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Families Enslaved by the Sultan - Part 2 (W.L. Dowd)

Families Enslaved by the Sultan - Part 2 by W.L. Dowd

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    • Average 4.8 from 9 ratings

In Part 2 of Families Enslaved by the Sultan, the fates of two hapless families who were unjustly persecuted and enslaved by the Talistaun, picks up right where Part 1 left off. Serving their cruelly harsh sentences for ‘treason’ against the ruthless regime, Ken, Joseph and their beautiful families are deep in the throes of their egregious enslavements!

Sentenced to 15-years at the breeding barn, Ken’s gorgeous wife, Carrie, is about to give birth to their child at the barn, while Ken continues to toil seven days a week at the Ranch as a laborer assigned to build and maintain the Sultan’s new milking barn. Broken and defeated, Ken labors 14-hours a day in the service of the barn and rarely has time anymore to think about his wife, virgin daughter Kara or his son Daniel.

Thankful that he was not made to serve his 20-year sentence as a pony-slave like his business partner Joseph and his lovely wife Gloria, Ken has learned how to make the best of his humiliating situation. Having succumbed to his new life as a horny indentured slave, he’s managed to find pleasure and relief in unexpected ways. Completely unaware of his wife and daughter’s unfolding fates elsewhere, Ken is about to get the surprise of his life when the next delivery of milking slaves arrive!

Meanwhile, Joseph and his wife Gloria have been trained and transformed into remarkable pony-slaves in compliance with their 20-year sentences. Tightly harnessed and fully adorned with their humiliating pony gear and accoutrements, the bridled and degraded couple have been caged side-by-side, but not permitted any physical contact. Helplessly, horny and kept apart from one another, they find themselves desperate for whatever sexual relief they can manage to get.

Driven by an insatiable sexual drive, the desperately horny couples soon find themselves active participants in a scheme that has them eagerly and openly engaging in torrid sex with the other’s spouse. Kept bound and emotionally off balance, they are left to watch their lusting spouses labor feverously to climax without them.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 50000

