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The Taming Of Julia (Victor Bruno)

The Taming Of Julia by Victor Bruno

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The second book in the famous 'Julia' series. Quentin Osman, multi-millionaire American businessman, has already made a personal survey of a unique ship called the ‘Paradise’ ... a vessel sailing the remoter regions of the Pacific Ocean with a cargo of beautiful slavegirls.

Now he has sent his proud, lovely and errant mistress, Julia, to the ‘Paradise.

There, as Madame Vesta, the owner of the ‘Paradise’ has shown him in practical form, Julia will be trained and tamed to become a submissive plaything for his personal pleasure!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 80900

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Fem Dom - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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(Julia series – Book 2)
Chapter 1

ALTHOUGH CHIEF ORGANISER and controller of the Paradise and all its works, Madame Vesta customarily left general matters of discipline and training to her numerous assistants. No one knew better than she how capable they were at carrying out tasks.
Miss Kaufman, for example, the chief overseer, was a middle aged woman with iron in her soul - a natural disciplinarian to her very fingertips. Her assistants, such as Miss Judith and Miss Mara, whilst being somewhat more attractive to look upon, were scarcely less efficient in their duties. And sometimes even more enthusiastic.
However, Madame Vesta did make it a practice to inspect all new arrivals aboard the Paradise so that, when news of Julia's safe arrival was brought to her, she first of all consulted her records. She read as follows:

Aged 25 years
Anglo-American origin
Occupation: Minor modelling career in youth. Escort to numerous wealthy men. Enjoyed life as a 'playgirl'. Became mistress of Quentin Osman. Cheated the latter both sexually and financially.
Characteristics: Tall, good figure, above average in looks.
Figure: 38 - 24 - 38. Long dark hair, blue-green eyes, aristocratic features. Selfish, arrogant,, short-tempered.

Madame Vesta smiled faintly as she studied these brief details. They were fairly typical of the young women who were sent to her. She had also learnt at first hand from Quentin something more of Julia's life style. All in all, she reflected, Julia made excellent material for the regime aboard the Paradise.
It would be a pleasure, in due course, to present her to Quentin in a quite remarkably reformed condition.
Madame Vesta lifted the house-phone on her desk.
'Ask Miss Judith to come to my quarters as soon as it is convenient,' she said.


Some five minutes later, a tall attractive blonde in her early twenties knocked and entered Madame Vesta's cabin. She was clad in the customary garb of a female overseer... thigh-length black boots, a brief black leather skirt and tiny bolero jacket to match. Through the belt above her waist was looped a long leathern thong attached to a short wooden handle.
'Good evening, Ma'am, she said respectfully.
'Good evening, Miss Judith,' came the reply.
'I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Ma'am,' said the tall blonde, 'but I was in the middle of giving Tania an extra caning.'
'An extra caning?' Madame Vesta's voice showed no surprise. It was flat, almost indifferent.
'Yes, Ma'am,' said Miss Judith, ‘As you may recall, Tania was on the official Punishment Session this evening... but in my opinion something additional would not come amiss in her case.'
Madame Vesta nodded. 'I quite understand, Miss Judith,' she said. 'You have a free hand in such matters. Tania is inclined to be a little rebellious, I believe.'
'I think we can now begin to say was,' answered Miss Judith with a faint smile.
Madame Vesta nodded again. Her high-cheekboned face remained impassive. She rarely interfered in disciplinary matters _ unless she considered them lacking in severity.
'The woman Julia has arrived aboard,' she said. 'Owned by Quentin Osman, the American. You remember him?'
'Indeed, Ma'am,' replied Miss Judith, 'I had heard she was now on board.'
'When Mr. Osman was on the ship,' continued Madame Vesta, 'he made a specific request that you be put in charge of Julia's training. He seemed to be impressed by your efficiency.'
Madame Vesta's lips moves slightly in a grim charade of a smile. On the other hand, Miss Judith smiled more openly, showing white tigerish teeth.
'I am pleased to receive such a commendation from a guest,' she said.'
'Well...' said Madame Vesta, 'I intend to put this woman in your charge. According to Mr. Osman, she is quite a handful.'
Miss Judith smiled her tigerish smile again. 'He did mention something of that to me,' she said.
'However,' said Madame Vesta. 'I am sure that will not present many problems. Life at liberty and life aboard the Paradise are two rather different things. What were difficulties for Mr. Osman, will present no difficulties for us.'
'I agree, Ma'am,' said Miss Judith. Her pleasure at the assignment she had been given was obvious. there was nothing she liked more than having something of a 'rebel' to deal with!
'Let’s go below then' said Madame Vesta, rising from her desk. 'We'll have Jason along. He's always quite an impressive sight for a newcomer.
Jason was one of the two giant Negro overseers on board the Paradise, both of whom acted as assistants to the female overseers.
Miss Judith went to the house-phone and made the necessary arrangements, then the two women left the cabin and began to descend to the lower depths of the ship.
There was a look of smug satisfaction on Miss Judith's face. It was quite a time since she had been assigned a newcomer. And a so-called 'rebel' at that.


