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The Felix Experience - Part 1 (Shooter3704)

The Felix Experience - Part 1 by Shooter3704

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    • Average 4.5 from 4 ratings

The Felix Experience is a story about Jim and Toni Black.

Jim had a fantasy of watching his wife being fucked by another man and that developed into a big black man when Toni started to share in the fantasy.

Then with Toni's sister Joy coming to stay with them, some truths about the girls` younger years start to come out and the fantasy begins to take the shape of reality.

Felix Bismarck of the Felix Experience is one of the people that become involved in the reality side of things. The women all seem to think he’s some kind of stud anbd Toni sets out to prove that notion.

Editorial: This is a high energy yarn that has some of about every kind of sex allowed here. One on one, threesomes and more-somes. It contains a bit of girl on girl sex also just for flavor. And because this is by our King of Interracial sex, there is a liberal helping of Interracial sex as well.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 29000

Style: Historical Erotica , Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

I’m Jim Black and I’m not sure when it started. By “it”, I mean the idea that I wanted to see my wife being fucked by another man. For several years, as quickly as they appeared, I would push the thoughts to the furthest part of my mind and I wouldn’t allow myself to think those terrible thoughts.
Toni and I had been married for almost fifteen years and we enjoyed an active and healthy sex life. Toni had always been receptive to anything I could think of. All the forms of sex we read about or watched in the adult movies that we both enjoyed she was up for.
The first time I suggested anal sex she leaped on the idea. Toni and I discovered she loved to be butt-fucked. She also loves oral sex. Either giving or receiving and she can get off just by sucking my cock.
Toni never said ‘no, not tonight’ or ‘I’ve got a headache’, or no to anything, for that matter. As she put it, she was always ready or ready to get ready.
After fourteen and a half years, Toni still looked damn good to me. At thirty-three she looks as good as she did at eighteen. Toni is curvy and has nice boobs; somewhere in the thirty-six C range. She works hard to keep her body trim and in shape by working out at a gym and running several times a week. She keeps her deep red hair cut rather short.
Toni is tall for a girl, being five-nine and a half. Unlike many tall girls she doesn’t slouch or wear low heel shoes. She has several pairs of four-inch heels and she wears them proudly. Since I’m six feet tall her height has never been a problem for me.
Whenever we are out in public Toni always gets a lot of looks from the guys and even some of the gals. I don’t mind the men looking at her. Why should I? I like to look, too.
Both Toni and I work out of our home. I’m a fiction novel writer and Toni is a computer software developer and designer. We both have our separate places in the large house to work. The truth is Toni and I enjoy each other’s company and sometimes we work in the same room just to be near.
I enjoyed a moderate success as a writer but Toni had been highly successful. She had sold, for large amounts of money, several programs. Since we don’t live an expensive lifestyle we’ve managed to save quite a few dollars. I drive a ten-year-old SUV and Toni has a five-year-old import. We both dress well, but not expensively.
We live in an older subdivision in Summerville, which is a suburb of Capitol City. Our house is probably fifty years old but it is in great condition. We are friendly with our neighbors but we don’t socialize very much because they are all older than Toni or I.
Our only extravagance was the swimming pool we had installed a few years ago. Since we are home all the time, we get a lot of use out of the pool. From early spring to late fall we are usually outside. I’ve done some of my best writing while sitting near the pool watching Toni skinny-dip. Unlike many women Toni looks real good wearing nothing.
After a while I finally stopped trying to banish the idea of Toni being fucked by someone else. Now when the thoughts came, I enjoyed them and I embraced them. I hadn’t said anything to Toni about my kinky desire and I don’t know why I hadn’t. We usually have an open and frank discussion about anything that comes to mind.
One day we were sitting at poolside waiting on the pizza to arrive. As usual Toni was bare-ass naked and when the doorbell rang she looked at me expectantly.
“What?” I asked.
“The pizza is here,” she said. I told her she should go get it and give the delivery boy a thrill. She gave me a look and went to get the pizza. I hurried to see what would happen.
The poor guy nearly fainted when a very naked Toni opened the front door. He was so shook-up he couldn’t tell her how much it was. Toni handed him a twenty and he actually ran from the house. We both nearly rolled on the floor laughing about it.
“I can’t believe I did that!” Toni said when we finally stopped laughing. “You shouldn’t challenge me like that.”
“He’ll have one hell of a story to tell when he gets back to the store,” I said. “Not that any of the guys will believe him.” That started us laughing all over again.
