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Committed Into Slavery 2 (Peter King)

Committed Into Slavery 2 by Peter King

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Dr. Jarvis Milner, who has discovered the ultimate way to instill total submission along with a potent enhancement of the sex drive, leaves the real world to start his own fiefdom on a private island. This story is about how he brings his four slaves with him to this new home. He also brings a new trainee, his wife and ex-dominant partner Liz. As Liz is transformed from her Dominant role by his side to a slave kneeling at his feet, slave April, the initial inventor of his new training method, finds a new role in his harem. Two new slaves and two assistant trainers join the group to provide you with a wild ride of discipline, dominance, and servitude to male authority. You are all welcome to share in this story.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 51100

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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The four nearly naked women were sweaty and tired, the last four days had been hectic in a way they were not accustomed to experiencing. They were used to feeling this way, but not for the reason they were this time. They had been packing up all their Master's possessions for the big move, and even though none of them questioned his decision to take them all to a secluded island to live as his slaves, there was one thing that haunted them. They had served both a Master and Mistress, but she was now conspicuously absent, and they had been told that she was now Master's slave, just like them.
April, the oldest slave at forty-two years old, knew why, but Amy, Dolly, and Rachel, the twenty somethings, had no clue why things changed so radically. All four of the women had just finished packing up the peculiar equipment Master used to feed their insatiable desires for his dominance and the rewards he would bestow on them for good behavior. But though they all saw the prospect of living on a secluded tropical island as an exciting new adventure with their Master, they also all wondered when they would see their Mistress again, and more importantly, what she would be like now.
Though April was the oldest you would not know it to look at her, her flowing blonde hair and ice blue eyes belied her actual age, along with her svelte physique, which was much improved since her arrival here a little over a month ago. Dolly, the sexy redhead, had been her lover in a past life, but now they both served their Master. The other two, Amy and Rachel, were both brunettes and had been here for over a year, happily serving Master and Mistress until Dolly and April arrived. Once April and Dolly had been fully integrated into their kinky household Master had a dinner party, and that night, everything changed.
After dinner they saw their Mistress do and say things they could not believe, as they witnessed her suddenly behaving just like them. Once they saw her like that Master told them that her authority over them was over and they would only answer to him going forward. Since they were all loyal and devoted to him, accepting his pronouncement, though shocking, was never in question. They were left to entertain his guests while he took Mistress away, and they had not seen her since.
The next day they were informed of the upcoming move, not even a week away, and they were tasked by him to pack up the house for the movers. Down in the basement, which had been their play space, the room was now full of sturdy wooden crates marked 'basement storage.' Any indication of what had transpired in this room was packed away now, ready to populate a new space on the island. As they were finishing up they heard the door open and footfalls coming down the staircase, so they quickly formed a line kneeling on the floor and facing the base of the steps.
When Dr. Jarvis Milner emerged and saw their work was done, he said, “Very good girls. Now that this is done you will proceed to your upstairs bathroom to bathe, and yes, you may play with each other too. But you know the rules, don't go too far.”
“Yes Master,” they all replied in unison, a melodic response that made Jarvis feel good.
“Then off you go girls, I will find you after my meeting this afternoon. And remember, I want you all squeaky clean for our big trip tomorrow,” he said, and then he watched them race upstairs for their little respite.
Once they were gone Jarvis smiled as he thought about his plan to retire to an island in his early fifties, and better yet, doing so with a small harem of devoted and sexy slaves. This afternoon the final hurdle to achieving that would play out, when his wife would sign the documents that would finalize the deal. Over the last few days he had convinced his wife, Dr. Elizabeth 'Liz' Milner, that it was in her best interest to retire and move away with him. How he did it made him smile even wider, but she was now on board with his plans, in much the same way his other slaves were. His ability to extinguish her once dominant nature was the key to all this, and finding Dolly and April had made it all possible.

