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Sin Slits - Volume 3 (Will Buster)

Sin Slits - Volume 3 by Will Buster

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Will Buster just will not stop! Here is another volume of erotic depravity that you will find exciting in so many ways. Feel free to check out Will Busterís other novels and stories. It is high quality erotic fiction at its best. Have fun.

This volume contains the following:

After Work
Blind Luck
Carnal Canyon
Lascivious Lesson
Pay To Play
Sallyís New Hubby
Truckerís Tart
Wild Night

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 32000

Style: Erotic Anthologies, Erotic Short Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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After Work

I was headed out of town for two daysí work. I usually hated being away from home...hotels and conference rooms all begin to look alike. But this trip was different. My lover was going to be out of town too! In fact, she was going to the same city as I. You see, we had timed our trips and planned to meet when we got there. She said she'd call me on my cell when she got to her hotel later that evening. As I went from meeting to meeting throughout the day, I couldn't concentrate...I could only think of the wonderful date that we would have that evening.
We were both married...but not to each other. We had been lovers for years, but our opportunities to get together had been limited. Sometimes we would go for several weeks without the opportunity to see each other. When we did, it was often a hurried meeting...but not tonight!
My cell phone began to vibrate as I glanced at my watch...nearly 4:30 PM. I picked up. "Hi Sweetie!" was the soft sexy answer on the line. "I'm almost to my hotel. What time can you get away?"
"Soon," I quietly whispered. "What room?"
"I'm in 435, and I have a Jacuzzi!"
"See you in fifteen," I whispered, and clicked the phone shut.
I sat squirming in my chair, waiting for the dreadful drone of the speaker to die out. He was the only one impressed by what he had to say. I could think of nothing else the entire time. I must have glanced at my watch at least every 30 seconds. At long last, he concluded, announcing that there would be a cocktail hour in the lounge beginning immediately hosted by the sponsors.
I grabbed my briefcase and headed for the door. I rushed to my room, stripped naked in a second and jumped into the shower. I vigorously scrubbed every nook and cranny of my body, applied my best cologne in all the right places and began to dress. I got into my shirt first, while standing before the mirror. My cock was at full attention as I admired it in the mirror. I was in good shape for my age. I loved the idea of showing off my body...especially my cock! It was average length, but straight and very thick with a nicely shaped head.
I stroked it up and down the shaft as I turned from side to side watching it in the mirror. I hope she likes the way I look, I thought to myself as I turned from side to side, checking out myself in every detail. I slipped on my silk boxers and my gray slacks, but neither hid the enormous erection. I had a tent pole sticking straight out!
I finished up dressing, grabbed the bottle of wine and headed for the door. I only had to go through the skywalk a few blocks and I would be at her hotel. Before long, I was standing at the door of room 435 knocking softly.
"Room Service", I chided.
The door popped open and there she stood, looking radiant...and sexy, a big smile on her face. "Hi Sweetie! Mmmmm! I like your kind of room service!" She grasped my hand pulling me into her and into the room.
I held the bottle of wine at her back as we collapsed into each other's arms kissing passionately. When we had to break for air, my kisses moved onto her neck. "Mmmmm, you smell wonderful," I purred. "It feels like I've been waiting for this night forever!"
"I know, me too! I haven't been able to think of anything but you for days. My concentration on anything job related has been a disaster lately. Oh my! I guess you are ready," she exclaimed as she brushed her hand across my thigh and found my erection at full mast.
She kicked the door closed, pulling me toward the bed. She knelt in front of me, looking up into my eyes, her blue eyes sexy and sensual. She rubbed her hand up and down my slacks briskly and grasped the end of my cock, squeezing it. She fumbled eagerly with my belt, loosening it and unbuttoning my slacks, letting them fall to the floor. My cock was at full attention as it stuck straight out. She rubbed her cheek along the head of it, sliding her hand inside the leg of my boxers, fondling my balls. Her hand slid up inside my shorts, grasping the shaft of my penis, pushing me onto the bed at the same time.
"I've been thinking about this big, bad boy for days now!" She grasped my boxers and pulled them to my ankles. My cock bounced as she pulled it down with the boxers and then it sprang free, waving in the open air. Her tongue was on it instantly, as she slurped and sucked her way up and down the shaft, circling the head with her tongue. As she sucked me, her eyes never left mine. Oh God! How good it felt! I could have let her suck me for hours. I loved how she fondled my balls with one hand and held the shaft of my cock with the other. My eyes closed and I was in heaven!