Style: Bondage/BDSM Thrillers, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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While focusing on their short strides, as their large swaying breasts challenged their balance with each step, they spotted an old military style helicopter some 30-yards away. Slowly moving toward the waiting craft, they could see the pilot sitting at the controls and adjusting switches in preparation for departure. Unable to ignore the incredible fullness in their aching globes as they stared at the chopper’s side door, the finality of their enslavement as milkers was becoming all too real.
Arriving at the aircraft, one of the keepers reached out for the handle on the door and opened it. Sliding open and coming to a stop with a thud; what they spotted inside the aircraft stunned them. Taken aback by what they saw… their wide eyes were staring at a familiar figure!
It was Shahreen… already inside the chopper and affixed to one of the jump seats directly before them. Naked, collared, bound, and gagged just as they were, Carrie and Kara weren’t sure what to make of this. Shahreen’s wild green eyes were darting frantically between Carrie and Kara as she panted heavily through her flaring nostrils.
Glancing down at Shahreen’s exceptionally large and swollen breasts, which were straining against the arm-binder’s brown leather straps that encircled them, it was obvious that the adorable young woman was also in big trouble. Twisting anxiously against her tight bonds, the beautiful 21-yr. old Talistaun woman was clearly an unwilling passenger.
Adorned with her smooth, flawless caramel colored skin and sexy figure, she was clearly very upset, and for good reason. There was no mistaking the effects of the hormone on the lovely young woman’s large, swollen breasts and extended dark brown nipples.
“We’ll be arriving at our destination soon. Once we land at the Ranch, the three of you will be immediately delivered to the milking barn. It’s a brand-new facility, so you three will be part of the inaugural group of twenty currently assigned to it.”
Again taking a moment to caress Carrie’s soft hair, she continued, “You inaugural milkers will be the first to experience the upgraded milking machines. I believe you’ll find the new and improved nipple stimulators and milk collectors a very, ahhhhhh, let’s say, intriguing experience…”
Gently caressing Carrie’s inner thigh now, the keeper went on, “Can you smell that…”
Taking a long deep breath, the keeper continued, “Mmmmmm, the scent of a woman’s excitement; it’s a scent that can’t be artificially created. Can you smell it, sweetie?”
Unfortunately, she could… and so could Kara and Shahreen. The combined scent of the three of them was unmistakable in the relatively small cabin.
“Come on now, sweetie; don’t tell me you can’t smell that delightful aroma!”
Realizing an answer was expected; Carrie sobbed slightly as she nodded her head in agreement.
“And what about you two; can you smell your own alluring aroma?”
Meekly nodding their heads in agreement too, Kara and Shahreen were still too dazed by all that was happening to them to be overly concerned with the scent of their highly stimulated pussies.
“Good… because it will soon become a very familiar and regular experience for you milkers. You see, the Talistaun have discovered that when a woman is kept sexually stimulated for at least 10-hours during her milk regeneration cycle, and kept in a near state of climax while being milked, she will produce 20% more milk on average.”
Appearing confused as they attempted to make sense of what they just heard, the keeper chimed in again. “It’s really quite simple, milkers… we keep you very horny, then we make you want to orgasm on the machines, and production rises. Higher production means higher revenue for the Sultan; and the Sultan loves revenue!”
“Milkers, your chariots await!” exclaimed the lead keeper.
As their eyes adjusted, Carrie, Kara and Shahreen couldn’t believe what they were seeing about 20-yards away. Lined up in a straight line on the hardscape path that led to a Ranch in the distance, there were three, two wheeled, carts or buggies, like those typically pulled by horses. However, these two-passenger carts were affixed to people… people who were made-up to look and perform like ponies or horses!
Each single axel cart was equipped with two pony-slaves affixed between the cart’s long handles. Lined up one before the other, the lead slaves were female while the larger muscular male slaves stood right behind them. Adorned with elaborate bit and bridle sets with long leather reins draping from the rings on their bits, the human ponies were also decorated with flowing manes of colorful feathers from atop their heads. Encased in tall collars and leather body harnesses that ensured their most intimate assets were on full display, their remarkable bodies were glistening under the afternoon’s hot glaring sun.
Wearing black leather boots that were laced tightly around their feet and ankles… it was obvious that the sturdy footwear were no ordinary boots. While the women’s boots had wide, 2-inch tall heels, the men’s boots had 1-inch tall heels. What the milkers’ didn’t understand yet was that the wide sturdy soles on the boots were actually shaped like horseshoes. Under the heels and beneath the toes of the boots, the hard rubber horseshoe shaped soles allowed for superior grip in gassy or sandy surfaces, while also helping them to sound like actual clopping horses as they walked.
