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Noble Fems (V.W. Singer)

Noble Fems by V.W. Singer

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Welcome back to the world of Paradigm Shift, where human females are called fems and legally have the status of household pets or expensive domestic animals like pedigree dogs or thoroughbred horses.

The Noble Fems are the twelve finest fems in Britain. Selected annually at the Royal British Fem Show, they have the honour of serving the King himself. The Show is the most important business and social event of the year, where every crèche shows off their best and latest breeds of fems. On display and sale are cab fems to pull rickshaws or carriages, service fems to do the cleaning and other household duties, and of course, fems to cater to every sexual taste and desire.

But just before the Show is scheduled to open, a terrible double murder is committed, and the main suspects are the Noble Fems! If they are convicted, it would be a tremendous loss of prestige for the Crown, an economic disaster for Britain, and a threat to the legal status of every British fem.

Once again, Crown Investigator Parker Hammond, the ex-SAS commando and sexual sadist from our dimension is called upon to save the day, ably assisted by his pet fems Susan and Teena.

Join Parker as he investigates bloody murder and enjoys all the fun of the Fem Show.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 61000

Style: Adult Suspense/Thrillers, Dark Secrets Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Chapter One

The two lithe long legged fems jogged smoothly along the road, effortlessly pulling the luxurious dark green cab, their small firm breasts bouncing enticingly as their nipples, stiff from the morning chill, pointed the way.
Crown Investigator Parker Hammond sat comfortably in the rich leather seat of his new cab sandwiched between his two delicious pet fems, Susan and Teena. His hands rested between their thighs, enjoying the soft, erotic feel of their pussies, grateful once again for the custom and law of this parallel world requiring that a fem's pussy should never be covered by clothing or accessories.
Teena sighed happily, her face slightly pink from having her pussy affectionately fondled. Although she was sexually very experienced due to her previous life as a spy and assassin for the British Crown Intelligence Service or CIS, she had never had a single human owner who loved and cared for her, and his touch gave her a feeling of being truly wanted that had been absent from her life until now. Because of her heightened awareness of Parker's touch, she was also getting very horny. As a pet she could not ask for sex or even masturbate unless so instructed by Parker, since her sexual life was totally dependent upon her master's whim's and desires. She was also not supposed to orgasm unless given permission by her master, which was rapidly becoming a problem since his gentle touch was bringing her very close to coming. She told herself that this was ridiculous. She was trained to bring men to their knees with her sexual skills while maintaining a cool head, and Parker wasn't even trying to make her come. She was shocked to realise that in the short time that she had known him, she had bonded with him and truly wanted him as her owner, and because his hand on her pussy was a sign of affection and not lust, for some inexplicable reason it was driving her wild. She cleared her throat and said, "Master?"
Parker smiled at her. "Yes Teena?"
She looked down in embarrassment at her lack of control and said, "I'm sorry master, but may I have permission to come? I know it's terrible of me to ask, but your hand on my pussy has made me so excited that I'm not sure I can hold back much longer."
Parker turned to look at Susan and winked. "Is she supposed to do that? I don't remember giving her an order to get excited, do you?"
Susan played along, shaking her head solemnly. "No master. I don't know what's gotten into her." She wanted to giggle, especially as she had also been struggling against coming for some time now.
Teena gasped at this betrayal by her sister pet. Her voice choked with shame, she said, "I'm so sorry master. I was out of line. Please punish me."
Parker nodded. "Quite right. Let me see, what would be an appropriate punishment for such terrible behaviour. Hmm, how about a nice big public orgasm in front of me and the other fems?"
Miserably, Teena nodded. "Of course master. Anything you …" Then she realised what he had said and looked up at him suspiciously. His huge grin told her that he had been teasing her. She gasped when his hand began to squeeze and rub her pussy harder. She laughed joyfully and pressed herself against him as she began to shudder and gasp. Her thighs clamped tightly together, trapping his hand which continued to massage her tingling pussy as her hips bucked up and down, making the cab sway.
Mandy the cab fem noticed the movement and glanced over her shoulder. She smiled when she saw what was happening. "Is everything all right back there Master?" she called out.
Parker chuckled. He said, "Everything's coming along nicely."
Susan groaned at his terrible pun and then gasped as her master's hand gave her pussy a squeeze.
Parker said, "And I suppose that you will want to come as well?"
Shaking from the effort not to come, and determined to get one up on Teena, Susan said, "Only if it pleases you master." However, her moans and the quaver in her voice told a different story.
Parker rubbed her clit vigorously and said, "So you don't mind if I do this?"
Susan clenched her fists and squeezed her eyes shut as she battled desperately not to come. "Of course not master," she panted.
Teena, recovering from her climax, giggled at her sister pet's obvious distress. She said, "Susan has much better control than me. I'm sure that she could happily go on all day like this."
The cab hit a bump, sending a shock wave through Susan's pussy and she surrendered. "Oh master, I give up. I've got to come. Please, please let me come. I think I'll explode if I hold it in any longer."
Parker laughed. "All right you naughty pet. You may come."
The young pet's orgasm was explosive and shook the cab even harder than Teena's.
The cab fems giggled without breaking their stride.
Parker said, "You two don't get any ideas."
The cab fems giggled again and chorused, "No master."
He eyed the swaying of their muscular buttocks suspiciously. He rubbed his juice covered palms on the thighs of the two pink faced pets and said, "Where are we going anyway?"
Susan said, "I saw an advertisement on the Global-link for a new theme restaurant that just opened up in the town. They claim to serve a marvellous all-you-can eat breakfast."
"And?" Parker said, knowing that she would not have suggested the place merely for its food.
The pets looked at each other across his body and grinned. Susan said, "Wait till we get there. I think you'll like it."


