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Doctor’s Orders: A Novel of Erotic Investigation (Imelda Stark)

Doctor’s Orders: A Novel of Erotic Investigation by Imelda Stark

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When financial disaster forces the gorgeous blonde coed, Cindy Swanberg, to drop out of school, she’s left to fend for herself. She’s soon approached by an attractive older couple for a position in their medical office where Jim is the doctor and Jenna the nurse. Although Cindy loves the work, she’s curious about the strong sexual vibe between her employers, and wonders why the two disappear into a sound-proof treatment room every day at lunch. She screws up her courage to ask Jenna, and is told that the voluptuous brunette was disciplined for her bossy ways by having her brazenly feminine bottom bent and bared and soundly spanked, after which her hardy chastiser rewarded himself for his efforts by spending his semen between her chastised buttocks.

The young blonde declares her hopeless crush on both members of the couple, and her fervent interest in the kind of sex they fancy. She’s informed that they are also involved in a daily research project in which a bound naked submissive woman is subjected to carefully designed experiments. These are designed to elicit her responses to painful pleasures while being observed by a large WebCam audience paying a dollar a minute apiece for the privilege to participate as amateur observers. Cindy decides to enlist, and what ensues is a fascinating journey into the dark sexual realm where erotic pain and pleasure become indistinguishable from each other.

Activities include much maledom, exclusive femsub, a little femdom, lots of spanking and punishment of buttocks, thighs, breasts, and pussies, a lot of anal and a little enema play.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Pink Flamingo Publications    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 51451