Still stunned and oddly mesmerized by the sight of the pony-slaves with their wrist cuffs and body harnesses affixed to the cart’s long handles as they stood ready to pull; Carrie, Kara and Shahreen soon spotted the long matching tails that seemed to flow from their backsides. With their ass cheeks fully exposed, it was obvious from their awkward looking stances that the long tails were inserted into their assholes. Dangling freely from u-shaped anal plug devices, the flowing tails looked unexpectedly realistic as they hung over below their firm rounded asses. But it was the sight of the nipple rings with small dangling bells on the pony-slaves, except for the one female slave who was leading the front cart, which made them quiver. With five out of the six pony-slaves equipped with bells dangling freely from nipple rings, it was evident how meticulously the pony-slaves had been prepared for their service at the Ranch.
Whether it was the women’s smooth naked pussies and impressive jutting tits with their plump erect nipples pointing the way, or the men’s tightly cinched and swollen manhoods in full view, the pony-slaves’ humiliating subjugations were absolute.
Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Carrie’s attention to be focused on the first cart in line. To her utter disbelief, she recognized the two pony-slaves attached to the cart, and the naked man holding their reins… Standing in front of the first transport cart was Gloria, followed by Joseph! But it was the figure holding their reins that made her heart pound wildly in her chest. With her knees beginning to grow weak as her ankles wobbled atop her high heels, she was horrified to see it was her husband, Ken!
Within seconds, she heard Kara beginning to whimper and moan into her ball-gag. It quickly became evident that Kara had also spotted her own father holding Gloria’s and Joseph’s reins. Clad in only his tall collar, leather wristbands, ankle cuffs and moccasins, Ken stood before the women in all his glory with nothing left to the imagination. Showing the full effects of his many weeks of hard labor, training, rigorous exercise and strict diet, they might not have recognized him if his face had been covered.
Carrie had never seen Ken in such remarkable physical shape. From his broad firm shoulders to his muscular legs, his sculpted and tanned body was a spectacular sight. With his impressively large manhood projecting outward from beneath his flat and muscle-ribbed stomach, he looked like a model. His cock and balls were cinched snugly in a black rawhide cord, with the two long ends pulled up and around his manly hips and tied-off at the small of his back. Appearing to be a rather common accoutrement for the men, it was a very effective tool to keep their manhoods enlarged and on display.
Overwhelmed by the shock and then horror of seeing wife and daughter walking toward him, his wide eyes began to scan their tightly bound, gagged and harnessed bodies as their unexpectedly large breasts bobbled about with each step atop their sexy high-heels. Still staring in disbelief, his brain was struggling to acknowledge what he was seeing. He had taken part in the delivery of a dozen or so milkers to date, but the sight of Carrie and Kara was so shocking and demoralizing that he thought he was going to hurl.
While highly concerned by the realization that his gorgeous wife was no longer pregnant… he also couldn’t help but marvel at her amazing figure. Taken aback by her incredibly fit and sexy appearance, he felt ashamed to be so enamored by the vision of her cruelly enslaved appearance. However… it was the sight of his bound and naked daughter that quickly brought tears to his eyes. Devastated by the sight of Kara’s young, sexy body encased in the tall white collar, white leather cuffs, white body harness and large white ball-gag, Ken was shaking his head in surreal disbelief as the two of them stepped closer.
As the three cruelly bound and harnessed women drew closer, Ken finally recognized Shahreen as the third slave in tow. Unsure what could have happened to land her at the Ranch… it was the sudden realization of their collective fates that made Ken mumble, “No… No… No… please… not them.”
Still shaking his head in disbelief, the look of their swollen breasts and their long fat nipples was now a familiar sight for Ken. He immediately recognized the effects of the milker’s hormone on all three of them! Since the opening of the new milking barn some three weeks ago, Ken had been responsible for the delivery of several helpless women to the new facility to serve as milkers for the Sultan. After spending the first several weeks of his enslavement as a laborer to complete the barn, he found his new role almost merciful. In fact, Ken was finding his role as the barn’s enslaved caretaker a far more desirable fate than that of most others incarcerated at the Ranch.
Still dumbfounded by the startling sight of his wife and daughter, Ken couldn’t help but notice Kara’s wide eyes as they scanned his body and fully erect manhood. Unfortunately, Ken understood all the effects of the hormone injections on the women, and that was beginning to mortify him. Kara was the fourth virgin to arrive at the barn so far. Just last week, Ken had received a mother and her twin virgin daughters. He had seen firsthand how the virgins struggled to adapt to their lactating mammaries while dealing with the intense sexual fires that tormented them daily. Unfortunately, he had no reason to believe that Kara would fare any differently than the others.
Finally arriving within just several feet of Ken, Gloria and Joseph, the keepers holding Carrie and Kara’s leashes came to a stop, held them out for Ken to take and paused before saying, “Come on slave, what are you waiting for! You know your job! Assist these lovely milkers onto their cart.”
“Y-Yes M-Ma’am,” Ken responded as he took hold of Carrie’s and Kara’s leashes.
Wide-eyed and emotionally numb, he gently pulled the whimpering milkers closer to the cart. Next, he reached for a stool inside the cart and then placed it on the ground alongside it.
