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Defender (V.W. Singer)

Defender by V.W. Singer

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In the world of Paradigm Shift, women have no rights at all. Not even slaves, they are intelligent domestic animals, with only the legal rights and protections that a dog or horse would have. Bred through advanced genetic manipulation and careful training from the moment of birth, women (who are called fems in this world) serve men in every possible way. They pull cabs and carriages, serve as domestic staff, work in factories and construction sites, and of course provide sexual entertainment of every kind. Fems specially bred to have high pain tolerances (HPT fems) gladly serve men who enjoy whipping and caning their fems. Pussies are always visible, as the law prevents covering them at any time with clothing or accessories.

In this book, Crown Investigator Parker Hammond and his loyal pets Susan and Teena are sent to a quiet village to investigate the apparently random killing of numerous fems. He meets the Jack the vicious gamekeeper who seems to hate fems and beats them at every opportunity and Willoughby the eccentric owner of the local Manor who lives in an Egyptian fantasy filled with naked golden toned serving fems and other, darker secrets. Also at the Manor are the cast and production crew of a horror film in which the actresses do their own very painful stunts, in an industry where fake female blood is never used. Near the village are desperate feral fems who serve the village men in exchange for goods, and many more strange and possibly dangerous characters.

In a world where women are possessions, who will defend them against the killing of mere fems? Parker will, and he intends to stop the killers – whatever it takes.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 72000

Style: Adult Suspense/Thrillers, Dark Secrets Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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(You can skip this if you've read either of the other books in the series.)

The world of Paradigm Shift, first introduced in my novel of that name, is an alternate dimension, existing parallel to ours. In many ways it is identical to this world, except for one very important fact – in this parallel world, fems (human females) have always been considered to be chattels, property. Legally, they are not slaves but the equivalent of domestic animals, with no rights at all. Marriage does not exist. Just like dogs and thoroughbred horses, their only legal protection comes from laws preventing cruelty to animals and the efforts of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fems (RSPCF) and other animal rights groups. Naturally, the owners of such expensive assets are usually very protective of them, like people in our world would be of their car, pedigree dog, racehorse or prize winning cow, and generally they are treated quite well.
Obviously, the development of human civilisation was greatly affected. There has never been a Queen. The United States of America never existed as a nation. Communism never arose due to the availability of unpaid fem labour. The two World Wars never happened, although there were many smaller European wars. China is a world power, still under a modified monarchy which developed after the collapse of the Qing dynasty. Most world religions deem that only men are able to pray or participate in religious ceremonies.
One of the most obvious differences between our worlds is the fact that the law in most countries prohibits any fem from covering her genitals (pussy) with clothing or any other accessory. This developed out of the desire to prevent a fem from ever masquerading as a man.
Due to the availability of fems for medical experimentation and the desire to develop fems for specialised purposes, medicine, genetics and biotechnology in this world are more advanced than ours. Like other domestic animals, fems are bred for many specialised purposes.
Of course, fems are expensive assets and not every man can afford to own one, especially teenagers. Most men eventually only ever own one fem, although fems can be hired or rented for all purposes including sex. AIDS never developed in this world and venereal diseases have been eliminated.
It is inevitable that some fems end up ownerless or run away from abusive owners. These fems are known a "feral fems" and are hunted by the law as dangerous pests. They have no protection at all and may be captured and killed by any man. Some counties even offer rewards for the capture or killing of a proven feral fem.
Parker Hammond is a man of our world. An ex-SAS commando and police detective, he lost his job and his family due to a female journalist who discovered his taste for s&m games with prostitutes. At the point of suicide, he suddenly found himself transported to a parallel dimension by the Professor, who had only recently discovered the secret of dimensional travel, and eventually became a Crown Investigator, working through the Professor for the Home Secretary, with his loyal and loving pet fems Susan and (ex-feral fem) Teena, who are special High Pain Tolerance (HPT) fems originally bred by the crèche of the Crown Intelligence Service (CIS) for espionage and assassination. Commercial HPT fems are bred to please men with a taste for using the can and the whip on fems, and with the proper training, such fems can actually learn to enjoy sexual pain.

