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I'll Scream for You - Book 1 (Richard Ogden)


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    • Average 4.5 from 4 ratings

Gayle, the owner/manager of a large automotive sales group finds a lover who enjoys hearing her screams. She agrees to allow him to make her scream – often.

She soon establishes a group of friends who enjoy being made to suffer all manner of erotic instruments of female torment at wild weekend parties.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 6 / 2018

No. words: 52580

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Gayle Byrne stood naked before a “T” shaped post with her arms outstretched and held in place by wrist straps at each end of the horizontal bar on which her large breasts were resting. The big black man who had just finished securing her wrists looked her in the eyes and asked the visibly frightened woman “Are you sure that you want to go through with this, Ma’am?”
“Yes!” she replied. “I must go through with this and I don’t want you to stop until I have received all ten strokes. Don’t listen to anything that I might say after this –It will be the pain talking”. The beautiful woman with her flaming red hair and green eyes certainly looked beautiful even though her 45th birthday had occurred three months ago. “Oh – and Williams, when you have done with me, I will need your assistance to take me to my room. Please look after me.”
“I will Ma’am, I certainly will!” he replied.
He took up a long single strand whip and stood behind the bound woman and struck. She convulsed in pain and shock as the lash ran diagonally across her back burying itself into her soft flesh. She screamed with pain. He did it again from the opposite direction and she screamed again and began to whimper between her gasps for air.
The third stroke brought an even more anguished cry from the woman’s throat as the lash circled her body and the tip buried itself into the soft flesh of her breast causing the sensitive tissue of her nipple and areola to burn as if he was holding a lighted match to it. Between howls, she gasped “Please stop Williams – I can’t take anymore”. The black man ignored her and soon her other breast was to leap into the air as its sister had so recently done. These large swollen nipples which had fed three babies had never been as sore as they were now.
She continued to scream, howl and beg as the lash curled about her left buttock with the tip burying itself down into the crease but missing the puckered anus only millimetres below the tip. The next stroke curled around her right buttock but this time the tip zinged into her sensitive orifice causing the woman to suck air vigorously through her teeth and scream “Oh my God!”
Her screams continued as two more strokes circled around her waist with the tip biting into her navel each time from a different direction. By now, not only was she was screaming on each impact, but she would only pause briefly to draw breath before screaming again and again.
Then the man said “Please stand up Ma’am and thrust you breasts out. “The woman wailed loudly but complied. She stood as tall as she could with her wrists still bound to the ends of the ‘tee’ and curled her neck back and pushed her pubis against the pole as she thrust her breasts forward. Soon she felt a blow impact on the thin flesh of her collar bone and proceed vertically down her front and again impact into her nipple only this time from above. She shrieked and doubled forward as any woman would do under such circumstances. He left her bent forward and whimpering for quite some time before he instructed her to again stand tall for her last blow. Slowly she again took up the inviting position sobbing as she did so. One last shriek filled the room and she collapsed over the bar and lay over it for a while as her wrists were unshackled.
Whimpering and with her hands cupping her swollen nubs, she was half walked, half carried by the big man to her room. She awoke next morning in his massive arms and began to press her tender nipples against his. He awoke and began to lick and gently suck on the sensitive swollen teats while she moaned with delight as his manhood swelled against her belly. Very soon she was sitting astride his body with his huge organ buried deep inside her. Her canal convulsed about his organ and she screamed as loudly as she had the night before. After she felt his issue blast against her cervix, they both collapsed into each other’s arms. She rested for another hour enveloped in his huge arms before the big man got out of bed and asked, “Would you like some breakfast Ma’am?” “Yes Williams – that would be lovely thank you”

