to ask her what the problem was. At first she refrained from telling me, because she said it was far too embarrassing, but then realising that I would find out about it soon enough anyway, she explained how just a few minutes before she came out to meet me, she had been spanked by her Mother!
I couldn't believe it, a girl of her age still being spanked by her Mother, and quite obviously my mind was soon working overtime, conjuring up all sorts of pictures of how she must have looked being spanked by her Mother. I tried to question her further, but she refused to say any more about it than that.
Her Mother, however, wasn't quite so reticent about telling me what she had punished her daughter for. In fact I didn't even have to ask her about it, she happily volunteered all I wanted to know!
When I took Lucy home that evening, she still wasn't able to sit very comfortably. Something that was quickly noted by her Mother, who, having impatiently told her daughter to sit still and stop fidgeting about so much, several times in the space of just a few short minutes, she asked if Lucy had told me that she had been slippered earlier that evening? I think I surprised her when I said that she had, but then quickly added that I didn't know any more about it than that.
"Well, in that case, I'll tell you exactly what happened." Her Mother smiled, then turned to glare at her daughter, as she blushed quite noticeably.
"The lazy little madam left her room in a dreadful mess this morning and untidiness is one thing she knows well enough by now that I simply will not tolerate under any circumstances. She was also stupid enough to think that she had gotten away with it too. I knew she was going out with you this evening, so I purposely waited until she had got herself ready before I tackled her about it," she said, pausing for a moment and looking very pleased with herself as she again looked across at Lucy, a malicious grin playing across her lips.
"So, as she stood in front of the hall mirror brushing her hair and generally prettying herself up for you, I told her to come in here, made her lift her dress above her waist and bend over the arm of that chair you're sitting in, took her knickers down and gave her twenty hard whacks with the sole of my slipper. As big as she is, she still gets her backside whacked whenever she doesn't do as she's told, or misbehaves in any way, and she will go on doing so for as long as she lives under this roof!"
Judith and Christine her sisters, were again present on this occasion, they had got in just before we did and were sitting there giggling at their sister's obvious discomfort, but they were soon silenced when their Mother glared at them and snapped impatiently "And you two can wipe those silly grins off your faces, unless you'd like me to do it for you?"
Much to my disappointment, that was the end of that particular episode. Obviously I would have liked to have heard a great deal more about Lucy having her knickers taken down and having her bare bottom spanked, but that was all there was to it I'm afraid. However, it did break the ice and after that I began to be accepted as part of the family and I became quite a regular visitor, calling round to see them at least once and sometimes twice and three times a week. Three times if managed to get an invitation to Sunday lunch. Not surprisingly, the girls were extremely embarrassed at my presence sometimes, but not so their Mother. I rather felt that she liked having me around because I was someone she could show off too!
For instance, if their Mother caught one of them bending over for any reason, she was likely to have her skirt flipped up and her bottom swatted with her hand, or whatever her Mother might be holding at the time, like a rolled up newspaper or a magazine. I even saw her use a hard plastic spatula on a couple of occasions and that certainly made the recipient jump, believe me! She never gave them a gentle swat either; it was always a hard whack that was meant to hurt. She also loved to make them jump, by creeping up on one of them, then suddenly thrusting her hand up under her skirt and pinching her bum hard.
Even better than that, from my point of view at least, was when she'd suddenly wrestle one of the girls down onto the floor, or onto the sofa and tickle her for minutes on end. There were shrieks of laughter as the girl struggled and their arms and legs wriggled about all over the place and I didn't just get glimpses of their underwear either. Their knickers and petticoats were fully displayed right up above their suspenders and stocking tops and occasionally I got a glimpse of pubic hair. Then, when their Mother eventually left them alone, they hurriedly pulled their skirts back down and just sat there, not knowing where to look, their faces extremely red from both embarrassment and exhaustion.
It was all good fun of course and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, but it was a bare bummed spanking that I most wanted to be witness to and, I suppose it was almost eight months after I had first met Lucy's Mother before I got my wish and actually saw her 'infamous slipper' in use for the first time. But it wasn't on my darling Lucy's bare bottom, as I had hoped, instead it was put to use on her younger sister Judith's poor sit upon. The extremely naughty young lady had left the bathroom in a terrible mess and as their Mother had told me before, under no circumstances was she prepared to tolerate untidiness from any one of three offspring.
The method for punishment, as I later found out, was almost always the same. Judith, who was upstairs at the time, was summoned down to the living room, and told in the presence of myself and her sister Lucy, in no uncertain terms exactly what it was she had done wrong.
Then, directing the message to me rather than anyone else present, she said she had warned them all often enough about their untidiness and it was quite obvious that she had been wasting her breath so there was nothing for it, the culprit just had to learn her lesson the hard way. She made it sound as if she was making up some excuse for her actions, which of course she needn't have, because of course I had been dying to see this for ages!
Surprisingly, or at least it was to me, young Judith made no fuss about receiving her punishment in my presence and she knew exactly what her 'reward' would be for her untidiness. As soon as her Mother had finished scolding her, she quickly lifted her dress and petticoat up above her waist, then bent right over the arm of the settee, with her face almost buried in an upholstered seat cushion. Instantly her Mother moved round behind her and gave her several hard slaps across the backs of her thighs, until Judith had placed her legs quite some way apart. Normally the girls did that without having to be told, or so I was to find out later. Then Mother dragged Judith's knickers down to about mid-thigh, removed her left carpet slipper and there, before my very eyes, proceeded to apply the hard rubber sole to her youngest daughter's bare bottom!
That slipper of hers fairly whooshed through the air landing across her daughter's bare buttocks with resounding whacks and there were twenty of them in all, I counted each and every one of them. Young Judith, who was just turned 17 at the time, took the first half dozen in comparative silence, apart from a few noisy intakes of breath. But, for the remaining whacks she soon began to emit little yelps and squeals of pain, that proceeded to get noisier as her punishment continued. It was also noticeable that all of the blows fell on the lower cheeks of the little darling's lovely bum, with an odd one or two landing on the backs of her thighs, where it's rather sensitive and, not surprisingly, Judith responded by making her noisiest protests.
Afterwards Judith slowly stood up, and let her skirt and petticoat fall down before stooping slightly to pull up her knickers, trying to look as though nothing had happened. But she wasn't very successful, because her face was very red and her eyes were full of tears!

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