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You Can Go Home Again (Shooter3704)

You Can Go Home Again by Shooter3704

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    • Average 4.7 from 3 ratings

“Are we going to do it?” she asked me breathlessly.

Shooter steps away from his usual genre with this one. This is a love story. It’s an erotic story. It is thriller. It’s an adventure yarn and of course there is a LOT of interracial sex.

It does have a lot of hot one on one sex and it does have some great threesome sex and it does have some girl on girl sex, but hardly a black man in sight.

It’s the story Cody Beecher, a man who went to his tenth high school class reunion and rediscovered an old love. It’s true that old flames can burn hot.

Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You can’t go home again”, but you can. Maybe you should.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 35000

Style: Interracial Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


My name is Cody Beecher and to tell this story I first have to go back in time, all the way back to when I was eighteen and a senior in high school. Remember high school? Back when passions and/or emotions always ran high and every deal was a big deal. Of course, I had no way of knowing, but during that period in my life something happened that set the course for the rest of my life.
It wasn’t planned. At least I hadn’t planned it. It was one of those things that just seemed to evolve on its own. My best buddy, Chuck Howell, and I had gone to see Sally Miller, my girlfriend, one afternoon after work. Let me backtrack a little farther.
I first fucked Sally on the night of her eighteenth birthday and a few weeks after mine. It was after her party was over and everyone had gone. Her parents had gone to bed leaving Sally and I alone to clean up the mess. After a half-ass attempt to clean up we went into her den and started making out on the couch. Until that night, I had managed to get her shirt and bra off and a finger in her pussy once, but that was as far as she allowed me to go.
“Are we going to do it?” she asked me breathlessly. I had reached the previous stopping place. Shirt off, and her big boobs out of her bra, her pants down to her knees and her panties shoved to one side and my finger in her hot little box. Her pussy was wet and slippery. She had never asked me the question before. Were we going to do it? Hell yes we were!
Ever the optimist I had a condom with me and I quickly got my pants off and the condom out. My hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t get the foil unwrapped from the condom. Sally took the package from me and opened it. She even put it on my hard throbbing dick. I fucked her right there in her parent’s house on their couch. Sally told me later she had taken care of that troublesome little bit of membrane with a dildo several years before so I had no problem getting in her.
Since I had finally got her to give it up for me, we became steady daters. I went right out the next day and bought a gross of condoms. I told you I was an optimist, but in this case, I was justified. I used all one hundred and forty-four of them with Sally. She proved as lusty as I was. She was always hot to trot and so was I. I don’t know how we managed to not get caught. We fucked in every place we could find. There were a few close calls and that only served to add fuel to the fire of our mutual lust.
Sally and I managed to untangle from one another long enough to graduate from high school. Since we discovered real boy/girl sex our grade point average took a beating, but we made it to the summer of love. At least I thought it was love. I wasn’t sure it was love, but whatever it was, it would do.
Like most all high school boys, I told my best friend, Chuck, about Sally and me fucking like bunnies. There was no way I could keep it a secret. It was just too fucking big and Chuck promised never to tell anyone. Chuck had a girlfriend, but according to him, she wouldn’t put out. She teased the poor guy and sent him home many times with a raging case of lover’s nuts; the dreaded blue-balls - that ache that only fucking or jacking-off will cure. Before Sally’s birthday party, I had jacked-off many, many, many times to cure blue balls.
Anyway, on that afternoon Chuck and I were let off from work early because of rain. We both were lifeguards at the River Forks Country Club swimming pool. Thunderstorms had closed the pool and we had the whole afternoon off. Since I was riding with Chuck that day, he took me to Sally’s house. The plan was for Chuck to drop me off and go on about his way, but he had to use the bathroom and asked Sally if he could use hers.
While Chuck was in the bathroom taking a dump, Sally and I wasted no time. We were making-out hot and heavy when Chuck came out announcing no one should go in the toilet for a long while.
“Wow,” Chuck said staring at Sally. Her shirt was opened and her tits were hanging out. “I’ve always wondered what they looked like.”
