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Plain Jayne (Beth Kean)

Plain Jayne by Beth Kean


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A teenage prank leads to a crazy new life for Danny Wise. Trapped by his schoolmates, he finds himself carried from the shower and tied in the girls changing rooms and made to await their arrival, and that's exactly what happens until Jayne races to his rescue, Plain Jayne, the butt of every joke. But Danny finds her glances intoxicating, so much so that he finds himself driven to show her again

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 06 / 2018

No. words: 7250

Style: Young Adult Erotica, Steamy and Sexy Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


It started by accident, just a youthful prank that left him flushed a vivid scarlet with embarrassment as he hid his tackle behind cupped hands, but that moment of shame would lead him into a chain of events that would change his life forever.
Danny Wise was a normal kid at school, he did all the normal things that kids his age did, he joined the usual clubs, he enjoyed the usual sports, he didn’t excel in class but he didn’t fail either, he was simply average; normal. He wasn’t bullied and neither did he bully, he was just one of those kids who kept himself to himself and didn’t attract attention... until that fateful day at the end of his final year, the day he attracted all sorts of the wrong attention.
Soccer practice was over and he stood beneath the hot communal shower in the boys changing rooms rinsing away the thick mud he had collected on the sodden playing fields. He didn’t care much for soccer, he was more of a soloist, running events were his forte, something that didn’t require the support of others. Teams were only as good as their weakest player and his team was heavy with weakest players, he possessed a strong competitive streak. Sure, it had only been a practice session but some of his team mates were really useless. Stick to running he advised himself as the water beat down on his body, then you don’t have to put up with them letting you down.
Had he been too rough on them? He shook his head, someone had to tell them just how bad they were, how would they ever improve if the coach always let them off so easily, No, he was justified to dress them down as he had.
Squirting shampoo into his cupped hand had been the moment they were waiting for, all eyes were peeping as he massaged the soapy goo into his scalp, with closed eyes he rinsed and at the nodded signal from the ringleader they pounced as a completely unified team, he should have been flattered, his hard words on the pitch had forged a level of unity that showed no weakness, they worked together without doubts or mistakes toward their ultimate goal... his complete and utter humiliation. Ten pairs of hands seized him as he spluttered and fought to blink the soap from his eyes, “Hey guys, quit it.” he shouted, but they weren’t in the mood to listen. He felt himself lifted, lifted and carried.
“Come on guys.” he pleaded as he felt the cold chill of outdoors breathe across his dripping and naked body, “Great joke.” he laughed nervously as his sight cleared and he saw the girls locker rooms looming. “Come on, you’ve had your fun.” he was starting to feel very nervous and uncomfortable now, “Put me down, we’re gonna get in so much trouble.” The team remained silent and carried him through the locker room doors. Short minutes later he found himself tied securely by the wrists to an ancient and solid cast iron radiator, and his heart raced as he saw their backs disappear through the door.
Naked and dripping he fought against the binding of boot laces that held him trapped, he pulled and strained but they wouldn’t break, his struggles only tightened the knots so he had no hope of freeing himself as he worried the tight knots with his teeth. Suddenly he froze as he heard voices, female voices, girls voices, “Oh God.” he groaned and fought furiously to break the stubborn bonds.
Hysterical laughter erupted as the hockey team filed in and saw the spectacle that had been prepared for their enjoyment, the shy girls hid their eyes and ran, the boldest moved closer to tease and elevate his embarrassment and shame as they giggled wildly and pointed at his shrunken and flaccid member. “He’s tiny!” they laughed, a towel flicked across his naked ass and made him flinch raising a chorus of cheers and cries of, “Do it again.” and as requested the towel flicked painfully.
“Stop it,” came an angry shout, “Can’t you see how upset he is?” the young girl, his saviour rushed forward and stood in front of him shielding him from their eyes and taunts, “Leave him alone.”
The look of gratitude that he gave her was heartfelt, she smiled sweetly, she was usually the butt of equally cruel jokes so she empathised with his situation, “Let me try to untie you.” she whispered as she tugged at the knots. Suddenly he felt as though they were totally alone, he concentrated solely on her face, he saw her blush as she glanced down at his limp and dangling penis, as he followed her gaze a thrill raced through his body and he felt the first involuntary twitch, her blush deepened as she witnessed life enter the flaccid member and gradually change its shape, again she tugged the knots and again he saw her gaze descend, another twitch followed, more growth, more blood flow, greater size, “I’m sorry,” he groaned as his erection reached maturity, “I can’t help it.”
She giggled nervously, “I know, but don't worry, I’m not looking.” she promised but he could almost feel her eyes burning into his stiff and throbbing cock. With a pop the final knot released and he was free, instantly his hands dived to his groin and attempted to hide his swollen shame, “I really am sorry.” he stuttered quietly.
She simply shook her head and looked away, “You better get out of here before you get into trouble.”

Author Information

Beth Kean began writing in 2014 and concentrates mostly in the Romance genre writing short stories about ordinary people, she enjoys writing interracial romance with strong black women finding understanding white men. Beth also ventures into the spicier side of the romance genre including a few erotic short stories.


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