The outside of the restaurant looked fairly normal, with bright cheerful colours and a large menu with reasonable prices painted on a board beside the door. Another smaller sign read, "Fems welcome if accompanied by their owners." This was the first indication that the restaurant was in any way unusual. Most establishments either banned fems or merely made no mention of them. Few actively encouraged their presence since fems had no money of their own and often just used up space without eating. According to the stylish chromed sign above the door the name of the establishment was "Donatien's". The name tickled Parker's memory, but he couldn't associate it with anything right away.
Parker gave the nipples of the cab fems a friendly tweak and said, "I'll send something out to you two."
The fems thanked him and Teri said, "We'll be over there in the cab park."
Parker looked in the direction she was pointing and saw half a dozen other cabs parked there. Some of the fems were relaxed and chatting, while others stood quietly in place, not speaking or moving from their positions between the pulling bars.
He said, "Don't those fems get awfully tired waiting like that?"
Mandy shrugged. "Some masters are very strict about how their cab fems behave."
He gave her arse a pat and said, "I trust you two not to disgrace me."
Mandy pressed her bottom against his hand in a receptive manner and grinned. "We promise to behave master."
Parker proudly watched the well matched pair trot off to the parking space and then turned his attention back to the restaurant when his stomach growled hungrily. "All right fems, time for some breakfast!" He put his arms around their waists and strode towards the restaurant. When they reached the door, the fems fell back to let him enter first. When he pushed through the door, he found himself in a tidy, neatly decorated foyer and facing another pair of doors that sported the image of a pair of crossed riding crops. He began to suspect the nature of the place that the mischievous Susan had brought him to. There were stacks of pamphlets on a table and he picked one at random. The cover read, "Henderson Crèche – Fine HPT Fems". He showed it to Susan. "What's HPT?"
She smiled, obviously expecting the question and said, "It stands for High Pain Threshold."
Parker stared at the folded paper. This deceptively similar world threw surprises at him at every turn. It still shocked him to see an advertisement offering fems that were suited to would-be owners who were sexual sadists. Something clicked in his mind and he remembered that Donatien was the first name of the Marquis de Sade, who in this world had not been imprisoned and had gone on to live a long and sadistic life. He turned to his pets with a smile, and the two lovely faces nodded and smiled back. He pushed through the second set of doors into a large room full of white tablecloths and uniformed serving fems bustling about with trays. The smell of good food filled the air. At first glance it looked like a perfectly ordinary restaurant. Then he noticed the small stage placed against the wall in the middle of the room. In addition to that, the place had the atmosphere of a local pub, with customers and even fems greeting each other and chatting amiably, which was unusual for a restaurant. A friendly waiter showed them to a table, where Parker was immediately greeted by a man sitting at the next table.
"Good morning sir. Pardon me for asking, but I think that you're new here aren't you?" the man said.
Parker said, "Yes I am. I just found this place and I'm still not sure what it's all about." He didn't mention the fact that Susan had recommended it, as some people found it odd or even offensive for a fem to take the initiative in anything.
The man held out his hand. "My name is Charles. You'll find that most of the customers are regulars or friends of regulars, but everyone is welcome."
Parker shook his hand. The man had a firm, but not crushing grip. "Hello. I'm Parker."
Charles said, "If you don't mind me saying, that's a fine looking pair of fems you have there. Most of the fems here are from the Henderson Crèche and are of HPT breeds of one kind or another. That's what we're all about really. I don't want to be rude, but if your fems aren't HPT breeds, they might not fit in here."
Parker smiled and glanced over his shoulder at Susan, who gave a tiny, almost imperceptible nod. He turned back to Charles and said, "These two? They're not from Henderson's, but they are most definitely HPT, amongst other things."
Charles smiled. "Jolly good. Perhaps you might like to show them off later when you've got your feet on the ground. In the meantime, enjoy your breakfast and the show."
Although Parker wasn't sure what the "show" was going to be about, he said, "Thanks, I will." When he was sure that Charles wasn't listening, he leaned over his table and said, "All right, somebody tell me what's going on."
Teena giggled and pointed to Susan.
Susan glanced around the room and said, "All the owners in the room are like you."
Parker frowned. "Like me? I don't … oh. You mean they like …. "
Susan nodded. "All the fems here are HPT breeds and are trained to accept and enjoy sexual punishment." She pointed discreetly at the stage. "This place is like a clubhouse. They come to show off their fems and exchange tips and the latest news on breeds, especially from the Henderson Crèche and a few others. But the food is very good, so can we eat?" She rubbed her tummy imploringly.
The food was set out buffet style and Parker watched the tables for a moment to see how the others were doing it. As he suspected, the fems held the plates, but each master selected the food for his fems after choosing his own food. The fems did not get to choose. He asked the two fems what they liked. He had some idea of Susan's tastes, but Teena was still new to him.
At the buffet table, Parker noted that although there were all kinds of roasts, chops, sausages, and sandwiches, there was no Hamburg steak or American style hamburgers, which was hardly surprising as there was no United States of America in this dimension. Also unusual was the presence of what looked to be stir fried vegetables and noodles.
