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Super Nova (Paula S Erikson)

Super Nova by Paula S Erikson

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Alex and Mandy are on their way to a trade meeting on her planet. A Super Nova explodes and the shock wave blows them 150 light years off course, into another uncharted part of the Galaxy.

Announcing entry into this sector is obligatory, but obviously they have not done so. They are attacked by six ships, demanding that they are boarded. They refuse explaining what happened, and are shot at, making four hull breaches. Andrea surrenders, she has no other option, and they are taken prisoner.

The crew are beaten and tortured to make them confess to invading the sector. Andrea and her senior crew also are beaten and tortured, including Alex. The crew are made to slave for the people. Andrea and her senior officers are taken away for more torture, refusing to confess.

Mandy managed to escape and raise the alarm, and her search for her partner, best friend and the crew begins. No-one is safe from Mandy, as she fucks and tortures her way to find her friends, and get justice for them.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 85009

Style: SciFi BDSM/Bondage, Fem Dom - F/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1 - Negotiations

“Mandy, I know it’s been several months since we were able to have sex two or three times a day, but being an Ambassador you have to go to meetings,” Alex said.
Mandy was her usual self, ripping his trousers off, kissing and cuddling him, when she should have been preparing for a meeting,
“Slave, I have you for one month as punishment for being so stupid, a fucking bag of sugar, and I spent nine months of anguish hunting for you, not knowing whether or not the Ashakan had eaten you. You owe me a good fucking, apart from the fact that you agreed to be my slave for the month and my sex slave, now get your fucking trousers off and fuck the arse off me. Fail and I will punish you.
“Andrea and Andy are staying with my Mother for two days, so I can do whatever I like to you. Fancy being tied up and given the branch? Which reminds me, for the month you will wear the female clothes I bought for you, apart from the bust the Ashakan gave you, which needs support if it is not to become deformed,” Mandy said. She was smiling, it was a tease, but Alex also knew that he didn’t have an option if Mandy decided to make him do as he was told.
It was a relationship born out of a challenging time and forged out of love, a very close relationship. Mandy came from a different planet to Alex, some fifty light years away. Alex came from Earth. Mandy’s atmosphere was heavier than that on Earth which gave her a very big advantage over the average Earth male, being a lot stronger, faster and more agile in the lighter atmosphere. So Alex knew in a fight, playful or otherwise, he would lose. Alex was a builder, Mandy was the first officer on a spaceship when they met. Six years on, Mandy was the Ambassador to Earth for her planet and Alex was the Ambassador to her planet for Earth.
Humans descended from the ape, according to Darwin. Mandy’s people descended from the reptile line. Evolution had removed the scales and they looked the same as humans from Earth, but they had retained the forked tongue and a very long tongue, which Mandy put to good use in bed.
On Mandy’s planet, the males had been subjugated, they were little more than slaves. Since she had met Alex, he had begun to get them to accept the males as an equal, but he knew it would take some time, perhaps as much as two or three generations, for the males to be fully integrated back into their society. So it came as no surprise that Mandy was the boss in their house. Her mind set was that she was in control and her physical strength ensured it. That did not mean that Alex was her slave, he wasn’t, he was very much an equal, except when he failed which from time to time he did deliberately, just for the fun of it. There was no malice in Mandy, just a demanding nature and a teasing, tormenting fun side to it.
Sex with these females was out of this world. Their tongues contained a serum which, when injected into the male dick, ensured a long erection. In return, the male also experienced several orgasmic moments, the feeling that he had cum several times, before the vagina being fucked allowed him to shoot his load. So it was not one sided. The downside, as Alex had found out several times when he was being awkward, was that unless the injected dick was slipped inside the cunt, the erection didn’t fade but grew more and more painful as the erection became more and more desperate to relieve its load. It was a means of torture these females had used in the past.
