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Make-out (Shooter3704)

Make-out by Shooter3704

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Rex`s wife, Lynn, was petite. He looked at her across the sofa as she stroked the big black cock while two black fingers worked their way around her wet, exposed, open and willing pussy.

Rex watched fascinated as his wife made out with his boss, and the thoughts of what had been happening over the past few weeks came flooding back to his mind ...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 33200

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

Rex’s story:

She was petite and he was big. They were making-out and they were sitting on my couch in my den. Her blouse was open and her bra pulled up exposing her small firm breasts. One of her legs was over his and the other leg opened wide allowing his fingers access to her pussy. He had shoved her panties to the side out of the way. He had one of her tits in his mouth and was mauling it with his tongue and teeth while his finger stroked furiously in and out of her cunt. She was hunching back at his finger, her eyes closed and she had a look of raw lust on her face. She moaned loudly when he added another finger in her pussy.
He released her tit from his mouth long enough to capture her mouth on his. I could see her throat working and I knew they were engaged in a lot of tongue action. He removed his fingers from her pussy and undid his belt and unzipped. He used her hand to release his cock. She pulled his long cock out and stroked it. It was a long, hard and very black cock, I should add. The son of a bitch had a crank on him that would cause a donkey to turn green with envy. Maybe not that big, but it looked pretty big to me. She is my wife and he is my boss.
I think I should back up a few weeks to where this story really began.
“You know what I miss about being married?” My wife Lynn said. We were getting ready for bed. Hell, I sure knew what I missed, but I wisely kept my mouth shut. “I miss making-out,” Lynn said. “You know sitting on the couch or even the backseat of a car. With some guy you like really getting into the heavy breathing. Do you miss that, Rex?”
“Yeah, I guess,” I answered cautiously. This was the type question where a guy can really step in shit if he isn’t careful. Actually, I didn’t miss it that much. After four years of marital bliss I had grown used to making out while laying on a bed. “What brought that subject to your mind?”
“That movie we watched this evening, “ Lynn said. “That couple that was making out on the sofa while her parents were upstairs in bed. Brought back a lot of fond memories, I guess.”
“So you used to make-out while your parents were upstairs sleeping?”
“No, not upstairs,” she said giggling. “We didn’t have an upstairs. In the back bedroom sleeping.”
“Who were you making-out with?” I didn’t mind asking the question and I knew Lynn didn’t mind answering. We have a marriage based on complete disclosure. We met after college and we both knew there had been other people before there was an us.
Before you think I’m a complete idiot, I know there were some things Lynn hadn’t told me just as there were a few things I hadn’t told her. Not deep dark secrets just subjects that just hadn’t arose.
“There were several boys I dated when I was living at home,” Lynn said. “Bobby Jenkins was one. You remember I told you about him. The rat that took my cherry. Then there was Toby Glenn. He was a senior when I was a sophomore.” She got in bed beside me. She was wearing one of my tee-shirts that was five sizes too large for her. Oh, and how could I forget Nate Bovee? Big Nate Bovee the biggest man on the football team. Co-captain and big man on campus. I used to slip him into the house after mom and dad had gone to sleep because dad didn’t want me to date him. Once they had to make an emergency trip out of town because my aunt was real sick. They hadn’t much more that got out of sight when I called Nate to come over and make-out.”
“When you say make-out, what exactly do you mean? Heavy petting?”
“Yes, certainly heavy petting was included. If the guy is special I went farther than that. Making-out to me is very involved. It’s not a kiss, a pat, and a tickle and then getting it on. It’s that long time of kissing and cuddling and getting ready for what may follow. Letting the guy get my shirt open and getting under my bra. It’s the intimate caresses, the working up to the act itself.”
I wasn’t sure how to respond or if I should respond at all. I had a feeling she was leading up to the fact I wasn’t giving her enough foreplay. I hate it when she does that.
Sex with Lynn was always hot and steamy. From day or date one she was one hot number. Most of the time we had sex four or five times a week in season. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get in a bit of a hurry. It was time to head the conversation in a safer direction.
“You want to go and get in the backseat of my car?” I asked in what I hoped was a teasing tone of voice. It was colder than a well digger’s ass out there. “Or maybe go down and get on the couch in the den?”
“No that wouldn’t be any challenge for you,” she said with a laugh. “All I have on is a tee-shirt. For tonight I think I’d like it if you licked me until I came. If you do me real good I’ll suck you off. What do you think about that, Rex?”
I thought that was a very workable idea so I whipped the shirt off of her and got to my job.
The next morning, which was a work day for Lynn and I, I got the coffee started while Lynn showered. It wasn’t until we both were dressed and ready to leave when I thought of the question I wanted to ask her last night.
