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Hawk (Shooter3704)

Hawk by Shooter3704

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Alan was a soldier in Iraq when he came across Hawk - a powerful, masterful black guy - a born leader.

Alan's wife, Suzi, had a real craving for some black cock inside her - and after they returned from the war she got introduced to Hawk and from there the craving became insatiable.

Then when some friends come round one evening while Hawk is in residence, Hawk's impressive proportions become really useful and from there the party just grows and grows.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 35000

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Alan’s story…

I met Cleveland Hawks on the second day. I’m not sure of the actual date. Late March I guess. I was in a mixed combat company and we were headed to Baghdad. That’s what they told us anyway.
Our trip through Iraq was temporarily halted because the Iraqi Army has momentarily summoned up enough balls to shoot back at us.
“How you doin’?” was the first words I heard Hawk say. He abruptly joined me behind a pile of rubble that had once been a wall.
“Not bad,” I said keeping my head down. “You?”
“I’m still alive and kickin’. You shot anybody yet?”
“Ain’t seen anybody to shoot at. Fire is coming from over there.” I didn’t lift my head to point out the enemy. “Is the whole outfit pinned down?”
“I guess,” he said with a short laugh. “I’m Hawk.” Apparently he didn’t prefer to be called by his first name.
“I’m a Byrd, too. Alan Byrd, as a matter of fact.”
“Well Alan Byrd, why don’t you and me ease around this wall and get into a position to kill some mutherfuckers?” He didn’t wait for me to explain that where I was located was reasonably safe from bullets. To this day I don’t know why I followed him, but I did. Before the day was over. Hawk and I picked off a dozen snipers and got our company moving again. I didn’t know at the time but we also picked up a chest full of medals.
In a war situation you don’t get to pick the company you keep as a rule, but Hawk and I became inseparable for some strange reason. I think Hawk thought I was his good luck charm or something. I liked having the big black man in front of me to stop any bullets coming my way. Hawk simply attached himself to my rifle company and nobody complained. My company commander sure didn’t because Hawk was good. Good at killing and a good leader. Men followed him wherever he wanted to go. Myself included.
Over the next three weeks the company got to know each other pretty well. I don’t mean to imply that a group of military men are one big happy family. But we were a family and we were pretty big. The weird thing is you find yourself sharing information with your comrades that normally you wouldn’t share with anyone. Everybody knew the other’s wives and girlfriends name and frankly they knew more than they should have. Intimate secrets were shared over rations, a smoke break, or while hunkered down in a hole.
For example we all knew that Millers wife howled like a dog when he butt-fucked her. Thompson’s girlfriend wouldn’t suck his dick, but her sister would. When some Polish kid’s, who’s name I can’t even begin to spell, girlfriend sent him some racy photos, he shared them with the rest of us. Nothing was sacred and everything was common knowledge. Everybody knew what everybody’s wife or girlfriend looked like. I showed them my wife’s photo in a hot, blazing red bikini.
I think we all felt reasonably safe because we were from such widely scattered places. East, West, Midwest, North, and South. Big cities and small towns. We thought, I know I did, that when we rotated back we wouldn’t see each other, therefore the secrets were safe.
I would have never told any of them, especially Hawk, that my wife, Suzi, harbored a fantasy about sex with black men. I wouldn’t have told them about our bedroom role playing, and watching interracial sex videos. I certainly wouldn’t have mentioned the fact that Suzi loved to be ass-fucked and could get herself off sucking cock.
One week to the day after the fall of Baghdad, I got an early rotation back to the States courtesy of a bullet in my ass. I was lucky because if Hawk hadn’t pulled me down that bullet would have been dead center and I would have been dead meat. So I bid my comrades farewell and they flew my punctured ass home. Of course I told everybody to come see me when they got back, not expecting anyone to actually show up. Because I had become close to Hawk, and he saved my life, I insisted that he look me up when he got back to the States. Of course he promised that he would do it. Neither of us really believed it.
I spent some time in the hospital while the doctors repaired my ass. After that I pinned on my medals and did a tour of recruitment duty. When it came time to re-enlist I told them to kiss my wounded ass. I went home to Suzi.
