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Hot Bed & Breakfast (Ashley Berry)

Hot Bed & Breakfast by Ashley Berry


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Lana was a lonely, sex-starved housewife. Her husband Carl hadn’t touched her in ages, and Lana was beginning to think that this was all there was to life: marriage, kids, and death. That was until Kayla the futanari college athlete moved in and started having vivid, noisy sex dreams. Determined to help the poor girl sleep, Lana found a new purpose in life: getting the well-hung hottie off at night without her husband knowing.

HOT BED & BREAKFAST is the first book in the series LANA THE FUTA-LOVING MILF, and is over 13,000 words of forbidden, extra-marital love between a sex-starved MILF and her horny young futanari houseguest.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 04 / 2018

No. words: 13027

Style: Shemale on Female Erotica, Cougar and age-gap erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Lana didn’t bother putting on her night robe this time. In fact, she had to hold back from skipping into the other bedroom. She was breathing hard, a warm flush rushing down her bosom.

She pushed the bedroom door open and gently shut it behind her. Like the previous night, the moonlight trickled into what used to be her daughter’s room, illuminating the shape of their guest thrashing around in her sheets.

Lana could already feel her nipples pressing against her nightie. Holding her breath, she approached the bed.

The sheets were still wrapped around Kayla’s midsection, though they didn’t look like they were tangled up too tightly. Lana could see the point of the girl’s cock tenting the sheets, watching it rise and fall as Kayla fucked the air. The girl’s mouth was open, her eyes screwed shut. Her fingers gripped the bedsheets like she was hanging on for dear life. Vicious, sexual cries escaped with every thrust.

With tentative hands, Lana leaned down towards the barely-clothed, moving body. She took hold of the bedsheets and pulled them down, hoping that the college student wouldn’t wake up.

And there it was.

She couldn’t believe how close she was to it this time. Lana had to move her head back or else it would smack her in the face. It was so unbelievably big! And those balls... even in the shadows of night, she could see how large and full they were; ripe like fruits ready to burst with seed. What she wouldn’t give to feel their weight in her hand.

Well, she thought, he said whatever it takes!

Lana bit her lip, taking a long, hard moment to think about this. Could she really do this? Would she do this?

It’s not like she’s another man, she thought. She took one glance at the bedroom door and made a choice.

“Ooh!” Kayla cried in her sleep when Lana wrapped one hand around the middle of her shaft. She cupped the college student’s balls with the other and massaged them, all while beginning a slow, rhythmic stroke. Her heart raced and her lips spread in a wide smile as she felt the foreskin slide up and down the shaft. The girl’s cock made sticky, wet noises with every stroke. Her balls were incredibly warm, with a pleasantly wrinkled surface. Every time her hand slid down to the base of Kayla’s cock, she felt a tuft of soft, golden hair.

She liked this. She liked this a lot.

As she moved her hand around those warm, round fruits, Lana’s fingers brushed soft flesh beneath them that made her gasp with surprise. She explored with her pinkie, touching something familiar, something that felt like warm, wet lips.

Lana couldn’t believe it. The shock and surprise almost stilled her hands. Kayla had both parts –male and female! And it seemed to work just as well as her cock did; as soon as she teased it with her finger, Kayla’s pussy grew more wet and the girl moaned again in her sleep.

What was she?

Kayla’s next unconscious groan was louder than ever. Lana had to keep going; she had to finish this quickly. The mother ignored the unbelievable discovery she had just made and refocused on the task at hand. It wasn’t long before her palm was coated in Kayla’s sticky precum. Lana closed her eyes and inhaled the potent scent of that penis. While Kayla herself had a familiarly sweet, feminine smell, her cock was more savory, youthful and animalistic. The more Lana took in that smell, the more aroused she became.

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