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Jules (Shooter3704)

Jules by Shooter3704

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The first meeting between Jack and Jules didn't go as Jack hoped. He wrote her off and went on about the business of becoming a lawyer.

Years later they met again. That meeting went a lot better. That night Jack learned that Jules was, indeed, a free spirit. He learned that Jules worked for a huge company and she provided `services` for the company's staff and friends. The services were to fuck whoever the boss wanted her to fuck.
In spite of that knowledge, Jack wanted to know more about Jules and he did learn. More than he wanted to know.

With `Jules`, Shooter has another grand interracial sex romp with plenty of black cocks for white pussies. He has found high-class people with low-class morals and hardy appetites for unusual sex. Of course there is hot group sex so hold onto your hat and get onboard.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 5 / 2018

No. words: 29100

Style: Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Part One

My name is Jack Carver and I was standing at a bar in Atlantic City watching my tiny white wife dance with some big black dude. What she was doing made dirty dancing seem tame. She was wearing a short skirt that flared when he twirled her. Anyone watching could see her tiny black thong. By her antics I could tell that things would certainly become even wilder before the night was over. I'll come back to that in a moment but first some deep background.


I first saw Julia while we were on spring break in Florida. She was a contestant in a wet tee shirt contest which she won even with some stiff competition. It was one of those places that start out with a wet tee shirt but quickly get to no tee shirt at all. Her big, firm, and obviously natural boobs on a small frame served her, and the rest of us, well.
I had seen her at school, but I didn't know her. She was liberal arts and I was all the way across campus at the law school. Two separate worlds. Once back at school I set about to change that knotty little problem. I asked around about Julia Snow.
I discovered that her friends called her Jules. I discovered she did not have a boyfriend. Well, actually she had a lot of boyfriends but no one boy was ahead of the pack. I discovered she liked sports and especially football. Most of all I discovered she hung-out at the Bluebell Pub.
I didn't have a lot of time to pub crawl, but I made a point of being at the Bluebell on Friday night. Jules Snow was there. She was there in the company of five or maybe six other guys! Jules was wearing shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks and a thin shirt that showed her large dark areola and prominent nipples.
I sipped a beer and tried to figure a way to cut her out of the herd of guys. Since they seemed to have choreographed their trips to the bar for beer and restroom to get rid of beer she was never alone. I was on the verge of giving up when I felt a hard slap on my shoulder.
"Hey, chum, why so glum?" Mickey Talent said taking the empty stool beside me. I had known Mick for well over ten years. We went to junior high and high school together. Mick was a fifth-year senior and a jock. He played varsity football and was quite good. He had offers from several pro teams and he was my first black friend.
"I have set an impossible goal for myself," I said and told him why I was there. "She's seems like she is going to be kept busy."
"Hang on," Mick said and push his considerable bulk through the crowd around Jules. He bent down and said something to her. She got up and he escorted her to where I sat.
"Jules, this is Jack Carver," he said. "Jack, this is Jules Snow. Jack is an all-around nice guy and you should be nice to him."
"Now, Mickey, you should know I'm nice to all the guys," she said smiling up at him. The top of her head came to his mid-chest. "Hello, Jack Carver," she said and gave me her hand. "It's nice to meet you."
"It is," I said. "No, I mean it's also nice to finally meet you. Can I buy you a beer?"
"Sure why not," she said and took the stool on the other side of me. I was mentally trying to remember just how much money I had when Mick said he would buy both of us a beer. I had a part-time job but I hardly ever had any money left by the next payday.
"Jack is about to finish law school," Mick said. "He'll be a damned good lawyer because as long as I've known him he ain't ever lost an argument."
"A lawyer," Jules said. "That's great, Jack. You finish this year?"
"Yes, I'm about to take my finals," I said. "Then all I have to do is pass the bar and then maybe I can make some real money."
"Do you have a job lined-up?" she asked giving me a much closer look.
"Yes, I will take a position with Grant, Wilson, and Bush right here in the city," I said. "I can work as a graduate until I take the bar exam later this spring. Maybe later I can find a position as a prosecutor. That's my dream job."
"I've heard the bar exam is hard," she said.
"It is and that's why I want to take it as quickly as I can while all that crap is still fresh in my mind," I said. "Would you like to maybe get coffee or...something sometime?"
"I would love it," she said and acted as though she meant it. She took a ballpoint from my shirt pocket and wrote her number on my hand. "Now I better get back to my table. Call me, Jack Carver."
"So, my old buddy has the hots for Jules Snow," Mick said moving down closer to my stool. "You need to be careful, boy."
"Why is that?" I asked him.
"Jules has a lot of experience," Mick said. "And I do mean a lot. I think everybody on the football team has fucked her at least once."
"You included?"
"Oh hell yeah," he said and laughed. "More than a few times by myself and several times as part of a team effort. That gal loves to fuck. Hell, Jack, she's a whore and that's what you do with whores." I thanked Mick, went home and washed the number from my hand.