“Well Chuck, my boy, have a good look,” I said in a strange moment of uncommon masculine boldness. I peeled her shirt completely off. Sally squealed and told me to stop, but I noticed she wasn’t fighting me all that hard. She didn’t resist when I removed her bra. Sally did have beautiful big fat titties with long nipples and she was justifiably proud of them. She always wore low-cut blouses and sweaters to show off her magnificent cleavage.
Sally and I wrestled around and I pinned her arms to give my buddy a good long look at her boobs. She was laughing the whole time she was threatening me. I wasn’t too worried because the only thing she could do to me was cut me off and I knew she liked fucking too much to do that.
“You want to feel them?” I asked Chuck. Of course, he said yes and while I held her arms, Chuck felt her up. Sally stopped struggling and got very still while Chuck played with her tits. Sally had super-sensitive nipples. Just the merest touch could send shivers of pleasure through her. I maneuvered around so that I could see her face and I was not very surprised when I saw she had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip. The look she always got when she was about to come.
“Can I see her pussy?” Chuck asked, his voice husky.
“Can he, Sally?” I whispered in her ear. “Can Chuck see your pretty little pussy?” She nodded her head ever so slightly, but it was a nod of consent. I told Chuck to take her shorts off and Sally raised her butt enough for him to slip them off. Her panties quickly followed her shorts to the floor beside the couch.
“Nice,” Chuck said softly gazing at Sally’s shaved pussy. She had left a small tuff of hair just above her snatch. “I never saw a real pussy before,” Chuck said leaning down closer to her pussy. “I always wanted to eat some pussy. Can I?”
“Chuck wants to lick your cunt, Sally,” I said. I had released her arms and was playing with her big tits. She had stopped even pretending to resist. “Can he eat you?” Instead of a direct answer, she put one leg on each of his shoulders and scooted down so he could get his face to her pussy. For a moment, I thought ol’ Chuck was going to shove his whole head in her cunt.
For somebody who had never eaten pussy before, Chuck quickly had Sally bucking and hunching like crazy. She started moaning and grabbing his head to pull him down tighter against her hot box.
“Oh God!” Sally moaned. “Oh shit that feels good! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Somebody please fuck me!”
I got up and took my pants down freeing a cock that was threatening to explode. I had a diamond-cutter boner. I didn’t bother to locate a condom. I pulled Chuck out of the way and rammed my cock in her cunt. I lasted maybe a couple of minutes before I exploded, shooting my cum into her.
“No! No, no, no,” she yelled. “Not so soon! Not yet, Cody, I’m almost there!”
“Chuck, get in there and fuck her,” I said, getting off her. I had no more than got out of the way when Chuck dove on her. I knew Chuck was a little bigger than me, but that was the first time I ever saw his dick when it was hard. I noticed he was more than a little bit larger than me. He was at least a full inch longer and bigger around. She guided his cock in her and Chuck managed to keep going until Sally had a couple of orgasms. By that time, I was hard again and I took a second turn acquitting myself a lot better than the first time.
While I fucked Sally, she sucked Chuck until he was hard again. When I shot-off she literally shoved me out of the way and Chuck took another turn at my girlfriend’s pussy. When Chuck and I left a couple hours later, Sally was one fucked out little girl.
That impromptu threesome set the stage for the rest of that long, hot summer. While it was mostly just Sally and me, Chuck got plenty of her pussy, too. Two guys fucking one girl takes some practice and we got very good at it during that summer. It wouldn’t have worked if Sally hadn’t had a real love of sex. If her parents noticed she was spending a lot of time with both Chuck and I, they never mentioned it. At least Sally never mentioned it to me.
That should have been a lesson to me. There is a big risk when you bring your lover another dick to fuck. Yeah, before I knew it Chuck and Sally were a couple and I was odd man out. I wasn’t devastated because I was going away to college in the fall and both Chuck and Sally were going to a local school. I think subconsciously I allowed it happen. It was a way to say good-bye to Sally without the trauma of a break-up.
On my periodic visits home I saw them occasionally, but I didn’t try to interfere with them, but I’ll admit that seeing them together always caused a jolt to my gut. After a while, I stopped trying to be places they would likely be.
The summer between my second and third year I didn’t even go home except for a short visit with my parents. During my junior year I read in the local newspaper my parents sent me that Chuck and Sally got married. I was actually happy for both of them or so I convinced myself, but the truth of the matter was, I missed both of them very much. Especially Sally.
After College, I stayed busy and I enjoyed the company of a lot of women. None of them could compare with Sally. Over the course of time, I pushed both Sally and Chuck back in my mind and didn’t think of them very much. Their memory was safely tucked away in a corner of my mind.
