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Teacher's Assistant (Powerone)


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Sandy was looking for a TA job for her senior year to give her more time and money. Her roommate, Brooke, was looking for a TA job that would enrich her sex life with a professor or two. But, fate gave them each the opposite.

Sandy found that the TA positon with Professor Michael Gerard was more than the normal help with his students’ grades and schedules. It was desperation on her part that drove her to seduction to secure the last TA position, but Michael thought it should be submission that would secure it for her.

Sandy finds success in securing the position, and her life is suddenly much more interesting and sexually fulfilling, although she could never fathom what Michael would come up with next. From helping Michael attend to students interested in ‘extra credit’ to raise their grade to Michael’s colleagues with remarkable inventions that were sexually challenging but fulfilling, Michael takes Sandy on a voyage of sexual experimentation.

Powerone’s Teacher’s Assistant brings you inside the world of academia that few dare to tell.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 42000

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Bondage/BDSM Fetishes

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1: Senior Year
The weather began to get cooler now that the hot days of summer were behind. Classes started Monday, and the campus came alive once again. It was always depressing during summer, the number of students that took summer classes was small, and it looked and felt empty.
The hundred-year-old campus of Upstate University was dwarfed by Penn State, but it found its niche among those that didn’t want to be part of a huge university. It was located in Kingston, Pennsylvania on the western bank of the Susquehanna River opposite the much more populated city of Wilkes-Barre. Kingston was framed by the Pocono Mountains.
The forty-seven stately brick buildings on eighty-eight acres housed the classrooms, the athletic department and the residence halls. Sitting majestically in the center were the eleven administration offices. Ivy as old as the bricks hung from all of the buildings. The campus was meticulously cared for by the grounds crew. The sidewalks that crisscrossed the green grass to connect the buildings were beginning to fill with students as they went between classes. At its peak, it would educate two thousand students.
Sandy smiled as she walked back to the residence halls. She had every reason to be happy. She was finally a senior, one more year to go. It had been a rough three years, trying to pay for her education as best as she could. She was sure she had every shitty job the college possessed, from cleaning the cafeteria to putting away books in the library and everything in between. But, she had plans for this year. She was determined to get a TA position if it was the last thing she did. Not only would it pay part of her tuition, but she’d also receive a monthly stipend of one thousand dollars.
She smiled back at some of the looks she got as she walked, she didn’t know most of the people, but she was appreciative of the stares. Her short skirt left her long legs naked, but it was her ass that most men appreciated. She had to work diligently to keep it that way. The selection of a TA wasn’t all academic, although she had the covered. She aced just about every one of her classes for the first three years. She wasn’t about to spend her hard-earned money to get an education unless she excelled at it. She narrowed her choices down to three professors for the position. They didn’t stand a chance against her, and one of them would have to offer her the position.
She opened the door to her room. She was lucky enough to get one of the small residences group houses. They were a lot quieter, with fewer rooms than the large residence halls where the freshman and sophomores lived. “Hello.” She didn’t get an answer, so she assumed that Brooke was still in classes. She sat down on the couch and pulled off her sneakers. Classes were over for the day, but it was just the beginning of her day. She had a lot of schoolwork to do. She didn’t stay on the couch for long. Her to-do list was too long. She changed into a pair of jeans and headed out to the library where she could escape distractions. Brooke knew where she’d be and would come to get her for dinner.
The library was mostly empty, too early in the semester for anyone but the most serious. She spread her books out in front of her and began. It was always difficult to get going, too many projects to do and which to do first. She started with the easiest to get them out of the way.
Three hours later, Brooke came into the library. Sandy knew instinctively. She heard the silence that preceded her entrance. Brooke was an imposing woman, and as soon as she walked into a room, all eyes turned to her. Sandy tried to ignore her, but it didn’t work. Before Brooke got to the table, Sandy turned to look at her just as all the others did. Brooke was a couple inches taller than Sandy, and that highlighted her long legs even more. If Sandy thought her skirt was short, Brooke’s skirt would ride up her back if she ever dared to bend over at the waist. If anyone were lucky enough to see that, they’d be confronted by two naked buttocks, for her thong revealed all. Yet, she never thought of being ashamed when she walked up the stairs. Like Sandy, Brooke’s ass was an asset that was meant to be flaunted. Brooke’s breasts were firm and voluptuous. When she went to class, she wore a bra, a thin sexy one but still a bra. At night, she let her firm, naked breasts bounce erotically beneath her top. She was beautiful with blonde surfer hair that hung halfway down her back. She loved to wear bright colored makeup, especially red lipstick. She said it made her feel and look naughty.
