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The Felix Experience - Part 2 (Shooter3704)

The Felix Experience - Part 2 by Shooter3704

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    • Average 4.0 from 2 ratings

“Have you ever heard of something called “The Felix Experience”?” April asked.

Well have YOU? While this is a stand-alone story maybe you would like to read “The Felix Experience” first. For those of you who have read and know the characters and their stories be prepared for hotter stories.

This is the story of a now divorced Mark who is reminded of his ex-wife when he receives a DVD of a girl, who certainly looks like his ex, with a black man. It’s hard to believe it’s his frigid ex. Now follow his search for the truth with his platonic partner April.

Interracial sex? You bet. Group sex? Yeah, got that also. You name it and if it’s legal it’s in here.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 25000

Style: Interracial Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1

My name is Mark Lowe and I had just returned from a business trip to Chicago. I was in my office checking my mail and I opened a plain shipping envelope. It was the still photographs, obviously computer generated, that got my attention. There was a small packet of them along with a DVD. The picture on the front of the jewel case clearly depicted a white woman sucking on a rather large black man’s cock. The woman was my wife. I should say my ex-wife since we had been divorced for almost a year.
I asked my secretary where the package of photographs and DVD came from and she said it was in with the rest of the regular mail and that it was marked personal and confidential. That was why, she went on to explain, she didn’t open it as she had done with the other mail.
I was well aware that photographs could be photo-shopped so I looked close at the photos. If they were fakes, I couldn’t tell. Each one showed Robin’s face and showed her engaged in some sort of sex with a black man. Black men, I should say since a few of them showed Robin being fucked by two men.
Until we separated, Robin and I had been together for nearly five years. I won’t claim it was a smooth or even a happy marriage. Robin and I had different tastes in what we wanted in the way of sex. Robin was a once-a-week missionary position woman and no amount of begging, pleading or demanding could get her to change. I on the other hand wanted more variety in my sex life. That being said you can see why I went elsewhere for the variety.
I had been careless and Robin discovered my infidelity. Hell, maybe I wanted to be caught. Who’s to say what I wanted subconsciously? After the discovery came the separation and shortly thereafter came the divorce.
Unlike many “wronged” women, Robin didn’t attempt to take me to the cleaners. She asked for and was awarded half of everything we had. She used her half of the saving account and part of the stock portfolio to buy my half of the house. I was happy to sell it to her. She didn’t ask for any alimony and since we had no children there wasn’t any child support. I suppose I could have asked that she pay me alimony since she made considerably more than I did but that would have been petty and very tacky so I didn’t ask for it.
Robin was, at the time of the divorce, the chief operating officer for a large manufacturing company. I heard through the grapevine that since the divorce she had been promoted to chief financial officer. I was sure that as CFO, Robin was making some big bucks. Looking at the photos that someone had sent seemed to indicate that she was also fucking some big bucks if you’ll excuse the expression.
I put the DVD in my jacket pocket while pondering the unbelievable turn of events. Some things seemed to be out of kilter. I mean from what I could tell from the photographs it seemed that Robin was enjoying being ravished by one or two big black men.
I was not aware at anytime during our five years together that Robin ever enjoyed sex. Most of the time she didn’t even bother to fake it. She simply let me use her body to masturbate. She never considered oral sex, either giving or receiving it. I had to use a whore for that and anal sex.
The other thing that bothered me was why send the photos and DVD to me? We were happily divorced so what was it to me? Was she a captive being held hostage or for ransom? I decided to leave the deep thinking until after I watched whatever was on the disk. I told my secretary that I was travel weary and was going home. She snorted as if she thought flying on a jet airliner wasn’t tiring. I put some of the more important mail in my brief case and went home to my apartment.


