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The Captain's Slaves (Victor Bruno)

The Captain

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    • Average 3.2 from 4 ratings

Gavin has a boat, cruising the canals of England, enjoying the peaceful countryside and the solitude. His captive, Karen, is not so fortunate, having been forced through pain and suffering to succumb to Gavin’s perverted will. Karen, most definitely, is not having a good time!

Things get worse when Gavin tires of her and snatches the beautiful Trudi, putting the new slave through the same training which had cowed and enslaved poor Karen, only this time with Karen’s enforced assistance!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 35600

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



He squeezed the milk-white breasts gently but insistently. He had been doing so for several minutes. The nipples felt quite firm. They were fairly large, of the palest brown, as were the surrounding aureoles. Gavin was perfectly prepared to understand that the girl did not truly enjoy having her breasts mauled by him so he could only assume, as he had done often enough before, that the reaction could be put down to nature. He saw that the girl’s dark brown eyes were almost totally closed and that she was breathing softly.
She was in a state of submission - almost relaxed submission, it seemed. Gavin could play with her as he wished.
But it had not always been like this ...
They were lying, side by side, on the low bed, set in the centre of the cabin. It was an area Gavin liked to think of as his ‘Playroom’. He had had many hours of pleasure there ... pleasures of different kinds. His right hand came away from the girl’s left breast and ran almost idly, downwards. Over the smooth hump of the belly; over the neatly shaped navel. Down still further. To the soft depilated sex mound. As a single finger slid between the velvet sex-lips, Gavin felt the girl quiver. Just very slightly. He imagined it still took the girl some considerable effort to be totally submissive. He felt the thighs parting a little, acknowledging that submission. His fingers found the clitoris and the girl quivered a little more sharply. She was breathing, perhaps, just a little faster. Gavin smiled faintly, enjoying his complete mastery.
But it had not always been like this ...
Gavin was already solidly hard and had been for some time. His erection pressed into the girl’s flank. She must be very aware of it, he though. Slowly but remorselessly, Gavin began to titillate the clitoris. He wanted the girl nicely warmed up before he fucked her later on. There was something else to be attended to before he gave her that fucking. But there was no hurry. He continued to manipulate the little nub of sex-flesh, feeling the surroundings getting softer and warmer.
The girl had begun to breathe rather faster; her wide, pouting lips were a little parted. Gavin steadily increased the pace of his fingers. He lowered his head his mouth was against the girl’s ear.
“Let go, slave,” he whispered. “Let yourself come. You know, you love to ...”
The nubile young body gave a shudder. Then the thighs parted a little wider, the girl, Gavin realised, was beginning to abandon herself to the inevitable. He was totally in control of her sensations and sexual reactions.
But it had not always been like this ...
Gavin frigged faster and faster. Short, tiny moans could now be heard. “Ah ... uh ... ah ... uh ... aahh ... uuuhh ... aahh ... uuuhhh ...”
He was working her up nicely. Her belly was beginning to quiver. Just very slightly. Also the insides of her parted thighs.
“Are you going to come soon, slave?” whispered Gavin.
“Mmmm ... aahh ... y-yes, Master ....”
Gavin moved his mouth and gave one of the pert nipples a small nip. This produced a minuscule squeal and a tiny shiver.
“Hurry it up, my beauty. I want you coming in floods.”
“Yer .. esss .. Master ... yes ...” The belly and thighs had begun to quiver more.
“Perhaps you’d like the dildo up you?”
“N-No ... no ... Master ... I ... I ...”
“I think I’ll give it to you all the same.” Gavin moved his fingers and picked up the pink rubber dildo which lay on the bed. It was not the largest one he had but it was still quite formidable. “Here it comes,” he said, grinning. Then he trust the dildo fully in.
The girl uttered a series of gasping wails, her limbs kicking and splaying. But she was quite unresisting.
But it had not always been like this ...
Slowly but firmly, Gavin thrust the dildo in and out. Thump ... thump ... thump ... it went.
“Pull up your knees, slave,” ordered Gavin. The girl did so and her buttocks and sex became more uplifted, making it easier to work the dildo. Gavin saw the girl had begun to quake rather than quiver. Her eyes were no longer closed but open and staring. However, it was a staring that appeared almost sightless. She began to gasp.
“Come ... come ...” insisted Gavin.
“H-Haaah .... hhaaaahhh ... y-yes ... M-Master ....”
The girl’s haunches had begun to buck up and down. Gavin worked the dildo ever faster. He’d really got her going. It was wonderful to see her becoming more and more out of control. Abandoned. It demonstrated his total control.
But it had not always been like this ...
The girl climaxed, little squeaking cries gasping in her throat ... the mouth now wide ... her haunches squirming and twisting uncontrollably. Jerking, juddering. She twisted to one side. Spent. Whimpering.
“Good girl,” said Gavin, patting a warm flank. “You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”
More whimpering and then a whispered: “Y-Yes .. M-Master ...”
Gavin smiled indulgently. “And there is a penalty, is there not, girl when a slave enjoys herself sexually when her Master’s cock is not up her?”
