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Her apartment was was in the plush area just off Sunset Blvd. Some of the most powerful men in Hollywood came groveling to suffer at her feet. They called her "Mistress," she made them pay for everything men had ever done to women. They paid in cash as well as in pain. She was Hollywood's top dominatrix. Then officer Larry Schmidt, a veteran LAPD police officer, meets Chet and Lance, two men who have been visiting a woman therapist and wear the marks of their therapy - a bruised buttock, swollen gonads and a torn nipple - like a medal of honor. Obsessed with the therapist, known as Mistress Sonya, Larry agrees when she contacts him and insists on meeting him under her own terms. They joins her in a hotel where he blindfolds himself, handcuffs himself to the bed and experiences first hand her kind of therapy. To his dismay afterward, he still doesn't discover who she is. But he is intrigued by how sexually intense Mistress Sonya's therapy is. She decides to meet him again under the same circumstances. Before she leaves, she makes him an offer to reveal her identity if he will consent to exploring the needs she has helped him discover deep inside of himself. She also makes it clear that she doesn't want him as a client but as a soul mate.Photo: Thomas Hodges.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Renaissance E Books    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 42000

Style: Erotic Domination - F/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



After ushering him into her office just off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Mistress Sonya watched as he placed the expected tribute on the table just to the left of the door. She knew the envelope contained five one-hundred dollar bills. She moved her dark brown hair over her shoulder. It was long enough to reach her shoulder blades.
He assumed his submissive position by placing his hands behind his back and spreading his legs. Chet Langdon was a regular twice-a-month client. He needed the power exchange that happened between them. He needed to let go of the burdens of running a successful business and let someone take complete charge of him. It was so therapeutic. He had no problem paying for such therapy. He lowered his eyes to her black patent leather heels.
She walked behind her desk. Her long black leather skirt rustled as she did. The long slit revealed long legs encased in black stockings. Looking at him with her intense brown eyes, she made him wait until she summoned him to serve her. Making him wait chomping at the bit to feel her dominance was always a joy to her as she felt his impatience and need. Tonight, she was prepared to push him, expand his horizons of what it meant to fully surrender to her. She rightly sensed he was ready and his need was great. "You have on too many clothes," she said breaking the silence.
"Yes, Mistress."
She watched as he removed his clothing and carefully placed them on the chair in front of her desk. She admired his firm body. Her eyes widened slightly as he removed his briefs. She had to admit he had an awesome cock. Seeing his penis was slightly erect, she confirmed he would be receptive to satisfying her needs. She smiled. "On your knees." She pointed to the floor in front of her.
"Yes, Mistress." He moved around the desk so he could kneel at her feet. He looked at the cleavage created by her black leather and studded corset as he knelt.
"Kiss the toes of my heels." She smiled as he leaned over in obedience. "Clean them with your tongue."
He eagerly did her bidding. He needed her and what she could give him so much.
She let him thoroughly clean her heels. "Stop." She sat and crossed her legs. "Suck on the heel, my pet," she ordered and raised her foot.
He took the heel into his mouth and sucked on it. He licked it. He showed in no uncertain terms he was ready to serve her.
She was pleased with his efforts. "Kiss my legs below my knees," she said. Uncrossing her legs, she placed her feet on the floor and slightly spread her knees. "I like how that feels," she told him as he slowly and deliberately showered her legs with gentle kisses. She enjoyed the moment for longer than normal. She sensed his growing impatience to move on, to get more of what he needed from her. She made him wait a little longer.
He was perhaps one of her most handsome clients. His black hair was thick and luxuriant. His steel blue eyes easily revealed his moods joy, fear, horniness and right now his impatience. He was nearly six feet tall and well proportioned. She thought the birthmark on his inner right thigh just below the level of his scrotum was sexy. He was fond of bondage, nipple torture and cbt. His pain tolerance had increased over time and that gave her added joy and opportunity to express her dominant and at times very sadistic needs.
As he moved up her legs, she opened a desk drawer and removed a pair of black leather wrist restraints and a pair of black leather ankle restraints. "Put these on," she ordered.
He took the items and under her supervision, he put them on. He drew in a deep breath when she locked them in place with small brass padlocks. He loved the sensation of control and submission that wearing them gave him. He was very happy she had locked them in placed tonight.
She felt an erotic surge as each padlock snapped shut. "I have a very special evening planned for you, my pet," she said stroking the side of his face.
"You always do, Mistress."
