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Down on Her Knees (David Jewell)

Down on Her Knees by David Jewell

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Down on Her Knees before a Doctor of Dominance!

Kris Olson and several other women are undergoing lessons at the hands of Professor Richfield, a world famous expert in behavioral training. Put through a strict course with severe consequences for every infraction, they have learned to obey their husbands' every sexual command no matter how humiliating or disgusting. Kris still harbors a spark of independent consciousness and the police are closing in on Dr. Richfield. But the doctor is not so easy to trap as they may think. Is Kris Olson's only hope nothing but a pipe dream?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 29368

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Brad woke to the aroma of coffee as Heather made herself at home in his kitchen by brewing a fresh a pot of coffee and preparing a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Slipping into his jeans, he wandered out into the kitchen. "Good morning," he greeted her. "It looks like you've found everything you need."
"Well, good morning," she replied while buttering the toast. "I hope you're hungry. Everything is just about ready."
"I am. I'll just help myself to a cup of coffee. How about breakfast on the deck?" he asked as he filled his cup.
"Sounds great. I'll bring everything out in a moment," she answered and watched him disappear through the sliding glass door that opened onto the deck.
"Food always tastes better outside with the fresh scent of pine and when you don't have to fix it," he commented as she set his breakfast in front of him.
"I love the out of doors. And you will get no argument from about the food tasting better outside," she said as she too her seat. "Bon Appetite."
"Thanks. I hope you slept okay last night. I know I did. I always get a good night's sleep up here," he informed her as he dug into his breakfast.
"I slept like a log."
"Delicious," he complimented her.
After helping clear the dishes away, Brad suggested, "Let's finish the pot of coffee while we go over our cover story."
"Okay. I want to make sure I have the details down perfectly," she agreed. Sitting on the deck, Heather commented as she looked at the scenery, "I can't believe how beautiful it is up here."
"There is nothing like the mountains of Southern California," he agreed. "I love nature."
"Those jays are sure noisy," she said in response to a squawking California Jay sitting on the branch of a pine tree less than fifty feet away.
"The California Jay has to be one of the most obnoxious birds I've ever encountered. But in spite of their loud mouths or should I say beaks, they're a gorgeous bird."
"Yes, they are. I don't have any more questions about our cover story. I'm comfortable with it. How about you?" she asked after going over a couple of sticky points with him.
"So am I. I just wish the phone would ring. I can't wait to get this show on the road."
"So do I," she said before taking a sip of coffee.
Brad looked at Heather. In her tight jeans and baggy T-shirt, she was a vision of loveliness even though she wasn't wearing any makeup or hadn't combed her hair. As he stared at her, he thought, I wonder what caused such a lovely creature to choose police work as her vocation. Whatever the reason, I'm glad she did and I hope I have the chance to work with her again after this case is closed.
"Do you want to see what I bought," she asked and interrupted his thoughts.
"Yes, that would be great."
"I'll be right back."
"I'll be here," he said over the squawking of the jay.
She returned from her bedroom with several items on hangers and a few boxes. Removing a satin lace bra and panties from one of the boxes, she asked, "What do you think? Is this something a rich bitch would wear?"
"I would certainly think so," he replied as he looked at the sexy underwear.
"I thought this navy blue linen dress shows a lot of class and refinement, especially with this hat. I also got a red scarf and a pair of red shoes to set it off."
He looked at the dress and accessories. "It's very nice. And I think you're right about it showing a lot of class," he commented. "Did the thousand dollars cover it or do I owe you more?"
"Just barely," she kidded back. "I have to look the part you know."
"Oh, you will."
"I also picked up this white suit along with a green silk blouse for under the coat and these really nice green flats. I didn't know if I'd need more than one outfit."
"They both look super. And both look like they cost enough."
"Don't worry, honey. The thousand dollars more than covered the cost. Why, I must have at least fifty collars left over," she teased.
He liked the "honey" part. "I just hope you get the chance to wear them."