Chapter 1: Sealing a Deal

Jarvis was seated behind his desk in his home office with his lawyer, Daniel Hardy, sitting across it facing him. Mr. Hardy was not only Dr. Milner's lawyer, he was his college roommate from thirty years ago. Both men were highly successful in their fields, but one of them was about to start his early retirement. Dr. Milner was selling his private hospital to a large medical corporation and was now retiring from his career as a renowned neurologist. Daniel was here today to complete all the necessary paperwork to set it in motion, but he remained skeptical about one aspect of it.
In that vein he asked Jarvis, “How did you convince your wife to do all this? The way you had me set this up has her relinquishing everything to you, including giving you power of attorney over her share of your estate. That does not seem like the Liz I know.”
“I know, right? But she has developed a whole new outlook on life with the prospect of our huge financial windfall and the chance to retire to our private island.” Jarvis answered, sporting a wolfish grin on his face.
“That does not explain why she would give you total authority over your joint financial wealth,” he answered.
“Do you have the paperwork she needs to sign ready for her?” Jarvis asked, ignoring the question Daniel just posed.
“Yes, right here,” He answered, pulling a large stack of papers from his briefcase.
Jarvis picked up his phone, pressed a button, and said, “Come in Liz.”
A door opened behind Daniel and Dr. Elizabeth Milner walked into the room. When Daniel stood up and turned to see her his expression was pure shock, as she was wearing a skin tight black mini dress that barely reached the tops of her thighs. She was also wearing thigh-high black fishnet stockings with the flowery upper bands visible below the very short hem of her dress. Adding in her extremely high heeled pumps and her mane of vibrant red hair, Liz looked sexier than ever. As she strutted up to him and extended her hand to shake his, he felt something seemed different about her.
“Hi Daniel, it is so nice to see you again,” Liz said.
“Hello Liz, you look spectacular!” Daniel replied. He was feeling the familiar attraction to her that he always felt, but something about her demeanor seemed different. Though Daniel was married to a beautiful woman of his own, he had always felt a desire to bed Liz, but she had never shown a similar interest in him. The Milner's had a rather open marriage, given their particular fetishes, and openly had sex with others.
After she said, “Thank you Daniel,” and even blushed a bit, he gestured for Liz to sit in the chair next to the one where he had been seated. Once she took her seat, he returned to his, trying to grasp what about her seemed so different. Jarvis had told him that she would surprise him, but the way she was acting so warmly toward him confused Daniel. Liz had always treated his infatuation with her as an annoyance, and over the last few years he accepted her cool demeanor toward him. But now she seemed like a whole different woman, and it started to rekindle his desire for her.
Once they were both seated, Jarvis said, “Well Liz, Daniel is a little skeptical that you are on board with the deal he was worked out for us. Please tell him how you feel about it.”
“Daniel, I know this seems out of character for me, but I fully approve of Jarvis' plan and I am ready to sign whatever is necessary to make it happen,” Liz answered. But what surprised Daniel more than her answer was the way she leaned toward him and began rubbing his thigh while she spoke.
“You understand that all the assets and money you have will become his and his alone. By signing these documents you will rescind any rights to it,” Daniel said, gesturing to the stack of papers on the desk.
“I know and it is what I want,” she answered, with her hand now getting closer to his crotch.
“Can someone please tell me what is going on? I know this is Liz, but she is acting nothing like the woman I have known for over ten years!” Daniel exclaimed, feeling his cock begin to stiffen in his pants as a result of her kneading fingers.
“If you insist Daniel, tell him Liz,” Jarvis said with a strange smile on his face.
When Liz responded with, “Though I have been my husband's partner for over a decade, he has convinced me to try a new approach and become his slave instead. Jarvis is now my Master,” Daniel's eyes went wide. She had never shown any inclination, at least to him, that she was submissive in any way, let alone willing to be a slave to her husband.
“How is this possible?” Daniel asked, now looking directly at Jarvis who was grinning.
“That, my friend, must remain a secret for now, but I will explain everything to you once the deal and our move is complete,” Jarvis said. Then he tossed a pen on top of the pile of papers Daniel just placed on the desk and said, “Now show Liz where she needs to sign.”
Liz stood up then and picked up the pen, and then looking over her shoulder at Daniel, she said, “Where do I need to sign sir?”