“Thank God, you saved me.” Sandy got up instantly and gathered her books. She put them in a locker until after dinner. “Get me out of here.” She was hungry, or maybe it was she wanted to get out of doing homework. Either way, they went for dinner.
Brooke hoped that she and Sandy would get along all right. They knew each other for the last two years, taking some classes together, so they knew each other’s academic background and habits. But, they’d never roomed together or dated in the same circles, so there was a lot they didn’t know about each other. They began to learn, and having dinner was part of that process.
“I thought about you trying to get a TA position, and it’s a great idea, so I’m going to do the same thing.” She saw the look on Sandy’s face. “Don’t worry. I have a different list of professors than you have, so we won’t be in competition. But, maybe we can start a TA union,” she laughed.
“Yeah, that would go off great. Are you sure you’re ready for a TA job? It’s more than just grading tests and homework or keeping track of everything for the professor. Some professors require much more from their TA's.” Sandy wasn’t sure Brooke understood all the ramifications.
“I know TA also stands for tits and ass, and we both excel in that department. I hope my professor wants more from me. I’ve always had this fascination with older men, and many of my professors are hot.” Brooke had a boyfriend if you could call him that. She dated him but not exclusively. He was a student, and she wanted something more than a fuck buddy. A professor to teach her more than she learned in the classroom would be great.
Sandy expected that she’d use her sex appeal to get what she wanted, but Brooke seemed to be willing to do more than that. “Would you have sex with your professor?” She couldn’t believe that she’d do that.
“Damn right. Do you think the others that you’ll compete against won’t do that? I’ve heard lots of rumors about professors and students. Not all of them are rumors. We’re not big like Penn State where they have rules about that and enforce them vigorously. Upstate University needs to keep its professors happy and not wanting to switch universities. They let them bend the rules as long as it’s not publically flaunted.” Brooke was afraid that Sandy would lose out if she didn’t give it her all and that meant her all.
“You think so?” Sandy wasn’t a prude about sex, although she hadn’t dated much in the last three years and didn’t have a boyfriend in the same timeframe. It was her dedication to her education and how busy she was to make that happen that prevented most of that, but she had lots of opportunities. She hadn’t thought about what Brooke suggested. If that were true, it would require a different plan of attack.
“You’ll find out, but I hate to see you find out too late. You only get one interview, two if you are lucky enough to get chosen in the first round. You can’t afford to screw up and not take chances.” Brooke was ready to go all out, and she knew she’d succeed because she was willing to risk it all.
“I’ll have to think about that.” Sandy wished that she could be more like Brooke who had her parents to support her education, but Sandy’s parents weren’t able to do that. Brooke had time to date and enjoy college.
They enjoyed dinner as the food in the cafeteria was excellent. It was more of a restaurant than a cafeteria. Sandy hated to go back to the library, but she still had lots of work to do. She was jealous of Brooke. She had a date.
It was more difficult to work when she went back to the library. Her work was spread out in front of her. She was normally very organized, but what Brooke told her about the TA position troubled her, and she struggled to put it out of her head. Each time she went back to her textbook, all she could think about was the interviews with the professors and what they’d want from her. She struggled with finishing up the work, but it was almost midnight by the time she did. The library was about to close when she got up and left. She was the last one to leave.
When she went back to the dorm, she quietly opened the door, not sure if Brooke was home or not. She saw a light coming from Brooke’s room, and the door was open about an inch. She didn’t say anything, but she quietly put her books down. She went over to Brooke’s room, and she heard voices inside, not sure if she should say something or just go to bed. Going to bed was the best answer, but something drove her to look into the room. Was it Brooke’s saying that she’d do anything to get a TA position? That sounded as though it meant sexually.
Sandy felt like a voyeur, and she discovered that made her excited when she saw Brooke and her boyfriend, Jim, if she remembered his name correctly. Sandy never met him, but Brooke mentioned him. He was handsome even more inspiring since he was naked and his hand gripped his cock as he slowly stroked the ever growing flesh while he eyed Brooke. He was big.