Though Julia Chant's features were a little grimy and her clothes somewhat dishevelled, that scarcely detracted from the loveliness of her features and her figure. It was scarcely surprising she looked as crumpled as she did, having travelled under sedation in a packing case for a considerable number of days _ the normal method of shipment of 'cargo' despatched to the Paradise.
She stood in the centre of a small, bare cabin, her arms aloft and held by manacles and chains. 'Stood' is not exactly the right word for, being still semi-conscious, she was half erect by the manacles about her wrists rather than by her own volition. Madame Vesta and Miss Judith studied the tall, shapely figure which was now in their possession.
'Mr. Osman certainly has good taste,' remarked Miss Judith.
'Indeed,' replied Madame Vesta perfunctorily. She switched on an overhead spotlight so that Julia was more strongly illuminated. 'All the same,' she added, 'he does not like being two-timed.'
'Naturally,' said Miss Judith. 'Well, she'll soon learn that now. Shall I give her an injection?'
'Please do.' answered Madame Vesta.
Miss Judith advanced with the hypodermic she had brought with her and plunged the needle into the side of Julia Chant's neck. It was the first of the daily injections Julia would be receiving from that moment on. They were a special stimulant which prolonged powers of endurance remarkably. Also they ensured that a far greater physical effort than normal was possible. Without the stimulant a girl would have fainted long before through pain, shock or fatigue... so it was a most valuable asset in the regime of the Paradise.
Valuable... but scarcely welcome by those who receive it!
Julia's large, wide-set eyes opened a few moments after the needle had been removed from her neck. They had a liquid luminosity about them _ but a bewildered blankness too.
'W-What has happened... to me?' she asked in a hoarse whisper. 'Have... have I had an accident?'
'No,' said Madame Vesta with a sardonic smile. 'Your presence here is by design.'
Julia's eyes took on a deeper bewilderment. She looked up, seeing the chains and manacles that held her.
'M-My . . . wrists are hurting,' she said weakly. 'Please take these .. these things off and let my arms down. They ache awfully. Is . . . is this some sort of hospital? Please tell me what has happened. I remember I was in that taxi ... then I got drowsy....'
No reply came. Madame Vesta was waiting for the
stimulant to get a stronger hold.
'Who are you?' asked Julia plaintively. 'Where am I?'
'All in good time,' said Miss Judith.
'Let me out of these things. It's hurting, I tell you. What the Hell's going on?' There was a flash of anger both in Julia's voice and her eyes. She was beginning to come to life properly again. 'Don't just stand there . . . do something, whoever you are,' she snapped.
Again no answer was forthcoming.
'Do you hear me?' Julia almost yelled. 'I'm called Julia Chant . . . and I don't know what game you're playing . . . but you'll certainly pay for it!'
Madame Vesta stepped forward casually. Then she gave Julia's face two stinging slaps. Extremely hard slaps, across right and left cheeks.
'Let’s get your head a little clearer, my girl,' she said.
Julia's mouth gaped in shock ... then a stream of vituperation came from it. One could scarcely call it the kind of language one would have expected to hear from a young woman of her background.
Madame Vesta slapped Julia's face again. This time she got two resounding slaps on each cheek and her head jerked from side to side as if she were a rag doll being shaken. Momentarily she was stunned into silence. Then a further stream of vituperation came from her... culminating with threats of what she would do as soon as she got her hands free.
'This is assault!' she screeched. 'I... .I... I'll see you go inside for this. . . oh my God. . . I'll kill you for this!'
Miss Judith smiled delightedly. It seemed that this Julia had as much spirit as she had hoped.