Taking Carrie by her arm-binder now, he spoke softly, “Carrie, sweetie, use the stool to step into the cart. Take your t-time, and I’ll help you.”
Watching as Carrie struggled to obey; he could now see the full extent of her anxiety. After carefully steadying her on the stool, he gently prompted her to step into the cart and onto the bench seat on the mostly open-air cart.
“Now, you need to slide over some, sweetie… Kara needs room t-too,” he quipped with a broken voice.
From the cart, Carrie could hear Joseph’s bells ringing gently as he and Gloria adjusted their stances to account for her shifting weight on the seat.
Next, he turned to prompt Kara onto the cart. Seeing the wild look of disbelief in the teenager’s eyes, Ken did his best to maintain his composure as he continued with his duties. Carefully prompting his daughter by her leash toward the stool, he quipped very softly, “Sweetie, use the stool… I won’t let you fall.”
With her eyes darting about to take in all the mind-numbing sights around her, she was puzzled by the way she found Gloria and Joseph’s situation strangely intriguing. She had been in the courtroom when the Magistrate read their humiliating sentences aloud, but until that moment she had no idea how magnificently they would be made-up and exhibited in their service as pony-slaves.
Once Kara had both of her feet on the stool, Ken grasped her by the waist and said, “That’s good, baby. Now step in and sit next to your mother.”
Again, the buggy began to sway as Kara sat on the seat and slid into place. Once Gloria and Joseph adjusted to the shifting weight on the cart’s seat behind them, the single axel buggy steadied once again.
With the girls’ keepers standing close by as they watched him perform his duties, Ken then stepped behind the cart to perform his next task. It was his responsibility to secure the milkers to the buggy, so that they would not fall out if the pony-slaves were to trip or stumble while in route. The milkers were considered precious cargo and needed to be safeguarded.
Standing directly behind Carrie, he leaned in close to her and said, “Honey, you need to lean back further for me. I-I need to secure your collar to the bar behind you… just in case the pony-slaves have an incident.”
Beginning to pant through her nostrils as she reluctantly pressed her bound arms even tighter against the buggy’s backrest, she felt Ken slip a finger into a D-ring on the back of her collar. Next, she heard him whimper into her ear, “I’m sorry, sweetie. I-I’m so sorry,” as he pulled gently on her collar in order to attach the bar’s waiting clasp to her collar.
Gasping as her neck and head were pulled back firmly by her collar, her harnessed jutting breasts projected up and out even further as she rolled back. As uncomfortable as she might have felt on the seat now, it was the thought of the impending ride that caused her the most concern. She could only imagine what the bumpy ride was going to feel like on their harnessed and bloated boobs.
Running his hand along each side of Carrie’s head and through her soft brown hair, he again spoke very softly, “I-I don’t have a-a choice, honey, I don’t.”
Realizing Ken was about to slide over to Kara, she turned her head the best she could to look over to the teenager, only to find her staring back at her in stunned disbelief. It was obvious by the look in Kara’s eyes that she could see her mother’s discomfort… not only by the way her body was pinned back within the buggy, but by the way her sensitive swollen breasts were currently displayed.
From her helpless position, Carrie watched as Ken gently pushed Kara’s head around so that she was facing forward. Next, she heard Ken say, “Relax baby… D-Don’t fight it when I-I pull your h-head back.”
Sitting helplessly, she watched Kara’s head being pulled back as her bound arms pressed tightly against the seat’s back. And in exactly the same way as her own, Kara’s large harnessed globes rose upward too.
“P-Please… just r-relax for me, s-sweetie. N-Not much more,” he whimpered as he pulled on Kara’s forehead just a bit further, until he was able to attach the waiting clasp to the ring on the back of her collar.
Hearing some commotion and moaning behind them, Carrie and Kara assumed Shahreen was also being affixed to her cart, just like they were to theirs.
“Slave,” one of the keepers called out, “we don’t want these milkers’ tits dripping onto the buggy’s upholstered seat. Do you think you should put the clothespins on their nipples for the ride to the barn?”
Hearing that comment by the keeper, Carrie and Kara both began to react rather viscerally. Groaning and whimpering as they strained against their collars, it was obvious how they felt about having clothespins placed on their overly sensitive and weeping nipples.
Shaking his head vehemently, Ken began to plead, “No… No… No, please… Th-they’re not dripping, M-Ma’am. They w-won’t mess up the buggy, Ma’am.”
Moving closer to inspect Carrie’s and Kara’s long fat nipples, the keeper reached out to Kara’s right breast, slipped a fingertip across her erect nipple to collect the tiny droplets that clung to her nub, and said, “Well… I suppose they’ll be okay,” as she licked the small amount of sweet nectar from her fingertip.
Almost immediately after that, they heard one of the other keepers call out, “Slave… over here! This one definitely requires the clothespins. She already has two puddles forming.”
Taking full advantage of the opportunity to move away from his wife and daughter, Ken quickly stepped back to the next cart in line.
Holding out her hand with a pair of rubber tipped clothespins in her palm, the keeper said, “Here slave, I think you’re looking for these.”
“Thank you, Ma’am. I can take it from here.”