Brooke slowly took off her clothes, but she made Jim do it first. She liked to see his physical reaction when she stripped for him. She pulled off her top, and her naked breasts were revealed. She teased Jim as she rubbed her hard nipples to send shivers through her body. She loved her nipples to be played with. She opened the belt on her jeans and then unzipped it slowly so she could add to the suspense. Her blue thong was revealed as she peeled back her jeans. They were tight on her ass and hips, so she did an exotic dance as she shimmied the jeans down her legs. Her breasts hung over as she bent over to get the jeans off. She stood back up in her thong but spread her legs so that her thong pressed against her mound and outlined her raised slit. Jim’s cock stuck out farther as he held it in his hand to point it at her.
“Take it off, take it off!” Jim was excited. They hadn’t had sex since last semester. This was the first time they had time for each other since the semester started. They lived far apart during the summer, so it was only text messages and emails with an occasional Skype masturbation session to comfort them both.
Brooke gave him what he wanted but not exactly. She turned around and pushed her naked ass back at him. There was only a tiny string that pushed between her cheeks to hide her ass hole from his sight. She let him feast his eyes on her magnificent ass before she turned around once again. She slipped two fingers on each side of her thong and pushed it down over her hips. She let it fall to her ankles and then kicked it off. “Do you like?”
“You’re good enough to eat,” Jim exclaimed in pure excitement, and that is what he was planning to do.
“First, I have a surprise for you. I got it this summer when I was thinking about you.” She moved sensuously over to the closet. She stood on her toes and stretched her lean body as she reached over for the box on the top shelf.
The box was Jim’s favorite. It was where she kept her toys. He couldn’t wait to see what the new one was.
The box rattled as she bent over and put it on the bed. She lifted the lid and, with one finger, lifted up her latest purchase to show Jim.
“You’re going to put them on me?” Jim thought that handcuffs were a little too kinky. He liked to be in charge, especially in sex. He didn’t want to be teased and left wanting.
“No, silly, they’re for me.” But that thought did pop into her head when she bought them. She’d heard about Fem-Domination and she was intrigued.
Sandy was shocked when she saw the handcuffs. Brooke was going to let him handcuff her. She wouldn’t be able to stop him from doing anything he wanted to her body, anything or anywhere. That was dangerous. She should leave Brooke to her privacy but not before she saw what happened with the handcuffs.
Jim beamed brightly. His chagrin when he originally saw them changed drastically. He couldn’t keep his cock still. “Okay, if you insist.” He took the handcuffs. They were better than he expected, made of hard, cold steel, not some toy tin ones. “Get on the bed, Bitch!” He’d play the part.
“Please, don’t, no please,” she begged as she tried not to smirk too much and ruin it. She lay down on the bed, and her hands submissively rose up high until they touched the headboard. She knew they’d fit perfectly around the center post. She’d tested it out first, not wanting to leave anything to chance.
Jim tried to slap the handcuffs on one of her wrists like they did on TV, but it didn’t work that easily. He snapped them on her wrist and tightened it. His cock jerked each time the handcuff clicked when it tightened. He pulled the handcuffs through the bedpost and then secured her other hand. He looked down at her menacingly as she tried to pull her hands free, but besides the handcuffs clanking, nothing happened. She was secured.
“What are you going to do to me?” she feigned in panic.
“First, I’m going to taste that sweet pussy between your legs. Now, open them wide, or will I need the whip to hasten your submission?”
Did he really have a whip? Sandy waited breathlessly to see if he did. She was glad for Brooke when he didn’t get one, but she was also disappointed. She wanted to see that.
“No, no,” she cried out, and her legs spread slowly and hesitantly until they reached the edges of the bed. Her pussy was soaked. This was better than she expected.
Jim went to the foot of the bed and stroked his cock as his eyes stared between her legs and took in the sight of her pussy. Her blonde bush was barely visible, but her pussy lips pulled back from the spread of her legs, and he could see some of her juices sparkle on the edge of her lips and her pink inner lips were shiny. He licked his lips in anticipation of savoring her arousal.
“What are you doing?” She cried out again when he grabbed her ankles and pulled them up and out until she was forced to bend her knees. Her crotch opened up indecently. She saw him climb between her legs, and she got wetter when she saw his mouth come closer. He inhaled her scent as he kept her legs spread. I should’ve bought a couple more pairs of handcuffs that he could’ve used on my legs. That would be wild.
Although Sandy did let a few men lick her, she never came from it, not letting them finish her off that way. It was too humiliating. Plus, they’d want the same thing from her. She’d taken a few cocks in her mouth, but she didn’t like it, and she wasn’t about to let a man cum in her mouth. That was too obscene to even contemplate. She couldn’t take her eyes off Brooke and Jim. It was strange to see it from this prospective when it wasn’t happening to her.
Jim began to kiss Brooke’s thighs while he kept her spread for him. He moved up closer to her crotch. He placed her feet flat on the bed, her knees bent and her legs spread wide. “Don’t move from that position, or you’ll regret it!” He wanted his hands free as well as his mouth to attend to that juicy pussy in front of him.