'Now listen to me...' said Madame Vesta, gripping Julia by a hank of rich, glossy black hair.
'I won't... I won't... let me go!' cried Julia, now distraught. The fury blazed from those glinting blue-green eyes.
Unhurriedly, methodically, Madame Vesta smacked Julia's face again. This time four smashing slaps fell on each cheek and, head reeling and ringing, Julia slumped in her chains.
'Oh... oh you b-beast.... how c-can you...' she sobbed.
Madame Vesta took hold of the girl's hair again. 'I told you to listen to me,' she said calmly. 'Are you going to or not? I don't mind slapping your pretty face all night if need be.'
For perhaps the first time a flicker of fear passed over Julia's face. She realised that something quite unpredictable ... quite ghastly ... had happened to her. She must have been kidnapped by these horrible women. She was being held to ransom. Well, thank God Quentin was well-heeled. He'd pay whatever asked, the stupid bastard. No... she mustn't think of him like that not any more. Suddenly he had become her lifeline.
Julia swallowed, trying to get a grip on herself. Her ears were still ringing and her cheeks felt aflame. I must keep calm, she told herself.
'I... I'll listen,' she managed to say, with all the meekness she could muster.
'The first thing to get into your skull, girl,' said Madame Vesta, maintaining a grip on Julia's hair, 'is that your life is no longer your own. You are now a captive slave-girl, owned by Quentin Osman... and here, on board my ship, for training. For training to his requirements and satisfaction.'
Julia's mouth sagged. Her face, scarcely surprising, looked uncomprehending.
'What are you talking about?' she said. You must be mad. A slave? Of Quentin? Oh ... don't be ridiculous...'
Remorselessly, Madame Vesta slapped Julia's face left and right again. Four more slaps on each cheek ... until Julia was crying out half hysterically.
'S-Stop...oh...stop it...stop!'
'If you ever call me mad again,' said Madame Vesta menacingly, 'I'll have you whipped until the blood runs.'
Julia froze, then shuddered violently. A clarion of bells were reeling through her head. What was this nightmare?
'Whipped?' she croaked, between sobs, 'what . . . what . . . oh no ... you must be...'
Her voice dried up. Just in time she had checked herself. She must humour these imbeciles. She must be careful. Her life was in danger. How it had all happened . . . even exactly what had happened . . . and an inexplicable mystery. If she kept her head, all might still be well.
'Yes . . . whipped.' said Madame Vesta icily. 'And now I will repeat what I said ... and you will remain silent, girl.
Julia bridled at the contemptuous form of address but, biting her lips, managed to remain silent. She did not want to invite any more of those murderous slaps from this madwoman.
Coldly Madame Vesta repeated the facts of Julia's new situation. That she was now a slave. Sent there by Quentin. That she was but one of many such. That, in due time, Quentin would arrive and see her as a reformed character. As his slave.
At this point Julia's patience snapped.
'His slave,' she almost snarled. 'That fat slob!'
The relentless face-slapping was resumed, until Julia was in a state of near delirium.
'When Mr. Osman arrives, in a month or two's time,' said Madame Vesta above Julia's retching sobs. 'You will be happy to go on your knees and beg to be allowed to have the honour of kissing the arse of that fat slob _ as you so arrogantly call him.'
'No ... oh no ...' moaned Julia. 'It . . . it . . . mmmfff ... c-can't be true . . . it can't be real . . . this . . . this must be a nightmare. Oh please let me wake up . . .p-please. . . let me go...'
'Give her another injection, please Miss Judith,' said Madame Vesta. 'It won't do any harm at this stage.'
Miss Judith was quick to comply, with Julia desperately trying to cringe away from the needle.
