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Heat Wave (Shooter3704)

Heat Wave by Shooter3704

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Tava Smith, 29, single, decided to quite her job as a data specialist and head off to sunny Florida and her college room mate. Once there she decides to lose some weight at a local gym and that is where she meets Della who openly admits she is a call girl and tells Tava how she got into it and how well Rufus satisfied her with his big cock and then he introduces Della to Tobias - a black man. Only later does Della realise she has become a whore and then she introduces Tava to the same lifestyle, as a whore of a wealthy black man.

Another fine interracial erotica story from Shooter.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 25500

Style: Interracial Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I had some mixed feelings about their comments. On the one hand it pissed me off, yet on the other hand I was strangely flattered. I was in the break room at work and I overheard two of the dock workers talking about me.
My name is Tava Smith. I知 twenty-nine and single. I知 five feet nine inches tall and I値l admit I知 overweight. I致e been told I知 cute and a couple of times along the way I致e even been told I知 beautiful. Beautiful, I知 not so sure about. That usually came about when some guy was trying to get in my pants, so I took that with a grain of salt.
Anyway I heard one of the guys in the break room say something like 殿ll that meat and no potatoes. I知 not even sure what that means. The other guy said how he壇 like to stick his head between my tits for a while and the first guy said he壇 like to stick his head between my legs. I left them babbling about that and went back to my desk.
I work for a company as a data specialist. Basically all that means is, I知 in a dead-end job with a company that only knows me as a number. Getting out of bed in the morning to go to work is a job in itself. I have to make myself go to my desk.
I was engaged a few years ago. I had everything going my way. Then the wheels came off the wagon. My boyfriend decided he didn稚 want to settle down and have a family. He boogied and left me alone eating my fool head off and spending a lot of money on batteries for by vibrating dildo. That was when I went from a tall curvy lass to a fat curvy lass.
I hadn稚 been with a man since Donald left. Luckily I had discovered masturbation at an early age and it stood me in good stead, these past three years. My God, has it been that long?
I reasoned it had been that long and as I sat at my desk I determined to do something about it. I wasn稚 cut out for a Nun痴 life. I wantedno I longed for some adventure in my mundane and mostly pitiful existence.
I live in a rent controlled apartment, I have no expensive tastes and aside from fattening food and C-cell batteries I hardly spend any money at all. I checked my savings book and was a little surprised that I had over thirty-five grand tucked away. A lot of it was from when I foolishly thought I was saving for a wedding. I checked my checkbook and saw that I was carrying a hefty balance there also.
I suddenly thought about my college roommate who lived in Florida. I didn稚 have any windows near my cubical, but I knew the city was in the grip of a winter storm and Florida sounded very nice indeed to me.
My first thought was to call personnel and schedule a vacation. I knew I had a lot of vacation on the books because I hadn稚 taken but a few days since Donald, the creep, took off. No, that was the old Tava. The new Tava called personnel and gave them notice. I also told them that while I was working out the notice I would be on sick leave. I had not taken but one day of sick leave in over two years. The cheap bastards could pay me for the vacation days I had accumulated. I neatly stacked up the work on my desk, turned off the computer terminal, got my pocket book and coat and I was good to go. I didn稚 say a word to anybody in my workspace. I didn稚 know many of them and the ones I did I didn稚 care that much for. So long slaves, Tava has left the building!


I was in good shape money-wise, but I rented a cheaper apartment three blocks from the beach. No point in trying to live the good life. Just being in the warmer climate and not having to get up and go to a job I despised was plenty enough of the good life for me. It had been three weeks since I left my workplace. The first week was getting things wrapped up and closed out. I had been in sunny Florida for nearly two weeks and I was having a great time.
The first order of business after finding a nice place to live was to find a gym. I was determined to lose thirty pounds before I ventured to the beach in a bathing suit. I purposely bought a two piece swimsuit that was too small so that I would have to lose the fat or lose the fifty plus bucks I spent on it. I made myself go on a diet and it was working pretty well. I had lost six and a half pounds and I felt great.
The first couple of days at the gym were nothing short of excruciating pain. Lots of agonizing pain. I had muscles hurting that I didn稚 know I even had. It was shear torture, but I maintained my workout regime and after the first week things got some better. By the fifth week it was a snap. I could do the routine twice. Time rolled on and my roll of fat moved on also.


