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Gospel Gals (Will Buster)

Gospel Gals by Will Buster

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    • Average 3.5 from 2 ratings

Abe Press, evengelistic preacher of note, had a weakness - he loved sex. He had a veritable tribe of women who fell for his good looks and his winning ways. And it has to be said Abe was more into `love your neighbour` if it referred to an attractive sex starved female groupee, than into `faith without works`.

Abe had a beautiful black secretary who he spent a lot of very hot sex time with, a secretary who sifted the willing and beautiful women, selecting the right ones for Abe.

Then, one day along came two gorgeous women Laura and Tanya. One got jealous and the other became the start of Abe`s problems!

Sex packed, this is one of the hottest pieces of erotic fiction we have read this year.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 35400

Style: Interracial Erotica, General Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Shall we gather at the river? The beautiful, the beautiful river! Shall we gather at the river that flows by the throne of God!”

The large, primarily protestant congregation finished singing the great Christian hymn and waited expectant with collective baited breath as the right reverend Abraham S. Press approached the podium. He was wearing a white suit with a white silk shirt and a thin old fashioned red string tie that fell in fancy rolls and curls on his chest. Ostentatiously he opened a huge King James Version bible and in a low, sonorous voice began to preach to the lost sheep of Macon county Georgia.
“Glory! Glory! Glory! The world is filled with His Glory!”
Cries of “Amen brother!” And “Right on!” Shot out of some parishioner’s mouths like anticipated pistol shots. Abe’s reputation had gong well in front of every appearance he made. He was a Southern Baptist with roots going all the way back to before the American Revolution. His flowing southern accent was as thick as Mississippi molasses and just as sweet. His deep, rich voice was spell-binding as he modulated his tones up and down the verbal scale to make his doctrinal points more effectively. He had the reputation of holding his audiences completely spell bound. Many a man and woman in the Bible belt could claim that their conversion to the Lord was a direct result of brother Abe’s blistering sermons.
“You cannot earn salvation! No man will come to the throne and boast that he is worthy!”
Shouts interrupted his flowing oratory. “Amen bro, Amen~!”
“Salvation is a free gift! The Lord Jesus promised us this and he forgave us from the very cross itself!”
“Yes Abe Yes!” Another yelled, “Amen!”
“I come before you today to tell you that I am the chief of sinners! There is nobody in this place that is more wicked or worthless than Abe Press! I can personally attest to the fact that the heart of man is desperately wicked! I know! The heart of man isn’t just wicked, it is desperately wicked and the bible tells me so!”
“Yes Abe yes!” Some crooning female in the third row practically swooned. His hair was a yellow gold tinge and was professionally fluffed for the occasion. It looked almost like a halo in the bright spotlight. Abe waited for the occasional cries of adoration to stop.
“I don’t care how evil you think you are or how evil you have been. The Lord Jesus paid the price in full! Yet I am even worse because I have seen the light of God’s holiness as revealed in the scriptures and I still have sinned! I have fallen far short of God’s perfection or expectation. It is the heart of Abe Press that is desperately wicked! So what hope is there for any of us?”
Someone yelled, “Only in Jesus!”
Abe thundered back into the microphone, “Amen brother! Only by the precious blood of Jesus do I have any chance to see the tree of life we just sang about. I want to be standing with you beside the river and the sea of glass and the New Jerusalem! “
There was true conviction in Abe’s voice as the sermon continued. Each time he told the congregation that he was a desperate sinner, he was telling them no less than the absolute truth. His addiction for the steamy pleasures of the most intricate sexual vices sometimes astonished even himself. He regularly thanked God he was not married because his betrayals would have been legion.
“So who will save me from this body of death? Who I say?”
“Jesus!” Someone else shouted, “The son of God!” “Amen!”
“Paul the apostle said it best. I do those things I should not and I leave undone those things I should do. Who will deliver me from this body of destruction? Jesus saves! Jesus saves! Jesus saves!”
The crowd started chanting Jesus saves along with Abe. It was obvious by now that the religious zeal in that group of believers was at fever pitch.