Chapter 1

Gayle had been a successful sales woman and had become the manager of a major automobile sales franchise in St Louis Missouri before she met Tom Byrne the owner manager of the franchise company who was based in Fort Worth Texas. She and Tom were attracted to each other from the moment that they first met. They were a perfect match professionally, intellectually and sexually. After a couple of years of meeting in secret and trying to keep their relationship hidden from the other staff in the corporation they announced their engagement and got married three months later. The announcement was a surprise to almost everyone and the wedding was one of the most widely covered by the media in Dallas Ft Worth for many years. Gayle resigned her position in the company and decided to concentrate on being a wife and eventually became mother to 3 children. They bought a ranch north of Fort Worth on the way to a place called Denton not so much to use as a ranch but to provide them with plenty of room to entertain guests, hold company meetings and raise children. They did run a few horses for the enjoyment of the children during their young lives.
The property, when they purchased it, had a young resident property manager who they always called, Mr. Williams. The previous owners referred to him as Mr. Williams and it just seemed like the right thing to do. They also praised William’s ability to manage the property and they were right. In the documents to do with the lease of his cabin Gayle discovered that his given name was Claude, but she preferred “Mr. Williams” and he seemed to prefer it too. He was a very big African American guy who at the time was aged about 25; He was not married but never seemed short of female company as a succession of attractive young ladies were to be seen visiting his cabin. Sometimes there was more than one staying in the cabin at a time. He was always discrete about his personal life and it was never discussed.
One evening, Gayle had been out walking as part of her fitness program when she heard screaming. She followed the noise to Mr. Williams’ cabin thinking that somebody needed help. She was amazed to see a beautiful young woman strapped naked to a “T” shaped pole while Mr. Williams whipped her. Whilst she was obviously suffering greatly, it became obvious that she was welcoming the ordeal. Gayle couldn’t help but watch fascinated and she found herself becoming more deeply aroused as each loud stroke bit into the woman’s soft flesh, each wringing a scream from her lips and causing her to writhe violently.
Her curiosity knew no bounds and next morning, she thought up a reason visit the cabin only to see the woman kissing and hugging the big man. From the wry grin that Mr. Williams had on his face she was embarrassed to think that maybe he had seen through her pretext. The vision of the woman writhing under the whip haunted her for many years to come.
Though they never lost their love for each other, Gayle and Tom found their sexual life had deteriorated. Gayle busied herself in the life of the children and assumed that Tom had lost his interest in sex. She was shocked when she discovered that Tom had had an affair with his executive assistant and they decided that they needed to review their relationship.
They began to explore what it was that turned them on sexually. Interestingly, Tom’s executive secretary remained good friends with the couple and she suggested that they might enjoy watching “The Story of O”. It proved to be the most influential movie that they had ever seen, and they were soon reading Pauline Reage’s book on which the movie was based.
They began to watch other BDSM movies and before long they realised that they were very excited by BDSM. Gayle still became sexually excited when she recalled the scene with William’s girlfriend. She realised that she had a submissive part of her nature and she came to experience a delicious sexual excitement in the suspense of waiting to endure any punishment that Tom had promised her. The more terrifying the impending punishment, the more she became aroused at the prospect. Sometimes, she shared her sexual enslavement to Tom with Salina the executive secretary. Tom and Gayle continued to enjoy a loving and very successful marriage. Along with Salina and her recently acquired partner, they developed a network of friends all involved in sexual submission, dominance and punishment. Throughout this time, Mr. Williams continued to live his own separate life in his cabin along with his many female visitors. Gayle noticed that the “T” shaped pole in front of the cabin remained in good condition and the leather shackles on the end were kept oiled and ready for use.
All was going well until Tom died unexpectedly and suddenly from a pulmonary embolism. It was thought that the frequent flights that he had been making to the many franchise offices caused him to develop a thrombosis. This silent killer in the form of a large blood clot one day broke free from wherever it had been hiding in his body and lodged in his pulmonary artery thus blocking the blood flow to his lungs. The franchise had been under threat from a well-funded competitor and Tom had been spending a lot of time visiting the franchises whilst ensuring that his group maintained their market share and profitability.
After Tom’s death Gayle assumed the role of Company President. Immediately she received a takeover offer from this competitor along with other offers from other automotive groups and finance companies. There was intense media speculation suggesting that she would not be up to the job. Gayle fought back. She renamed the company ‘Gayle Byrne Automotive’ and went after the female market by promoting her “girl friendly” franchises. She setup female managers in each franchise and ensured that there were female sales staff and female service managers in each franchise. She sold the Ford franchises, particularly those selling the F Series trucks and diversified into Volkswagen and Toyota.
She made a point of getting to know all her franchise managers and she eventually came to realise that most of the strong women that she appointed were as sexually submissive as she was. She speculated that possibly strong women needed a sexual release. It certainly seemed that way, but it could also be true that as a manager, she was mirroring by hiring women who were like her. ‘Who knows?’ she thought - it didn’t seem to matter.
Despite her feelings she was a tough president and each manager knew that if her quarterly sales performance did not meet the target for that period, then she would be fired. The announcements of the sales performance were made at the quarterly sales meeting held at her ranch at Fort Worth Texas. It was expensive to fly all her managers to Dallas Fort Worth each quarter but the advantages of keeping all the ladies motivated and co-ordinated was worth the cost
Her female friendly sales approach had been very successful and none of her managers got poor results during the first two years of her management. Then the Financial Crisis of 2008 occurred and all but one of her franchise managers encountered negative growth. Co-incidentally, Salina who had since been appointed to franchise manager in Phoenix Arizona got the worst results of all. Gayle met with Salina prior to the meeting to discuss the situation. Salina acknowledged the poor performance of her franchise and even though there were circumstances outside of her control that contributed to the result, she offered her resignation. Gayle did not want to lose Salina and came up with an outrageous suggestion which she discussed with her. Salina shuddered with fear when Gayle suggested her idea but agreed to her boss’ proposal.
After discussing a number of strategies to combat the crisis in the business, Gayle announced the monthly figures and all the ladies looked compassionately at Salina when her results were announced. She continued and said “I have been discussing Salina’s situation and have a suggestion to deal with this position in which the company finds itself. I propose that this group agrees to waive the prescribed requirement to terminate Salina but agrees that she should be allowed to choose between either being sacked or being subjected to corporal punishment. The punishment will involve 10 strokes of a whip. I also suggest that this decision should carry forward and must become the rule going into the future. So! Ladies be aware that this vote does not just affect Salina but anyone of us could be facing the option of whether to choose corporal punishment for herself in future months.
Some discussion followed in which the ladies came to understand and discuss the full significance of Gayle’s shocking proposal. Eventually it was put to a vote and surprisingly was passed unanimously. Everyone expected somebody to disagree but that did not happen.
Gayle addressed Salina and asked, “What have you decided Salina – will it be the whip or your resignation?”
“Whip me please Gayle,” she replied.


I am so glad to see this author publishing again. This book is every bit as good as his previous books. I love the explicit bondage and torture scenes along with the interchange between the characters which allows the reader to get inside their heads. Please huppy up[ and do book 2 5 out of 5 (Neva)

Wonderful, super...so good to read this type of storyline again,so well done! 5 out of 5

Not too bad. but was expecting a better page turning story. It's kind of dull after ch 2 and on. 3 out of 5 (steve)

Author Information

Richard is Australian and has published works in other genres under a different name. He has a broad experience in BDSM over many years in a context rather like Karen and the Torture Club.
Richard believes that for this genre to be a success, the characters need to be given depth and personality for the reader to be given the opportunity to relate to the story and feel the B and D experience in a realistic way.


Publisher Information

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