"So do I."
* * * *
At the Retreat Center, Chad was being trained by both Mistress Amanda and Mistress Ellen. He watched as they put a cock restraint on him and fastened one of the straps tightly around the top of his gonads.
"Chad," Mistress Amanda informed him, "this cock restraint is going to provide some pain if you get an erection. I guarantee it'll give you more pain than you want."
"So I hope you don't get too excited today," added Mistress Ellen with a mischievous tone in her voice.
"I don't think he'll have much choice," Mistress Amanda said.
"What do you mean, Mistress?" he asked since he wasn't looking forward to experiencing any more pain after yesterday.
"It means if you get a hard-on, it's going to hurt," Mistress Amanda said as she led him by the cock restraint to a bench that resembled a weight-lifting bench. "Lie down on your back."
"Yes, Mistress," he said apprehensively. "I don't like pain. I had enough yesterday," he said as they secured him to the bench with two leather straps.
"It's simple. Don't get hard and you won't feel any pain," Mistress Amanda explained to him. "But we are going to do everything we can to make sure that you do"
"What are you going to do, Mistress?"
"We aren't going to do anything right now," she told him before turning to Mistress Ellen and saying, "Bring them in."
"This is going to be fun," Mistress Ellen said as he opened the door. "Get in here."
Chad watched as Mistress Ellen brought two gorgeous women into the room.
"This is Nikki and Alice, Chad. They are the ones who are going to make you experience some more pain," Mistress Amanda informed him.
Mistress Ellen led Nikki and Alice to him. "I want you to straddle his face," she told Nikki.
"I'll be happy to, Mistress." She quickly got into position.
"Now lower yourself down and let him enjoy your delicious hairy slit."
"Yes, Mistress," Nikki replied as she slowly brought herself into contact with his waiting mouth.
"Eat her pussy and show her how much you appreciate having the chance to see it."
As he tasted the delights between her legs, he started to respond. He quickly discovered that getting excited wasn't without a price.
Noticing his response, Mistress Amanda asked, "What's the matter? Does it hurt to get a hard-on?"
"Yes, Mistress," he uttered through Nikki's thick pubic hair.
"Tough. I want you to keep eating her until she cums."
"I will, Mistress," he replied and then returned to performing cunnilingus.
"How is he doing, Nikki?" Mistress Ellen asked after watching for several minutes.
"He's going just fine," she said with her eyes closed. "He's going to make me cum very soon."
"Come on, slut, make her cum," Mistress Ellen ordered.
"I'm almost there, Mistress," shared Nikki while her special juices flowed into his mouth. "I'm cumming!" She squirmed on his mouth as she did.
"I'm proud of you, slut. Did she taste good?"
"Yes, Mistress. She tastes super."
"How does your hard cock feel," Mistress Amanda asked as she squeezed it through the cock restraint.
"Not as good as she tastes, Mistress." He grimaced to her touch.
"I told you it would hurt if your got aroused," she said while smiling over his pain.
"I know. Believe me. I know," he painfully agreed.
"I'm glad you enjoyed making her cum. I like seeing you in pain. And I'm sure you are going to continue to be in pain as you enjoy Alice just as much."
With Alice offering herself to his mouth, Mistress Ellen said, "Come on, Chad. Alice is so horny and wants your tongue so badly. Eat her."
"Yes, Mistress," he said and found the words of his mistress to be true.
"Yes, I really need that," Alice said as she felt his tongue. "I really need to get laid," she voiced as she squirmed and became a wild woman as he serviced her basic and foremost need.
"I told you she was horny," said Mistress Amanda.
"I am beyond horny, Mistress."
"Give her what she needs," demanded Mistress Ellen.
"He is! Yes, he is!" Alice indicated as she allowed him to bring her to a most dramatic and satisfying climax. "Yes! God, yes!"
"Ouch," Chad uttered when she lifted her weight from his mouth.
"I guess he liked it, too," Mistress Ellen told Mistress Amanda when she heard him.
"I think Alice made him ever harder than Nikki did," Mistress Amanda said as she examined the cock restraint. "I think he's in some real pain."
"I am, Mistress," he confirmed when Alice lifted up just enough so he could talk.
"Alice, get off his mouth. I want to help him understand further just how great a teacher pain can be," said Mistress Amanda.
"Yes, Mistress," she replied before slowly removing herself.
Mistresses added some weights to his nipple ring and allowed it to irritate the freshly pierced skin and thus increase his pain level. "This extra pain ought to help keep your mind off your cock," Mistress Amanda said as she added the last weight.