The more he castigated himself and told them about his sinful condition, the more they believed in the power of God to search and to save. Tears were actually streaming down his cheeks as he reached his impassioned plea for lost souls. “My beloved brothers and sisters come to the foot of the cross and be saved! Let not your hearts be troubled. If you believe in the father, believe also in me! Don’t let the devil tempt you to keep back from the glory of God’s forgiving grace! I tell you once again you couldn’t possibly be any more wicked or depraved than I am. There isn’t a sin that I haven’t either committed or thought about! I have prayed that he might sift my soul as wheat and be tried by the fire of his goodness and truth! So come to the foot of the cross and be saved! Eternal life can be yours just for the asking! All you need do is ask and all He need do is forgive!”
Several people approached the font where they would be baptized. In front of the crowd he would sprinkle them with the holy water and later in a second ceremony there would be complete emersion by the local pastor. He personally served communion to those who had seen the light and he handed each new convert a small glass of wine and an unleavened wafer. The people were singing “Rock of Ages” as Abe blessed these new souls for Christ.
Everyone could testify that Reverend Abe Press sure knew how to put on a great show and what was actually amazing about the whole event was that deep down in Abe’s heart he believed in his message. He’d never apparently read the text, “Faith without works is dead.” If he did it obviously hadn’t sunk in. He was more aligned with the text, “Love your neighbor,” especially if thy neighbor happened to be a beautiful female sex starved groupie. In almost every city Abe visited he either brought a concubine or two with him or he would easily meet new worshipping sluts who freely offered him every exquisite expression of their devotion. So Abe could truthfully claim he was the chief of sinners at least when it came to the blazing sins of carnal lust.
As was mentioned before he was hopelessly addicted to every soft, urgent twist and turn of sex craving pussies or cum swallowing throats. It was as if his itchy cock was incapable of being satisfied for more than a few hours. Night after night and dawn after dawn was usually spent with Abe, rutting deep inside some newly stained converted slut or a delightfully regular little whore of Babylon.
The tax-free donations to his ministry certainly helped maintain his lascivious life style. He stayed in the finest hotels usually at the church’s expense and his secretary made sure that his groupie devotees got access to his room quietly and secretly. It was the old story. Appearance was everything and Abe enjoyed committing the oldest sins the newest ways.
Speaking of his secretary, her name is LaRonda Cox. She’s a gorgeous black honey with a superb rack of a curvy chest and a fiery hot pussy that just won’t quit. She’s a great standby if nothing else shows up. LaRonda is exceptionally lovely for a black having a good dose of white blood in her ancestry. She’s soft spoken and knows exactly what Abe needs in and out of the bedroom. LaRonda sets up his trips and arranges his ministerial appearance always to the highest bidder. Abe is popular even in black churches. It’s one of the reasons he hired LaRonda to be his full time secretary and part time whore. Of course LaRonda doesn’t quite look at it that way. She prefers to look at it as her duty to satisfy all Abe’s needs which are quite considerable.
Some hours later, LaRonda lay beside Abe in an elegant hotel room with a very comfortable king sized bed. There was no need of talking as his kissing mouth found hers. Abe’s hands gently roamed over her smooth, hot skin. He didn’t know why and perhaps it was his imagination but it always seemed to him that black women felt hotter than white women. Her tongue flicked invitingly into his mouth and she felt his stiffened cock rubbing her leg.
She finally spoke in her rich contralto voice. “I gotta real nice treat for you when we get back to Atlanta darlin’. I ran across a real hot blonde who’s just been dyin’ to meet you.”
Abe stopped sucking her tits for a moment to ask for some info about the new prospect. “O what she like?”
Well she’s got nice big tits and sleek, long legs and she’s very willing to meet with you even after I suggested some of the activities she would be engaging in.”
“Hmmmmm, sounds delectable Ronny.”
The beautiful, well stacked afro-chick enticed him as she was eager for some pussy pounding. She loved how Abe would just take her and fuck her hot brains out. Her cunt was seeping with juicy anticipation as she felt his cock head begin to penetrate her pussy lips. “So Massa, how can I serve that big cock of yours tonight?”
His voice was gentle and very seductive. He removed his pecker head from her cleft, deliberately tantalizing his horny bed mate. “I think I betta get your pussy real warmed up before I proceed.”