Almost immediately, Shahreen begin to panic. Jerking wildly at her collar that was affixed to the bar behind her head, she was attempting to plead with Ken from behind her gag.
Listening to all the commotion behind them, Carrie and Kara sat quietly as they heard Shahreen’s garbled protests suddenly turn to a steady squeal. At that moment, Carrie and Kara knew that Ken had just placed the clothespins on Shahreen’s long, rich brown, dripping nipples.
Snorting through her nose now, Shahreen’s wild eyes were focused on the cruel clothespins clamped tightly onto her buds.
“Slave, prepare to bring us to the milking barn!” called out one of the keepers.
“Yes, Ma’am,” he replied as he made his way back to the lead buggy, where Gloria and Joseph appeared ready to go.
Once one of the keepers joined Shahreen in her cart, the other two climbed into the third cart together as the keeper called out, “Let’s go, slave!”
Taking a moment to scan his beautiful naked wife and daughter who sat uncomfortably bound, gagged and readied as indentured milkers, Ken took hold of Gloria’s and Joseph’s reins, turned to lead them down the path and called out, “Giddy-up pony-slaves, let’s go!”
(Later, inside the barn)
“Did you not hear your marching orders, Milker? Start licking her pussy!”
Realizing she had no choice but to comply, Shahreen’s resistance was light as the keeper pushed her face forward a bit more. As her face got closer to Carrie’s sex, the heat and scent of her excited womanhood was immediately evident. Starting to accept the inevitable, Shahreen reluctantly opened her mouth and extended her tongue as her lips made contact with Carrie’s moist slit.
Captivated by the sight of Shahreen’s head between her legs, the vision was both troubling and exhilarating for Carrie. Having learned to accept the oral attentions of another woman while at the breeding barn; it wasn’t at all difficult for Carrie to welcome the pleasure she was about to receive. And when she felt Shahreen’s soft tongue slip deeper between her lips, she groaned blissfully in response.
“Ohhhhhh yeah… That’s it sweetie… Ohh yeah… use that tongue… Find my c-clit, find it…”
With her stomach doing flips, Shahreen knew exactly where Carrie’s clit would be hiding. Ready to do whatever it took to get her task over with as quickly as possible, she pressed her mouth tighter to Carrie’s sex and quickly found her erect climax button.
Gasping and shivering in response to Shahreen’s probing tongue, Carrie’s eyes shifted back to her husband and Gloria. That’s when she spotted Ken rhythmically slipping his cock in-and-out of Gloria’s mouth while staring back at her and the back of Shahreen’s head. Caught up together in the shocking sight of each other’s apparent pleasure, it was a surreal experience of mutual gratification for the married couple. In the most bizarre and inconceivable way possible, the captive couple felt as if they were once again being intimate together, even if it was by proxy.
At the expense of the two slaves servicing their impetuous lust, Ken and Carrie were rapidly ascending to a state of sexual euphoria. Seeing a look of intensity in Ken’s eye’s like she hadn’t seen since they lived free, she wasn’t surprised when she saw Ken withdraw his raging cock from Gloria’s mouth and quickly make his way behind the tightly bound pony-slave bent over the rail.
Adjusting to the sudden vacancy in her throat, Gloria began to plead, “Ohhh yeah…. Ohhh please… fuck me, please fuck me!”
From her advantageous angle, Carrie watched her husband – with his arms still fastened behind his back – position himself behind Gloria and begin to poke at her vulnerable backside until the tip of his impressive spear found its target. Intently watching Ken, with his head down and shifting about to get the perfect angle of attack, Carrie felt an unexpected sense of joy for her husband when she saw him part Gloria’s labia lips with his crown and slowly enter her womanly entrance.
While no longer able to see Ken’s face, she did have a perfect view of his firm ass and ribbed cock as it made its way into Gloria. Seemingly fascinated by the way Ken’s bound arms strained against his cuffs as he pressed forward, her own sexual excitement continued to build as she watched him slide his nerve-rich man-pole deeper and deeper into the helpless pony-slave.
“Ohhhhhh my god,” escaped in a gasp from Carrie as she saw his flat pelvis come to rest against Gloria’s ass cheeks.
And when she saw Ken begin to pump his pleasure shaft in-and-out of Gloria’s womanly entrance, Carrie rocked her hips forward, exhaled sharply and whimpered, “Suck my clit, suck on it, pleeeease!”
Attempting to grind her pussy onto Shahreen’s mouth, Carrie nearly came unglued when Shahreen fully surrendered to her humiliating assignment and found her aching clit.
Finally able to get past the fact that she was orally pleasuring her boyfriend’s mother… she pulled Carrie’s hard clit into her mouth with her firm tongue and began to suck and massage the excited woman’s sensitive orgasm tool. Feeling her own libido flaming to life, Shahreen was overcome with the apparent success of her task. Confounded by how enticing and oddly sensual she found the taste of Carrie’s feminine juices, she was dumbfounded by the sense of pride she was feeling in her success as it washed over her own tingling body.
No longer able to see his wife who was behind him now, the mental image of Shahreen on her knees between Carrie’s spread legs was very powerful. That, and the faint sounds of her moaning cries of pleasure in the distance, Ken could feel his own lust elevate a couple of notches. Knowing how difficult the Talistaun’s chemical concoctions made it for any of the slaves to actually cum, he hoped the vision of his beautiful wife’s surrender to Shahreen’s lesbian advances would give him the extra incentive he needed.