Mandy ovulated four times a year and when she did, she was the worst bitch ever encountered; severe PMT was mild compared to her feelings. She would grab any male, rip their trousers off and inject them with her tongue, then fuck them hard after which she held them captive until the following day when she would rape them again, but this time she implanted the fertilized egg into the male. Thousands of years before, when they were like prehistoric man, her species would rip the throat out of the male, leaving the carcass for her young to feed on. Evolution had tempered that part, unless she couldn’t find a mate, then as the anxiety grew and grew from the need to reproduce, it was possible that she would rape and impregnate the first male she met, but she no longer ripped their throat out.
Evolution changed the way things were done and the female began to carry their young, but then the chemical war changed that.
For well over a hundred years the females had not been able to carry a foetus full term and, after several attempts to find a means of reproduction and a live baby being born, the females decided that implanting the embryo into a male was the only way, with birth by Caesarean.
For almost nine months, Alex had been a captive of the Ashakan, the original Vampires. They just drank human blood, so Mandy’s fears that he could very well be dead were well founded, but they thought he held vital information and had used him as a slave until they managed to break him, via torture, to tell them what they wanted to know. Alex suffered a lot of pain and degradation during his captivity, but never told them anything.
He was captured because he left the house for a bag of sugar for his children and Mandy was now punishing him; one month as her slave doing all the housework and fucking her whenever she wanted, as her sex slave. It may seem nasty, but Alex enjoyed fucking Mandy. He enjoyed the euphoria of the act. On a good fuck he would experience six or eight orgasmic moments but he couldn’t just accept that, it would not be any fun. He had to argue, just so as she would take him. Once her tongue had been wrapped around his dick there was no going back.
“Slave, I demand my fuck,” Mandy shouted at him, as Alex ran off up the stairs only to be chased by Mandy. She caught up with him in the bedroom, literally threw him onto the bed and dived on top of him. Her hand grabbed his belt, the button and then his flies were down and her hand was inside whilst her other hand held both of his above his head.
She let go of his hands and sat up, then yanked his pants down to his knees and wrapped her tongue around his cock, giving it a good squeeze, injecting the serum and then sat up and smiled at Alex.
“No, you’re right, I must prepare for the meeting.” She made to get up.
“Oh no you don’t, bitch, and leave me with a raging hard-on. Finish the job you started,” Alex demanded.
“Really, a bitch, am I? I suppose I will just have to prove it, won’t I, and leave you with a raging hard-on,” Mandy said. She smiled at Alex and tried again to get up.
“No, no, no, you’re a lovely female and so, oh so powerful. How on Earth god managed to make a creature so beautiful, intelligent and kind, is a wonder,” Alex pleaded.
“Yes, you’re so right, but then again, he didn’t, did he? I don’t come from Earth, perhaps that’s why,” she said, standing by the bed and looking down on Alex. “Your punishment for calling me a bitch is that you strip and then strip me. Fail and I go to work,” Mandy said, teasing him.
Alex jumped out of the bed and stripped in ten seconds flat then approached Mandy.
“I want you to strip me, not rip my clothes off, as you just did. I expected a dance as you stripped. I have a good mind to make you dress again and strip slowly,” Mandy said in her commanding voice.
“Then again I can now take my time enjoying your body as I gaze upon its beauty, slowly removing each garment, a wondrous sight to behold,” Alex said.
“Excuse me whilst I go and vomit. You little crawler, get my clothes off now, Slave,” she demanded, smiling at Alex.
Alex pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard. He pushed her away a little and began the task of removing her clothes sexily, giving each portion of flesh a kiss as it was exposed. Her dress off, he kissed the nape of her neck and the top of her chest, then with her bra off he kissed each breast lovingly. He knelt down and undid the suspender belt, kissing her hips, then her stockings and a kiss to her thighs, near the top, sensually. Her panties came off next and he kissed her shaven clit, long and passionately, putting his hands to her buttocks and pressing her groin into his face as he kissed, and then pushed his tongue inside and began oral sex with her. Mandy responded by putting her hands behind his head and pushing his face into her groin and moaning.