Chapter One

Charles Maynard brushed a strand of hair from the face of his pet fem Mary and gazed lovingly into her warm hazel eyes. A very successful property developer with his main office in London, Charles preferred to spend much of his time in his luxurious country home in the village of Hollingbourne in Kent. He had owned Mary for six years, but he still loved her dearly and she was totally devoted to him. At sixty-two, Charles was slowing down a bit in bed. His erections were just as solid and lasting as before, but all the frantic pumping and Kama Sutra style positions were getting a bit too taxing to be enjoyable.
Mary had noted this and had accordingly adjusted her lovemaking style. Even though her master still preferred to control and dominate their sexual activities, she discreetly took over much of the more physical activities. For instance, when they were in the missionary position, she braced her feet on the bed and thrust her hips and pussy upwards to meet his thrusts more than half way, so that Charles barely had to move his hips.
Of course Charles knew that she was doing this, but he pretended not to notice. Oddly, rather than making him feel inadequate, her quiet devotion made him even more horny. She was straddling his thigh and rubbing her pussy on it, letting him feel the warm slickness that flowed from her pussy, and the sensation had given him a huge erection. He put his hand behind her head and tilted her lips up so that he could kiss her. Their lips met and she was sweet and soft and warm. He moaned when he felt her fingers touch his cock, dancing over it as lightly as a feather.
Mary pulled away from their kiss and ran her lips down his neck and chest to his nipple. Her lips closed over it and her tongue briefly swirled, and then she darted over to the other nipple to repeat the lingual caress. She lifted her head and smiled lovingly at her owner and master. Her hands pressed softly on his shoulders. "Relax master. I want to try something."
Charles smiled indulgently and lay back on his pillow to watch his pet.
Mary felt that her pussy was sufficiently wet to try out her idea. With a final kiss on his chest, she sat up and straddled his thighs so that her pussy was just behind his erect shaft. She spread her moist pussy lips with both hands and shifted her hips so that her clit touched the head of his cock and her inner labia wrapped themselves around his shaft. In close and intimate contact, she slowly and carefully began to rub her clit against his cock.
The stroking of his cock was a tiny, nearly imperceptible movement, but Charles felt an almost electric charge as he watched her deliberately use her clit to caress his cock. He could see that the rubbing of her clit was having a strong effect on her, and her shudders transferred themselves to his cock through the intimate contact of their genitals. It wasn't something that would make him come, but it was a sweet, intimate caress that was deeply pleasurable and intensely sexual. "Do you think you can come like that Mary?"
Mary smiled and nodded eagerly. "Yes master, I'm sure that I could. Do you want me to come for you?"
He nodded and smiled. "Yes, do it. I'd like to see that very much."
Mary pulled the hood back from her clit, forcing her clit to stand out tautly and then began to rhythmically nudge it against her master's cock. The contact produced sensual sparks in her clit that tingled wildly in her loins, making her gasp, while her labia continued to spread her juices over his shaft and balls. Although the rubbing of her clit in this manner was not the most efficient method of clitoral stimulation, the fact that she was actively using her clit to caress her master seemed to focus the sensations in her clit past even its normally intense sensitivity. It felt like her whole being was focused on the tip of her clit and it made her quiver to the very core of her being. Tiny rumbles of sensation had begun in her pussy almost as soon has she had started, and this only grew until she was experiencing mini-orgasms in continuous waves that shook her body like a vibrator. Her hips gyrated like a belly dancer's, rubbing her clit on his cock like a pencil eraser cleaning off a mistake, and soon the muscles of her belly and thighs tightened and rippled as she strained towards the tantalising climax. Suddenly she crashed through the finishing line and her head fell back as she moaned and gasped in pulse stopping pleasure.
Charles smiled fondly at his pet as he watched her come, his cock rigid and raring to go. He knew that he would not have long to wait for his own satisfaction, and he was right.
Even though she was still weak and shaking from her orgasm, Mary forced herself to move forwards until she was directly over her master's cock. She spread her pussy open and lowered her vaginal orifice until she felt the tip of his knob slide into the wet and still convulsing hole. With a loud gasp, Mary impaled herself on her master's shaft with a single smooth, sliding movement, and began to fuck him. With her hands braced on his shoulders, she bounced up and down enthusiastically, driving the rigid length deep enough to gently bump her cervix before drawing it all the way out until just the knob remained inside her body before plunging downwards again.
Charles watched her breasts sway enticingly above him as he pushed his cock upwards to meet his pet's impassioned fucking and sighed with contented enjoyment. Her skill and enthusiasm was always delightful, and he floated along on a torrent of pleasure, his own efforts serving only to guide and adjust. Despite the force and energy of her fucking, Mary was always careful not to bump him painfully or to rest more than a little of her weight on his body, giving him a smooth, comfortable "ride". He ran his hands over her breasts and firm well toned body, while Mary did all the work. He felt his climax approaching and he said, "I'm going to come soon. I think I'd like to finish in your mouth today Mary."
No sooner had he spoken than Mary pulled herself off of his cock with a wet plop and scooted downwards so that her mouth could engulf his cock. The taste of her own juices filled her mouth as she slurped and licked at his cock while her fingers encircled the base of his shaft and pumped vigorously. Her other hand gently tickled his balls and arse hole with exquisite skill as Charles groaned and spurted his semen onto her tongue and down the back of her throat. Her lips and tongue worked to extract every last drop of his come and spasm of his cock, patiently and tirelessly working on her master until she felt him soften and his body relax. Mary knew that her master liked to doze off into a nap after coming, so she slipped off of the bed and onto the floor to sit attentively beside him, wanting to be there the moment that he woke again.
However, this piece of domestic serenity was broken by the ringing of the doorbell. Mary waited for the door fem open the door, but instead, the bell continued ringing. She frowned in puzzlement, and concerned that the noise would disturb her sleeping master, she rose and silently made her way downstairs.