Nearly panting now as she rocked her pelvis up-and-down over Shahreen’s mouth, Carrie could feel herself slowly approaching her boiling point as she saw Ken getting more and more worked up. Watching him thrust his hard cock in-and-out of Gloria with greater force and speed was becoming overwhelming. He had broken into a light sweat as his entire body strained to fuck the helpless woman bent over the rail. Fixated on her husband’s muscular frame as he pounded away at Gloria, Carrie was so turned on that she thought she was going to lose her mind.
With Ken and Carrie now stalled at the very edge of sexual release, their desperation was becoming more and more evident. Understanding the cruel effects of the Talistaun’s torturous hormones that they received upon their captures, Ken was doing his best to visualize Carrie and Shahreen as he looked down over Gloria’s bound and glistening body. It was the perfect storm of stimuli… if only he could harness it!
Feeling Ken’s cock pulsating wildly inside her, Gloria could tell he was close. Finding herself similarly frustrated, she desperately wanted to feel his cock explode in her tight canal. She knew it would take the explosive release of his slippery semen to take her over the edge. To feel her clit gliding over his throbbing shaft was incredibly intense, but that alone wasn’t enough…
Sensing Ken’s imminent release, Gloria called out, “F-Fuck me, Ken… Fuck m-me harder!”
Hearing Gloria begging for his cock while his wife looked on, Ken was about to reach the final ecstasy of release. His entire body then appeared to contract in a big cramp as his lungs froze. Looking as if his head was about to explode, Ken’s cock finally erupted as he screamed, “FUUUUCK, I’mmmmmm cuuuuuuuming!”
Suddenly feeling Ken’s pulsating cock expel its thick hot prize, Gloria’s bound and taut body began to quake and groan loudly as she too finally succumbed to her lust.
“Ohhh-my-god, YES… Ohh-my-god,” escaped from Gloria’s convulsing body as she and Ken climaxed simultaneously in an experience more intense than at any other time at the barn.
Mesmerized by the sight of Ken injecting his last few salvos of seed into Gloria, Carrie wanted to cum so badly herself, but she just couldn’t quite do it. Frustrated by her inability to climax as Shahreen continued to work dutifully between her legs, Carrie began to whimper with disappointment when she saw Ken withdraw his cum streaked cock from Gloria’s womb.
Still gazing across to his wife through the bars of his cell, Ken became uneasy when he saw the keeper lead Carrie to an opening in the rails that separated the track from the resting bunks. Watching in dismay as the keeper pulled Carrie toward his cell; Ken feared the worst. He knew the depths of the Talistaun’s cruelty, and that made him extremely anxious as Carrie stepped closer.
Standing right outside the cell now, Ken’s fears were realized when the keeper opened the cell’s door and brought Carrie inside. Unsure what to do, Ken stood awkwardly quiet as he absorbed the close-up view of his beautiful, bound and naked wife. Mesmerized by the sight of her harnessed breasts refilling with her milk, he couldn’t stop staring excitedly at her sexy body.
Next, the keeper prompted Carrie to her knees between Ken and Gloria… still bent over the rail. Quite anxious herself, Carrie’s wide eyes were darting between Ken’s cum soaked cock and the cream oozing from Gloria’s pussy.
Next, the keeper leaned over and whispered into Carrie’s ear…
Obviously disturbed by what she was hearing; Carrie was shaking her head in objection as she listened. Wide-eyed and clearly traumatized when the keeper was finished, Carrie looked up at her and whimpered, “No, No, please, Ma’am. I-I d-don’t want to…”
Smirking, the keeper responded, “Hmmm, I suppose I can understand that… Perhaps your daughter can be convinced to do it instead. I can be very convincing, you know!”
“Oh god NO,” Carrie gasped. “I-I’ll do it, I-I will. Just give me a moment, Ma’am.”
With a wicked chuckle, the keeper replied, “Very well... You have 5-seconds!”
Shaken by what he was seeing and hearing, Ken had a pretty good idea what the keeper wanted from Carrie. He knew the Talistaun’s cruelty had no boundaries!
Collecting herself, Carrie took a deep breath and said, “P-pony-slave… may I p-please lick my husband’s c-cum from your p-pussy?”
Suddenly feeling the keeper’s hand softly caressing her ass cheeks as her manicured fingernail began to gently scrape across her sphincter, Gloria heard her call out, “Do you have something to say to your lover’s wife!”
Still reeling from her intense encounter with Ken, Gloria also understood the depravity of the Talistaun’s mind games. Pausing for a brief moment, she lifted her head as much as she could in the position she was in and responded to Carrie, “Yes, yes you may.”
“Well, you have your answer, Milker. I suggest you get busy!”
After glancing into Ken’s eyes once again, she then turned toward Gloria’s exposed backside and shuffled forward on her knees. Incredibly uncomfortable with what she was about to do, she was also fully committed to protecting her daughter from such degradation. Desperately hoping that Kara wasn’t watching her, she positioned herself directly behind Gloria. Only inches away now, the smell was striking. It was an oddly alluring mixture of the woman’s raw sexual excitement and her husband’s spunky cum.
Staring directly at the remnants of Ken’s cum clinging between Gloria’s labia lips, she leaned in close, opened her mouth, extended her tongue and slipped it through Gloria’s coated lips. Still warm and sticky, she was taken aback by how much of Ken’s salty jism she was able to pull into her mouth with one swipe of her tongue. Forced to swallow the first load of man-seed pooled in her mouth, she swallowed twice before going back for more.