It was a movie of sorts and it was steamy hot. The movie, if that is what it was, started out with Robin slowly and tantalizingly removing her clothes. There was music, if you can call rap music, in the background.
When she was down to panties and bra, the music changed to a more earthy sound. Drums and other percussion instruments beating out a jungle type rhythm. The music was louder and Robin was moving to the beat, her eyes half-closed. She seemed to be looking at something or someone out of sight of the camera.
Robin slowly removed her bra and let her full breasts swing free. Her boobs were always something that made my breath come quicker and my heart beat a little faster. At least during the few times she allowed me to look at them. I always loved sucking her huge thick nipples. Again, the few times she allowed me the opportunity.
I could see when the camera zoomed in closer that her big nipples seemed to be even larger and they also seemed to be hard.
While I stared with rapt attention, she slowly slipped the tiny panties down and stepped out of them. I noticed that her normally bushy pussy was now totally hairless. I also noticed that there seemed to be a small tattoo just above her pussy but I couldn’t tell what it was until the camera zoomed in close. Then I could see it was a small ace of spades.
While the camera stayed in close, her hand slowly came down across her belly and her fingers pried the lips of her pussy open. It dawned on me I had never ever seen her pussy before. She had only allowed me to touch her pussy briefly before I put my dick in her.
“You hot yet, Snowflake?” a man’s voice said from off camera. The music volume lowered before the man spoke.
“Yes,” Robin answered. “I am hot.”
“What you want, Snowflake?” the voice asked.
“I want you,” she answered.
“You can talk plainer than that. Tell me what you really want, Snowflake.”
“I want you to come here so that I can suck on your big black cock,” Robin said clearly looking in the direction I assumed the man was. “I want to make you hard so you can stick your big black cock in my cunt and fuck me. I want you to fuck me long and hard and make me cum.”
While she spoke, a large naked black man entered the picture and Robin moved to join him. The camera tracked her movements. She dropped to her knees in front of the man and took his large dick in her hand. She stroked it a few times while looking up at him then she put the large black object in her mouth and sucked him. The damned thing got even larger as she sucked and cupped his giant balls.
“You ready for some black fuckin’, Snowflake?” the man said after she had worshipped his cock for several minutes.
“Yes,” she answered simply. “I am more than ready. I’m burning up.” Holding onto his giant dick she led him to a bed
It would have looked like a forcible rape if it hadn’t been for the fact that Robin helped him rape her. I suppose that took it out of a rape category. By helping, I mean when he didn’t stuff his giant black sausage in her tight white bun quickly enough she reached around and guided him to the promised land.
It was not making love. It wasn’t even close to making love. There was nothing loving about any of it.
The woman who looked exactly like my former wife certainly didn’t act or speak like her. The Robin I knew had never touched my dick and she certainly never gave me a blowjob and she never used words like cunt and fuck. Never! Robin’s salty speech was something she apparently picked up since we last parted.
The huge black man fucked her long, hard and fast. He did her in several positions and even fucked her asshole. Something I hadn’t even been allowed to touch.
If one can believe the screeching and harsh words she came several times and demanded more from the man. More came when a second black man joined them on the bed.
The first man took a break while Robin welcomed dude number two with open arms and open legs. She was no less vocal with her second partner.
Man two did her as hard as the first man had done. He took her through several positions and ended up on his back with Robin riding his cock like a cowgirl. That was when number one rejoined the fray.
Man number one got behind the couple on the bed and toyed with her butt for a few moments before he rammed his cock in her defenseless ass. When he was fully in her Robin moaned loudly and grunted when the two men got into a rhythm and doubled fucked her.
I had stopped thinking rape and I think her comments during the event might have been convincing to anyone that it was not a rape. Robin was very vocal about what they were doing and what she wanted them to do.
The act of sex had always previously been referred to, by Robin, as IT. “Are you going to do IT? Have you finished doing IT” and so on. On the disk she called a spade a spade. She also called them fucking niggas, hot black studs, lazy cocksuckers and a lot of other foul names that didn’t seem to bother the men.
I watched the disk twice and couldn’t believe the change that had come over Robin in eleven months and a few weeks. She seemed to have gone from cold fish to hot momma.
The disk lasted almost a full hour and it was wall-to-wall sex. The two men did everything that two men could possible do to one woman. Robin did everything one smaller white woman could do for two huge black men.
I couldn’t stand it so I started watching the movie for a third time and that time I beat my meat so long I made my dick sore. I went to bed still confused and more than a little worried.

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