That night after we were in bed Toni told me that showing her body to the pizza delivery boy had made her wet. After that revelation, it got me to thinking so I talked her into flashing every chance she got. She did so with a lot more enthusiasm than I ever thought she would.
Toni has great looking tits and she showed them a lot over the next few weeks. Once was on the interstate on the way to visit Toni’s younger sister who lived in Capitol City. Joy and her husband were going through a messy divorce and Toni felt we were needed to cheer her up.
On the way to Cap City, I talked Toni into flashing her beautiful tits for the truckers. From all the air horns blowing they enjoyed the exhibition. I was a bit surprised when Toni told Joy about the flashing. Joy seemed to get a kick out of the story.
“I wish I had the nerve to do that,” Joy said. Joy is five years younger than Toni but she had gotten chunky. Maybe thirty pounds more than she should have weighed. “Nobody wants to see a fat girl’s boobs.”
I didn’t agree but I kept quiet about it. The truth is men will look at any tits. We’ll nearly stand on our heads to get a look down a girl’s dress top. Young tits, old tits, perky or sagging, big or small tits, it’s all the same and we will look. Something all you ladies should keep in mind is size doesn’t matter. It’s all about availability. Can we see them? Can we touch them?
“There is nothing wrong with your tits,” Toni said, “nothing that a diet and a little effort wouldn’t cure.” Toni was right about that. Joy was almost as beautiful as Toni. She had just let herself go. “Why don’t you move in with us and let me work with you?”
“Are you sure you want me to move in with you?” Joy asked. “There is a buyer that seems serious about the house so I am going to have to move sooner or later.” Toni insisted and looked at me to second the motion. I did, but frankly I didn’t put a lot of heat into it. I like Joy well enough but she can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I didn’t look forward to a half starved Joy being in my house. It has been my experience that anyone on a diet becomes completely focused on the subject of food. Food or the absence of food is all they want to talk about. Toni insisted and Joy gave in.
The next weekend Joy put her furniture in storage and she moved into our spare bedroom. By the end of the second week Joy was sure she had made a terrible mistake moving in with her sadistic sister. Toni put her on a strict diet and nearly ran the poor woman’s ass off. Despite Joy’s begging, Toni gave her no slack. By the end of the third week even I could see a difference in Joy. The extra poundage was melting off her rapidly.
Don, Joy’s estranged husband was being a prick by withholding the money he was supposed to pay her. It was typical of a nice guy in a divorce situation becoming an asshole. Actually Don and I got along great until the divorce started. I suppose that was the reason I was dispatched to collect the money for Joy.
Don had moved into an apartment complex that was primarily used by college students that could afford to live off-campus. I knew he could afford better because he owned a large Ford dealership in Cap City so I was curious as to why that place.
Don seemed surprised to see me but he invited me in. I explained that I was just a messenger so he shouldn’t kill me. I told him that Joy hadn’t contacted her attorney yet but if he didn’t pay her what he agreed to she would.
“Yeah, I know I should,” Don said. “I hate everything about this mess. I didn’t want a divorce; I just wanted Joy to warm up some.” I made a mistake and asked him what he meant by warm-up. I had not intended on getting involved in their domestic troubles.
“Joy went cool in the bedroom,” Don explained. “I mean she used to be a firecracker in bed but lately she went from hot to fucking cold. She went ballistic when I casually mentioned we should open the marriage up and maybe bring in a third member. She demanded I pack my shit and get the hell out.”
“You mean she wasn’t receptive to a threesome?” I said. “Male or female?”
“I was willing to go either way,” Don said. “But I really wanted to see Joy get hosed by a man with a big cock. Is that weird?” I thought it was strange that I wanted the same thing and it was some comfort to me that there was at least one other man who felt the same as I did. Maybe I wasn’t as peculiar as I thought. I told Don I didn’t think it strange at all. “I’d give a thousand dollars to see Joy getting fucked by a black cock,” Don added. “Tell Joy I’ll send her a check in the mail…no, fuck it, I’ll give it to you and you can take it to her. I understand she’s moved in with you.”
I took the check and after a few minutes, I left Don and started back to Summerville. Until he mentioned it, I hadn’t thought about Toni and a black man. That was something new for me to consider. I was so engrossed in that new and exciting idea, I nearly missed my exit.
That night while Toni and I were in bed I told her what Don had said. I didn’t mention the black cock part of Don’s story.
“He wanted to swing?” Toni said. “No shit?”
“Where did you learn that word?” I asked. “I didn’t know you knew what swinging was.”