I finished college, got a job, got fired, opened my own computer business, and did good. All that took place over the next three years. The trip to Baghdad was mostly only in my nightmares and they were fewer and farther between by then. I did think of Hawk now and then. Mostly when I thought about by beautiful wife, Suzi, with another man.
Suzi was beautiful when I met her and she just got better looking as she matured. At twenty five she was simply gorgeous. I’m not just saying that because she is my wife. Everybody who knows her or ever has seen her will attest to that fact.
Suzi is five feet seven inches tall. She had a thirty-eight inch bust, a tight little waist, and a great ass. She works hard to keep her figure looking good. She eats right and works out at least twice a week. I always intend to eat right and workout, but I seldom get around to it. Luckily I have a metabolism that has served me well. I’ve managed to look pretty good in spite of my foolish habits.
Suzi kept her un-acted upon fantasy about sex with a black man and it was one of our favorite bedroom fantasies. One night we were playing bedroom games when I mentioned that I would love to see her and a well hung black guy. She laughed when I said it, but later she brought it up.
“You don’t really mean that do you?” she asked. We were basking in the afterglow of a hot fuck session. I knew exactly what she was talking about.
“Of course I mean it. You’ve been fantasizing about it since you were in high school, haven’t you?”
“I guess so,” she admitted.
“Tell me again how you developed your fantasy.”
“I’ve told you the story a hundred times,” she said laughing. “Surely you don’t want to hear it again.” I assured her I did want to hear it. I never grew tired of hearing about it.
“I was about sixteen,” Suzi said. “My older sister, Tina was dating a black man. Of course mom and dad didn’t know about it so they were sneaking around. One night after our parents had gone to bed Tina sneaked Troy into the house. She thought everybody was asleep but I wasn’t. I watched them fool around some in the den. When things got really hot, Tina took Troy to her room. I saw them start and I beat them and hid in Tina’s closet. I watched as Troy shoved his big dick into Tina and boy did he ever fuck her. The light from her bathroom was on and I had a clear view as they went at it. Troy did her every way possible, I think. It took a long time for him to finish. I don’t know to this day how mom and dad didn’t hear her. Even with a pillow in her mouth I could hear her plain as day. Troy did her for over two hours and I was getting cramps in both legs. Finally he came and when she got up to let him out I ducked back to my room and frigged myself to sleep.”
“Did he come a lot?” I asked, knowing the answer. I hate it when she leaves out part of the story.
“Gosh, yes. He must have come a bucket full. Her bed was soaked and she dribbled come all the way to the front door. I never got another chance to see them in action again. Tina went away to school that fall and Troy disappeared. Somebody told me later he was in jail for raping a woman. That was over nine years ago and I still can see his big dick going in and out of her. I can close my eyes and hear her moaning and grunting as he did her.” She was toying with one of her nipples as she retold the story. Her other hand was between her legs.
“You’d like to have a big hard black cock in you right now wouldn’t you?”
“Oh God yes,” she said, her voice husky. “All the way in me. Filling me up with it.”
“You want a big black man to fuck you, don’t you?” now I was fingering her pussy.
“Yesss,” she hissed raising her butt to get more of my fingers in her.
“Say it,” I ordered. “Say you want a black cock to fuck you!?
“I want a big cock to…screw me.” It’s always a goal of mine to get her to say fuck. She never uses what she called the F word. I could see that it wasn’t going to work now so I mounted her, cramming my cock in her.
“You are thinking about Troy’s black cock right now, aren’t you?” I asked. “Fucking your sister and the come pouring out of her.” She smiled, but didn’t answer. She didn’t have to because I knew the answer.
It had gotten so that almost every time we had sex, black cock was mentioned sometime during the event. It had become a part of our sex life. That was when I thought about Hawk the most. I could almost, but not quite, see him and Suzi in my evil mind.
When I saw Hawk, I almost didn’t recognize him. He was even bigger than I remembered. He was bald now where before he had close cropped hair. He apparently had managed to pick up a few scars since I last saw him as I was being put on the MediVac chopper. I was sitting in the food court at the mall waiting on Suzi to finish shopping. He was looking in the window of a men’s store. It wasn’t his face that caught my attention. It was how he stood. Casual but alert. Almost like a spring trap that could click shut in an instant. I was undecided about going over to him. After all it had been over three years. Things change. People change. As it turned out I didn’t have to make a decision. I knew the moment he saw and recognized me.