She worked up and down the shaft, around and around the head. I was getting very, very aroused. I could feel the pre-cum leaking as her tongue worked its magic. When I knew she was getting to me, I raised up and grasped her shoulders, pulling her to me. She slid up beside me, pressing her body against mine, her crotch finding my dancing cock. I reached down to slide my hand inside her jeans shorts, finding the elastic of her panties. I slid my hand inside her panties, grasping the cheek of her nice ass. I reached in front of her with my other hand and undid the top button of her shorts and unzipped them.
I soon had her naked from the waist down. She pressed her nakedness against me, spreading her legs to accommodate my erection. I slid down until my cock slipped between her legs, then raised up pressing the head of my cock against her opening. I could feel her wetness and the velvety softness of her labia as she spread her legs allowing me entry. I stopped my advance at the opening of her cunt lips, pressing upward, holding my cock from sliding further into her.
Her reaction was no surprise. She has always reacted the same way when my cock nears her pussy. Her breathing became ragged and shallow, her moans soft and inviting. Her control left her completely. It was obvious that she wanted my cock deep within her and nothing else mattered. I teased her with it, sliding it in ever so slightly, pulling back as she pressed for more. I had to maintain control...she was on a mission! While I knew that she would love me to drive into her giving her everything, and my cock wanted to respond, we had an entire evening ahead of us. I had to go slow, letting our passion build. I held her hips in place, stroking her velvety pussy with my cock, whispering softly, "move slowly. Enjoy the sensation. Feel me go deep within you. Just enjoy the feeling of my being inside you."
I grasped her butt cheeks and pulled her hard into me, driving my cock deep within her, and then held her there. She grunted with desire, but she was catching on to my teasing. "Oh, God, I love your cock inside me. It feels wonderful! I want you to fuck me forever! What a wonderful cock you have! Oh, please fuck me all night!"
I moved my hips ever so slowly, immersing myself in the sensations of being inside her, looking into her eyes, both of us smiling. It was wonderful. I could have rammed it home again and again, harder and faster, but I wanted to savor the moment, hold the feeling and let it build until neither of us could control it any longer. I smiled at her as I looked into her eyes. "Want to try out the Jacuzzi?" I asked.
"Mmmmmm, yes," she whispered, pressing her pelvis ever tighter against me. She wiggled her hips teasingly and the sensations started at the head of my cock and were like a lightning bolt down the shaft to my scrotum. I did not want to withdraw...but I knew if I stayed that my self-control would be gone! I slipped from inside her and slipped onto my side and watched as she trotted over to the Jacuzzi to draw our water.
I watched her nice ass as she bent over at the controls to draw our bath. She glanced into the mirror and noticed that I was watching her. She bent over even more and spread her legs giving me a great view of her pussy. She reached between her legs and stroked her labia, smiling into the mirror to be sure that I was taking it all in. I responded by reaching down to stroke myself.
I love that view of a woman from behind, and she knew it as she teased me. I gazed directly at her sex and queried, "are you ready for a shave before you take your bath?" I knew that she loved having me shave her pussy.
"That would be great," she said. "I can never get the lower part very well. Besides that, I like it better when you do it."
She finished drawing our bath and laid back on the bed, pulling a towel underneath her. "I'm ready for my shave," she announced. I gathered the shave cream and the razor and carefully spread the lather all around her labia. She squirmed and cooed as I took special care to touch some of her most sensitive spots. I shaved her clean and then took the towel and washcloth and cleaned off the remaining lather. I washed her sensuously and closely admired my work.
"I think I have to inspect my work even closer," I announced as I knelt on the floor and pulled her legs toward me. I placed her legs over my shoulders and kissed a trail from her knee to her inner thigh. I blew on her inner thigh and lightly brushed my lips across her labia. A moan of pleasure escaped her lips. I pulled her ever closer and parted her labia with my tongue. She moaned even louder and I knew exactly what she wanted, as I buried my face in her pussy and rubbed my nose against her clit. She bucked in pleasure as I tongue-fucked her and sucked on her clit. She must have cum at least three or four times, when I began to sense that her pleasure was beginning to turn to complete need to have me inside her. She tasted wonderful!
I sensed her need and reached for Richard, the large purple vibrating cock. I lubed it up quickly, fired it up and inserted it into her vagina. She went wild! It was flexible enough that I could bend it to reach her clit while keeping it deeply inside her. She bucked and moaned and fucked the vibrator as though it were the real thing. I gave her as much as she could stand, as she moaned and bucked and came another three or four times. I knew she had had enough when she began to lightly push it away from her clit. Her stamina is amazing. When I get her completely aroused, she can have one orgasm after another and can go on for hours. She loves to fuck and to be fucked!
I let her begin to cool down as I slid up beside her stroking her nipples and kissing her lightly on her neck. She reached down and grasped my cock, rubbing it against her. "Oh, God, I want to fuck you! What a nice cock! I love it!"