“Oh, oh,” she cried out, but she didn’t move her legs. She couldn’t wait to feel the touch of his hands spread her wider and his lips and tongue attack her pussy.
His fingers gripped the puffy lips of her pussy and opened her up wider until they were stretched. Everything was open for him. He could even see the darkness of her tight hole and her swollen clit at the top beginning to reveal itself so vividly. He licked from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top, making sure that he paid attention to her clit. He wanted her squirming in the tight bondage for him. Her feet stayed still, but her ass arched up as she pushed her pussy deeper into his face.
It felt so good. It had been a long time since everyone did that, and she relished the way Jim took his time and made sure that she felt everything. His fingers and tongue never stayed still, stroking her continually as she squirmed beneath his demanding fingers and tongue. He pushed her legs up higher, and not even when he plunged two fingers into her pussy could break the spell of pleasure that swept through her body.
While he had her bound, he thought it would be a good time to try something kinkier and see if she protested. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy so his tongue could work its magic on her. Her ass rose up higher as she pushed her pussy into his face, so his fingers went to her firm buttocks and clenched on them to arch her up higher. His fingers began to creep closer to her crack as he continued to distract her with his tongue. It wasn’t long before he could feel her raised anus when his fingers touched the edges of it. Her buttocks clenched tight when he touched her anus, but she didn’t say a word. He began to rub his finger over her anus. He could feel the way her muscles revolted from his touch as they went into spasms. He continued to lick her and inspire her to cum.
Her body was arched up, and that left her ass hole vulnerable, and Jim took advantage of that. Brooke should stop him, but she didn’t. It was unnatural and disturbing that he touched her back there, but bound with the handcuffs left her defenseless. But, she finally had to stop him when his tongue deserted her pussy and ran over her perineum and then traveled down her crack until it stopped on her anus. His fingers pushed on the edges of her anus, and she could feel her anal ring forced open, but then, his tongue lashed out at her anus. That was going too far. “No, not there, NO!” she protested, and Jim went back to licking her pussy.
He was caught, and in spite of having her bound, he knew that was pushing his luck. Her anus was tart when he licked her there, and he’d loved to spend more time showing her that he could give her pleasure there with his tongue, but that would be another day. He went back to licking her pussy and making her cum. Then, he could get his pleasure. He was rock hard, and his balls ached with the need to empty his cum into or on her.
“Oh, don’t make me cum, don’t shame me,” she cried out as if she didn’t like it. It was too late. He plunged three fingers into her pussy as his tongue rasped across her swollen clit. She hadn’t cum this hard in a long time as her solo masturbation was never as satisfying. She knew she drenched his face, but she heard him lap it up. She struggled as she was unable to grab his head and move it in just the right way to keep her orgasm going, but the handcuffs also drove her orgasm to a higher plateau. She couldn’t pull away as she usually did when she came, and she found that it wasn’t bad. Jim seemed to drive her orgasm to last longer and more intense. Finally, Jim’s head appeared from between her legs and his face glistened with her juices, but he had a smile on his face, pleased with himself. She also saw his hard cock jumping uncontrollably. She knew she’d have to please him, but she wasn’t sure how.
Sandy watched Brooke cum. She wondered what Jim would do now. What happened next shocked her, although it shouldn’t have. Jim straddled Brooke’s upper body, and he slid his cock between her breasts. Brooke had large breasts, so he easily folded them around his cock as though they were pillows. Then, he began to fuck her breasts, but each time his cock came out the top of her cleavage, his cock moved closer to her mouth. It wasn’t long before his cock was only an inch away.
Brooke knew what he wanted, but she wasn’t sure whether she should go along with it. She was still bound, and when she sucked his cock, she liked to be in control so she could take it as deep or not as she wanted and she could spit his cock out when he came. I might tell him to take his cock out of my mouth, but would it be in enough time when he was ready to shoot out his cum?
“Open your mouth, Bitch, and suck my cock!” Jim released her breasts and moved forward until the head of his cock battered at her clenched lips. “Or else!” He warned her of the consequences of denying him his pleasure.
“No, not in my mouth,” she protested, but as soon as her mouth spilled the words, Jim shoved his cock through her broken lips, and she had to stretch wide to accept his cock as it shoved relentlessly into her mouth. His cock slid over her tongue as he shoved in hard.