She smiled. She leaned forward and softly kissed his lips. She held her lips against his to let him feel the intoxication of her sensuality. She licked his lips and made him jump and moan. She sat back and smiled. She knew she had taken his breath away and given him a slight hope of enjoying her sexually by the end of the evening. She infrequently allowed him that privilege. However, she was very adept at dangling that carrot in front of him. She knew how to use it to get him and her other clients to go the extra mile for her. "Turn around. Hands behind you," she ordered. She secured his hands behind him by placing a larger padlock through the "D" rings of the wrist restraints and locking them into place.
He lightly bit his lower lip. He tensed when she placed the black leather hood over his head and plunged him into darkness. He waited as she adjusted the laces for a tight but comfortable fit before locking it into place with another padlock. He felt the familiar tingle in his penis as she increased his physical bondage. He also felt more burdens of responsibility dropping from his shoulders. It was exactly the power exchange he needed.
She sensed the increase in his submission which gave her what she needed. She gently pulled him back into the vee of her slightly spread knees. She located his nipples, kneaded them as she pulled them out from his body.
"Ohh," he breathed as her touch did two things. It made his nipples rock hard, which his mistress truly appreciated. And it made him fully embrace his submissive nature, which was something his mistress appreciated even more.
She felt his response. Pressing her breasts against his back, she slowly moved her hand down toward his crotch. When he tensed in anticipation, she smiled. She finally touched him. "My, you are getting wet, my pet," she commented as her soft hand fondled him.
"Ohhhh," he moaned as she smeared precome over the tip. He pushed back against her and jutted out his hips.
"You do need me and what I can give you."
"I do, Mistress."
"And you will get everything you need, my pet," she assured him.
"I know, Mistress."
She had him stand. Standing herself and taking him by the arm, she guided him to the dungeon. She was going to get everything she needed as well.
He felt the cooler air when he entered the dungeon, heard the door shut. He was where he wanted to be in her world. From memory of the dungeon, he tried to figure where she was taking him. He knew they were near the center and possibly close to the whipping post. His other sense felt more alive as his anticipation increased.
"Ready to serve me?" she asked as she placed a collar around his neck.
"Yes, Mistress."
She snapped two chains hanging from the ceiling to the "D" rings of his collar. The chains were suspended five feet apart and thus prevented any lateral movement once they were attached to the collar. "Spread you legs," she said after kneeling. She attached a three-foot long spreader bar to his ankles.
In a strange way, his physical bondage made him feel complete and even loved. Someone cared enough to give him the attention he craved. He jumped as a soft, warm hand caressed his penis. "That feels so good, Mistress."
"I know." She smiled as he quickly became hard and began to fuck her hand. She stopped. She moved her hands over his breasts until his nipples likewise became erect. She smiled. She pulled one out and clamped it with a Japanese cloverleaf nipple clamp.
"Oh," he grunted as the tip turned white. "Mmmmm," he groaned as the other one was clamped.
"Thank me for taking such good care of you."
"Thank you, Mistress," he grunted when she jerked the chain connecting the clamps.
"I'll add some weight later, my pet."
"Yes, Mistress."
"What do you need today?" she asked walking around him and moving her soft hand over his shoulders, over his back, and finally his hard penis.
"I need to serve you, Mistress."
"True. You always need to serve me. But what do you want what do you need?"
"I need to be punished, Mistress."
"Why? Have you been bad, my pet?"
"A little, Mistress. But I really I need the pain to make me feel better."
"Hmmmm. I understand how the pain satisfies some special needs you have deep inside. It makes you feel better because in a way you feel like you have paid for your mistakes. But it also makes you feel more alive more complete, doesn't it?" she asked giving evidence of the insights she had into his very soul.
"Yes, Mistress, it does." He didn't understand how. Maybe it was that he felt like he had made payment for his mistakes. He only knew that ever since he started coming to see her and submitting to her he felt complete and at peace with himself.
"You need to serve me, don't you?"
"I do, Mistress. I need you. I need to serve you," he readily admitted.
"Yes, you do." She lifted the chain connecting his nipple clamps. "You are in luck today. Since I have a need to give you a lot of pain, we are both going to get what we want. The nipple clamps are only a small down payment." She tugged on the chain.
"Ow. Thank you, Mistress."
"Are you ready to serve me, my pet?"
"Yes, Mistress." He didn't see her evil smile. If he had, he might not have answered so quickly.
"Good." She added some weights to the nipple clamps.