“How’s it goin’ Byrd?” he asked taking a seat beside me on the bench.
“Not bad. You?”
“Still alive and kickin’,” he responded. “You shot anybody yet?”
“Nope, but it’s still early. Where the fuck you been, Hawk?”
“Here and there. Mostly there.” There were no handshakes or manly hugs. It was almost as if it had been days instead of years that separated us.
“I see. Why here and why now?”
“Had some business in town. Remembered you lived here and thought I might look you up.”
“You figured that out of a million or so people in this city, you might run into me at a mall?” He laughed and glanced at me.
“Naw, I need some new clothes and I was checkin’ things out. I saw your reflection in the window. I said to myself, ’can that be Alan Byrd?’ I checked to see if you were sitting with one ass cheek off the bench and I knew it was you.”
“Fuckin’ liar,” I said without rancor. “I sit like anybody else. Is it possible to get a straight answer out of you?”
“Not likely,” he answered with a laugh. “I went by your house and saw the note you left on the door. Not you, your wife I guess. Suzi?” I nodded. I remembered she left a note to tell the lawn crew that we would be back to pay them before they finished. “I guess that shopping would either be at a mall or a grocery store. I do need some new duds so I took a chance. You doin’ alright?”
“Yes I am. Mighty fine actually. Started a computer business that’s taken off and now I have five people working for me.”
“Need any help?” he asked grinning.
“Sure, you know anything about computers?”
“I know what they are, but that’s about it.” He laughed, “I’m just yankin’ your chain. I’m not out of work, I own my own business, too. Got time for a beer?”
“Yeah, just as soon as I find Suzi and tell her I’m leaving. You came looking for me?”
“Yeah, sorta. I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and I ran into Miller. He said he saw you had a web site and I looked it up. Got to thinkin’ about you and thought I see how you was doin’” Okay, I thought. That could be true, but knowing Hawk I figured there was a bit more to it than that.
I was saved the task of looking for Suzi. She found us still in the food court. I introduced them, reminding Suzi that Hawk was the man who saved my life. I’m not sure why I did that. I had told her the story several times. Suzi gave Hawk an appraising look then looked back at me.
“There’s over a case of beer in the refrigerator at home. You should do your serious drinking there.”
“Are we going to be seriously drinking, Hawk?” I asked him.
“Is there any other kind?” he responded with a laugh. It was a strange flashback for me. Hawk, the man who saved my life, was right here, but in my mind for a few moments, we were back in the ‘Land of Sand’. I mentally shook myself and told him a better way to get to my house.
Hawk and I found a cool spot on the back patio overlooking the place I was planning on building the swimming pool. Suzi brought us each a bottle of beer. I was surprised that she had one for herself because she seldom drinks beer, preferring wine or mixed drinks. I was also surprised that she sat down beside me on the glider.
“Before I forget it, Hawk,” Suzi said. “Thank you for saving Alan’s life.”
“I’m going to tell you something I ain’t ever told a single soul,” Hawk said seriously. “I wasn’t trying to save his miserable life, I was just pushing him out of my way. The jerk-off was between me and a place to hide.”
“I don’t believe you,” Suzi said glancing at me to see how I was taking that. Hawk was lying again. One, he didn’t push me he pulled me down and two, he told that yarn several times before I was airlifted out. Five men and two women saw him save my ass…well not my ass, but you get the point.
“I hear you got another metal out of that deal,” I said.
“Yeah, but you got to remember they handed out metals like they did ready-to-eat meal packs. Everybody got a handful.” There was some truth to that statement, but as far as I was concerned he deserved every one they gave him.
“You still in?” I asked. He shook his head and grinned at me. “I figured you for a lifer.”
“Had an opportunity to make a few bucks on the outside so I got on the outside.” He laughed. “My uncle had to go away and I took over his string.”
“String? Of what?” Suzi inquired.
“Ladies of the evening,” Hawk answered with a slight smile.
“Whores?” I said
“Prostitutes?” Suzi said at the same time.
“Yeah, Uncle Robbie had fifteen ladies working for him at the time of his unfortunate incarnation. My enlistment came up about the same time as his sentencing. Worked out pretty good for both of us.” Frankly I wasn’t sure if he was lying or not. Hawk was known for telling some whoppers. “I was re-organizing the business by going higher class. Uncle Robby got out last month and the ingrate wanted his string back.” He laughed. “Bastard didn’t even thank me for adding better looking ladies to his group.”
“How much of that shit is true?” I asked.