Alex got up and kissed her lips. Mandy picked him up and threw him on the bed and sat on him, once again holding his hands above his head and looking down on him, her cunt hovering above his belly and his cock standing proud, pointing skyward.
Mandy let go of his hands and moved back a little, then lowered her cunt down onto his erect cock, enveloping it slowly until she had it all inside and then she sat there. Then she rose slowly and down, up and down in long slow strokes smiling at Alex all the while, enjoying the thrill of his hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt. He knew her and knew she was teasing him. This would not ease his erection, it was too slow.
“Hmm, this is nice, oh yes, yes, yes, ah, that was a nice little ripple of orgasmic pleasure. Ah, I can keep this up all day, the only problem is that my rollers do not connect as I slide your cock in and out of my cunt slowly, but I enjoy the feeling and the euphoria, whilst you have no option but to have a solid erection for me to slide up and down on,” Mandy said, teasing him. She was smiling.
“Yes, Mistress, whatever is your pleasure, I obey willingly in the hopes that you have some compassion and relieve my ache when it suits you,” Alex said, knowing that his erection would soon become painful as the desire turned to need and desperation.
“It is, and you will fulfil my every desire, won’t you, Slave?” Mandy asked.
“Every desire, just move a little faster, please,” Alex asked.
“Why? You said that any and all my desires would be fulfilled by you and it is my desire to have a long slow fuck, enjoying each and every orgasmic moment as your hard cock slides in and out,” Mandy said, continuing the tease.
“That’s correct, but having had what is it now, three orgasms, perhaps it’s time for a more energetic fuck. You don’t have the strong orgasms unless you move a lot faster, as you know and I would hate it if you missed out on the more powerful orgasms, Mistress,” Alex said, beginning to plead with her.
Mandy smiled, the tease had gone on long enough now and she began to move faster and faster, ramming his hard cock into her cunt with energy. This was when the rollers, as Alex called them, connected with his cock, rubbing the antidote in, as she lifted up.
Alex moaned as he had his first euphoric moment. Mandy watched him, enjoying the sensation as his hard cock slid in and out easily in her well-oiled cunt, her rollers now fully connected, Alex enjoying the fuck just as much as she was.
They shared each orgasm as they rippled on and on two, three, four, five, six and then Alex shot his load deep into her and Mandy fell forward, exhausted from her efforts.
“Fucking hell, Alex, six, you fucking stud! I had four before I began to move faster. Wow, I am well and truly fucked. This elation, as you know, doesn’t change anything. You’re still my slave, a good fucking is what I expect, mind you that was an exceptionally good fucking, even so I want the house cleaned and dinner on the table when I return and there is the washing to do as well,” Mandy reminded him.
“The washing, that was your job yesterday, what happened?” Alex asked.
“Why have a slave and do the work yourself?” she said and got off him, running from the room. Alex got up and chased after her, to squeals of laughter. “As punishment for calling me a bitch, I am, I know this, but I have to punish you for calling me one, don’t I? You can wear the clothes I was wearing today and tomorrow until the children come home. No one can see you and I do so like to see you in dresses, you look so sweet,” Mandy said and burst out laughing.
“And if I don’t?” Alex asked.
“You know better than to challenge me, especially when I should be ovulating. I think the doctor gave another capsule from the faulty batch. I’m in control, but I don’t think I will be next time. How about another set of twins? You glow when you’re pregnant,” Mandy said from behind the bathroom door.
“Not just yet, love, and we agreed one at a time. I blew up like a balloon the last time I carried twins, Andrea and Andy,” Alex said thoughtfully.
Mandy opened the bathroom door, grabbed him and pulled him to her, giving him a long loving kiss.
“Yes but you weren’t being looked after properly, were you? We were rather tied up and imprisoned, if you remember, this time you would have full medical care and on my planet where a pregnant male is not an oddity,” Mandy said, and kissed him hard again.
“Eight months with your mother, I would rather be an oddity here than that,” Alex replied.
“Mandy, Mandy, I have some distressing news, you do, oh hello thingy, naked as usual, I see. Been fucking my daughter again, really do you Earthlings do anything else apart from fuck about all day?” Mandy’s mother asked from the viewing screen.