"Owww," he moaned as the weight pulled his nipples downward. He heard her walk away then come back. He jumped when he felt the cool leather paddle against his ass.
She tapped it a few times. She smiled over how he tensed when she stopped. She drew the paddle back. Smack! Smack! She gave him two forceful strikes that moved him forward from their impact.
"Mmmmm," he groaned.
She moved the smooth leather paddle over his ass and felt a tingle of anticipation over satisfying her strong sadistic urges. She drew the paddle back. Smack! She hit him hard.
"Ouch!" he cried out.
"Feeling better, my pet?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Good. So am I," she said indicating their needs were truly in sync tonight. Smack! Smack! She made his ass a deep red as the sound of leather striking flesh filled the dungeon. She thought it was a most exciting sound. She moved her hand over his ass and found it had heated up some. "Two more, my pet."
"Yes, Mistress." Under the hood, he bit his lower lip. "Ow!"
"One more."
"Damn!" he yelped. "Thank you, Mistress."
"You're welcome." Moving her hand over his ass, she examined her work. "Do you need more?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Good. So do I." She walked away and left him standing there to anticipate what else she had in store for him. She loved a good mind fuck as much as the next person did. After picking up a two-inch wide slapper, she slowly walked back to him.
He thought the sound of her heels on the floor was like a slow and ominous drum beat. He was nervous yet filled with the anticipation of serving her and her needs. He jumped when she touched his penis.
"I want this hard," she said as she stroked his semi-erect penis
"Oh, Mistress," he breathed. "That feels so good," he replied as his recent pain made her touch seem so much more intense.
"It must. You're responding very nicely."
"I know, Mistress."
"You're leaking a lot." She removed some precome from the tip and tasted it. "You taste so sweet today."
"I'd like you to suck on it, Mistress."
"I bet you would." She smeared the precome over the tip making him quiver almost uncontrollably. "But I'm not going to."
"Please suck it a little, Mistress," he begged.
"No." She toyed with his glans making the head swell creating an intense need in him for her to suck his cock.
"Please, Mistress."
She had achieved what she wanted a needy slut, who was now a lot more receptive to satisfying her needs. "Maybe later, my pet. But don't get your hopes up," she said making it clear she was firmly in control of all he would experience. She stroked the shaft of his penis. "That feels so good in my hand,"
"Tell me about, Mistress." He moaned in frustration when she stopped.
She moved the slapper over the tops and the inner surfaces of his thighs. She noticed him tense when she moved it over his balls. She smiled in delight. She tapped the more sensitive skin of the right inner thigh. Smack!
He drew back in pain. "Mmmmm."
She hit him again several times in succession. She knew how much that would sting.
"Ow." He pulled back in pain. "Oh, Mistress," he said when she softly stroked his hard penis again to keep it hard.
"So needy." She smacked the inner surface of the other thigh. She had no doubt her pussy was wet and the crotch of her black satin panties was drenched with her juices.
She took the tip of his penis into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she purred as she enjoyed how he tasted.
"Oh! Yeah!" he moaned over the sudden and intense switch from pain to pleasure. He was disappointed that it only last about five seconds.
She loved torturing him in this way. She delivered a stinging strike to each thigh before standing up amid his cry of pain. She embraced him letting him feel her breasts against his chest. She let his leg move into the slit of her leather skirt. She made sure he could feel the dampness of her panties on his upper leg.
"Oh, Mistress." he purred.
"Yes, I'm quite wet, my pet," she breathed as she subtly worked her pussy against his leg.
"It feels like it, Mistress. I'd love to feel your marvelous pussy on my cock."
"I know you would. But it's not about what you would like or want. It all about what I want and need. Isn't it?" She lightly pulled down on the chain connecting the nipple clamps.
"It is, Mistress." He sucked in some air as the pain level went up.
"And you really want me to punish you, don't you."
"I do, Mistress."
"And I will," she promised. She gripped his penis. "Maybe a little pleasure before I continue." She guided it through the slit of her skirt.
"Oh, Mistress!" he exclaimed when he felt her wet panties moving over his hard cock.
"You are lucky."
"I am, Mistress. Very lucky." He enjoyed the out-of-this-world sensation of her slowly moving back and forth on his rigid member.
"Mmmmmm," she purred.
"I'd like to be inside you, Mistress."
"I'd like that, too. I'm sure I could get off very easily," she said giving him some hope.
"I'd love to serve you in that way, Mistress."