I finished law school, went to work for the firm, and in the course of time I took the bar exam and passed. I worked for the firm for two years and hardly had to work to draw a great salary but there was very little advancement opportunity.
I am by nature a thrifty person and I saved most of my salary. I lived with a roommate at first out of necessity and later out of habit.
During my third year things began to change. Some of the older associate attorneys retired and I was promoted. My roommate moved out and most important I met Jules Snow again.
I noticed several things during that meeting. Her hair was shorter and no longer blonde. It was a dark red. As far as I could tell she had not changed except that her hair. She was still short, beautiful, and friendly.
The firm of Grant, Wilson, and Bush hosted a client reception early that spring. Jules came with Arnold Spivey who was the client. Arnold was filthy rich with his family's old money. By old money I mean they had the first dollar they ever had. I suppose that is why rich people are rich. They do not ever spend the principal. They add to it.
"You never called, Jack Carver," A woman's voice said behind me. I turned to see the beautiful smiling face of Jules Snow.
"Hello Julia Snow," I said pleased that I didn't stammer. I wasn't surprised because I saw her and Arnold arrive. I made a point of staying on the other side of the room. "You look as good or better than the last time I saw you."
"Thank you," she said. "You look better," she said eying me carefully. "More polished and definitely better dressed." That was right. I now wore suits and silk ties not the jeans and holey shirts that had been my school attire.
"Jules, there is someone I want you to meet," Arnold Spivey said arriving and taking her arm possessively.
"Go away, Arnold," she said coolly. "I'm busy talking to an old friend.
"Boyfriend?" I asked as Arnold went away sulking like a child.
"Not exactly," she said. "Buy me a drink and I'll tell you everything."
"The drinks are free," I told her.
"In that case, I'll buy you a drink," she said and laughed. I took her to the improvised bar and got us each a glass of champagne.
"So, are you Mrs. Arnold Spivey?" I asked when we were alone in the crowd.
"No, but if his family gets their way, I will be. Arnold is as queer as a three-dollar bill and the family ain't happy about it. They want him to have a wife to look normal."
"He's still in the closet then?"
"Oh hell yes," she said. "He knows his family will disown him if he comes out. He's a dummy but he's smart enough to know what's good for him. His sexual preference will not keep him in expensive cars and cashmere."
"Sounds like it could be a good deal," I said.
"It would be a great deal for some woman who didn't like sex," she said. "That wouldn't be me. I do not hear wedding bells. So how come you never called me?" I told her I got busy with finals and it sounded lame even to me.
"Okay, I'll buy that," she said. "Speaking of people who talk too much, have you heard from Mickey Talent lately?"
"No, he went out to the west coast to play ball and I lost contact with him. There were some rumors that he got into trouble."
"Not rumors," she said. "Don't you read the sports page? He got busted for selling coke and they fired his ass. He got sentenced to five years but released early. He's back in town."
"I did not know that," I said. "What's he doing these days?"
"That I don't know," she answered. "You want to get out of this stuffy place and go get a beer?"
I checked to make sure that at least some of the senior partners saw me before we left. I did notice that Arnold saw us leave and he did not look happy. Pissing off a rich client is not a good career move but fuck him if he can't take a joke.
"Mickey told you I was an easy lay and you got spooked," she said once we had a pitcher of beer on the table between us. "That's why you never called, isn't it?"
"Yes," I said deciding to be honest. "I was pretty naive back then. What I thought was morality was actually stupidity. I'm sorry I didn't call. Was Mick telling me the truth?"
"I don't know what he said but it probably was." she said with a smile. "I was pretty wild back then."
"Tame now?"
"No, I wouldn't say tame. Maybe under better control would be a better way to put it," she said and laughed. "Let's drink the rest of this beer and get on with it, Jack. Your place or mine?"
"I'm only five blocks away," I quickly offered. We drank the beer hurriedly and left. I flagged a cab and ten minutes later we were walking into my apartment.
After the last promotion I upgraded to a nicer apartment and I was happy I had cleaned and put the dirty clothes away.
"Very nice, Jack," Jules said looking around my place. "You seem to be doing okay."
"I'm getting by," I modestly said.
"You got a bedroom with a bed in it?" she asked.
"I do," I assured her. "Right through there." I was talking to her back so I hurried to catch-up with her.
"Hurry and get undressed," Jules said. "I've waited on you for three years and I'm not waiting any longer."