A small pause. “Yes ... M-Master ...”
“Nothing too severe, but a penalty all the same.”
“Y-Yes ... Master ...” A hopeless, almost despairing whimper. The admission of another defeat in a long line of previous defeats.
“Very well, slave. I want your backside up high and your thighs parted wide.”
Gavin watched with sadistic relish as his order was complied with, almost without hesitation. The girl knelt on the mattress, pressing her nose into it, her palms being placed flat down on either side of her head. Then her superbly curvaceous hindquarters came thrusting up high ... two gibbous moons of milk-white flesh ... the smooth skin taut. Then the long tapering thighs parted to display openly the silken, bulging flesh of the split-fig sex.
The ultimate in submission, thought Gavin.
But it has not always been like this ...
Gavin picked up the cane. It was one of the most lightweight he possessed. Of pale yellow willow, hook-handled, it stung sharply rather than truly punished.
He tapped the girl’s upthrust bottom lightly, delighting in the little apprehensive quivers of the flesh. My God, what a superb bottom it was! And how much untold pleasure it had given him!
“Just six, slave. Is your Master not kind and considerate?”
“O-Ohh ... yes ... Master ...” Gavin saw the nate-flesh twitch. Kind or considerate, or not, Gavin was well aware that it was never pleasant for a girl to have a cane laid across her bare bottom.
“Count,” he said.
“Y-Y-Yess ... Master ...”
Standing directly behind the girl, Gavin laid the first stroke diagonally across her right buttock cheek. The girl uttered a little gasp and her bottom twisted fractionally to one side as the thin, pink weal lined itself across the curving flesh. Delightful, thought Gavin.
“One ... Master ...” said the girl in a low, tremulous voice.
Gavin laid the second stroke across the left buttock cheek at a similar diagonal angle. He liked a certain degree of symmetry when he was punishing. Not that this was exactly punishment. Merely exacting a mild penalty.
“T-two ...” said the girl. Her hands had not moved and her nose remained pressed into the bed-top. Only her bottom moved. But then only modestly. If modesty is a word that can be used under such circumstances!
But it had not always been like this ...
In his mind’s eye, Gavin could see that same curvaceous bottom writhing wildly ... frenziedly ... uncontrollably ... when, on earlier occasions, it had been punished with deserved severity.
The third stroke bit into the right buttock cheek. Perhaps just a little harder. The girl gasped, squirming left and right.
“Ahh ... three ... Master ...”
“That’s right, slave. Three more to come. Keep that bottom high, my girl, or I’ll start all over again.”
Gavin smiled with satisfaction as the naked hindquarters thrust up to the absolute maximum. Beautiful to behold!
His plan was simple. He would lay on the final three strokes diagonally, each one a little harder than the one which had preceded it. The girl would be made to squirm adequately but he doubted if she would lose her designated posture.
Number four ...
“Ahhh .... aaaahhh!” Oh yes, she squirmed nicely. “F-Four ... Master ...” The bottom came thrusting back high again. The girl knew it must. Gavin’s erection was big and rock hard, swinging before him. He could hardly wait to get into this luscious young creature. Soon he would be making her squirm for other reasons.
Number five ...
“Oooowww .... aaagghhhh ....” Yes, he had given her that one with plenty of zip. “Oh ... Oh ... f-five, Master ...” came a whimpering cry. As the buttocks came thrusting back up into position, they clenched in dread of the final stroke.
Gavin gave it to her. Really whiplashing in. It wasn’t really fair, but he enjoyed doing so!
“Yeee ... oowwww .... owwwww!” cried the girl, writhing momentarily out of control. “Oh ... oh ... six, M-Master ...”
The buttocks came up high again, thrusting presented ... invitingly presented ... just in case Gavin decided that a few more strokes might not come amiss. Gavin could see what an effort it was for the girl to resume that so humiliating posture. He smiled happily.
It had not always been like this ...
Gavin tossed the cane on to the floor, then knelt on the bed behind the girl.
“And now, slave, I am going to fuck you. Have you anything to say?”
“Th-Thank you ... M-Master ... I am ... am honoured Master ...”
Grinning, Gavin gripped the two smooth flanks before him. Warm, succulent living female flesh. His balls felt heavy with lust; his prick was quivering in anticipation.
“Ask for it, slave,” said Gavin hoarsely.
“M-Master ... oh Master ... I beg you to stick your cock up me!” cried the girl.
With a lecherous snort, Gavin rammed into the succulent depths which were so abjectly and invitingly presented to his. Delicious! The girl was meltingly warm - the result of using the dildo. Mouth half agape, Gavin grunted his lustful pleasure as he rammed and rammed. Oh yes, delicious! He knew he wouldn’t be able to last long, but he didn’t really mind. This lovely young pussy was always available whenever he wanted it.
Gavin’s pleasure was intensified by the way the girl acted and reacted to his powerful thrusting.
She was fully co-operative.
And getting more hot and juicy all the time.
It had not - certainly not - always been like this ...
Within a few minutes, Gavin rose to a crescendo and ejaculated violently into the squirming depths he possessed. It seemed to him that the girl was climaxing too. Though she might be simulating. But what did that matter? The pleasure was just as exquisitely satisfying.
Gavin slumped down, panting, crushing the girl beneath him. She was quivering and twitching, making little moaning noises.
That was very nice. Mmmm .. yes indeed.
A really super fuck.
And it was all down to his training.