'You may be interested to know that I am going to be in charge of your training, Julia.' said Miss Judith as she jabbed. 'Mr Osman requested it . . . and I think I'm going to rather enjoy it.'
'Osman...Osman has been here?' croaked Julia. 'I can't believe it . . . I can't understand it . . . it . . . it . . . it's all s-so . . . impossible...'
'Of course,' responded Madame Vesta, 'it is always a little difficult for any girl to comprehend at first. Such words, such statements are difficult to take in. A practical demonstration of the facts is, however, more convincing.' She turned to Miss Judith. 'You gave Jason his instructions?'
'Yes, Ma'am,' answered the blonde overseer. 'He is bringing Rebecca with him.'
Julia, eyes wide, was looking disbelievingly from one woman to the other. Every moment her predicament was seeming to get even more frightful than it had seemed at the outset.
'Ah yes . . .Rebecca,' said Madame Vesta. She turned back to Julia. 'Rebecca is the slave of a friend of Mr. Osman's. A certain Otto Gerber. She has been here for some time now . . . and learnt to behave herself.'
There was knock on the cabin door.
'Come in,' called Madame Vesta
The door opened and Jason, one of the two massive Negro assistants aboard, entered. As usual he was naked, but for a brief white triangle of cloth about his loins. The triangle bulged prodigiously; the Negroes body glistened with oil under the harsh light. A choking sound came from Julia . . . and then a disbelieving, wailing cry.
For behind Jason came Rebecca, a voluptuous red-head, slave of Otto Gerber. She was naked and crawling meekly on all fours, led by a collar and lead.
'Herr Gerber,' said Madame Vesta complacently, 'likes Rebecca to be exercised a couple of times a day. Jason usually takes her on a little tour. This seemed an appropriate stopping point this evening.'
Mouth agape, Julia's face quivered with incredulity. Her eyes were starting from her head.
'No . . . oh . . . no . . . oh . . . no . . . no' she whimpered as she gazed on the crouching figure.
'Kiss your Master's feet, slave,' said Madame Vesta peremptorily.
Without hesitation, Rebecca's mouth pressed to the black flesh.
'No ... oh ... no ... no...' Julia continued to whimper.
This is a nightmare, she told herself. I must wake up soon!
'Show your bottom to this girl,' said Madame Vesta.
Again without hesitation, Rebecca moved so that her voluptuous hindquarters were directly towards Julia. A dozen freshly-raised twin-track cane weals encircled the lush white flesh.
'NO!' Julia almost shrieked.
'Before Rebecca was brought here,' said Madame Vesta, quite unmoved by Julia's reaction, 'she was caned. Caned by Jason here. One of my assistants. Not, I may say, for any fault on this occasion, but merely to demonstrate to you, my girl, that any slave aboard this ship can be thrashed at any time . . . Julia for any reason or none. Simply at my command. And you . . . Julia . . . you are now such a slave!'
Julia's eyes dilated in horror.
'No ... no ... NO ... OOO!' she cried. 'I can't believe it... I won't ... I won't believe it . . . it . . . it's impossible! It's hideous . . . it . . . it's disgusting . . . ooohhh . . . that poor woman .... ohhh ... you will pay for this vile monstrosity!'
Madame Vesta's face remained impassive. She was all too familiar with such outbursts from newcomers. It was something, to one degree or another, that they all went through. Just part of the process.
Disbelief ... desperation ... they were all quite natural.
After a few weeks there was a fatalist acceptance.
Then they truly knew they were slaves.
'Up!' ordered Madame Vesta.
Jason gave a tug on the lead and Rebecca sprang to her feet, setting her fulsome white breasts bouncing. Her flesh was velvety, creamy white. Her features were sharp, her nose long; the red hair fell to her smooth shoulders. In her hazel coloured eyes was that familiar look of despair acquired by a trained slave. Her body hair had been shaved. That was an order of her owner, Otto Gerber. Round her waist was a slim silver chain.
