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Crusader (V.W. Singer)

Crusader by V.W. Singer

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    • Average 3.3 from 3 ratings

It was 1147. Civil war raged in Egland, and across Europe the Church had declared the Second Crusade. But Knight Errant Thomas had his own problems. All he had ever wanted was to be an honourable knight, and to practice the most debauched sadistic sex possible with warm and willing female partners. But he had witnessed his brother commit a crime of killing, and now his own brother wanted him dead. Pursued by a deadly defrocked Templar knight, Thomas, with his faithful squire Martin at his side, join the Crusader army and sail away from England.

Soon Thomas finds himself engaged in the deadly siege of Lisbon. He also finds himself knee deep in sexy and willing sexual slaves, and discovers sadistic delights greater than he had ever dreamed possible when he becomes the surprised owner of a Moorish harem.

Watch as he wields whip and sword to battle his enemies and to conquer the beautiful, lustful, women who become his slaves. Can Thomas survive Moorish armies, deadly assassins, and the swords of his fellow Crusaders, all while bedding an exotic collection of sex slaves?

Editorial: Contains some BSDM themes that are associated with a dark erotica setting.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 107000

Style: Adult Suspense/Thrillers, Dark Secrets Erotica, Historical Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

Thomas suppressed a grin when he heard the gentle tap on the door. "Enter." The door wasn't barred, so he didn't have to get out from under the warm blankets.
The door creaked open and the pretty face of Emma, one of the younger serving girls, peeked in. "Good morning Master Thomas." She bent her knees in a quick bob and held up the bucket of heated water to show her purpose. She placed her burden in the room beside the doorway and quickly turned to close the door, thus cutting off the unpleasant draft that threatened to chill the room, which was still comfortably warmed by the glowing embers of the fire that filled the air with the scent of wood smoke.
Her movements presented him with an exceedingly pleasant view of her wool covered arse, and the fact that she held that position for longer than necessary told him that her display was an intentional one, as did the pink flush on her cheeks when she turned to face the interior of the chamber once more. She pressed her back against the dark wood, as if taking strength from its solidity. "Do you still desire that which you spoke of the other day?" Apprehension and excitement seemed to struggle for dominion over her expression as she waited for his response.
Thomas nodded gently so as not to startle her. "Indeed I do, Emma." His eyes went to the table that held the wash basin, where a single silver penny lay shining in the light from the tall slit window, and then back to her face. "I shall not be angered if you refuse. Remember, what I ask is not a sin. We shall not be committing fornication and you will remain a virgin. And you know I always reward those who serve me."
Her gaze went to the penny and she nodded, eager to be convinced of the rightness of her intended actions. She was young and lusty, and Master Thomas was handsome, and one of the best swordsmen in the castle. Surely letting him see her nakedness could do no harm after all, she would simply be doing as she was told, as was her God given duty. Decided, she stepped away from the door. Her natural modesty made her feel both hot and chilled at the same time, and there was a delicious heat between her thighs that warmed her belly. She smiled shyly and awaited his commands. "How may I serve you, Master Thomas?"
"Disrobe. Completely. I wish to see you as if you were about to bathe."
Emma's hands trembled as she untied her belt and dropped it to the floor. She bent her knees to allow her to grasp the hems of her cote and smock. She had been naked in the presence of other women when bathing, and had even seen men washing naked in the river, so nudity itself was not such a horror. But the intent was what gave her current actions their significance. She was baring her body for the amusement and pleasure of a man who was not even her husband. And yet and yet, she wanted to do it. Life as a servant in a castle could be dull and hard, and causes for true excitement were rare and far between. The hems of her garments were up to her knees now, and level with the tops of the hose that were tied around her lower legs with cloth bands. Once past this point, she would be exposing bare skin. For a moment, it felt as if the fabric of her skirts had actually grown heavier, and she had to exert herself to lift them any further, and she felt her heart thud in her chest. She inhaled sharply, straightened her body and raised her arms in a single convulsive move. Cool air tickled her bare body and she felt goosebumps form over her skin. She was tempted to remain hidden in the comforting tent of her cote, but realised how silly she would look and pulled her clothes free of her head. She shook her long loose hair free and defiantly tossed her garments aside, leaving her naked save for her leggings and shoes.
"Come closer," he said, pointing at the side of his four-poster bed. The bed's curtains were tied back, so they did not obstruct his view of her firm youthful body as she bashfully moved towards him. He did not want to frighten her, so he kept his rigid cock hidden beneath the blankets even as he sat upright and gave her a friendly smiled which served to mask the burning lust that he felt, just like the blankets masked his erection.
Emma was young and lusty, and once she had convinced herself that she was not committing an unforgivable sin, she actually found herself enjoying the way Master Thomas was staring at her naked form. Her nipples hardened into a stiffness that was caused by something more than the mild chill in the air. Her knees touched the side of the bed, and her eyes were drawn irresistibly to his strong, battle-scarred hands. Like most common folk, Emma was by nature very practical, and she guessed that the one thing she should not do with her own hands in this situation was to cover her nakedness with them, so she just let her arms hang loosely by her sides.
She couldn't suppress a shiver when his fingers touched the side of her thighs and slowly slid up towards the curve of her hips, tickling as they brushed against the fine golden hairs that coated her skin.
When he was holding her by her waist, he very slowly looked up the length of her body, deliberately letting her see him stare at her cunte and breasts before he met her eyes.
