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Woman in Charge, Book II (Heather Lynx)

Woman in Charge, Book II by Heather Lynx

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She Always Got What She Wanted from Men!

Shelby Pendragon has always been able to get men to do what she wants with just the bat of an eyelash. When she gets her husband Carter to agree to give her the power and control she wants at home, she wholeheartedly begins to explore her dominant nature and needs.

She wants him pussy whipped in every sense of the word: once she experiences the rush and fulfillment of taking control of her husband, she knows there is no turning back.

Carter doesn’t see a downside to being pussy whipped: after all, his wife is allowing him to have sex with other beautiful women. With that kind of sexual openness, he thinks giving her the power and control that she wants is worth the sacrifice. However, when his wife begins his feminization regimen, he starts to question the wisdom of his decision...

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 53013

Style: Fem Dom - F/M, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Shelby Pendragon examined herself in the mirror. The black leather corset had cinched in her waistline. Her milky white breasts overflowed the cups of the corset. The sheer black stocking attached to the garters and her black high heels made her legs appear long and lean. With her firm body and well-proportioned hourglass figure, she really didn’t need a corset to emphasize her natural beauty. However, tonight, she was wearing one for its erotic and sensual effect.
Shelby’s father named her after the Shelby Ford Mustang GT. Like the GT, she was fast and sleek with incredible curves. Like the GT, she caught the admiring glances of men and women wherever she went. She was also aware that the women often gave her an envious look as well, and for good reason. With her body, she was a threat to them. Over the years, she had stolen more than one boyfriend while in high school and college.
Her exceptional looks and charm had made it easy for her to twist her dad around her little finger. When she matured, she used her looks and charms to get what she wanted in high school and college from men and women alike. Like the Shelby Ford Mustang GT, she was a dominant force—one to be reckoned with. She liked the influence she could exert over others. She was always pleasantly amazed at what she could get with just the bat of an eyelash.
With all kinds of men vying for her attention, she had finally married Carter Pendragon. He had touched her heart with his love and devotion, a special kind of love and devotion that set him apart from the rest of the herd. She had fallen in love with him, and she appreciated his ability to satisfy her in so many ways. On top of it all, he was handsome, with a well-toned athletic body.
Carter Pendragon was successful beyond his childhood dreams. He had made a small fortune in the technology revolution. His company was now on the cutting edge of the latest communication technologies. The future looked bright. With his money, he loved showering his wife with gifts and any luxury she desired. In reality, he was twisted around her little finger and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her. When he woke every morning and watched Shelby sleeping next to him, he felt incredibly blessed to be married to her. Her body was awesome to behold. Their sex was fantastic. Her beauty mesmerized him. Even though his strengths as an entrepreneur were evident in the success of his business, he was different at home. He found himself easily persuaded by Shelby’s charms. He knew some thought he was pussy whipped. Maybe he was, but he didn’t mind. He loved her and wanted her to be happy.
After putting on a black lace thong, Shelby stepped into the short black leather skirt and fastened it around her waist. “Mmm,” she moaned as the material of the black silk blouse moved over her skin as she put it on. She only buttoned the bottom three buttons before tucking it into her skirt. She wanted him to see lots of cleavage along with the black leather corset. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and made herself wet. She smiled a devilish smile. Even though, she had everything her heart desired, there was one more thing she wanted. She wanted more than just material things. She knew she could use her charms and beauty to get anything she wanted. That fact had been a part of her life since day one. But she wanted to be more than just an awesome looking woman, who could manipulate those around her. That was far too shallow for her. What she wanted was respect as the complex woman she was. After all, she was educated and intelligent. Besides, she had some new, interesting and intense needs. She was going to get what she wanted and needed. Tonight, things were going to change.


Four Weeks Later.

Shelby Pendragon sat in the small café across from Jorja. She took the last bite of a small piece of cheesecake they had shared. “That was so good.”
“It was. How are things going with Carter?” asked Jorja.
Shelby smiled, took a sip of coffee and dabbed at the corner of her mouth with a napkin. “Things are going well. He’s been wearing panties, a garter belt and stockings to work everyday for the last two weeks.” She gave Jorja a wicked smile.
“What about the cock cage?”
“I make him wear it most days, but I do give him a break now and then.”
“You’re too nice.” She finished her coffee.
“Maybe, but he comes home ready to please me in any way I want. I like that.”
“I know. You really like being in control.”
“I do. Getting him to agree to let me be in charge at home was the best thing I’ve ever done.” She looked into Jorja’s eyes. “Thanks for your help.”
“I’m glad I could help.”
“Seeing him in his sexy lingerie and heading off to work each day really excites. Yes, I do like the control,” she mused.
“Changing my husband into my submissive has really changed my life…for the better. I still think you should take things to the next level.”
“I know, and I’ve been giving it some thought.”
“Good. I’ll do anything I can to help you move in that direction.”
“I know.” She paid for lunch. “Remember what you wanted to teach Carter?”’
Jorja thought for a moment. “Yes.” She gave Shelby a quizzical look.
“How about tonight? I could have him there by eight.”
Jorja smiled. “That will work for me.”
“Okay. Oh, could I have Clover join Carter and me for dinner? There’s something else I have in mind for him and she could help me convince him to go along.”
Jorja gave her a knowing smile. “You have been giving my idea some thought.”
“I have. One more thing.”
Would you send Javier over when Carter gets there?”
“No problem.” When they stood to leave, Jorja offered a suggestion “Why don’t you come home with me? I’d like you to teach some new techniques in cock and ball torture.”
“Have you tried any cock and ball torture on Carter, yet?”
“Not yet. Soon.”