"I think we had better get in the tub. We still have a lot of the night left, you know." With that, I slipped into the tub, laid back and turned on the jets. She slipped in ahead of me and leaned back into me. I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts as the water splashed over us. It was very relaxing.
"It looks like those jets of water could be pretty erotic if you had your clit up against one of them," I suggested. "I suppose you tried that when you stayed her alone once before?"
"Oh, yes. It's not like the real thing, but it is quite nice," she cooed. She spun around sideways in the tub and slid up to one of the jets. I opened the valve to increase the intensity of the stream. I reached between her legs to spread her labia. She slid a bit to position the stream directly on her clit. Soon she was moaning and writhing in yet another orgasm. "That's enough, that's enough," she said after a few minutes.
She stood up and turned to face me and sat down slowly on top of me, reaching behind her to grasp the shaft of my cock and feed it into her pussy. She was dry now, and we squeaked a bit as she sat directly on my cock. It took some teasing and slow movements before I was able to enter her at all. Inch by inch we worked my cock into her. Finally, she was able to take me fully and slid down onto me. I could feel the inner reaches of her velvety pussy as she sat with me buried deep within her.
Her movements were slow at first, but she began to pick up the pace as she rocked back and forth, up and down. I was thrusting my hips upward to meet her thrusts. Faster and faster, harder and harder we went as she bounced on top of me. I reached up to fondle her breasts as they bounced in front of me.
"Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuck!" she moaned as she pounded herself into me. I kept reminding myself to breathe deeply and concentrate. I wanted to enjoy her fully, but didn't want to get so aroused that I shot my load. God, it felt good to have her pussy wrapped tightly around me. We rocked and bucked and she kept pounding into me. I concentrated on deep breathing and watched her in the mirror as her head tipped back, her eyes closed and she reached orgasm after orgasm. It was wonderful.
Suddenly, I began to get a cramp in my leg. That put an end to the fun in that position. I stretched out my leg and leaned forward to kiss her nipples as they dangled in front of me. "Are you getting hungry?" I asked, as I licked on her nipples.
"Mmmmm...a little," she responded.
"Want to go out and get something to eat? We could have a nice meal and some wine in some nice out of the way place."
"Sure, that would be fun," she said. She stood up, stepped out of the tub and began to dry herself off. Soon we were both dressed and ready to go.
"You look nice," I said as I admired her in her business suit. It was purple with a jacket and skirt.
"I don't know how professional this suit looks without my nylons on," she said. "I just don't feel like nylons tonight."
"I hate nylons, especially those damn panty hose" I responded. "They are nothing but a nuisance!"
We walked out to the car and began to drive to the restaurant. She was massaging my thigh as I drove. I reached over to return the favor. Her skirt was riding up showing a lot of nice thigh.
"I'm really glad that you forgot the nylons tonight," I said as my hand slid up and down her thigh.
She looked at me mischievously and whispered, "I forgot something else too. I know how much you like to touch it when we are out in public."
My hand went a little higher up her thigh. "Oh, nice! You have a bare pussy as well! I love it! God, you turn me on woman!" I whispered, as I touched her pussy lips.
She hiked her skirt up a little higher and spread her legs, giving me full access to her womanhood. I was watching the road, but feeling my way into her as we drove. There is no turn on for me like playing with her pussy in public. It drives me crazy.
We found a little bar that offered a very limited sandwich menu. We sat in the last booth with our backs to the rest of the patrons. The waitress took our drink order and said she would return. Almost before she was gone, I had my hand down the back of her skirt. She raised up slightly to allow my hand to slide under her ass. As she sat back down, I was able to slide my finger into her pussy and pleasure her. I kept my hand there as the waitress returned with our drinks and took our food order. As she ordered, my finger danced inside her pussy. I could tell she was having trouble concentrating on her order. I loved it!
As soon as the waitress headed off, she turned to me and said, "Your turn, you big tease!" She grasped my trousers and unzipped them, and pulled my erect cock out. She began to stroke it.

Author Information

Iíve been writing erotica for almost ten years now. I enjoy bringing in all kinds of settings from ancient Egypt to the distant future. I attempt to put more in my books than simply sex encounters. To me the story is of paramount importance. I will never insult the reader by assuming he or she is only purchasing my book for a few cheep thrills.

My interests vary widely from classical music to major league baseball results to reading many kinds of fiction including movies. My all time two favorite producers were Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik. Iíve tried to incorporate the realism of Kubric and the suspense thrills of Hitchcock whenever possible. So I hope you will be greatly entertained when you read my novels.


Publisher Information

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