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Stepbrother's Taboo Virgin (Pornelope)



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Henry has always wondered who his father is…but finally learning the truth rocks his entire world. Who could have imagined that Uncle Charlie, Aunt Desi, and his mom have been indulging in sizzling-hot group orgies for nearly twenty years?

He always thought of Aunt Desi and Uncle Charlie’s gorgeous daughter, Sara, as his cousin, and he spent all winter fantasizing about being her lover. Now that he knows she’s much more than that…how is he going to make it through the summer without going insane?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 04 / 2018

No. words: 7344

Style: OM - Step-Siblings, Steamy and Sexy Stories

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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He awoke to the soft sounds of splashing.

“Sara?” Drowsily he rolled over, and patted the spot where she’d been laying. She was gone.

But her clothes weren’t.

That woke him up in a flying hurry!

“Sara?” He jumped up, and stared anxiously around the peaceful clearing.

She was standing shoulder-deep in the pond, and idly splashing at little bugs that were hovering near the surface.

Quickly he checked on the fishing poles...

Good, she’d had enough sense to reel hers in, and secure the hook, before wading out.

She turned then, and grinned up at him...and all the blood drained right back down into his lower head.

“Come on in,” she invited with a wave of her small hand. “The water’s great!”

She was bare-naked. Yeah, of course she was, because her clothes were neatly folded right where she’d been lying.

Bare-naked. Virgin. Gorgeous. Wanting him.

Inviting him.

Just for a swim. Nothing more.

She’s forbidden. Taboo. Evil. Sinful.

But his eager cock wasn’t listening.

His hands shook as he unbuttoned his shirt, then peeled off his jeans. The bulge of his visible passion was a rigid nine-inch tent pole beneath his white briefs.

Leave them on, leave them on, leave them on...

They fell to the ground on top of his discarded jeans. And then he spun around and marched right into the spring-fed water.

The cool shock against his heated flesh slowed him a little. But not enough. Before she could do more than gasp, he’d caught her in a tight embrace, and slanted his mouth across hers in a fierce passionate kiss.

She was soft in his arms. Warm. Willing. Eager.

Right and wrong stumbled, fell, and drowned without a single qualm.

He had to have her...and he couldn’t wait any longer!

“Now!” He was too stirred up to be gentle. “Now, Sara!” Panting, he cupped his hands around her slender hips, hoisted her into the air, and then plunged deep into her in one quick move. “God, yes...now now NOW!”

Her shocked yelp of pain should have made him go limp as a rag doll. Instead, it spurred him on! Hot spurts rocketed through his thudding flesh, and gushed into her with violent energy. “Sara, holy Christ! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

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