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Caroline (Kay Nyne)

Caroline by Kay Nyne


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Stay at home mom Caroline is frustrated, her husband is far away on contract & she has no-one to talk to. But her loneliness is nothing compared to the sexual frustration that stalks her. A reformed slut, she battles constantly with her lustful urges, & so far she is winning... until a fluke accident puts temptation in her path. Can she resist? Or is it true that a leopard can't change its spots?

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 05 / 2018

No. words: 3815

Style: Steamy and Sexy Stories, Erotic Romance

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


She felt more like a single mother than a married woman, for Caroline life wasn't turning out to be anything like she'd expected.
She was comfortable, that was very true. The house that Conrad her husband had rented for her was cosy enough, it was private and despite being set in a location far more rural than she was accustomed to it had every convenience she could ever want.
And how can I possibly be lonely? She shook her head as she repeated the words she had heard spoken during a long distance call to Rio.
Of course she was lonely, her three year old baby may have been another human presence in the house but little Jennifer certainly couldn't be described as company. Caroline craved someone to share a bottle of wine with, someone to give her the gossip… to offer conversation that didn't involve the words pee-pee or poop!
And it wasn't just conversation that Caroline craved, but that was a subject that she refused to dwell on, because lack of discourse could be cured if she invited any of her old friends to stay… but lack of intercourse was a whole different ball game, and that involved a husband half way into a twelve month contract far away on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
“Take a lover!” had been one suggestion from Helen her best friend since junior school. “Because think about it sensibly babes… do you honestly think that Conrad is keeping it in his pants. All those hot chicks on Copacabana Beach, and him, far from home and horny?”
Caroline had refused to even consider the possibility, because it isn't a possibility she told herself, she knew her husband, he was the last person to be running around with exotic women on foreign beaches. Staid and sensible, he was a serious man who concentrated solely on work and family.
And me? Caroline would be the first to admit that sensible and serious weren't words that sat well with her character. She tried to be refined, and most of the time she managed to pull off the illusion. But secretly she could admit that she found sensible to be a tough act to fake at times, especially after a few drinks, those were the times when the old Caroline would struggle back to the surface and taunt her.
Turning eighteen had been a landmark for the pretty brunette, because up until that point she had aggressively defended her virginity while all those around her had crumbled well prior to that magical figure where everything fun suddenly became legal or acceptable. And perceived adulthood had opened her mind, and her legs, she had relaxed her moral code and invited real life experiences… and after that first taste she realised that life could be good… very good.
I was a slut she often admitted, but it wasn't any form of rebuke that she gave herself, because she'd loved being a slut, it had been fun, and as far as she was concerned her promiscuity had been a good thing. Because unlike some virgin bride who has only ever known her husband I will never feel the temptation to stray, I can't say I want to try something different just to compare… because I already tried everything there is on offer, white and black, (and several shades in between), long and thin, short and thick. And she had even dabbled with a couple of her girlfriends, two girls and one guy, girl on girl… no, Caroline knew that there was nothing she hadn't sampled, so the potential for temptation was pretty remote.
But even if I refuse to cheat it still doesn't stop me from being horny… and in all honesty, fingers and vegetables really don't scratch the itch. And to make matters worse Conrad still had ninety days left of the current rotation, so his frustrated yet faithful wife faced another three, very horny months before she could drag him into their bed… and literally fuck his brains out.

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