Charles opened his eyes, waking from his warm, comfortable nap. He looked around and saw that Mary was not at her place by his side. He called out "Mary? Are you there?" When there was no response he climbed out of bed and slipped on a dressing gown and slippers and went down the stairs. When he reached the landing, he spotted a service fem and said, "Have you seen Mary?"
The fem started to shake her head when she noticed that the front door was not locked and the security system for that door was deactivated. She took three quick steps to the door and pulled on the handle. She peered out into the darkness, frowned and then reached for the porch light switch. Light flooded the porch, and the fem began to scream.
Charles ran down the stairs and pushed the hysterical fem out of his way. The sight that greeted his eyes made him gag, and moments later he threw up into the umbrella stand. He wiped his mouth with the tissue that the service fem handed to him and said, "Get me a telephone. I have to call the police."


Kathy cautiously pushed her way through the bushes, making as little sound as a wild animal. She smiled bitterly at the thought. For all intents and purposes, a feral fem was a wild animal as far the men were concerned. The smouldering anger in her breast burst into momentary flame as she considered the injustice of her situation. She had been a loyal and hard working pet fem, until her master had encountered some anonymous thug in a car park late one night. Her master had resisted and had been beaten to death. She had been waiting for him in the car and had run out to comfort him as soon as the robber had left. When the police arrived, just in time for her master's last words, the dying man muttered something unintelligible. But the police constable, seeing an easy solution, took it as an accusation that the blood stained fem was guilty. Stunned by the injustice and the horror of seeing her master die in her arms, Kathy chose to run. By sheer luck she avoided capture and eventually joined a clan of feral fems.
Feral fems lived outside of society, doing whatever they had to in order to survive. Despite the laws that declared them to be outlaws, most feral fems were victims of circumstance and had harmed no one. The really murderous or mentally unstable fems did not survive long, killed off by hunters or sometimes even by other feral fems. The men living in the countryside knew this, and the farm hands and village boys often sneaked off to "trade" with the local feral fems, giving food, tools and clothing in exchange for sex. Soap, medicines and drugs were especially valuable, both because they were harder for young men to buy or steal in bulk and because the fems needed them badly.