When I saw both of them at our ten-year high-class reunion the fond memories came rushing out of the place I put them. To this day, I don’t know what drove me to attend the reunion.
The first night, of the two-day reunion, the school gym was crowded with my old classmates. I spotted Sally first and I walked up to her and put my arm around her. Chuck was standing beside her.
Chuck had put on a few extra pounds , but Sally looked even better than ever. They made a handsome couple. I couldn’t help but notice Sally’s tits were even larger than they had been and they were about to spill out of her low-cut dress. She still liked to show off the goodies.
“Thanks for keeping my gal safe,” I said. “I’m back now and I want my girl back. Take a hike, Chuckster.” Sally giggled and blushed prettily and Chuck laughed.
“Go away tall stranger who we never saw before,” Chuck said laughing. “And unhand my woman.”
“How are you guys doing?” I said hugging Sally tightly and then shaking Chuck’s hand. Time hadn’t changed either of them all that much. Sally was still beautiful, maybe even more so, and Chuck was…well Chuck was still Chuck.
We got a drink and spent the next hour trying to get caught up. It was taking longer because we kept getting interrupted by other people. Finally, Chuck suggested we take our mini reunion to some place less crowded so I followed them to a nice middle class house in a nice area of town.
“Make yourself at home,” Chuck invited. Sally said she was going to change out of her clothing. She said the under-wire bra was killing her. “I have almost anything you want so name your poison.”
“Beer if you have it,” I said. “I still prefer the brew.”
“Damn, it’s good to see you, Cody,” Chuck said. “Your mom keeps us posted when we see her. I heard you were in the service. Air Force?”
“No, Army,” I corrected. “But I’m not in the Army any longer.” I didn’t see any point in telling him I was invited to leave. A single star general took exception to me fucking his wife. I should mention, in my defense, that I didn’t know she was his wife. I thought she was his daughter. Serves the old fart right marrying such a young chick. “I’m with Homeland Security now keeping your sorry ass safe from terrorists.”
“And I do appreciate it,” Chuck said. “I’ll sure sleep better tonight knowing you’re out there doing your thing. Ah, here’s the love of my life.” Sally entered the room like a queen coming to greet her subjects.
“That damned bra left a evil looking mark,” she complained sweeping into the room. She was wearing an emerald green dressing gown and I noticed she was still wearing heels. Always a show-off, but with class.
“Yeah, but you know if you don’t wear a heavy duty bra your knockers will fall to your waist,” Chuck said with a grin.
“Liar,” she responded without rancor. It was apparently something they joked about. “Cody, did I overhear you say you were with Homeland Security?” Her gown was open enough to show her impressive cleavage.
I admitted she had heard correctly and I went on to explain that I had been with DHS for a couple of years. I told them I was based in Washington, but I traveled a lot. “I cut short a trip to Madrid Spain to come for the reunion.”
“Well that should get you a prize for the one who traveled the greatest distance,” Chuck said. “How come you didn’t make it to the five year class reunion?”
“I was over in sand-land at the time,” I answered. “Desert Storm, part one. I asked for leave, but they said I was needed there. We may not have done as well if I had left.”
“It’s nice to see you haven’t lost the high opinion of yourself,” Sally said smiling at me. “Justified, but high.”
We took turns catching the others up on what we had been doing. I learned that Sally was a registered nurse and Chuck was a cop. I also learned that they had no children. Apparently, Sally couldn’t conceive. That bit of news from Chuck while Sally was out of the room getting more beer.
“I almost didn’t come to this reunion,” I admitted. “Things just worked out for me to take the time off.”
“Well, I’m happy you made this one,” Sally said. “Since Chuck has to work tomorrow, you can me my escort to the dance. Chuck can join us after he gets off duty. Won’t you be my date tomorrow night?” Chuck added his encouragement and I couldn’t say no.
“Be warned,” I told her. “I can’t dance any better now than I could in high school. Do you have any steel-toed shoes to wear?”
“I’ll take my chances,” she said getting up, walking over and bending down to give me a kiss on the cheek. “Come for me at seven o’clock and don’t be late. I’m off to bed because I have to work in the morning.” She swished out, but not before giving me a tantalizing look down her gown at a great set of boobs and leaving the delightful scent of her perfume. She was still wearing the same perfume she had way back when. That wonderful aroma, cherry bark with a hint of vanilla. I remembered buying her the first tiny bottle for as a gift. I broke me, but was damned well worth the sacrifice.
Chuck and I talked for another hour and I took my leave telling him I would see him at the dance.