Absolutely enjoyed it, truly as good as the title implies! An excellent installment that stays focused on the main characters with an exciting twist or two. What Ken had to do to his wife and daughter was nothing less than mind blowing for me. A must read for the fans of deep humiliation and much more. 5 out of 5

A fantastic mini series within the Talistan series. Families in hard bondage and forced to submit has always been very intriguing and entertaining for me. Highly recommended for those who enjoy intense stories of nonconsensual B&D and enslavement. An A+! 5 out of 5 (slaver)

a very good enthralling book. just wondering what else they can come up with to torment the family 5 out of 5 (saffler)

Mr Dowd does again what he does so well. great 5 out of 5 (homebody1)

Love the concept of the story, the various scenes and scenarios but a couple were just silly and these spoiled it for me giving a 5. 4 out of 5 (Fred)

Very well written. Hucow is nicely done. 5 out of 5 (karmalslav)

Author Information

A multiple award winning author whose 30+ years of enthusiasm and experience with bondage and domination will stimulate your deepest and darkest fantasies. Using my unusually wild and vivid imagination for tormenting sexual domination, deep humiliation and unrelenting pleasures, I write for the enjoyment of my loyal readers. So, please take a moment to rate my books and drop a quick review, it motivates my writing! And as always, comments, feedback or just a quick note to say 'hi' is ALWAYS WELCOME at wldowd@email.com


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