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A Summer In Chains (Diana Philbrick)

A Summer In Chains by Diana Philbrick

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    • Average 4.1 from 8 ratings

Kate is painfully shy and Megan is the definition of a rich-college-bitch. How they became friends is a mystery except for the undisputed fact that both are beautiful and that both are intensely curious about sex and submission.

When a friend suggests "Dare" for their summer vacation, they agree. "Dare" is a Caribbean resort that specializes in extreme sports including "Master / slave Training" which is conducted on a secluded part of "Dare's" private island.

At first, they are shocked and overwhelmed--the "Dare" program is far too realistic for toe-dippers like them. But after a while they toughen and begin to understand the extreme feelings that go along with submission. That is, until they encounter sailors intent on capitalizing on their "Dare" indiscretion by selling them off to a South American dope wholesaler.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 44200

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sado-Masochism (SM)

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Megan pulled her sweater over her head then quickly squirmed out of her jeans.
"C'mon, Doug, let's get started. Why are you just standing there?"
The boy took a step closer then stopped. He looked hesitant, unsure.
"What the fuck is wrong with you...?" she demanded impatiently as she shed her bra and panties. "This place is fucking great, exactly what we've been talking about."
They had driven down from Flemington College after making an internet reservation on "The Pit's" website. "An underground dungeon filled with BDSM gear...$200 for an evening...Couples Only," the ad had read. Megan had sent the money that same day.
"Are...are you...sure, Meg?" Doug asked.
She walked towards him on her toes, naked and unembarrassed. Her long blond hair was falling over her shoulders like a priestly shawl. Megan was the most beautiful girl in the school, rivaled only her friend, Kate. She was used to getting what she wanted.
"Listen to me you fucking pussy," she said, poking her finger angrily into his chest. "If you cop out on me now, you might as well crawl into a hole and pull the dirt back on top. I will make you a fucking laughing stock. The entire school, the entire Northeast will know that its star running back is a fucking pussy, that he's all talk and no cock."
There was steel in her voice; it was the kind of command tone that any policeman in the world, man or woman, would envy.
She turned and walked to the anchor hanging from a chain in the middle of the room. Her ass was making a jerking motion as she exaggerated her female walk.
"Well, lover, what do you say?"
She lifted her long leg over the point and climbed onto the metal. Once securely seated she turned her head back toward him and blinked her eyes like the caricature of a damsel in distress.
"Help me, Doug-y. I can't do this alone."
Doug shook his head then stripped off his jacket and walked to her side.
"You sure, Meg?"
She didn't answer, just leaned back showing him her amazing tits. He noticed that her nipples were hard. From experience he knew that there was no backing away one that happened.
The anchor was a traditional ship's anchor that had been modified by The Pit's owner. It had leather straps everywhere and two leather-padded shackles hanging from the spear tips at its ends.
"This thing is cool, honey," she said in a sexy voice. "C'mon, we always said we wanted to try this stuff. Now's our chance. Let's have fun. Do me...start with my feet."
Doug knelt down and lifted her bare foot up to the shackle then wrapped it around her ankle. He held it in place with his knee as he buckled it.
"Tighter, lover," she whispered. "I want to feel it holding me. I want to know that there's no escape from this thing...from you."
He looked at her with his mouth open then knelt down again and pulled the belt another two notches.
"Good. Now the other."
Doug moved to the other leg and shackled it the same way. He paused to run his hand along her smooth calf then over her thigh.
"Uh huh. That feels good, but that's for later. Do my hands now."
Obediently, Doug stood up and examined the leather straps on the shaft above her head. There were two of them, one above the other, riveted smoothly to the thick metal. Gently, he took her left wrist and held it in place inside then adjusted the belt, taking care this time to make it as tight as possible. Quickly, he grabbed the other and did the same then stepped back suddenly as if frightened.