I was almost positive she had not waited but it was a nice thing to say. I started stripping and she beat me hands down. I stopped with my underwear at my knees to look at her naked body.
I had forgotten just how nice her breasts were. I know from my limited experience most women have one larger than the other but as far as I could tell, Jules's were the exact same size. Her areola and nipples were the same as I remembered from the wet tee shirt contest. Both large but now it seemed that her nipples actually moved as they got stiff.
"That is a nice cock, Jack," she said. "Come over here and let me taste it." In my haste I nearly fell because I forgot my shorts were not completely off.
She took my cock in her hand and went to her knees. Clearly it was not her first time sucking a cock. Man, she was good and I was afraid I would shoot-off in her mouth. Not, mind you, I have a big problem with cuming in a woman's mouth, but I had to have some of that hairless pussy. I finally managed to get my dick out of her mouth and her onto the bed.
I have what I've claimed in the past a seven inch dick. In actuality it's a bit over six and a half inches long but rather thick. I've never had any complaints.
"That's it, Jack!" Jules said pointing my dick at her pussy. "Put it in and fuck me, baby! Let me have some meat!" I rammed all my cock in her and she began to buck so hard she nearly threw me.
Trying to describe fucking Jules is like describing the Grand Canyon. You have to see if for yourself to understand the beauty. It was something like riding a rollercoaster while your dick was in a warm, almost hot, fur mitten. No, that didn't describe it either. Fucking Jules was indescribable.
Sex with Jules was also exhausting. Until that night my record was three times in one night. Jules made me go five times before she allowed me some rest.
Jules was not a bit shy. She knew what she wanted and told me. She got on her knees and demanded I fuck her ass. I used my cum and her fluids as lube and I poured the meat to her ass. Damned if she didn't have an orgasm from that.
It was so easy to make her cum. I gently bit her nipple and she climaxed. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she climaxed. Once she had an orgasm just from me kissing her. She was like an active volcano ready to erupt.
"You better stay here tonight," I said after fuck number five. "It's nearly three o'clock and you'll have trouble getting a cab."
"Okay," she replied sleepily. "I'll wake you up with a blow-job." Damned if that wasn't exactly what she did.
I would have bet a lot of money I didn't have a hard-on left in me for at least three days. I was wrong because I began to get hard when her hot mouth enveloped my dick. Waking up like that is a great way to wake up. It was Saturday morning and I didn't have to wake up that early but I was happy to do so.
I patted her head after she polished my knob for about ten minutes. I told her I was about to cum.
"That's okay. Cum for me baby," she said taking her mouth off of my cock. "Fill my mouth with your jizz. I want to taste you." She took all my cock all the way to my balls. I shot-off a moment later and she swallowed every drop and went back down on my cock. She drank every drop of my cum.
"Ahhh, that was delicious," she said pulling back from me. "I love the taste of cum. Well, all except Asians. Most of their cum has a fishy taste."
"I thought it all tasted the same," I said. Actually I had no idea and hadn't even considered it.
"Oh no," she said. "You've heard the expression, you are what you eat? Your cum tastes like your primary diet. Vegetarian's cum is almost tasteless. Your cum was good and had a hint of mushrooms. You eat a lot of pork, don't you?"
I hadn't thought about it but I do eat a lot of pork. Bacon, sausage, ham, pork chops, and you name it and I'll eat it. Everything but guts or brains. That's gross.
We got up and both got into my small shower. That's something else that's nice. We got clean, got dirty and got clean again.
By the time we were drying I was starved. I was too hungry to take the time to fix something so I suggested we go down the block to a nice restaurant and have brunch.
"Okay, but I'll need to leave right after," she said glancing at her watch. "I have to meet Arnold at one o'clock and I want one more hot fuck before I go."
We both ate a lot but we ate it fast. Jules hadn't put a bra on and her inch-long nipples were driving me crazy.
I got her a taxi and she left me at fifteen minutes until one o'clock. Before she left I asked if I would see her again.
"What about your girlfriend?" she asked. I told her I didn't have a girlfriend. That was a half-truth. I had been seeing a lady but I would drop her in a heartbeat to be with Jules. "Well, in that case, I'll see you tonight. Arnold and I are having tea with his parents. To them tea is a seven course meal but I'll be finished with the Spivey clan by seven. Dinner later?"

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