“I read,” she said laughing. “I hear things. Joy told me that they were having trouble in the bedroom but she didn’t say what it was. So Don said Joy was cold in bed? I wonder what he meant by that.”
“Yeah, that’s what he said. I imagine there are two sides to the story.”
“So ol’ Don wanted a threesome,” Toni said. “Devil’s threesome or angelic threesome?”
“What the hell have you been reading?” I asked. “I guess he would have liked either one. I assume a devil’s threesome is two men and a woman?”
“Right and two women and a man are an angelic threesome. I guess any more participants constitute an orgy. I read about it online. Some time ago I created a web site for an adult company and since I did such a good job, I have free access to everything they offer. Stories, movies, and the like.”
“And why haven’t you shared that information with me?”
“I don’t know,’ Toni said. “I didn’t intentionally withhold that from you. I didn’t think you would be interested.”
“Maybe I would,” I said. “Anyway I think there is still hope for Joy and Don. I don’t think he’s ready to give up yet.”
“I think you are right,” Toni said. “The papers could have been signed weeks ago and neither of them has signed. I hope they can work it out. Jim, have you even thought about threesomes?”
“Huh?” I exclaimed. The question astonished me and I had not seen that question coming. “Me?”
“Yes you, dummy,” she said poking me in the ribs. “Tell me the truth.”
“No, not exactly,” I hedged. “Not threesomes per se.”
“Oh I get it,” she said. “You’ve fantasized about some other woman or women, haven’t you?”
“No, not exactly,” I said, not sure I was comfortable with the direction this was going. On the plus side I could bring it out of the dark recesses of my mind and out into the open.
“Then, pray tell, what exactly have you thought about?”
“I have thought about watching you get fucked,” I said. That statement got her total attention. She sat up in the bed.
“Are you kidding me?” she said. “You want to watch me and some other man? Who?”
“I don’t know who,” I said watching her closely. She didn’t seem too upset about the revelation and that was a relief. “He never has a face that I can get a handle on. Just some well hung black stud.” Okay I had not meant to say black. That was still a new idea for me but it just slipped out.
“Black huh?” Toni said scooting back down under the sheet. “How big is he?”
“Bigger than me,” I said. “He looks like he might have a seven or eight inch dick.”
“Wow, that big?” she held her hand about a foot apart until I closed them the necessary distance. It’s no wonder women can’t drive. They have no concept of distance. “Sounds good,” she said, “but right now I think I would love some of this dick.” She had a hand on my hard cock so I got my hand on her pussy. I was surprised that it was sloppy wet and I wondered what part of the talk had turned her on so much.
Nothing more was said about it for a few days. I had decided it was a subject Toni didn’t want to pursue. I was surprised when Toni brought the subject up again.
“How long have you had your evil thoughts?” she said. It was late afternoon and we were having drinks by the pool.
“On and off for a few years,” I answered her. I didn’t pretend to not know what she was talking about. “The black dick is relatively new.”
“I see,” she said. We were sitting side by side in adjustable lounge chairs. “When, exactly, did the black dick enter your daydreams?” I told her what Don said about wanting Joy to get fucked by a big black cock.”
“I wonder if it’s true what they say about black men having exceptionally large things?” she mused. “Or if it is true that once you go black you won’t go back?” I didn’t ask but I assumed she got that from her secret adult site. “I should research the concepts, don’t you think?”
“I guess it’s a good idea,” I said cautiously. I wondered how she intended on researching it so I asked her.
“The internet for one thing,” Toni said. “I’ll play it by ear from there. Have you seen Joy today?” I told her not since morning. “Yeah, she’s out and about. She left right after our morning run. She’s shaping up nicely, isn’t she?” I had to admit that Joy did seem to be shaping up nicely. She had dropped several pounds at least. “I had a long talk with her last night,” Toni went on. “She is one messed-up chick.”
“How so?” I inquired.
“Apparently she was rather wild and easy in high school. She didn’t elaborate but she did promise to tell all sooner or later.”
“Promiscuous? Joy the cold fish was promiscuous? That doesn’t sound right to me. I can’t imagine Joy being a slut.”
“Well, a lot of girls go through that stage,” Toni said. “As a matter of fact I was one of them.”
“You were a high school slut?” I said. “How come I didn’t know that?” I hadn’t known Toni in high school. We went to different schools and it wasn’t until after high school that we met. I was going to the local community college and Toni was taking some computer courses and working as a clerk at a drug store.
“You never asked me about it,” Tony said with a slight smile. “I would have told you if you had asked me.”
“So, I’m asking you now,” I said. “Tell me about your wicked past.”
“Are you sure you want to hear about it?” I assured her I did want to hear all about it. She dispatched me to get more beer and when I returned she launched into her story.

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