Megan looked incredible with her legs held open and her arms raised. Her perky breasts seemed even more pointed as the flowed smoothly from her underarms, her nipples were red and harder than he had ever seen, her toes were pointed as if she was trying to make herself longer and more beautiful.
"What...what the fuck are you doing?" Megan said, unable to turn her head around far enough to see him behind. "Get on with it. I want all of these straps on me...and tight."
Doug pulled his shirt over his head and walked to her front. Megan stared at his muscled chest and shoulders, raising her eyebrows in appreciation. There was a wry grin on her face.
"You're getting into it now, aren't you, Doug? Starting to feel a little randy are we? It's the bondage. I told you, it's a turn-on. I told you."
He nodded but didn't answer, just stepped behind and put his hand between her legs, lifting her so that he could tighten the wide belt at her waist. It was actually a half-corset with three belts in the back to draw her waist in as small as possible. He pulled with all the considerable strength of his arm. She sucked in her breath, gasping for air.
"That's too tight, honey. I can hardly breathe. Loosen it up a little."
He ignored her as he examined the head gear and gag.
"I said to loosen it up," her voice had grown hard. He ignored her. "I said to loosen it, you muscle-bound freak."
He could hear the anger and the desperation in her voice as she struggled to breathe.
The Pit's owner had cut the anchor at face level and welded a steel ring between the two cut ends. Each side of the ring held a curved bar, hinged on the same side. Doug studied it. After a few seconds, he closed the bar in the back, securing it with a small clasp. It fit snugly behind her head at the back of her neck.
"Are you hard, Doug? When this is over, I'm going to give you a reward, honey, I going to blow you like no one has ever done before. Something to look forward to, right honey? ...Doug?"
Her anger had disappeared. There was now a tiny hint of...panic in her voice."
"Won't that be fun...?"
She was begging him now in her own way, pleading for him to obey, to return to their old way.
Slowly, Doug began to close the bar in the front then stopped when it touched her lips.
"I told you to..."
He pushed the bar inside when she began to talk. It pushed hard against the sides of her mouth. He closed the locking clasp and noticed that it had a screw knob for a final tightening. He turned it a few turns. Megan eyes opened wide and she began to make sounds.
Aaargh! Mmm! Pfh! Mmm!
He bent down and retrieved her underpants then pushed them tightly into her mouth and finished screwing down the clasp.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!
She tried to say something. Her eyes were wide open and she was shaking her feet wildly to the limits of the shackle's chain. It was obvious that she objected to the gag.
He cupped her full breasts, pulling them against the bare skin of his chest, rubbing her nipples against his skin. The anchor moved easily on its overhead chain. She had amazing tits, he thought. Everyone on the football team thought they were the best in the school.
He moved one to the side so he could grab the end of the tit strap then pulled hard on her nipple. Quickly, he wrapped the strap around and tightened it hard then pulled and tightened it again another notch. Megan eyes were rolling back in her head and her trembling feet were making a clattering noise with the shackle chain. He carefully pulled and strapped the other breast in place the same way. The skin was taut and had turned a dark red. Her nipples were big and hard.
He moved to the wall and tested a number of nipple clamps, deciding on a moderately tight pair.
"Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!"
"Sussh, now, Meg. You said you wanted the full experience...called me a pussy for not wanting to hurt you...threatened to out me as a weakling. I just want to please you now, to give you the Full Monte as they say."
He bent down and licked her swollen nipples with his rough tongue then clamped them while they were still wet. Her entire body shuddered, even her head, which was held rigid by the two bars, seemed to pulsate with the pain. Doug hesitated for a moment until her eyes returned. The rage in them was palpable. She was fighting him now, using every ounce of her fierce personality to convey her hatred.
This might be their last date, he thought. Well so be it, after this they would both have stories to tell.
He smiled meanly and moved to her back. There was one final strap to attach. It fell down from the center of the anchor bottom. It was only an inch wide and perforated with small holes its entire length. He could see the buckle used to belt the strap onto her waist belt, but was momentarily confused by the purpose for the holes. He looked around on the walls and spied the collection of dildos, some of them had tiny thumb screws at their base.