Gavin withdrew, then gave the girl’s bottom a none too gentle slap.
“You can take a shower, slave,” he said, “but don’t be too long about it. I want to chain you up for the night.”
“Y-Yes ... yes ... Master ... thank you ... Master ...” The girl forced herself up and stumbled to the door at the far end of the cabin. Her bottom, carrying six slim weals, bounced and undulated deliciously.
At a leisurely pace, Gavin followed the girl through the door. He heard the shower turn on in an alcove. To the left stood a humped Punishment Block covered in brown leather and festooned with pinioning straps. To the right were two wooden cubicles, each containing a bed and a thin mattress. One of the cubicles was for the girl, the other was already occupied by the first slave Gavin had ever acquired. She was naked with her wrists chained to an iron collar about her neck. From the collar a chain ran to a ringbolt in the wall. It seemed to Gavin that she was asleep.
Of course, there was no need to chain the girls in this fashion, but Gavin always did so. It was a perpetual reminder of their slavery.
The girl’s smooth back and bottom looked inviting but, after his recent exertions, Gavin was not at all to be tempted. In any event, he had given this senior slave girl a really solid fucking earlier in the day. He reckoned it had lasted all of twenty minutes.
She emerged from the shower and came towards him, those beautiful breasts bouncing most attractively. She went to her knees at Gavin’s feet.
“On your bed,” he ordered.
At once the girl went into the cubicle and lay on the bed. Gavin placed the iron collar about her neck, then locked her wrists to it. She was, as ever, totally helpless. Casually Gavin fondled the available breasts.
“Quite a good fuck, Trudi,” he said. “I hope you enjoyed it.”
“Oh yes, Master. Very much, Master.” Gavin grinned down briefly at the girl, then left the cubicle.
It had not - certainly not - always been like this ...


Not as strong a story as this author usually writes. 3 out of 5 (HardBur)

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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