As he selected his food, he got the chance to get a closer look at the other fems. Although they were by no means clones, he did notice a similarity in their builds, body shapes and facial appearance. Most were wearing fashionable neo-Victorian style costumes, although a number of them were nude except for identity bracelets and footwear. Naturally, bare pussies were everywhere, something which Parker heartily agreed with.
Back at the table, they were just beginning to eat when Charles stepped up on to the stage and said, "Good morning friends and welcome to all our visitors. Now that everyone has their food, let's begin the morning's activities. First of all, we have Mr Ted Henderson of the Henderson Crèche to introduce his latest batch of HPT fems." He led a round of applause, and a middle aged man joined him on the stage.
Henderson held up his hands. "Thank you, friends and customers." This prompted some playful jeers. "Apart from the usual activities, we at Henderson are proud to present the latest batch in our HPT breed of fems. Allow me to present Andrea of our new Alpha Seven HPT line."
There was some polite applause, and then speculative murmuring as a young fem came out of the door beside the stage and mounted it to stand beside Henderson. She was fresh faced and enthusiastic, although her blushes showed her inexperience at being the centre of attention. She was completely naked including her feet, as befitting a demonstration model of a commercial product. She was also exquisitely beautiful.
A hush fell over the room except for the faint clink of cutlery as some of the more jaded customers continued to eat. Henderson nodded at her and she began to slowly turn on the spot with her arms held slightly out to the side.
Henderson said, "As you can see, the Alpha Seven line features a high degree of body symmetry, both in her facial features and her body. Long slim legs and well proportioned ankles and feet make her movements smooth and graceful. He signalled for her to stop and pointed at her breasts. "As you can see, we have chosen to breed for medium sized breasts that are firm and resistant to sagging. However, they are more than ample for breast binding and various forms of corporal punishment." He paused and put his hand on Andrea's shoulder. "As usual, I must remind all of you that as a demonstration model, Andrea has been extensively trained for the task. Fems purchased from us have not been pre-trained to accept specific physical punishments."
Parker muttered to himself, "Why does the phrase 'Some assembly required' come to mind?"
Henderson pointed to Andrea's nipples. "The Alpha Seven's nipples are easily accessible at all times and do not retract or flatten against the breasts. This makes them perfect for clipping or caning. I shall now demonstrate how beautifully her breasts perform." A small table had been set up at the back of the stage and Henderson retrieved a piece of rope from it. A nod to Andrea made her lift her arms and place her hands behind her neck. With obvious familiarity, he wrapped the rope around each of her breasts, tying it off in a knot between the two taut swollen globes. He said, "You can see that her breasts are well shaped and sized to allow the rope to fit tightly against her chest."
Andrea's bound breasts began to darken as the circulation was cut off and her nipples protruded stiffly, although she continued to smile happily as she turned her shoulders from side to side so that everyone in the audience could see.
Henderson ran a fingernail over the tight stretched skin of her breast, making her shudder. He said, "Excellent blood circulation and nerves maintain sensitivity even under extreme conditions such as this." He rapidly untied the rope and tossed it onto the table. He grabbed her freed breasts and rubbed them vigorously until they resumed their normal, if slightly reddened, colour.
A tiny wince of Andrea's face indicated that the rough treatment of her breasts was hurting her, but she didn't display any apprehension when Henderson produced a whippy rattan cane. In fact she obligingly thrust her breasts out when he pointed at them with the cane.
Henderson said, "Her nipples are the perfect size and position if you want to cane them like this." He demonstrated by moving the cane vertically just above her nipples. "Watch carefully. I'm going to hit her nipples now. See how easily the cane catches them without hitting the rest of her breast, and how beautifully she reacts to having her extremely sensitive nipples caned."
Without being told, Andrea placed her hands behind her back and expanded her chest. Her nipples quivered stiffly as every eye in the room focused on them. She smiled at Henderson and said, "My nipples are ready master."
The cane struck with a spiteful snap, slashing accurately across both nipples. Parker saw Susan wince and Teena bite her lip. Henderson had struck hard and Parker knew the pain must have been atrocious. He watched in amazement when Andrea's body gave a tiny quiver as if she had felt a chill. She exhaled, and then her body relaxed. She smiled at the watching customers and made a small bob of her knees.
Everyone including the other fems applauded as they watched the fem's nipple redden and swell.
Henderson continued to describe the charms and advantages of the rest of Andrea's body, including some very technical descriptions of the output and viscosity of her vaginal lubrication, the degree of elasticity of her vagina and anus as well the load bearing capacity of her inner labia and clitoris using various kinds of clips.
Parker joined the rest in applauding loudly when the demonstration was done. Everyone resumed eating while Henderson and Andrea went around each table to further promote his product and to allow the men to examine and touch Andrea's body and to talk to her.
Charles stepped up on the stage and said, "Don't forget everyone, the Royal Annual British Fem Show at Tatton Park, Cheshire starts tomorrow. There will be many more new fem lines on show there and the usual entertainment and great bargains if you're in the market for a new fem, plus the highlight of the fair, his Majesty the King himself appointing this year's Noble Fems."
Susan bounced excitedly in her chair. "The Annual Fem Show! I'd forgotten all about it. Can we go master?"
Parker frowned. "I'm really not sure. I'm still waiting to find out what my regular duties will be as Crown Investigator. I'll call the Professor when we get home and see if he has any news."


