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A Blonde Girl In Rio (Argus)

A Blonde Girl In Rio by Argus

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I came to Rio to have a wild time before college started. I was looking to throw off my inhibitions here, alone, without worrying about my reputation. Boy did I get more than I bargained for! The men seemed crazy for blonde American girls, and me in particular! I had never felt so... wanted! But when I went to Tiago's place things became much more intense. He was a huge man, older than me, and black as the ace of spades. And what he wanted, he was going to get! Which was fine by me! I found his dominance act scaldingly hot! But then Luis showed up, and things got even hotter. And then Nuno and his girlfriend! All of them were as Black as Tiago, and looked at me like hungry wolves! I was horribly embarrassed and desperately thrilled at the same time! But naked and tied up, there wasn't much I could do but obey! They treated me like their submissive sex toy, and I fell helplessly into the role! It was going to be an experience to remember forever!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 15200

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Short Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


A Blonde Girl in Rio

I am not a city girl. I can kind of get how all the bright, flashing lights and all the nightclubs and theaters and other entertainment can excite people, but I've never found I really needed that sort of thing. I guess I'm just a calm and contented person by nature.
My father owns a ranch in Wyoming. It's a big ranch and he runs a lot of cattle on it. It's some distance from anywhere you could remotely call a city. But I never felt deprived because of that. We have a big house, and it's got whatever you could need, including a games room with pool tables, old fashioned stand-up video games, table tennis, hockey, foosball, and even a bowling alley.
Dad has money.
And I have six brothers and two sisters.
Mom likes kids.
So it's not like I'm ever lonely. We also, of course, all have our own horses, and learned to ride and take care of them when we were little. Most of the ranch is flat, but there are these gorgeous rolling hills to the east that only get higher as you move into them.
But aside from our family, the only people around are the ranch hands, as well as Luciana and Camila, the housekeepers. And, of course, Miranda, who was our well, governess and teacher, I guess you could say. We were home schooled when young. That's not because our parents are religious fanatics who don't trust the public school system. It's just that it was too long a drive to the nearest public school.
I kind of suspected I was attractive early in life, just from the way adults treated me. At first I just took those smiles and attention for granted, but as I became internet savvy and watched more TV I realized that people were responding to my looks. I mean, hey, I can compare myself to what the fashion models and actresses look like, and see how everyone talks about how beautiful they are, so... it's not a stretch to understand I'm pretty attractive as such things are measured.
When we got to our teens we were driven to the closest high school. I guess our parents figured we were old enough by then to learn about the boredom of long drives, and figure a way to make use of our time during them.
But going to school for the first time at fourteen was kind of a revelation. Because there were boys there who weren't my brothers. And they sure did pay me a lot of attention. Now this is Wyoming, and rural Wyoming at that, so it's not like they were a bunch of sophisticated city folks wanting to take advantage of the poor farm girl.
Though they certainly did try!
But it's not like I was an innocent. I mean, I had the internet, and my mom and Miranda had certainly explained the facts of life, and how boys were always intent on exploring those facts as much as possible. They also explained the consequences, both physical and social, of letting them.
No way was I wanting any baby. As for a reputation, that didn't really bother me much because I wasn't desperate for acceptance or anything. People could take me or leave me based on who and what I was. I wasn't about to curry favor with them by changing the way I thought, spoke or behaved.
We started traveling around that time, too, to Disneyland, to Europe, to Africa and South America, seeing the world, always together as a family, though. One time in Rio I even went topless at the beach. It was weird in that it felt so freeing, but at the same time, it's not like I hadn't gone skinny dipping before at the lake on our ranch, often with my siblings, until we got kinda old to be naked together.
But going topless around strange men gave me a whole different sort of emotion. If you can call lust an emotion. And I guess you can. Why did it make me hot and horny to be topless around men? I couldn't really say, except just knowing how they were looking at me and wanting me, and wanting to do all kinds of... stuff to me, made me kind of breathless.
I kinda wanted to try out that stuff with them!
And I felt really... wild and sexy baring my breasts, since everyone knew 'good girls' never showed their body parts to people. At least, not in Wyoming. So I felt like a rebel, and a nasty, sexy rebel at that, flaunting my boobs at all those men!
And I have nice boobs. I know girls with bigger ones. But mine are just the right side of being too big to be firm. And I like how firm my breasts are. Why? I guess cuz I like how they look. I like how they feel, too. I like how soft my skin is, and I like to gently cup my breasts in my palms and just stroke my hands gently up and down along the underside, just below the nipples.
It makes me feel sexy.
Needless to say, I didn't do that at the beach!
Anyway, after I graduated from high school, I told my parents I wanted to see the world before college, and I chose Rio because I wanted to experience that sexy feeling again. Only more of it this time.
Not that I told them that!
Wyoming gets damn cold. I told them I wanted to feel the hot sun before I had to bury my nose in books in some damn college (they insisted I go to). I went to Rio by myself. And there I got plenty of sun on my soft skin. Including my breasts. And I got plenty of attention from the local men.
Now it wasn't like I was a virgin. I had managed to lose my virginity already. But I hadn't really been impressed by the guys I'd done it with. I was looking to greatly expand the frontiers of my sexual knowledge. And that meant sophisticated MEN, not BOYS. I'd had enough of teenagers, even though I was still one myself.
I didn't anticipate having much trouble recruiting men to help expand my horizons. I knew I was beautiful, and I knew I had a great body. The boys at high school had done everything short of tackle me and hog tie me to have their way with me, so I knew how guys reacted to me by then.
And that was with my clothes on.
So I rented a room overlooking the ocean, and settled in, and did some shopping, and visited the beach just to make sure what people were wearing, and where was the best place to find men. Most importantly, I wanted to find out where there were topless girls. I mean, it was going to be daunting to do this alone (without my sisters) as it was, without being the only topless girl around.
The first thing I noticed was almost nobody wore full bottoms except what looked like Americans. All the local girls wore either thongs or very cheeky bottoms, like the aptly named 'Brazilian'. So I bought one of those, and then went to the beach and set myself up on a towel not far from a group of other topless girls (and their guys).
It was kind of an electrical jolt when I removed my top. I lay down on my stomach almost at once, while my flushed face settled. But that took longer than last time because now I was thinking people would be staring at my butt, which only had a slender green strap going down the middle. Yes, I had chosen a thong, congratulating myself on how brave I was.
It took me some minutes of laying there before I forced myself to sit up and put some lotion on. Then I did my best to kind of cover my breasts by drawing my knees up. I felt really self-conscious! Especially when I (quickly) spread the lotion over my breasts!
I did my best to pretend not to notice anyone noticing me. But some guys definitely were, and every time I saw one I felt that little jolt again. But gradually, I started to get over it, and stopped hiding my breasts. I even lay on my back!
It felt very freeing, but it also felt indefinably sexual. I tried telling myself it wasn't. I was fairly sure the other girls I could see didn't think of it as sexual, but rather, as natural.
Then again, sex is natural too.

Author Information

Argus is a man with long experience and credits in the publishing world. He has had almost two hundred novels published in the United Kingdom and The United States, by such publishers as Beeline, Star, Nexus, Chimera, Silver Moon, and Olympia. He has also been published in dozens of magazines.


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