Style: Sex Slavery / Training, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Cynthia Swanberg sighed as she looked out at the bustling coffee shop full of people in various stages of urgency to get their morning dose of caffeine on board and get on with their days. She imagined them all going off to jobs that must be more interesting than being a Starbucks barista, which she regarded to be a rather lowly state of affairs for a girl who had always been told how pretty and smart she was. And indeed, Cindy’s pixyish blonde good looks and cheerful demeanor as well as her diligent efforts to learn her regulars’ names and remember their orders meant that her tips were among the best of the workers. Even though it had been good money for a summer job when she had been in college, now that her parents’ messy divorce had forced her to drop out she felt embarrassed at working in such an intellectually non-demanding job. But it paid the rent and bills of her rather depressing studio apartment, and that security was precious to her given how badly the rest of her world had fallen apart.
She had been a pre med major and busy undergraduate participating in a wide variety of interesting college activities who was glad to have a summertime barista gig to secure her spending money for the next school year. And then her usually somewhat grimly stoic mother shocked her by collapsing in tears. Her always preoccupied and very busy father, it seemed, had been busier than anyone realized. He had sunk all of the family’s money into some cockamamie land development project in Costa Rica, where he had suddenly moved to be with his heretofore unknown second family. Cindy had suddenly literally not a penny left of her previous substantial college fund, nor did she have a home to return to as it had entered foreclosure. Her mother took a job in retail clothing sales in her hometown a thousand miles away, and our heroine talked her manager into keeping her on full time when the rest of her friends went back to the junior years in college. Her move into the drab studio apartment near her work was a depressing exercise in realizing how few supports she had when suddenly ejected from her previous apparently charmed existence.
The one bright spot in Cindy’s rather bleak life was her yoga community. Her mother had introduced our heroine to the practice of that art when she was a little girl. A lifetime of diligent effort had left the young blonde with a superb, strong, lithe body of remarkable flexibility. She arranged to work the front desk of the studio in lieu of her parents’ previous underwriting of her daily classes. As well, Cindy made a little money on the side subbing for the regular teachers in their all-too-frequent absences (yoga teachers being a notoriously flaky lot). It was as she was cleaning up the studio after teaching a vigorous vinyasa class that the fateful encounter took place from which her rather sad and drab life suddenly became much more interesting.
Most of the twenty students who had applauded our heroine warmly had finished their shivasanas and drifted out into the foyer as Cindy was stowing the props in their cabinet. Just one couple remained in the studio, a striking duo she had noticed before, and who always came to class together. Since she routinely checked them in as part of her front desk duties, she knew their names, and had even seen them in the Starbucks several times. They were clearly in love with each other, and Cindy detected an unusually noticeable sexual charge between them as they worked out side-by-side, never touching, but always somehow...connected, in a way that struck her as subtly but powerfully erotic. She envied them this, and knew she wanted something that they seemed to have. However, the immature men her own age that constantly hit on Cindy had proven both sexually and emotionally disappointing. Maybe she needed someone ten years older, like James and Jenna, the beautiful couple she had served in both of her workplaces, she mused.
Imagine her surprise when as Cindy finished her stowing of the yoga props and stood to see this very couple standing behind her, waiting respectfully for her to finish her chores. The tall, darkly handsome man spoke first in a soft baritone that melted our heroine’s insides,
“Hi Cindy! Great class! Jenna and I always like it when you sub in. And I think we saw you yesterday at the Starbuck’s, too, right? You were so busy that we didn’t want to bug you, but we found ourselves admiring your efficiency there as much as we like your energy here, both in class and behind the front desk. These observations gave us an idea that we wanted to run by you.”
The only idea that Cindy could entertain at that moment was that she wanted to jump his adorable bones if only he didn’t have a very sultry brunette wife smiling encouragingly a few feet away. But she shushed that horny brat side of herself and responded with as professional a smile as she could summon and replied,
“I’m all ears!”
Jenna took over the conversation:
“Since I’m the business manager of our practice, I’ll go on. We have a small boutique medical practice where I am the nurse practitioner and Jim is the physician. We keep the practice small so we have plenty of time for each patient, and don’t deal with insurance at all so our clientele is very high end. It’s been hard to hire reliable user friendly admin support, and we both have a strong hunch that you might be the answer to our prayers.”
This was the best news she’d had in many months, and Cindy was not shy about showing her enthusiasm for a pathway out of her current rut. She exclaimed,
“That would be so cool! I’d love to work for you both! What would be my duties and salary?”
Jenna said a number that doubled Cindy’s current income (including tips), and then went on,
“As to your duties, Jim and I see you as making our work lives easier in every possible way, taking over the logistics of dealing with all of the chores that keep us from our primary focus of helping patients. You would be our window to the world, greeting and rooming patients, handling all phone calls and screening our emails and snail mail, and eventually answering as many of our communications as possible. Our goal is to free us up to only deal with the clinical and research tasks that we enjoy, and to off load everything else onto our faithful admin and medical assistant.”
This sounded fine to her, and they shook on it with giggling formality. It felt like each of her new employers held their warm handshake a bit long, which awakened her already hyperactive imagination that there might be some erotic interest there. The young blonde had eyed each of her prospective employers in their body-revealing yoga costumes, and found both to be superbly fit and quite desirable. Her bisexual nature had been cryptic to her as a child. Her early adventures in ‘playing doctor’ with other girls had seemed, if not innocent (since the naughtiness of them was part of the allure), at least pretty normal judging by her investigations on the internet. Her elementary school bestie Ellen, who had way liberal parents that actually talked to her, had cheerfully introduced Cindy to the marvelous sensations accessible between their legs, both using others’ fingers and their own. But when our heroine hit puberty, males became the primary objects of her erotic fascination and activities until she left for college. A lesbian roommate her freshman year patiently became her friend until one night after a bong hit or two one thing led to another and Cindy found out girls could still turn her on (and get her off) just as readily as boys. So in her sidelong assessments of hotness at the studio (which she and the other teachers termed ‘yogling’ and teased each other about mercilessly), she found herself checking out cute girls almost as much as boys.
Cindy quit Starbucks that day. She then spent more of the afternoon than she would have been comfortable admitting imagining sexual encounters with one or both of her sexy new bosses. And since she had long since stopped allowing her Mother’s disapproval of masturbation to prevent self-gratification (though it still made her feel guilty whenever she had any kind of sex), her trusty Rabbit Pearl vibrator got quite a workout. Our heroine rubbed out several bracing orgasms while letting her mind drift over how she could imagine having interesting sex with her new bosses. The fact that they were both doctors, sort of, seemed to intrigue her particularly. They would have a different level of knowledge of bodies and how they work, and would in her fantasies solemnly insist on ‘examinations’ and ‘tests’ that she found particularly sexy...
The following Monday Cindy showed up ten minutes early at the address Jenna had texted. It was a lovely office in a meticulously refurbished Craftsman bungalow in an upscale neighborhood, surrounded by a spacious yard with state of the art xeroscaping. Both of her new bosses were already there, and greeted her with yet another pair of suggestively (she hoped she wasn’t imagining) warm handshakes. They were both equally effusive in showing her around their facility, about which they seemed blithely proud, clearly enjoying the products of their labors in creating their ideal office space. Once she was oriented, it was time to get down to work as business hours started and a steady small stream of patients arrived, with an equally steady but manageable stream of phone calls, emails, and faxes.
Cindy loved applying her somewhat neat-freak brain to organizing the office space and tasks, clearly improving clumsy procedures and inefficiencies even in her first day. Jenna gave her a spontaneous hug at the end of the shift, gushing sweetly over how many improvements she had already implemented in both the space and the atmosphere. The young blonde was surprised at how good it felt to be hugged by the flagrantly feminine older raven-haired beauty. Was that sexual energy she could detect in the wonderful warmth of the hug? Judging by the sudden rush of blood and heat to her sexual core, Cindy’s body was voting rather unambiguously in that direction. Of course, she mused as she drove home to her studio, if she only listened to that unabashedly licentious part of her, she might as well start peddling her ass on the street...
What our heroine couldn’t sort out (because her strong libido had made her over-read what she thought were erotic cues in the past) was how sexualized the general atmosphere in the office felt. In chatting with Jenna during the day, Cindy discovered that the older couple had been married for several years. They met when James was a medical student who rotated through the outpatient GYN clinic where Jenna was the lead nurse practitioner. She liked how deferential he was to her experience (as well as the fact that he was a gorgeous six foot two inch hunk of former Olympic oarsman), and their chemistry was sizzling. Cindy noticed that the older couple were frequently suggestively affectionate with each other around the office, with lascivious pats on the ass exchanged both directions even as they were busily bustling about their business.
She also noticed that at lunchtime (taken at 1:30 so they could be available to patients over the standard lunch hour) the couple disappeared into their Treatment Room for an hour. When they emerged, Jenna clearly had the look and feel of a well-fucked woman, and her handsome husband seemed likewise subtly sated. Cindy hadn’t heard a peep through the locked door, so either they conducted their midday tryst very quietly or someone had spent a great deal of money on high end soundproofing. In any case, she masturbated herself to sleep that night to the tune of various wild versions of what she imagined her new bosses getting up to in that room (which was equipped with a large adjustable exam table with stirrups). Little did she know that the reality was vastly more outré than her kinkiest imaginings.

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