“Ma’am, how nice of you to call. It’s normal to ring first rather than just open up the screen, we may have been in bed,” Alex said.
“Harrumph, once a day is quite enough. I will be having a male later when the children are asleep. Please, don’t delay, you may dress, don’t stand on ceremony for me,” Mandy’s mother said curtly.
“Mum, Alex does have a point. I know we’re not shy about our sexual activities, but here especially in England they are, it is a private activity. We should at least respect their ideas, concepts, erm idiosyncrasies,” Mandy said.
“On the whole I agree, but this is my daughter’s house and that rule does not apply. You may enter my home without knocking, as you do, you have the key code. I may also be fucking a male for my own gratification when you enter, I would not be shocked. I would just carry on, and then dismiss the male once he’s satisfied me. You would have to wait, that’s all,” Mandy’s mother said haughtily.
“Yes, Mother, I understand and accept that is our way, but I am on Earth and that is not their way. I would appreciate it if you would knock before opening up the screen. The last time Alex lost his erection when you called, he finds it embarrassing having my mother watch whilst we fuck,” Mandy said calmly.
“I knew it would be difficult, you should have stayed here and had a male as and when you wanted, as I do. Anyway, the reason I rang, your Aunty, the senator from the recently reclaimed southern region, has been taken very ill. I thought it would be nice if you sent her a get well message.”
“Will do, I have a meeting in an hour so I need to get ready. As punishment for calling me a bitch, Alex has to wear my clothes for two days, he looks so sweet in my dresses and the bust the Ashakan gave him is not reducing as quickly as it should be so he needs to wear a bra,” Mandy told her.
“I will check up on him for you, dear, just to make sure he does not cheat,” Mandy’s mother said.
“Thanks Mother, I appreciate it, every half hour will be sufficient, don’t you think?” Mandy said and turned to look at Alex, she was smiling her ‘got you’ smile.
“Well if I have to, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, bitch,” Alex said, with a smile for Mandy.
“Be careful, Mother will keep the children longer if I ask her, till say the end of the week when Admiral Andrea is on leave for a month. How would you like to wear my clothes for several weeks, kissing my arse and grovelling before me?” Mandy asked him.
“Bye, Mother, see you in half an hour,” Alex said.
“Harrumph,” she replied as usual, Mandy laughed, said her goodbyes and the screen went blank.
“Alex, time to dress, come on, suspender belt first, you know how to dress, don’t you?” said Mandy.
Alex accepted he had lost, picked up the suspender belt lying on the floor and began to dress as told to, and then he dressed Mandy as instructed. Once dressed, Mandy pulled him to her and kissed him.
“When will I have the upper hand?” Alex asked, smiling at her.
“When you beat me in a tussle, but remember we live longer than you, so when you are old and weak, say seventy, I will be the equivalent to your fifty year old and even stronger than you are, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope. Now kiss my arse for being cheeky,” Mandy said and laughed as Alex did as told, laughing also.
“Oh darling, you gave me so many orgasms that I dribbled on the bed with my love juices, so the bed needs changing as well now. Your fault for fucking me so well. See you at dinner,” Mandy said and gave Alex another loving kiss.
“Bye, love, and remember the meeting room is for negotiations and you must not brag about our sexual exploits, or tell the others they’re stupid just because they’re male,” Alex said and laughed.
“Then they have to show me they’re not stupid. I did warn them about the Ashakan and they decided to discuss the issue, debate it, set up a committee, and delay with the inevitable result that six million people lost their lives before they acted. That shows me they’re stupid,” Mandy replied in her haughty tone.
“As I was, to leave the house, ok you win,” Alex said.
“Yes, and you paid for it. Next time, listen to the voice of wisdom, a female voice,” Mandy said. She kissed Alex and closed the front door.
Alex began his work. On the whole, they shared the housework, but he was in disgrace for being so stupid, as Mandy had said, by leaving the house when humans were being harvested by the Ashakan for food and got caught.

Author Information

Born in 1949 in England, I worked in the food industry and recently began writting erotic novels.


Publisher Information

Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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