Daniel was still flustered by Liz's revelation and the way she just spoke, her tone of voice was so sexy and alluring. He stood up next to her and she rubbed her right breast against his sleeve. Then, when he looked at her, she smiled at him seductively. She was nothing like the woman he knew so well, she looked exactly like her, but her behavior was entirely different. As he began to show her where to sign her name before putting aside each document, she began a little dance, rubbing her body against his between each application of her signature to a document.
Once they were moving along nicely, Jarvis asked Daniel, “So how is Marissa doing?”
“As beautiful and bitchy as ever,” Daniel answered, something he knew Jarvis understood. His wife was fifteen years younger than him and had been a spoiled party girl when he married her, but since he was a pudgy balding man she had seemed like quite a catch in his mind. But she had always been a handful, usually defying him and only being nice when she wanted something from him.
So when Jarvis asked him, “Could you picture her acting like my new and improved Liz?” Daniel looked up at him with a look of surprise.
“Not really,” he said honestly, knowing Marissa as well as he did.
“I suppose you wouldn't, but let us ask Liz what she thinks. Do you think I could make Marissa as agreeable as you are now?” Jarvis asked his wife.
“Yes Master I am sure you can and I do hope Daniel brings her to our island to find out how,” Liz answered, not bothering to interrupt the flurry of documents she continued to sign.
“This is crazy Jarvis, what exactly is going on here? This lady certainly looks like Liz, but she is nothing like the one I remember,” Daniel said, clearly confused.
“Thank you sir, “Liz said.
“See what I mean? What do you have some kind of magic potion?”
“Nothing quite so fantastic my friend, and again, I promise to reveal all to you once we are situated in our new life. Now please finish up because Liz is eager to make it up to you for years of her rude behavior toward you.”
“Wait, what?” Daniel replied in shock.
“Tell him Liz,” Jarvis said.
“We have a room set up for us sir, and I am ready to pay for my years of unacceptable behavior towards you. Once I have paid for my transgressions I hope you will make use of me the way I always knew you wanted,” Liz said, as she reached back and caressed his stiffening rod through his pants.
“Good lord Jarvis, is she some kind of clone?”
“She is the real Liz and once you finish with our business we can see to your bonus payment for your help, and ultimately, your discretion,” Jarvis said, now smiling as brightly as Daniel ever saw him.
He realized that whatever was going on was not as important as this sudden turn in events. He knew all about their kinky lifestyle, and had enjoyed the company of Rachel and Amy several months ago, but this was his fantasy come true. It was no secret to Jarvis that Daniel lusted for his wife, but even though he was fine with sharing her, she had never shown the least bit of interest in him. Daniel had decided, then and there, that what brought this about did not matter, he could not pass up this chance to actually experience a sexual tryst with Liz.
With that in mind Daniel said, “All right folks, if you aren't going to tell me anymore that's fine. Let’s get this done so you can both burst my bubble and tell me this is all a joke,” acting as if he still did not believe what Liz just said. He did hope it was true, but it still seemed too incredible.
It took several more minutes for Liz to sign off on all the documents needed to turn over all her property and assets to Jarvis and relinquish any legal right to any future earnings. Once she had signed dozens of documents and the last one was finished, Daniel gathered up the papers and placed them back in his briefcase. As he returned to his seat Daniel fully expected them to start laughing and tell him this was all a joke.
But instead Jarvis said, “Liz, prop yourself on the edge of the desk and show Daniel how eager you are to please him.”
Daniel was shocked when he saw Liz position her body directly in front of him and then lift her left leg up to the top of the desk, bending it so she could place the sole of her shoe on it. That motion drew up her micro dress and Daniel could not resist looking directly between her parted thighs. She was not wearing panties and her cleanly shaven pubic area offered nothing to disguise the extremely wet pussy that Daniel had always wanted to fuck. What was even more surprising to Daniel was the black disc covering her anus that he knew was the end of a butt plug.
“Do you like what you see Danny?” Jarvis asked.
“Fuck yes, she looks ready for a good fuck too,” Daniel replied, now believing that this was not only real, it was fantastic!
Once again, Jarvis said, “Tell him Liz.”
“I really do want you to use me sir, but before you do I need to be punished for being such a bitch to you. You were always kind and polite with me, but I barely gave you the time of day. If it pleases you, I will go and prepare myself for you while my Master discusses what he believes I deserve as payment for my past mistakes,” Liz answered, her voice laced with a palpable sense of true desire.