LaRonda was lying on her bare back. She invitingly spread her long, nylon covered legs way back and wide apart. The hot blooded dark skinned honey soon felt his mouth lick her tits and gradually move down her belly until he’d encountered her freshly shaved cunt. She sucked in her breath at the sudden pleasure that tore through her vagina. Even after eight months with the pastor she was still enjoying fiery passion every time he did her and that was pretty often. Her voice was pleading and seductive as she begged him to enter her.
“Praise the lord! Oh God! Massa Abe! It feel so good! Lick it faster! Faster! Make me hot! Ooooooo yeah, yeah! Just like that! Eat my cunt out! Suck it baby! Suck it!”
Abe loved the taste and smell of his prime, young black whore. He pushed her arching legs even further apart and then forced them back to her ears. “Now keep them legs back Ronny! It’ll make your cunt feel betta!”
LaRonda enjoyed speaking to her boss like some undereducated field hand when she got aroused and Abe sure knew how to arouse her boiling box! “Yes lord yes! Stick your tongue in my pussy! Please lick it and suck it! Ooooohhhh God! Oooooh God! Yes, yes!”
“Are you thirsty Ronny?”
“Ahuh! I’ll suck and swallow you off real nice! Then you can fuck my pretty little pussy all you want!”
Soon all talking ceased when Abe guided the dark haired slut on top of him. She loved to suck his cock and gulp down all his gizz. Not only did it taste good but it also meant her pussy would be fucked a lot longer and a lot better.
Her mouth twisted and did quick up down motions on his hot, itchy dick. She knew precisely how to suck his urgent meat and she’d even shown some of his groupie chicks exactly how to do excellent oral when they’d needed instruction in those intricate lust arts. Her tongue slipped over his head like a slick little serpent. The hot bitch slurped him with her saliva at just the most exciting moments. He could hear her sucking and swishing as his dick tingled and itched for more and more sensational contact. He traced little expressive circles on her cunt lips and swelling clit. He stabbed her juicing pussy with his eager tongue. Abe thoroughly enjoyed tasting LaRonda’s musky cunt juice as it slowly trickled into his mouth.
The young black whore was an excellent quality slut and she knew just what to do. She sometimes thought to herself the money wasn’t bad either. Fifty thousand dollars a year tax free, along with a lot of free food and comfortable hotel rooms to suck and fuck in. She’d even get some nights off when other sex-starved women visited Abe for sexual solace.
It wasn’t all that long before LaRonda felt his dick quiver and tense. Suddenly her mouth was filled with his warm cream from his spasming jerking cock. She greedily sucked down his milky cum even as it kept spurting out of that trembling cock head. How she loved to drain him and with every pleasant gulping swallow she proved how much she adored his torrid lust. The sexy darky heard him moan into her cunt as he bathed her mouth and throat with his warm, sticky seed and she knew at that moment that her mouth and fuck hole were in control of this fiery preacher.
She let him rest for a few moments. “Do you like the way I suck your cock darlin’?”
“You do it great Ronny, just great!”
“After I suck your big cock super hard are you gonna fuck my soft, little cunt real nasty until it’s nice and sore?”
Abe stopped licking her swelling clit to reply. “You bet!”
LaRonda practically purred from the tingling pleasure that was racing up her groin. “I just love the way you're licking my pussy right now. You really like to suck out my fuck hole don’t you?”
Abe murmured his agreement with her obvious observation. “Hmmmmm!”
“Well pussy gonna fuck your prick real good Massa! Pussy loves your cream baby! She just loves it! So you just shoot that hot cum up my box and fill it right up, you here?”
The black bimbo bobbed her head up and down again and administered a series of quick, salacious sucks and licks that definitely stiffened his resolve very quickly. She wanted him badly and she lunged her cunt against his mouth in eager anticipation.
When the sex pain in her groin finally became unbearable she moved her body into a straddling position and slowly inserted his upright dick into her dripping groin. “I jest know you gonna love this Massa! I gonna give you one real bad fuckin’ baby! Ooooo! You’re so fucking big! Stretch that black hole, baby! Oh yeah! Fucking fill me!”
As she moved up and down in a wild frenzy he pulled her gently to him and started suckling on her massive tits. This only served to make her fuck even faster and better. Her language was going down hill in direct proportion to her impending orgasm.

Author Information

I’ve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. I’ve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

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