Two weeks previously, Kathy had accidentally met Allen, who worked for a pharmaceutical wholesaler, when both of them had picked the same time to go swimming alone in the river. After the initial shock and panic, Allen had surprised her by apologising for disturbing her swim. Men rarely apologised to fems and never to a feral one. He offered to share his picnic lunch with her. They sat beside the gently flowing water of the river to eat and talk. She soon realised that he was a very lonely man, and surprised herself by feeling sorry for him. Half way through the meal, she offered to have sex with him in repayment for the food, and he surprised her again by politely declining her offer. When she asked him why, he told her that he was ashamed to tell her. She assumed that he was homosexual and tried to comfort him. She smiled and said, "I'm a feral fem. I'm the lowest of the low. Who am I to judge anyone? You can tell me anything. The least I can do is to listen to your problems."
Allen hugged his knees and stared at the flowing water, his mind far from the cool riverside scene. "My father, my brothers, they think that I'm a pervert, a freak. I know I'm not. I've seen things on the Global-link at the Link-Café in the village. In the bigger towns and in London there are lots of people like me. They even breed special fems for us." He tossed a stone into the river and watched it splash and disappear. "But here, in this … this place, nobody understands."
"Understands what Allen?" Kathy asked, knowing that he was getting close to revealing something important.
He glanced at Kathy, and for the first time, an awareness of her naked body showed in his face and he blushed.
Feral fems did not obey the dress code that required the pussy to be visible at all times. Kathy had come to the river wearing a pair of worn trousers and a loose man's shirt tied off around her midriff, but she had not dressed again after meeting Allen. She had been raised from childhood to be naked around men and she did not have any nudity taboos. For feral fems, dressing was purely a matter of protection and warmth, as well as a deliberate defiance of the rules of the men who had rejected them. However, she knew that Allen would have been shocked to see her in trousers, so she had remained naked. Fems were acutely aware of how men's eyes were always drawn to their bodies, and Kathy felt his gaze now. She deliberately turned her shoulders and arched her back very slightly so that her breasts were more prominent. She was surprised when she felt her nipples stiffening. She told herself that it was the chill of the gentle breeze. "Is it something to do with sex?" she asked, realising that he wasn't homosexual, or at least not completely, if he found her attractive.
He blushed even deeper and almost buried his face in his arms. "It's sick. If I tell you, you'll run away."
Kathy wanted to laugh at his innocence. She was bred and raised to be a pet fem, which included sexually pleasing her master in any way he desired. She had not done everything, but she had probably at least heard of it. Making a new man friend was an important thing, for her as well as the clan and she was terrified that she would do the wrong thing and anger him. Finally, she just held out her hand and said, "I won't run away. Here, you can hold my hand so I can't get away."
Allen didn't raise his head, but he very slowly extended his hand.
Kathy slipped her hand in to his, and she thought she detected a tiny sigh of relief from the young man. She squeezed his fingers and said, "Now tell me. If they do it in London, then it can't be so very horrible."
Allen nodded. "All right. I … I … like doing things to fems. Painful things. I dream of canes and spikes and whips and things. Tell me, am I so sick and perverted?" He looked at her with desperation in his eyes. "I tried asking some of the serving fems, but they told Father, and he shouted at me, beat me. He looked at me as if I was filth."
She moved nearer to him. "Does your father own any sex fems?"
He shook his head. "Father says that sex is only for making babies. Male babies. He says sex for pleasure is a weakness, and abomination."
Kathy was close enough for her shoulder to touch his. "But you know that isn't true."
He nodded. "I've seen the world on the Global-link. People are happy, enjoy sex with fems … even my kind of sex."
Kathy stroked his arm. "I'm not a High Pain Tolerance fem, but I can give you what you want, what you need, if you will help me in return."
"What can I do for you?" he asked anxiously.
She told him about her need for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.
His face brightened and he nodded. "There are loads of samples lying around the warehouse that we hand out to salesmen and doctors. I'm sure that I take some without anyone noticing. But what do I get?"
Kathy shifted his hand to touch her breast. She could feel his hand trembling. Softly, shyly, she said, "You get me. Just imagine. Anything you ever wanted to do to a fem. To touch, to feel … to fuck. And if you get me what I need, I'll even let you hurt me." She pressed his fingers into her breast. "Hurt me here." She pulled his reluctant hand away from her nipple and down over her belly, over her hip to her buttocks. "And here." His hand moved eagerly now as she slid it down her thigh, and then back up again until it reached her pussy. "And even here."
Allen's whole body was shaking now. "I've never touched a fem … there," he said, his voice soft and full of wonder. "You really mean it? You're not making fun of me?"
Kathy smiled. "Does this feel like I'm making fun of you?" she said, rubbing her moistness against his palm.


I like these stories, very interesting. 4 out of 5

Author Information

Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Do you like stories that make sense? Female characters who are not just whimpering victims? Do you like the idea of an author who has actually whipped girls' pussies and crushed their clits with his fingers and listened to them moan - and had them come back for more?

Do you like detailed, exquisite, pussy torture?

Do you like it when the girls offer themselves up to you for punishment?

No ropes, no chains, but pure submission. For love, for fear, for money. Does it really matter?

Imagine her saying, "Take me and hurt me any way you like. I'll scream for you, and I'll come for you. As much and as long as you want."

Or, "I know this really great way to torture my clit. Would you like to try it?"

No impossible tortures or instant healing.

Sound good?

Polite comments or questions are always welcome.


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