After lunch in the bathroom of his private office, Carter Pendragon paused to look at his caged cock. The waistband of his dark pink panties was under his balls and the tops of his black stockings that were attached to the garters of his black garter belt were visible. He toyed with the brass lock that held the cock cage in place as he thought about how his wife could get him do anything for her with just the bat on an eyelash or a soft caress to his penis. “I am pussy whipped,” he mused. He thought about the last four weeks since he had agreed to give his wife complete control over him at home. He thought about the great sex. He thought about the bondage that included wearing his cock cage almost every day to work. He thought about having to wear panties and hose all the time. His smile broadened and his cock stirred when he thought about his wife allowing him to have sex with others—Jorja, Clover and Shannon. He felt his cock straining unsuccessfully against the bars of the cock cage to become hard as a vision of his wife having sex with other women and men passed through his mind. “Yes, I’m so pussy whipped,” he repeated as he pulled up his panties and felt the silky material moving over his balls. Even though that term carried a negative connotation in most male circles, he didn’t see any downside to being pussy whipped. In fact, he was glad he was. He zipped up his pants and wondered what his wife had planned for him—them—tonight. He smiled at himself in the mirror before returning to work.

While Carter studied the new proposal for incorporating a new technology into his communication business, Shelby watched Trevor, Jorja’s husband and submissive, shed his clothing. She felt an erotic sensation shoot through her body when she lustfully admired his flaccid penis.
“Help me put these on,” Mistress Jorja said and handed Shelby a black leather wrist restraint.
“Okay.” Shelby buckled it around his wrist and locked it in place with a brass padlock. Again, she felt the addicting sensation of taking control. She noticed he was looking down her blouse of which she had left the top three buttons undone so the ample cleavage created by her light blue Victoria’s Secret pushup bra could easily be seen.
“You look great, Ma’am,” Trevor told her.
Mistress Jorja pinched his nipples and made him wince in pain. “Call her, ‘Mistress Shelby,’ today,” she ordered. She wanted Shelby to experience the thrill of being called a mistress and thus give her further encouragement to take her dominance with Carter to the next level.
“Yes, Mistress.” He looked at Shelby. “You look great, Mistress Shelby.”
Shelby liked how that sounded as she felt a new erotic sensation. “Thank you.” She added, “My pet.”
“I like how that sounds,” said Mistress Jorja
“So do I,” admitted Shelby.
“Use one of your stockings and tie his elbows together behind his back.”
“Okay.” She opened the pleat in her long dark blue rayon skirt and displayed most of her long, firm leg as she unfastened the garters holding up her stocking.
“Wow. You have great legs, Mistress Shelby,” Trevor said while she rolled the stocking down her leg to remove it.
Mistress Shelby moved behind him. Using the black stocking, she placed it around his arms just above his elbows and pulled them as close together as she could before tying it off.
“Perfect,” commented Mistress Jorja as the tension caused Trevor’s chest to jut out. Taking a black cord, she inserted it thorough the “D” rings of his wrist restraints. Pulling on the ends of the cord, she drew his wrists close together in front of him and tied it off. “You are in for a lot of pain and some intense cock and ball torture,” she informed him.
He saw the intensity in her eyes and it unnerved him. “Yes, Mistress.”
Mistress Jorja handed Mistress Shelby an adjustable c-clamp nipple clamp. “We’ll start with these,” she said.
Mistress Shelby took and examined the clamp. “Okay.” Following Mistress Jorja’s lead, she unscrewed the thumbscrew and placed the opening over his right nipple.
“Screw it down slowly until you think he’s in enough pain,” Mistress Jorja shared. She started to tighten her clamp using the thumbscrew.
“Mmmm,” Trevor moaned as the clamp squeezed his nipple.
“Yes, Mistress. I’ll take whatever you give me,” he said. His submission made Shelby’s nipples tingle.
Mistress Shelby started to tighten her nipple clamp. She watched in fascination as he reacted to the increasing pressure and the tip of his nipple turned white. “More?”
“Yes, Mistress Shelby.”
From his submission to her, she felt her nipples hardening in the cups of her bra. She glanced at how tight Mistress Jorja had made her clamp. She tightened hers some more.
“Oh, Mistress Shelby, that is so tight.”
“If it pleases you, Mistress Shelby.” He grimaced from the pain.
Shelby looked at Jorja. She gave her an evil smile. “It does please me.”
“Ouch!” he wailed as the clamp crushed his nipple even more. He bit his lip and waited for the initial sensation of pain to subside. “Thank you, Mistress Shelby.” With stinging nipples, he waited while they locked leather ankle restraints in place and connected them to a spreader bar. He was thankful the sensation of pain in his nipples was lessening.