This was the part that shocked Sandy. He was going to fuck her mouth while she was bound. His cock was long, and it would never fit all the way inside without shoving it down her throat. Did Brooke deep throat his cock before? Sandy never knew how women did that. It required a lot of choking and gagging, none of it pleasant. She should turn away and go to bed, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene in front of her. Jim was sitting on Brooke and feeding his big cock in her mouth. Brooke was unable to turn her head away from him. Sandy had to see what would happen.
Brooke felt something different when he shoved his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t stop him, and in spite of just cumming, it excited her once again. Her lips tightened around his cock, and she pulled her tongue out of the way so she could lick it as he fucked her mouth. Jim was so excited that she could taste the cum he leaked into her mouth. He was thrusting in hard, and her mouth was impaled on his cock. She surrendered to him, unable to do anything but attempt to please him and make him cum. But, she feared the last part. She’d never let him cum in her mouth. She always spit his cock out at the last moment and stroked his final ejaculation so it didn’t foul her mouth with his cum. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the taste of cum, but she only put up with it in moderation. When a man came, he came profusely. She couldn’t take that.
Jim couldn’t believe his luck. He was fucking her mouth, and she didn’t stop him. He began to feed more of his cock into her mouth, driving through her slick lips. Her tongue met his cock on each thrust, and it didn’t take long before the head of his cock battered at the back of her mouth. It almost hurt when he slammed in, but he pulled back instantly so he could drive back in again with more power. The next time he got his reward. The head of his cock plugged her throat, and for an instant, she gagged. Her eyes opened up wide, and he could see them gloss over with tears. Her nostrils flared as she fought to breathe as his cock blocked her mouth completely with his girth. He continued to shove in hard and deep, drawing more gags from her each time, but she still didn’t stop him, although he didn’t try to breach her throat. He didn’t want to lose this opportunity now or in the future by pushing it too far.
Her mouth was covered in his dripping cum, and she gagged too many times. She could feel that he wouldn’t last much longer, so she had to put a stop to it before it was too late. Her hands were bound, but she could turn her head sideways. The next time he pulled his cock back, she moved her head, and his cock escaped. She saw the look of disappointment on Jim’s face. “Not down my throat and don’t cum in my mouth. If you do, it’ll be the last time your cock and my mouth will meet,” she threatened him seriously.
“Okay,” he eagerly agreed. He needed to get back into her mouth. He needed to cum, and he needed to cum now. He plunged back in, and her lips tightened like a rubber band around his cock. Her tongue never stopped running over his cock, especially over the head when he withdrew. Her tongue’s touch on the very tip drew out more drops. He fucked her mouth urgently as he struggled with knowing just the right time to pull out to cum.
Sandy had to watch the end, not sure how it would come out. Jim did what he promised to do. He pulled his cock out of her mouth at just the right moment, but his hand stroked it as he held it in front of her. He didn’t think he’d do that or Brooke would allow it, but he shot on her face. She never turned away, although she shut her eyes and clenched her lips tight when his cock blanketed her face with the murky, thick cum. He was profuse, shooting four times on her face before he was finished, but then, he rubbed the head of his cock on her soft cheek and her clenched lips to catch the last drops of cum that leaked out.
Jim loved the look of his cum on her face, but he knew he better do something about it if he ever wanted to do it again. He got off her and got a hot washcloth from the bathroom. Her eyes and lips were still clenched tight as he wiped up all the cum. He couldn’t believe it was that much. Finally, it was gone. “Okay,” he told her.
Brooked didn’t know if she liked that or not. It was humiliating to have Jim cum on her face, but after all, she was bound and at his mercy. He lay next to her, but he didn’t take the cuffs off. She knew they weren’t finished yet. She wanted to feel what it would be like to be fucked while bound.
Sandy snuck silently back to her room and tried not to make any noise to alert them she was home. She’d get up and go to the bathroom when Jim left. For now, she stripped off her clothes until she was naked and got into bed. She had so many thoughts in her head, and she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she masturbated. She put her hands over her head to feel what it would be like to be bound, but she needed one hand to masturbate, so it wasn’t very effective. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was she that was bound and stripped naked. There was an older man that stood naked over her, his cock hard and throbbing. He’d take her until she begged him to stop, but he’d ignore her until he got his pleasure from her bound body.

Author Information

Powerone is the author of Trained to Submit, Sold into Submission, and other bestselling books and award winning short stories.


Publisher Information

Renaissance E Books publishes the best in classic and contemporary popular fiction and nonfiction through its PageTurner imprint, and the best in classic and contemporary erotica through its Sizzler imprint.

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