I had seen her a few times while working out. She was a tiny little thing not more than five two or three, but she had boobs nearly as big as mine. The weight loss had taken care of some of my hefty boobs, but I still had a pretty big set. Thirty-eight D as a matter of fact. This chick was at least a thirty-six C cup and while I知 not bent that way she was a knock-out by any standard. Besides her big knockers she had curves everywhere. I guessed her age at somewhere around twenty-five.
滴i, she said taking a seat beside me in the steam room. 的知 Della.
滴ello, Della, I said. 的知 Tava.
添eah, I asked at the desk, she said. 的 saw you when you first came here. You are looking good, Tava. How much have you lost?
鄭lmost thirty pounds. I still have a couple pounds to go to reach my target weight. I have a fire engine red bikini waiting to see if I can get in it.
敵ood for you, she said. 鉄ince I see you here during the day, I assume you work nights somewhere, she said. 展hat do you do, Tava?
的知 unemployed, I answered. 的 guess I should be looking, but I知 not. How do you earn your living?
的知 a call girl, she said. For a moment I was sure I misunderstood.
迭eally? I stammered. 典hat痴ah, interesting, Della. I felt a sudden need to be in cool fresh air. I told her I壇 see her around and I left in a hurry.
That should have been the end of that, but for some strange reason I could not get her out of my mind. Why would someone as great looking as Della choose a life of prostitution? I thought about her for several days.
滴i again, Della said. I was just finishing up on the stair-master and was sweating like mad.
滴i Della, I said wiping my face with a towel. 滴ow痴 I started to say tricks when I realized how inappropriate it was. 滴ow you doing? I quickly amended.
鼎ould not be better, she said, laughing softly. I think she knew what I almost said. 添ou into that fire engine red bikini yet?
鄭s a matter of fact I tried it on last night and it fit. Well, nearly. Still a little tight on top. Boobs didn稚 go down as much as my butt and belly.
敵reat, she said with a big grin. Damn, she was one pretty chick. 溺aybe we can go to the beach sometime. I agreed that it could happen. 鄭re you finished up here? I told her I was through except for a shower to wash the sweat off of me. I mentioned something about sweating like a hog.
的 don稚 want to sound like smart-alecky, she said looking up at me with her sweet smile. 釘ut hogs don稚 sweat at all. They have no sweat glands. That痴 why they wallow. To keep cool. Horses sweat though.
徹kay then, I said. 的値l just go wash the horse sweat off of me. See you later, Della.
的知 finished, too, she said. 的値l join you in the shower. Maybe we can go have a drink afterward?
I had seen Della in leotards and wrapped in a towel, but naked she was something else. Like I said, I知 not inclined toward women, but damn she could almost make me change sides. We showered, got dressed, and I followed her down the street to a bar.
添ou mentioned you were unemployed, Della said. We were in a darken lounge and it was so cool it was almost cold. 展hat kind of work can you do?
擢or the last eight years I worked for a big company doing their data work, I said. 溺y degree is in business management. I minored in photography and visual arts. Wow, it just dawned on me that photography was something I had really enjoyed and I didn稚 even own a camera. I couldn稚 remember why I had given it up.
的 have a good friend who痴 a professional photographer, Della said making a production out of eating the cherry that came with her drink. 溺aybe you could get on with him.
哲ot a bad idea, so maybe, I said. 的 used to really enjoy it. Of course I致e been out of it for a long time. I don稚 know anything about the new processes. Digital and computer style of photography, I mean. I知 sure there have been a lot of changes.
添eah I guess there has been, Della said. 溺y friend took some courses at the community college to get caught up on new stuff. She finished her drink and looked at her watch. 鉄hoot, I have to go. I have a date in an hour and I still have to put on my face. That was almost funny. She certainly didn稚 need make-up.
She left but not before we made a date to meet at the beach the next afternoon. I agreed because I didn稚 want to show up on the beach in a new bikini and pasty white skin all by myself.
I spent the rest of the afternoon checking up on photo classes at the college. I lucked out because there was a new night class on digital photography starting the next Monday. I signed up right then.
The beach wasn稚 very crowded when Della and I arrived. We found a good spot and spread the blanket. I got out my high numbered sun blocker and smeared as much on as I could. Of course there were places I couldn稚 reach.
滴ere, let me help you with that, Della said, taking the goop and coating my back. Della used a much lower number sun block and we lay down on the blanket.
泥ella, I said after a while. 鼎an I ask you a question?
徹f course, she answered. 鄭sk away.
展hat痴 it like being a call girl? I blurted. Shit, that wasn稚 what I intended to ask.
的 love it, she said. 的t痴 great. Good hours and great money. I feel that I知 one of the lucky few to be working at what they love. Now that answers that question, but what you wanted to ask is how did someone like me end up a whore, isn稚 it? I didn稚 answer. 笛ust damned lucky I guess, she said. 添eah, that痴 my stock answer. The truth is I致e always been a slut. I was married for a while, but I still was a slut even then. My husband insisted on it, but I would have been anyway. Are you sure you want to hear my sordid tale? I assured her I did.


good book from Shooter. a lot of sex and still funny in spots with two girls that become friends and hookers with the usual Black manager 5 out of 5 (homebody1)

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