"Of course, you would." She kept moving back and forth. She sensed his increasing need. "Hold still," she ordered when he started to stroke her.
"Do I have to, Mistress?"
"Yes. Simply enjoy what I'm doing."
"I am, Mistress." He held his urge to fuck her in check. It was a difficult thing to do. "Ohhhhhh."
"Yes, you are mine."
"I am, Mistress."
Reaching down, she held his penis and in effect took control of it and him. As she held it, she worked her clit on the tip. "Yeah, that's what I need."
"I need to be inside of you, Mistress."
"I can tell." She pulled her panties aside, guided the tip between her moist lips, and once again used it to pleasure herself. "You're getting closer to what you want."
"Please, let me feel your awesome pussy sliding over my cock."
"You mean my cock, don't you?"
"Yes. It's your cock."
"It is. I own it. I own you right now."
"You do, Mistress. Please put your cock inside of you."
"Well at least cum on just the tip, Mistress. I love feeling you cum."
"I'm tempted, my pet. But with you being excited as you are, I'm afraid you would cum, too. And I don't want that."
"I won't, Mistress."
"I can't take the chance," she said maintaining absolute control.
"Ohhhhhh, Mistress," he moaned in frustration when she stepped back and he felt the coolness of the dungeon air on his wet penis.
"Maybe I'll have you make me cum later."
"I hope so, Mistress."
"I bet you do." She struck the top of his breasts with the slapper. "Do you want more weight on the nipple clamps?" she asked after he grunted.
"Yes, Mistress. I want to please you."
"You will." She lifted the chain and added more weight then slowly lowered it.
"Ow," he groaned as he felt the increase in tension.
She pressed his hard cock against his abdomen. The tip reached his navel. She tapped his exposed gonads with the slapper several times.
"Ow. Ouch. Ow," he groaned. He tensed as the pain flowed to a point behind his pubic bone.
"You have progressed nicely in your ability to take more pain," she commented.
"Yes, Mistress." He clenched his teeth as the next strike came. The pain was sharp and deep. "Ouch!"
She smiled. "Ready to serve me by proving just how much pain you can take?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Good. I'm not going to be easy on you. It's what I need. Apparently, it's what you want."
"I need it, Mistress."
She unlocked the padlock and released his wrists. She lengthened the chains connected to his collar. "I want you on your knees."
He sank to his knees. He discovered the chains had been lengthened just enough to allow him to do so.
"Inhale my scent," she ordered. Opening the slit in her skirt, she moved close enough so her scent could waft through the opening in the hood just under his nose.
"You smell wonderful, Mistress."
"You are going to eat me after I'm done with you. Think about how good I'm going to taste."
"I will, Mistress. You always taste good."
She smiled. She stepped back having successfully dangled the carrot of sex literally in front of him. "Hold you penis up for me."
"Yes, Mistress." He held his partially erect penis against his abdomen.
She moved the toe of her shoe over his exposed balls. She noticed him jump when she did. "Ready to serve me?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"After my day at work, I need a lot of stress relief," she commented as she continued to massage his balls with the toe of her shoe.
"Yes, Mistress." Hearing her and the tone of her voice, he felt fear. He also felt arousal from her control. He prepared himself to accept the pain she was going to give. He was unprepared for just how much pain she would inflict on him.
"I expect you to take a lot before I will let you satisfy me with your tongue. Understand?"
"Yes, Mistress."
She stepped back and felt an erotic sensation as she prepared to punish him take him to a new level of servitude to her. She could even smell her strong fragrant scent as her pussy became even wetter. She kicked him in the balls.
"Ouch! Damn!" he cried out as pain sizzled from his balls to a point behind his pubic bone like a strike of lightening. He dropped his penis and massaged his balls in search of some form of relief. He had never hurt like this before. He groaned.
"You can take more. I want you to take more," she told him. "Lift your penis again."
"Please, Mistress, don't do that again," he begged.
"Lift your penis, worm," she said in an icy tone.
"Yes, Mistress." Tears were streaming down as his face over the shock wave of pain. His heart was beating rapidly. He jumped when she moved the toe of heel over his tender balls. "Please don't, Mistress," he begged.
She placed her heel back on the ground letting the anticipation grow.
"Owwww!" he cried out when she kicked him again and pain exploded between his legs. "No more. No more, Mistress."
"One more then you can eat me."
"Please don't, Mistress."
"I need more, my pet. Now lift up that pathetic cock."

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