Regardless of her innocence and sexual inexperience, no girl could grow up in the servants' quarters without learning something about sex, and she saw the desire writ plain upon the nobleman's face. It made her feel truly grown up, and the fire of her young lust glow brightly within her loins. She wanted to urge him on to greater liberties, but it was not her place to tell him what to do, so she simply smiled and moved her arms invitingly away from her body, her palms turned towards him. For some reason, her very helplessness and vulnerability aroused her. He was going to touch and play with her most secret and shameful parts, and she couldn't, wouldn't, do anything to stop him. She squeezed her thighs together, and gasped at the delicious forbidden sensations the action produced.
Despite the fashion towards courtly love, Thomas knew most of his fellow knights were still mostly concerned with getting between a woman's legs and rutting like a stallion, or at least a rabbit. The best of them also tried to give pleasure to their partner. Thomas had little time for romance, and all he took from the tale of Heloise and Abelard was that it was wise not to get caught or to get the girl pregnant. Instead, he enjoyed playing with their bodies, extracting the sweetness of their pleasure and their pain. If he had been the eldest son, he would have been under great pressure to get married and produce an heir, but as the youngest of three brothers, no one really cared provided he did not bring disgrace upon the family name.
He had enjoyed the careful verbal angling that had brought Emma naked to his bedside, and now he intended to reward himself for his patience. "Your body is as fair as your face," he said, letting his hands inch towards her breasts.
Emma's smile widened and she tried to curtsy without actually moving. "Such flattery will make me prideful, Master Thomas."
His hands closed over her breasts. "As a knight, I am sworn to tell only the truth, so it is not flattery when I say these are as fine a pair of teats as I have ever seen."
The naked servant girl giggled, feeling immensely daring. The touch of the knight's fingers on her nipples was like nothing she had ever experience before, and all thoughts of sin and damnation disappeared from her mind to be replaced by a delight that was almost beyond bearing. She knew at once that she wanted more, and that she would allow Master Thomas any liberty with her body that he might desire. His thumbs circled her nipples and she trembled and bit her lip to prevent herself from moaning most shamefully.
Emma nodded emphatically, and her body rocked when a strange, previously unknown sensation filled her loins and made her curl her toes and rub her feet on the bedside rug that she was standing on. "Ooh Master Thomas, that feels so very . " Words failed her and she just sighed happily.
Her simple and undisguised enjoyment was refreshing and Thomas found it highly stimulating. But he wanted more, and his conscience demanded that he give her one last opportunity to withdraw. "It is good that you find pleasure in my caresses, as indeed you should. But have you thought carefully about what else I want from you?" he said, even as he continued to toy skilfully with her nipples. It was unlikely that having come so far, she would want to retreat now, but he desired to be fair.
Emma found it hard to think of serious matters when all she wanted to do was to wriggle and moan with her eyes tightly shut, but she was a conscientious girl and so tried to give him a sensible answer. Her brow wrinkled prettily. "At first I was afraid. But then I recalled how my mother had spanked me when I was naughty, and the many times my father had used a switch on me when I was older. Even here in the castle, the steward often orders the servants, boys and girls, to be switched for laziness or mistakes. So if the steward is right to have us beaten, then how could I object if you wished to do so?" Then she grinned. "Besides which, no one has ever asked my permission before beating me."
Thomas gently pulled her closer and placed a kiss between her breasts. "I would never force myself upon you in any fashion, Emma. I hope you know that."
The serving girl felt her heart melt, and a definite wetness form in her loins. Looking into his smiling visage, she could only say, "I wish to please you, Master Thomas, and if it should require the martyrdom of my body, then so be it. I gladly submit myself to you."
Pleased by her compliance, Thomas pulled her down onto the bed and kissed her lips.
Driven by her instincts, Emma put her arms around his muscular chest and pressed herself against him, something that she would never previously have dared to do. Almost whispering, she said, "Use me as you will, Master Thomas. I beg you do not concern yourself with my modesty or comfort." Her face reddened. "Am I being too bold? Does my licentiousness offend you?"
His hands went around her to squeeze her buttocks. "Never, my pretty Emma. You are delight itself." He allowed his fingers to sink into her firm flesh, his grip deliberately rough in order to test her resolve. He felt her grip tighten around him and asked, "Am I hurting you?"
Emma started to deny that she was feeling any pain, and then hesitated. "What do you want me to say?"
Thomas kissed her cheek and squeezed harder. "The truth."
"It does hurt a little." Still worried that she might displease him, she quickly added, "But you can do it as much as you want I mean . " Her words trailed off helplessly. She couldn't think of the right thing to say and bit her lip again in frustration. She wanted so badly to please him.
Thomas silenced her by kissing her on the lips again. "Shhh. It's all right." He pulled her buttocks apart and tickled her arse hole, making her wriggle and giggle again. "Just answer my questions with a yes or a no. Have you changed your mind?"
She shook her head, panting softly from the sheer naughtiness of having her arse hole touched by a man. "No."
"Are you afraid of what I might do?"
"Do you want me to go on?"
"Oh yes!"
"Even if I hurt you?"
He held her gently and looked into her eyes. "First I am going to show you how good sex can feel."
Her eyes widened, but she just smiled and gave him a tiny nod.


This book was weak and dull in my opinion 1 out of 5 (Chicago)

Author Information

Hate "lifestyle" BDSM?

Do you like stories that make sense? Female characters who are not just whimpering victims? Do you like the idea of an author who has actually whipped girls' pussies and crushed their clits with his fingers and listened to them moan - and had them come back for more?

Do you like detailed, exquisite, pussy torture?

Do you like it when the girls offer themselves up to you for punishment?

No ropes, no chains, but pure submission. For love, for fear, for money. Does it really matter?

Imagine her saying, "Take me and hurt me any way you like. I'll scream for you, and I'll come for you. As much and as long as you want."

Or, "I know this really great way to torture my clit. Would you like to try it?"

No impossible tortures or instant healing.

Sound good?

Polite comments or questions are always welcome.


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