“Let’s make the clamps tighter,” suggested Mistress Jorja.
Trevor tensed as they stood. “Damn,” he groaned as they turned the thumbscrews on the clamps. “Ouch!” he yelped as the pain level shot up again.
“Your cock is next,” Mistress Jorja told him.
“Yes, Mistress,” he said through clenched teeth.
Mistress Jorja retrieved a small bucket containing lots of clips, clamps and clothespins. “We’ll use these on his cock and balls,” she told Shelby.
Shelby looked at the assortment of items. She was filled with anticipation.
Mistress Jorja selected three metal clips, a red one, a yellow one and a blue one. “I have something very special in mind for these.” She set them aside. “We’ll start by putting these on his balls.” She picked up a black clothespin and placed it on the skin of his scrotum. She reached in, selected another clothespin, and placed it next to the first one.
Trevor grunted.
Shelby removed a few clothespins and began placing them on his scrotum as well. She noticed his penis remained flaccid. “Wow, that must hurt,” she said when she looked at the fifteen clothespins attached to his scrotum.
“Not as much as it’s going to,” Mistress Jorja said with a smirk. She picked up a small clamp. “Put a few on these on his inner thigh. The skin is very tender there.”
Shelby saw the evil look on her face. She watched as Jorja placed the clamp on his inner thigh just below his clothes-pinned sack. She saw him flinch as the clamp squeezed the tender flesh. She felt that familiar and addicting rush from witnessing his submission to them and his willing acceptance of whatever they wanted to do. She picked up a clamp and prepared to attach it to his other leg. She enjoyed the release of her newly discovered sadistic nature as the clamp closed down around his skin. She loved the power and control. She attached another clamp and felt her nipples get even harder as the crotch of her panties became wet while he moaned and flinched.
“Oh, Mistress, they really hurt,” he finally admitted after four clamps were attached to each thigh.
“Yes,” Mistress Jorja simply said. She picked up one of the clips she had set aside. She selected a place in the middle of his flaccid shaft and attached it.
‘Mmm,” he moaned.
“Try one,” Mistress Jorja said and handed Shelby the red clip.
‘Okay.” She took the clip. “Where?”
“Put it on his shaft anywhere you like. Just make sure it grabs on to plenty of skin.” She watched Shelby carefully selected the site.
“Oh, Mistress Shelby,” he groaned.
“Perfect.” Mistress Jorja took the remaining clip and placed it on his shaft opposite the first one she had attached. She moved her hand over the outside of his leg.
“Oh, Mistress.” He bit his lower lip as sensations of pain assaulted his body.
“Are you enjoying yourself?” she asked Shelby.
“Yes, a lot.” She looked at his cock and balls and felt another erotic surge coarse through her body. “I never dreamed I would enjoy doing this so much.”
“You are definitely mistress material.”
Shelby looked at her. “I do like being in control.”
“I know, but having absolute control 24/7 is even more fulfilling,” Jorja shared as she continued to plant the seed.
Shelby smiled. She looked back at his cock and balls. She had to agree that cock and ball torture was exciting her. She touched her pussy and was surprised at how wet she had become.
“The fun is about to begin, but I need to gag him first. Do you want to help me?”
“Yes.” She stood when Mistress Jorja did.
“This should do the trick,” Mistress Jorja said as she placed the red rubber ball against Trevor’s lips. “Buckle it tightly,” she told Shelby after she pushed the ball gag into his mouth.
Shelby gingerly buckled the ball gag in place. Tight enough?” she asked.
“A little tighter.”
“Perfect. I don’t want him to be able to yell too loudly.” She gave Shelby an evil grin. She pressed up against her husband. She made him flinch when she pulled on one of his nipple clamps. “I’m going to enjoy this so much, my pet.”
He nodded and winced.
“It's really going to hurt, my pet, but it’s going to make us feel so good.”
Shelby thought she saw a trace of fear in his eyes. She was impressed with his obedience and absolute desire to please his wife…his mistress. Again, she felt the addicting rush. “What are you going to do?”
“We are going to suck his cock.” She touched his limp penis. “And when it tries to get free from these nasty clamps, he’s going to have a lot more pain.”
Trevor mumbled something into the gag when he heard his fate.
“Don’t you want to get hard for me?” She smiled when he shock his head no. “Sorry, my pet, but you are going to get hard for us, very hard.”
Trevor continued to shake his head no.
“You can start.”
“Thanks.” Shelby was curious about how much pain he would suffer. She knelt in front of him and examined the clips on his shaft. She looked at the clothespins on his balls. She was well aware her nipples were erect. She looked at his nipple clamps then into his eyes as she leaned forward to take his limp penis into her mouth. “Mmmm.”
“Ohhh,” Trevor moaned over the wonderful sensation of her hot, moist mouth as her tongue moved over the tip of his penis. He accepted the pleasure in anticipation of the pain.

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