The Organising Committee of the Royal Annual British Fem Show sat around the meeting table in one of the last gatherings before the opening of the show. There was an air of relief that the months of planning were almost over, as well as anxiety and anticipation now that the actual event was about to start.
Thomas Walpole, Earl of Oxford and the Chairman of the Committee ran his hand down the smooth back of his pet fem April who was standing beside his chair. She was also serving as his secretary and taking the minutes for the meeting. His hand drifted down to her firm pale buttock, which he squeezed thoughtfully as he looked at the other members of the Committee. He looked at the Secretary, Patrick Grey and said, "Have the outgoing Noble Fems arrived?"
Patrick glanced at his notes and nodded. "Yes Lord Oxford. They arrived yesterday, accompanied by the Lord Chamberlain's secretary Peter Spencer. Senior administration fem Jennifer is seeing to their accommodation and comfort."
Walpole said, "Have copies of the summarised files of each of this year's final candidates for Noble Fem been given to Secretary Spencer for approval?"
Patrick went through his lists again and nodded. "Yes they have, and you saw the submissions from all the participating crèches and specialist breeders as they came in. Copies of the detailed final files have been given to April."
Walpole glanced at April who nodded her head. He said, "I'll review the candidates with Secretary Spencer in the morning. That seems to the last item on the official agenda. I know the rest of you still have some administrative matters to discuss, so I'll leave you to it and pay a courtesy call on Mr Spencer. April will stay here and take any notes as necessary." He gave April's bottom one last pat and strode out of the room.
The rest of the Committee exchanged knowing glances and Alec Miller sniggered. He said, "Courtesy my arse. He's fairly salivating to get a taste of the Noble Fems."
Patrick cleared his throat and nodded towards the patiently waiting April.
Alec dismissed the Secretary's warning with a wave of his hand. "The old goat knows that we know and doesn't give a damn. Does he April?"
April smiled proudly and said, "My master is a very virile man."
Alec said, "And a sadistic bastard."
April smiled again. "That too." Unconsciously, her fingers traced the small brand that marked her skin just behind her right hip, remembering the day that she had stood proudly as her master pressed the hot iron into her flesh.