Not knowing what else he could say, Daniel said, “That is fine with me.”
Liz looked over her shoulder and said, “Master?”
“Go get ready, we will join you shortly,” Jarvis answered, and Liz made her way back to the door just as sexily as she did when she originally entered.
After watching her walk out, Daniel turned to Jarvis and now asked, “Is she hypnotized or something?”
“I promise to reveal everything that is going on once my entourage and I are comfortably residing on our island. But I will tell you that this is real, Liz has fully embraced her new role with me. She is also serious about her desire to be punished by you, she is already learning that pain ultimately cleanses her guilt and enhances her sexual pleasure afterward. So are you up for this?” Jarvis asked.
“Wow!” Daniel said, and then a question popped into his head and he asked, “This would really work on someone like Marissa?”
“Liz isn't the first to be transformed like this and I am certain it will work with anyone, male or female. But for now I just need you to get everything done ASAP since we are moving tomorrow and the sooner I am settled the sooner we can invite you and your wife for an extended visit.”
“You think I want to make Marissa like this new Liz?”
“I won't even answer that, I'll just let you decide after your time with Liz. So are you up for whipping my slave-wife?”
“I prefer a cane or a paddle,” Daniel answered almost jokingly, since he was never very good at using a true whip. Unlike Jarvis, this was just a part time diversion from his busy life, he was not nearly as into it as his friend Jarvis.
“I have several options available for your use. Since you saw examples of how hard I trained my girls Amy and Rachel, you should know Liz expects you to give it your all. No pulling punches because she is my wife, she is a tough bitch and a good thrashing softens her up nicely. She should be ready, are you?” Jarvis said, as he stood up and started walking toward the door.
Daniel got to his feet and said, “Why the hell not?”
Jarvis walked through the door first and was confronted with a sight that made his dick throb. Liz was standing in the middle of the room in her stockings and heels, but sans her micro dress. Her nude body was on full display with her arms drawn up and out, held by chains hanging from the ceiling that were attached to thick leather cuffs on her wrists. Her mouth was gagged with a large rubber ball strapped so tightly around her face that it drew her cheeks inward.
As the men approached her Daniel saw the small table near her with several implements laying on it, while the rest of the room was nearly bare. There was an open crate sitting in a corner and he guessed that what he would use tonight would be packed up by morning. After scanning the table he returned his gaze to Liz and now saw the evidence of past whippings, most of her upper body bore the marks of recent lashings. Only her freckled arms appeared unscathed and it was then that he realized the way she had been dressed earlier was designed to disguise her mottled flesh.
When they were just in front of her, Jarvis said, “In all our years together Liz has never looked as sexy as she does now, wouldn't you agree Danny?”
“She's fucking gorgeous! Is this really about to happen?”
After picking up a paddle and handing it to Daniel, Jarvis said, “That's up to you.”
Once Daniel took the paddle he felt a surge of lust and he smiled broadly, and then stepped behind Liz. But before he could do anything Jarvis asked, “Do you want her to dance? Or should we cuff her ankles too?”
With a smirk of his own Daniel replied, “Oh, I think watching her dance will be more fun!”
SWACK! “OOOOOOMMMMMPPPHHHH!” Liz grunted when her rump exploded in pain.
Daniel definitely made her dance with her legs suddenly flailing and her high heels making loud cracking sounds when she stomped them on the floor. The large gag essentially stifled her screams, but the sounds she did make were just as erotic to Daniel's emerging sadistic side. Though this was his fantasy, now that he was actually paddling the once dominant Liz's buttocks, he began to imagine delivering a similar spanking to his own entitled wife.


Waiting for next book. 5 out of 5 (Chicago)

Author Information

A specialist in the art form of training slaves, Peter King is a great new author we welcomed to A1AdultEbooks in 2008.

After 25 years of living and playing with some lovely submissive women I started writing about the dynamic of the M/s relationship. My books are about the the numerous ways a woman can be dominated and trained by a determined man, and whether consensual or not, they are all about how she can be transformed by the experience. Many of my characters are mirrors of the women I have interacted with over the years in the lifestyle.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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