I spent the next day with my folks and I arrived to pick up Sally at exactly seven o’clock and was shocked to find she was ready. Some things must have changed because when we were dating she was never on time for anything. I commented on it and the beautiful gown she was wearing.
“Thanks, the dress was bought special for tonight. I bought it just for the dance. Being a nurse caused me to be aware of time,” she said laughing as I helped her into my rental car. “Often time is critical. Nice car, Cody. Much better than your old pick-up truck.” She was right it was better. I was glad that I opted for the full size luxury car instead of the compact I almost rented.
“Hey, that truck was a classic,” I said. During high school, I drove a twenty-year-old Ford pick-up truck that had been customized. Customized, in this case, meant a reupholstered seat and a paint job. I loved that truck and Sally hated it.
“Classic, my ass!” She said with a merry laugh. “It was a piece of shit that ran... some of the time. Dinner, then off dancing the night away,” she said. “Dinner is on me because you were such a good sport about taking me to the dance.” I made a feeble protest about her paying then folded. If she felt strongly about it who was I to make a big deal about it?
“I guess Chuck told you we couldn’t have children, didn’t he?” Sally said when we were seated at the restaurant. I told her he had and that I was sorry about it. “I suppose he said it was because I could conceive, she said with a sigh. “That’s a little fib that I let him get by with. The fact he’s shooting blanks doesn’t go with his macho cop image. I’m like Myrtle the fertile turtle, but it makes him feel better about himself to tell folks that it’s my fault. It’s no skin off my nose.”
“If you want kids there are other ways to get it done,” I said. “I’m not up on all the ways, but if all else fails there’s always adoption.”
“Chuck and I talked about adopting, but we could never get passed the talking stage. Yes, there are other ways and Chuck won’t hear of it. A bunch of macho bullshit. I investigated in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and you name it. Chuck isn’t interested.” She picked up the menu. “Order anything you see that sounds good to you. I’m going to have lobster…and wine…no, champagne. It’s a champagne kind of night, don’t you think?”
I agreed that champagne sounded like just the thing. I mentioned the restaurant was nice and Sally rolled her eyes. She said there weren’t many nice eating-places in town.
By the time we finished dinner we both were a little tipsy. I held back a little because I was driving, but Sally didn’t hold back a bit. She was flying high, bubbly, and happy.
The reunion dance was being held at the River Forks Country Club. Named that because it overlooked the confluence of two minor rivers to form one large river. I hadn’t been there since my lifeguarding days. It was still a snobbish place. I suspected that there were a lot of my old classmates who wouldn’t have been allowed to darken the doors unless it was a special event like the class reunion dance or if they worked there.
As luck would have it the first person I saw after entering the ballroom was Harry Prendergast. Harry had been the school bully and he and I never got along, but after I knocked the shit out of him he left me strictly alone. Like most bullies Harry was a coward at heart. Harry always seemed to be in some sort of trouble.
“Well, well, would you look at what the cat drug in?” Harry said loudly. He was with Bobby Jones who had been his running mate in school. Bobby was a weasel face guy and he always looked like he was up to something. Bobby was even a bigger coward than Harry. Harry looked like he had aged twenty years in the ten years since I last saw him. He had a boozer’s flushed face and especially his nose. “If it ain’t ol’ Cody Beecher himself. Hey, looks like ol’ Cody is back in Sally’s saddle, don’t it, Bobby? Where’s your cop hubby, Sally?”
“Don’t worry, Harry,” Sally said with a smile. “I’m sure someone will arrest you before the night is over. Just keep drinking and running your big mouth.” We pushed on passed them and made our way to the bar. We stopped and spoke to several people. Many who I hadn’t seen the night before.
It was amazing what ten years had done to some of them. Now here is an observation I haven’t had a lot of time to contemplate. The observation is that some of the girls, women now, that I thought were plain or even homely seemed to weather the years a lot better than the beauty queens, the cheerleaders, and the prom queens. Of course there were some exceptions, Sally being one of them. I haven’t made up my mind what to do about my observation, if anything. I made myself a promise to make sure I attended the twenty-year reunion to see what changer another decade would bring.


I really like this book from Shooter. It is different though in that there is NO black sex not to say that there is no sex.But it has a little crime where the good guys win and the hero gets the big titted heroine for him and a few select friends. 5 out of 5 (homebody1)

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