“Hey, sweetie,” I said stopping Lynn at the door. “You said your dad didn’t want you dating Nate Bovine? Why didn’t he like him?”
“Nate Bovee,” she said, grabbing her keys from the hook by the back door. “Dad was the biggest bigot in Falls City and Nate was the blackest guy in town. See you tonight, lover.” And out the door she went leaving me standing there with my mouth gaping.
I want it clearly understood I am not prejudice. Not racially anyway. I could care less what the color of a person’s skin is. But, the news that Lynn dated or at least made-out with a black guy sent me into a tail spin.
I spent most of the morning thinking about Lynn and that Bo-whatever. After four years of marriage I was shocked and I may as well admit it…Lynn and a black guy? Wow! I was having some trouble getting a handle on the idea. I didn’t hate it; I just wasn’t sure exactly how I felt.
After lunch I was told that the plant manager wanted to see me. Mister Curtis Minzy was the manager and frankly I didn’t like him very much. I mean he was alright, but he was older than dirt and always crabby. Always pissing and moaning about something and usually telling me that I was to blame.
“Rex Mason, come in,” Mister Minzy said when I stuck my head in his office door. “Come on in and meet the new manager. I’m headed to the lake to do some fishing and just sitting on my butt. I’m officially retired as of this morning, so if you want to tell me anything you better hurry. This is Cletus Hooks your new boss.”
My first impression of Hooks was not that great. He was tall but he looked soft and chunky. His large round head was smooth and shiny. Of course I couldn’t help but notice he was black. I guessed his age at mid-forty. His handshake convinced me that he wasn’t soft at all. He stopped just short of taking me to my knees.
“Welcome aboard, Mister Hooks,” I said when he gave me my crushed hand back.
“Thanks, Rex,” he said showing me a grin with a lot of gold. “Call me Clete. I’m not big on formality. I understand you’re the go-to man around here. Curtis tells me you are his good right arm. I’m counting on you to do the same for me.”
I assured him I would be his right arm and spent the rest of the afternoon showing him around the place. I was an hour late getting home. Lynn had beat me and was dressed in her usual after work attire. Jeans and sleeveless tee-shirt. Around the house she didn’t bother with a bra and didn’t need one. She was a perfect 32 with an A-cup. Her nipples could plainly be seen because they were large, puffy, and super sensitive . A perfect mouth full. I had caused many an orgasm just by teasing and biting her nips.
“Hi, honey,” Lynn said. She was preparing dinner. “Did you have a nice day?”
“I guess,” I said getting us both a cold beer out of the refrigerator. “Shit-for-brains has retired and I met the new manager. Black man by the name of Cletus Hooks.”
“Oh, is he nice?” Lynn asked.
“I guess so. Told me to call him Clete. Yeah, he seems okay. Probably should invite him to dinner one night.”
“Is there a missus Clete?” I told her I didn’t think so and that he told me he was living in a motel until he could find a place. “You should invite him to stay with us until he finds a place,” Lynn said. “We have plenty of room and motel living sucks.”
We finished dinner, watched TV for a little while, and went up to bed. When Lynn came out of the bathroom I asked her to tell me about ol’ Nate Whatever.
“His name is Nate Bovee,” she said. “Why can’t you remember that? What do you want to know? I was going through one of my several rebellious periods. You know, whatever the authority figures wanted, I did the opposite. I had heard Pop bash every minority from the time I was knee-high so Nate was a natural.”
“How did you meet him?” I asked.
“Oh, we went to the same high school,” Lynn said climbing in the bed beside me. “I knew him, but not very well. One night a girlfriend and I sneaked out and went to a party. That was when I got to know Nate better. When I first saw him at the party he was trying to suck the face off some chick. She was from a different school, but I had seen her around. Anyway, Nate and this girl were making-out on the couch while her date watched. I thought it strange, but what the heck. Different strokes.”
“White girl?” I asked.
“Yes, and that was one of the things that captured my attention. The contrast between his black and her white. After a while I drifted off to get some kissing myself. I mean, after all, that was why I was there. The guy who was throwing the party was a college kid and his parents were gone for the night. Of course it didn’t take long before everybody started pairing off to the bedrooms and that was where me and this boy were headed. I barged into what I thought was an empty room only to find Nate screwing that girl. I wasn’t a total stranger to the sex act, but what I saw was an eye opener. Her date was lying beside her sucking on her breasts while Nate did her and did her hard. My new friend wanted to move on, but I had to watch the action. That pissed him off and he went in search of easier game.”
“How long did you watch?”
“I guess it was at least half an hour. During that time Nate didn’t stop or even slow down. He had that chick moaning and groaning and finally screaming like he was killing her.