“All of it…Most of it…okay some of it,” Hawk said with a loud laugh before he could get it all said.. “Okay, I never could pull one over on you, could I? Truth is I’m lookin’ for a place to set up an operation. I figured I could make a few bucks here.”
“Being a pimp?” Suzi asked, “So there isn’t an Uncle Robbie?”
“Oh yeah,” Hawk said. “And he did go away for a while leaving me to run his string. I had some trouble with the old concept and I was changing it around when he got out. He wanted to keep doing it the old way so I hauled ass for greener pastures.”
“And t you think the pastures are greener here?” I said.
“My idea needs only two things to work. A good sized group of semi affluent African-American men and some willing white women. My plan is to furnish white women to black men. Not scags, but pretty, clean, willing, white women. No streetwalkers, dopers, or run of the mill hookers. Soccer moms, college girls, housewives, and women like that who want to make some serious money while meeting generous black gentlemen.”
“You are joking, right?” Suzi asked, her mouth slightly open.
“Not at all,” Hawk said. “The startup cost is small, but it’ll take a while to get the word out. Can’t very well run an ad in the paper, huh?”
“No, I would think not,” I said. I was waiting for Suzi to come unglued. She has always been vocal about slavery and she considered prostitution a form of slavery. “I guess you’ll have to run your operation by hand until you get going.” Hawk laughed at my quip. Suzi even smiled.
“Maybe,” Hawk said. “Since you gave me the idea, I thought I’d give you an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.”
“I gave you the idea?” I said surprised. “What the hell are you talking about?” Suddenly I did remember talking about it. It was one of those off the cuff conversations. Frankly at the time, I was thinking about Suzi fucking a black stud. I mentioned that there would be a market in the right location to have a specialized call girl business. I hadn’t been serious.
“Yeah, you told me that you could find a couple of women to kick it off,” Hawk said. I didn’t look at Suzi, but I knew she was looking at me.
“Hey, Hawk, I was just bullshitting you and the guys,” I said quickly. “You know, just adding my two cents worth to the conversation. Foxhole bullshit.”
“Well, it was a good idea,” Hawk said. Suzi got up and left us. I had a feeling I was in some sort of deep shit. She was back with more beer before I could formulate a good response. “I got it started but Uncle Robbie couldn’t get used to the concept. That’s when I thought of you.” He was speaking to me, but he was looking at Suzi who seemed interested in what he was saying. “I had three women lined up and we were beginning to make some bucks. That old fool couldn’t grasp the concept.”
“How much?” Suzi asked softly. “I mean what did they charge?”
“Depended on what the date was,” Hawk said. “We were still working out the bugs. A regular date was five hundred bucks. A date was two hours and that’s how we could demand five hundred dollars. No wham bam, thank you ma’am shit. Slow, easy, and laid back. The lady could still get in a couple of dates a night. If the dude wanted anything other than a straight date, it cost him more.”
“A straight date consists of what?” Suzi asked. I couldn’t tell if she was interested or just setting him up to take his head off.
“Blow job and a fuck,” Hawk answered. Suzi didn’t even blink. “If they wanted some ass it was an extra two hundred. A party started at a grand.”
“Party?” Suzi said.
“Yeah, one woman and two or three guys. Two women and a guy. Girl-girl show. There are a lot of combinations. The price depended on what was wanted.” Hawk looked at me and back to Suzi. “Like I said we were still working out the bugs, but I never had anybody to balk at the price.”
“What did the woman get?” Suzi asked. She was still calm.
“Half of what we collected. She kept the tips, of course. I got the rest after I cover the overhead. Overhead was the room cost, greasing some palms and condoms. That sort of thing. I had a deal with a nice hotel to get rooms by the week. I never sent the ladies out to a guys place or to a flop house. First class all the way.”
“Sounds like you and Alan had it all worked out,” Suzi said giving me a funny look. “I’m going to order a pizza for dinner. Is that okay?” After we assured her that pizza was fine she left us, giving me another peculiar look.
The rest of the evening we small talked about the military, travel, my business, but the subject of Hawks enterprise didn’t come up again until he was leaving.
“You give it some thought, Byrd,” Hawk said as he got into his car. “I’ll call you tomorrow and maybe we can hook up later.”
“Sure, we can hook up,” I answered. “But I can tell you now I’m not getting into the call-girl racket. Suzi would hand me my balls in a paper sack.”
“You might be surprised,” Hawk said with a laugh. “She seemed interested. By the way, she looks even better in person.” With a wave of his hand he drove off.

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