I liked the storyline but found some of it repetive. 4 out of 5 (JBC)

Noble Fems is V W Singer's latest offering; a sequal to Paradigm Shift and set in the same alternate dimension. Our hero. Parker hammond, is once again on the case as Fems are again implicated in a grizzly murder. This time, it's the Noble Fems, the best Fems in Britain who serve the King himself for one year (in honor of 12 Fems of days gone by who gave their lives for the then King). The mystery in this one is very week, and the vast majority of the story is wrapped up in the twin descriptions of the national Fem show (think Westminster Dog Show with Fems) and Hammond's enjoyment of his high pain tolerance fems. The solving of the crime was almost an after thought and very deuce ex machina in nature. The rest; well it's what we've come to expect from Singer, and I for one enjoy it very much. 4 out of 5 (dweaver999)

enjoyed it very much 4 out of 5

Author Information

Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Do you like stories that make sense? Female characters who are not just whimpering victims? Do you like the idea of an author who has actually whipped girls' pussies and crushed their clits with his fingers and listened to them moan - and had them come back for more?

Do you like detailed, exquisite, pussy torture?

Do you like it when the girls offer themselves up to you for punishment?

No ropes, no chains, but pure submission. For love, for fear, for money. Does it really matter?

Imagine her saying, "Take me and hurt me any way you like. I'll scream for you, and I'll come for you. As much and as long as you want."

Or, "I know this really great way to torture my clit. Would you like to try it?"

No impossible tortures or instant healing.

Sound good?

Polite comments or questions are always welcome.


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