"I think it will, Mistress," he said while grimacing. "I think it's working," he added thankfully moments later as he felt his erection disappearing.
Seeing Chad going limp, Mistress Ellen said, "We can't have you going soft on us. We want you to have as much pain as we can give you. I'm sure this will help you get a nice hard-on again.
He watched as she removed her leather panties and stood over his head. "Do you want me to eat you, too?" he asked.
"You're not that fortunate. But you are going to watch me play with my pussy. And I can guarantee, I will get you turned on again, very turned on," she told him as she opened her lips and inserted two fingers.
"Mistress, I know you can," he said as he watched and felt himself rising to the occasion just as she promised.
"Does it hurt?" she asked when he came to attention.
"Enough, Ma'am."
"Let's see if I can't make it hurt even more," she said as she took a penis shaped dildo and slowly inserted the whole thing into her pussy. "I'm sure it will after you watch me use this toy," she added as she worked it in and out of her cunt.
"No doubt, Mistress," Chad confirmed. Watching her play with herself for several minutes, he felt the effect this visual stimulus was having on him.
"Slut, you have no idea how good this feels. I love it when it slides in and out of my very wet hole. It's making me so horny. It's gong to cum. Watch. I'm cumming right now! Yes!" Mistress Ellen exclaimed.
Hearing her words and seeing the juices run out of her pussy caused him to get exceptionally hard. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed to both the visual sight of Mistress Ellen climaxing and the increased level of pain he was feeling.
"You do great work. And I can tell from the look on his face, he's hurting a lot more after your performance."
"My day is complete," uttered Mistress Ellen with a sense of satisfaction.
"But his isn't," Mistress Amanda stated. "We have other things in mind for him don't we," she said as they released him from the bench.
"Do we ever," agreed Mistress Ellen.
"Like what, Mistress?" asked Chad.
"Who asked you to talk? Silence, slut. Stand up," ordered Mistress Amanda before leading him to the middle of the room and under a spreader bar hanging from the ceiling.
"Do you want his wrists in the handcuffs?" asked Mistress Ellen.
"Yes," she replied as she raised his hand and snapped a cuff on his wrist.
When Mistress Ellen finished with the other wrist, Mistress Amanda stood in front of him and removed the cock restraint. "I bet this feels a lot better, doesn't it, my pet?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"And I bet this will feel even better," she continued as she knelt and gave him a blowjob.
"Yes, Mistress. That feels much better," he agreed as her lips slide over his cock.
Suddenly she stopped, stood up and smacked the head of his penis with a riding crop. "You are here to give us pleasure, slut. You had better learn that lesson fast. And right now, you bring us pleasure when we give you pain," she informed him.
"Do you have any questions?" asked Mistress Ellen.
"No, Mistress."
"I didn't think you would have any. See these floggers? We are going to use them on you to give ourselves the pleasure we want."
"Please, don't hurt me any more, Mistress," he begged with a lot of fear in his voice. "My nipples hurt enough already."
"I think we need to shut his mouth. I can't stand hearing him whimper," said Mistress Ellen.
"So do I. Go ahead and gag him," Mistress Amanda said.
After placing a penis gag in his mouth and tightening it securely with the leather straps, Mistress Ellen joined Mistress Amanda. "He won't be complaining out loud any more."
"Good. Let's get to work. Remember I want hard lashes to his buttock and cock," she said while watching his eyes open wide in reaction to her statement.
"I'll be happy to. I'll make it sting," promised Mistress Ellen as she raised her flogger. "This really turns me on," she said as she continued to use her flogger on his body.
"I love inflicting pain. It brings me a lot of pleasure, too," added Mistress Amanda.
It doesn't do too much for me, Chad said to himself while he withered in pain and bit into the gag as he endured his punishment. "This truly sucks. I'm going to do whatever they want so I can get out of here and back into the bright sunshine," he vowed as the flogging continued.
"That's enough," Mistress Amanda said. "I do believe we've given him something to think about." She smiled when Chad nodded in the affirmative. "I hope you will think about it. Remember we'll be back," she told him before leaving him in the dark and silence to contemplate his fate and latest training session.
He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the door close behind his mistresses.

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