He smiled in understand, selected a tapered model with a flared end and rubbed it with the grease he found nearby. Kneeling behind her, he removed the thumbscrew and pushed it up against her anus.
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!
She reacted violently to the penetration but the straps held her solidly in place. He pushed harder, knowing that her sphincter would soon tire. In a few seconds it was moving smoothly into the hole. There was a pause where it flared, but once it passed that point, it settled in tightly. He pulled the bottom strap up and fit one of the holes into the screw then put on the thumbscrew and belted the strap. The strap made her already hard round ass into an object of sexual arousal.
He stood up and ran his hand along her bare shoulders and down the lines of her back. She was trembling, vibrating with pain and... was it anticipation? It didn't matter, he thought, they were committed now. He spied a riding crop on the wall and slipped the loop around his wrist. The crop felt firm and flexible. This will hurt without leaving any marks. Megan was a champion Lacrosse player and would be using the girl's gym next week.
The thought of hurting her sent a shiver of fear through his body then the lust returned. They were committed, he repeated to himself. This is what she wanted, what she had ordered.
"I found this," he said, holding the riding crop up for her to see.
Her eyes widened. Her expression alternated between rage and a plea for mercy. Doug wasn't moved by either. The sight of her young body was overwhelming; her helplessness evoked feelings in him that he had never known.
"It won't mark you too badly," he said coldly. "I know you have practice next week."
She continued to stare at him with wide, expressive eyes. ...Begging? Begging him to stop, to have pity on her. To...
No, no that wasn't it or at least that wasn't all of it. She wanted him. He could feel the heat coming off her skin; he could see the blood pumping in her nipples, her nostrils flaring. He had seen that exact same look on her face the day she had given him a blow job in the men's room; and later when she had looked up at him before bending over the toilet to offer him her ass. She had watched him later in class, licking her lips, his ejaculate still in her ass.
He began to breathe hard as he thought about those luscious lips on his cock. He looked down.
His cock was pushing against his belt, nearly protruding out of the top of his pants.
"Don't worry, I'm going to fuck you, Megan. I'm going to use every hole you've got until it's time to leave. But you're not going to come until I allow it, you hear. I want you to ask my permission every time you come or I'll put you back on this fucking anchor and make you wish you were never born."
Her eyes widened with each word, pleading in a way that only a beautiful helpless woman can plead. Doug turned the anchor and began to strike one of her cheeks. He could see the blood rising as her skin quivered in a silent scream. He seemed to know exactly when to shift to the other side of her ass, to her open thighs, to her breasts and nipples.
Her entire body was vibrating, punctuated every few moments with a shudder. It was intoxicating, addicting; the crop moved harder and faster in his hand.
He knew that he would never be able to hold back while he unstrapped her. In a flurry of movement, he unbelted and removed the dildo. Her ass was still moving in a kind of sustained pucker when he pushed his cock inside. They both exploded in an orgasm that seemed to go on and on.
After a long while, he pulled out and sat cross-legged on the ground, awestruck and humbled by the experience.
Doug kept his promise--Megan asked permission each time she came that evening. Later, on the way home, she tried but couldn't remember how many times it had been. Silently, she unzipped his pants and put her head in his lap, resting with her lips worshiping his sore cock for the entire trip.


Good First half, but the second half is just a boring story with shootings and murderers. Poor... 3 out of 5

An exceptional BDSM suspense story. I especially enjoyed the character development of the two girls. There descent in to submission and acceptance was superb. Look forward to more stories from this author. 5 out of 5 (Les)

Author Information

I enjoy submission. It opens the door to another world--one filled with extremes of sexual feeling that just don't exist anywhere else.
NYC is home, but I travel often for work writing stories about BDSM along the way.

Your feedback is important to me. Please leave a comment or write to DianaPxxx@gmail.com.


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