'Put her on a hook!' ordered Madame Vesta.
The Negro assistant led Rebecca to the wall and fastened the leash to one of the strong hooks projecting.
'Are you beginning to believe me, girl?' asked Madame Vesta.
'No ... no ... it can't be true...' was all Julia could whimper. Yet her eyes were fastened with a hideous fascination on Rebecca's docile nakedness as she stood submissively leashed to the hook.
'Well then' said Madame Vesta calmly, 'we shall have to continue to make you believe that you are now a slave. It does take rather longer with some than others.' She turned to the black giant. 'Jason,' she ordered, 'strip this creature naked. Let's look at the wares which she prizes so highly.'
Jason stepped forward slowly. His strong teeth showed suddenly and startling white. A mixture of amusement and lust. He too enjoyed a newcomer.
'NO . . . OOOO!' cried Julia, her voice almost screeching. She recoiled back as far as the manacles and chains would allow. She had a natural aversion to coloured people anyway.
Casually Jason hooked his finger into the top of her dishevelled dress.
'NO... NO... OOOOO!' cried Julia again.
In one easy movement Jason's finger opened her dress from neck to hem, to reveal a brief bra and pantie set of rose-pink net. The firm fulsomeness of her figure was even better revealed.
'You . . . you beast . . . you filthy b-beast . . .stop it . . . stop it . . .' screamed Julia, twisting violently this way and that. 'How dare you . . . I'll kill you . . . I'll kill you!'
Unhurriedly Jason hooked his finger into Julia's flimsy brassiere and ripped that away too. Her white, strong-nippled breasts came thrusting out, swinging wildly with her attempts at evasion. Madame Vesta regarded them stonily, but there was a hint of appreciation in Miss Judith's eyes. Yes... Mr. Osman certainly had good taste. Julia was one of the better developed arrivals for some time.
You ... you devils ... you ... you swine ... oh God... you'll pay for this ...' Julia's eyes were blazing fierily; her mouth was a quivering gape of shocked horror.
Jason's finger went to the sole remaining brief garment, pulling teasingly on the elastic of the panties. As he well knew, this would be the last time Julia had any covering of that nature, unless her master decreed.
'NO ... YOU CAN'T ... YOU CAN'T!' came the wailing cry.
In her desperation, Julia jerked her head forward and her teeth snapped at Jason's biceps like a cat trying to catch a fly. Accustomed to such tactics, he avoided her easily ... and ripped the panties away.
Julia swung there, now completely naked in her chains, her features a contorted frenzy of hate and fury.
Monsters ... aaaggghhh ... you monsters!' she screeched hoarsely.
Madame Vesta remained impassive, Miss Judith smiled benignly being very pleased with her charge’s display of spirit
The body revealed could scarcely be faulted. It was full and lush yet superbly proportioned. Upthrusting breasts, smooth curving belly, swelling hips, long thighs.
'Slaves do not try to bite,' said Madame Vesta, giving Jason a nod.
Jason moved around behind the still twisting Julia. He was no novice at this sort of initiation. He surveyed the curvaceous quivering white bottom with considerable satisfaction ... and then he slapped it hard.
He slapped it hard again and again, with Julia yelping loudly with pain and shock. The slaps on her face had been horrifying enough ... but to have this black brute smacking her bottom was a humiliation beyond anything she had imagined possible.
Jason's hard black palm fell first on one cheek then another... and Julia squirmed ever more frenziedly. Both with the pain of the slaps and in an attempt to avoid them.


Very good up to his usual standards. 4 out of 5

Typical Bruno tale good if you like his work 5 out of 5 (bruno)

Good story line; 4 out of 5

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THE acknowledged master of BDSM writing.


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