When Nate finally crawled off of her, he saw me and grinned. He asked me if I like what I saw and I told him the truth. I told him it looked like fun. The girl’s date got her up and dressed and they left. I figured Nate was through with sex for the night, but he proved me wrong. We lay on the musky smelling bed and fooled around for a while. You know, serious make-out. Nate was an excellent kisser. It didn’t take long until he had my shirt and bra off. I came the second he started sucking on my nipple. As you know I can climax pretty easily.”
“Did he fuck you that night?” I asked aware that I had developed a throbbing boner.
“I should say he did! Nate was the biggest up to that time, but he fit me nicely. I guess the other chick was just a warm-up for him cause he did me until I couldn’t wiggle. I was sore for a couple of days after that. Why all the interest in Nate? That’s ancient history.”
“I’m interested in every aspect of you,” I answered running my hand under her shirt and feeling her small hard boob. “Every part of your life is important to me” Her hand found my hard dick.
“I should say so,” she said giving my cock a couple of strokes. “You seemed revved up and ready to go.” I was revved up, but I wasn’t about to get in too big of a hurry. As it turned out Lynn was apparently aroused by her story, also. She wasn’t interested in foreplay. She mounted me and shoved my cock into her warm moist box. She rode me like a rodeo cowgirl.
Lynn could almost always sense when I was about to unload and that time was no exception. She stopped and dismounted and got to her knees, her ass sticking up. She demanded I grease her up and fuck her ass. Of course that was fine with me. I got some lube out of the night table drawer and popped her butt for her.
Lynn was one of the few women I had known that actually liked anal sex. She could come from being butt fucked. She could also get off sucking my cock. Like she mentioned, she was an easy comer. We climaxed within a few moments of each other.
We lay there enjoying the afterglow of a hot steamy fuck. After I got my breath I asked her how many times she and Nate got together.
“Gosh I couldn’t even begin to guess. Dozens of times. On and off during the rest of the school year and into the next summer. Nate was a year ahead of me and after graduation he enlisted and went off. I never saw him again after that.”
“Was he your only black man?” I asked.
“No, I had another one my freshman year in college. Before you and I got together. He was okay, but no Nate Bovee.”
“What made Nate so special?”
“Two things,” she said rolling over to look down at me. “He liked to make-out. He would play with me for as long as I wanted and he never got in a big toot to get it on. The other thing was his dick. It hardly ever got soft. He could screw for hours. My second black guy had a bigger dick, but he didn’t like to make-out for very long and he was quick on the trigger. He was always good for a se4condr romp, but he had to rest after the first time. Nate didn’t hardly even slow down after he ejected.”
I guess that’s all good shit, but in all honesty a bit deflating for my ego. I can sometimes go a second time, but I do have to have some re-charge time. I had to ask.
“So, how do I compare?” I asked.
“You are a great lover,” Lynn said planting a hard sloppy kiss on me. “The difference in Nate and any of the others, is I love you. You make me complete and I thrill every time I see you and I almost cum when you touch me.” Okay, ego inflated again and all was well.
“You sure it won’t be an imposition?” Cletus Hooks asked for the third time since I invited him to bunk with Lynn and me. I reassured him again that it was Lynn’s idea. We were on the way to my house. Clete was having his car shipped and it hadn’t arrived yet.
“Lynn, this is Clete Hooks,” I said. “Clete, this is my wife, Lynn.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Lynn,” my boss said taking her hand. I wondered if he was going to hurt her like he had me. He didn’t, but he did hold her hand longer than necessary. At least I thought so. After we carried his luggage to the guest room, which I did the lion’s share, we went down to eat. Lynn had cooked a great meal complete with wine. That was unusual because we both usually prefer beer.
“Absolutely the best meal I’ve ever had,” Clete said pushing back from the table. “Do you cook like this every night?”
“Thank you and no, not at all,” Lynn said laughing. “Most evenings you’ll get take-out or potluck. I do cook a lot, but it’s only because I like to do so. I, sir, am a liberated woman.”
During the meal, my wife, the grand inquisitor, found out that Clete was divorced, originally from California, a former college football player, and that he was forty-one years old. She also slipped and called him Nate twice during the interrogation. Clete didn’t correct her and I’m sure she wasn’t even aware of it until the third time.
“Not that I mind,” Clete said, “But apparently I remind you of someone called Nate.” Lynn looked shocked and turned red glancing at me. I had to grin. Talk about a Freudian slip.
“I can’t believe I did that,” Lynn whispered as we lay in bed a while later.
“Does he look like Nate?” I asked. We were whispering because Clete was in the next room.
“No…well not that much. He’s bigger than Nate was. Of course the skin coloring is about the same, but that all. What a ninny I am.” She laughed a little. “I won’t make that mistake again.”
“In spite of your Freudian boo-boo, I thought dinner was magnificent. Thanks, sweetie. You did good.”
A few minutes later Lynn and I tried to have a fuck, but it was too much trouble because I couldn’t keep her quiet. She tends to become very vocal during love-making. She gave me a hand-job and I finger-fucked her to a quieter orgasm.

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