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The Fair Town Chronicles - Climbing The Ladder (Cornelius Wax)

The Fair Town Chronicles - Climbing The Ladder by Cornelius Wax

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A standalone story, happening fifteen years after The Great War with the Dark Elves.

Luck is something every men or woman needs if they want to survive in the Fair Town slums. Unfortunately, for Fujiko, her father isn't one of those men.

As she finds herself in a role of a simple pleasure girl, working for Mr. Silver, the Fair Town's most notorious criminal, she quickly learns the ways and rules of this new and cruel environment.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 18500

Style: Erotic Domination - M/F, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


"Mister Silver?" I heard the goon on the other side of the door say. "I delivered the girl. What do you want me to do with her?"
I stood on the other side of the thin door in an empty corridor and listened intently. My father owned Mr. Silver a lot of money, and being an incompetent person that he is, he leased me to him until I worked his gambling debt. How long that would turn out to be, I had no idea, but I did not expect to see my mother and grandmother anytime soon.
Sadly, this was common practice in the Fair Town slums. Men in debt often rented their wives, daughters or even sons, although, that wasn't as common.
As a jobless, decent-looking eighteen-year-old, my father saw me as an ideal solution to his debt problems, and that is the only reason why I stood here waiting to hear what would happen to me.
"What does she look like?" I presumed Mr. Silver said. "Describe her in fewest words possible."
"She's not my type, Mr. Silver," the goon said, "but, she's better looking than most of our girls, a bit skinny for my taste, but has a pleasing face."
"I didn't ask you for your opinion, man," Mr. Silver said. "I asked for a description." He sighed. "Fuck it. Just send her in."
Seconds later the door opened, and the goon pulled me in without saying a word.
It took me a while to adjust to the darkness inside, and look at the man speaking. Mr. Silver was the most powerful man in the Fair Town slums. Nothing happened down here without his knowledge or approval.
"I asked you a question, girl," he said. "Are you mute? How old are you?"
He seemed younger than I thought he would be. I never saw him before of course, so I had no idea what to expect, but hearing men talk about him with admiration and respect always made me think of him as old. He seemed barely forty years old. Only his gray hair and an eye patch on his right eye made him look old.
"Is she deaf?" He asked the goon.
"No, Sir. I think she's scared."
"I am not," I said finally. "I was thinking, that's all."
"Well, don't do that again, girl," Mr. Silver said. "I don't like my employees thinking. You are here to do as I say. Now answer my question."
"I am eighteen years old, Sir."
"Are you now?" He said stroking his day old beard. "You don't look like it. Pull up your skirt."
"Excuse me?" I asked confused.
"You are doing it again, girl. I told you not to think. Pull up your skirt, or I'll have Bendy here do it for you."
I did as told and lifted my skirt showing him my white panties. Both of them looked, but only Bendy smirked.
"Well," Mr. Silver said, "You have woman's hips, and you certainly are hairy as one. Show me your chest."
Again, I did as told, and unbuttoned my one-piece dress, exposing my perfectly round, average sized breasts.
"Bendy? Did you know some men like small tits?"
"I do, Mr. Silver... I mean, yes Mr. Silver, I knew that."
"Turn around and lift your skirt again."
As I turned, I noticed two half-naked women sitting on the long comfortable-looking couch. Dressed only in their undergarments they stared at me with their drugged eyes looking half-dead and uninterested. They were, however, gorgeous looking. Tall, lean, with large, barely containable breasts and engaging behinds.
"What is your name, girl?"
"Fujiko, Sir," I said and turned around to face Mr. Silver once again.
"What a strange name. Did your parents tell you why they gave you that name?"
"No, Sir."
"Well," he said, and leaned on his elbows. "Do you know why you are here, Fujiko?"
"I am here to pay off my father's gambling debt."
"Correct, and do you know how you will be paying it off?"
"On my back."
He seemed surprised by my response. "I have a thing for intelligent women, Fujiko, but I also can't have people thinking I am turning soft. It makes them do stupid things. You will get the same treatment every new working girl gets. Two months in the barracks with Bendy and his lot, then two months on the street corners. If you prove yourself, you'll get a room and a bed in the main house where you will receive selected customers."
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"It means I'll choose who gets to fuck you, Fujiko. Right now, every man that wants to can fuck you. All he has to do is wait for his turn, or pay someone to get in front."
"I'll try not to disappoint, Sir," I said, trying to sound sincere.
"Come here," he said tapping his left thigh. "Sit here, and let me feel you for a bit. Honestly, I am tempted to give you a test ride, Fujiko. Not many women come before me and don't beg for one thing or another. Are you a virgin?"
"No. I had sex before." It was the truth, but I only had it once, and it lasted for less than a minute. I had no idea what to expect from an experienced lover.
"I see," he said caressing my right knee. "That is good, Fujiko. My men love a young woman, and if that woman is as pretty as you, well... need I say more?"
"No, Sir," I said nervously. "I know my place and what I need to do."
"Fujiko, you certainly know how to turn me on." His left hand slipped inside my shirt and found my right breast. "Not big as I like them, but enough to make a man go crazy. Bendy?"
"Yes, boss."
"Bring me some hot water, shaving cream and the sharpest razor in the house."
"Yes, boss," Bendy said and left.
"I noticed you've got quite a big bush. I like my girls clean and slick as a trout. It makes everything easier."
Mr. Silver liked the sound of his voice, I realized, and the feel of my tits. He played with me until Bendy returned. At one point, he twisted my nipple hard, looking at my face intently, waiting for my reaction, but I only changed color to bright red. Determined to look brave in front of him, I refused to make a sound.
"You are wrong if you think I'll go easy on you because I like you. You will get the same treatment every girl gets. Now, take your clothes off, get on the table and spread your legs. I am going to shave your cunt."
There was nothing for me to do, but to listen. I quickly undressed leaving only my long socks on and waited for further instructions. As the moment of truth approached, I became more and more afraid.
"Sit on the table and spread your legs," He said as the door behind Bendy closed.
Again, I did as told, and waited for him to begin. He smeared a generous amount of foam all over my crotch and started sharpening a long razor blade.

Author Information

Cornelius recently tried writing as a form of relaxation and realized he quite liked it. He writes about various sexual fantasies, and hopes you will enjoy your glimpse into his perverted imagination, and maybe return to visit again.


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