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Atlantic Adventure (Paula S Erikson)

Atlantic Adventure by Paula S Erikson

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Five Billion in gold is very tempting, and Ann decided that it would be better in her pocket, than the British treasury.

She also decided that no-one was to be hurt, so she assembled twenty skilled females, who knew how to fuck, and fight. She told them that although guns were available, their cunts were the most valuable weapon in their arsenal, and they were to fuck their way across the Atlantic, making the crew their slaves.

Things never go exactly as planned, and with a Nymphomaniac as part of her gang, she knew it would cause problems, as would a volatile chef, and did.

Stealing it was one thing, but escaping capture would be more difficult.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 96007

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Fem Dom - F/M

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter 1 - Scenario

“Hello, Mistress I-I well, I don't know how to ask this, but do you kidnap people?” the caller asked.
“The simple answer is no, we do not. I am a dominatrix as you know, Nancy. Now, when would you like to come and be punished for such a ridiculous suggestion?”
“Sorry, Mistress, but I have this scenario I would like you to carry out for me.”
“Oh, a scenario. Hey, hence the kidnap, well, yes, that is possible but not in real life. We don't do that, just in a scenario,” she told him.
“I want you to do it for me, please, kidnap me and torture me. I’ve been a very bad boy and need punishing.”
“Just how bad?” she asked.
“Very bad; I cheated on my wife. She doesn't know, but I feel guilty about it. I didn't mean to, but, well, it just happened.”
“I see, that is very bad, isn't it? I mean, I am female and I feel the pain your wife would feel at being cheated. As a female she should be held in the highest esteem, shouldn't she?” the woman asked, forcefully.
“Y-yes, Mistress.”
“Is not visiting me cheating on your wife to some degree?” He was under her spell so she knew she could ask such a question and not push him away.
“N-No, we don’t have sex and it’s because of you I’ve not strayed in the past, but she asked me to be tied down while she used me. It was an offer I just couldn't refuse.”
“Well slave, I am lost for words to put it bluntly. You cheat on your wife by having intercourse with another woman and to compound it you cheat on me! Having another woman tie you up where have I failed? How have I failed? Obviously my controls are not severe enough, are they, slave?”
“You, you do an excellent job; it was not a failing on your part, Mistress. It was my weakness that failed,” he said meekly.
“I am very, very disappointed in you. Here I am trying to help you control your urges, keep your desires under control and you go on the rampage, screwing any tart you see,” she said forcefully, grossly exaggerating his words deliberately.
“W-will you do this for me?”
“Let me see. Why should I please you when you failed? If I do, it will hurt. I will have to punish you severely, then again I am not sure I want to see you again after you cheated on me, you, you…” she said and paused.
“Please, Mistress I know I’m soft and don't like pain, but I will take six strokes of the cane to appease your disappointment in me.”
“I have a free evening on Thursday. I will kidnap you and punish you severely. Six strokes will be the introduction to your pain. I have a meeting I need to attend and I need a prop, shall we say? It again is a scenario I have been asked to play out. If you agree to be my prop, then I will not charge you this time, but you must realize that it needs to be played out effectively. Now how much pain can you take? Am I asking too much of you? Perhaps I should tell your wife instead.”
“I-I’m not the toughest of guys but, I’m not that weak either, so I agree. Please don't tell my wife!”
“Not that weak, not that weak, you are pathetic. Who is it that screwed the tart, me?” she demanded.
“N-No Mistress, I am the weak one,” he admitted and she smiled. Her plans always seemed to have a way of working.
“Be in your shop after work, we will collect you. I will tell you the scenario, yours is no good.”

“Bev, what have you just done? The first meeting of the gang is on Thursday,” said Carol.
“Yes, I know. As I told you, I need to frighten them, make them wary of me, a male hanging by his wrists with red marks on his body and my word about what has happened to him and they will be wary. Trust me, now I need a reason, a good one, and don't forget your part in this,” said Ann.
She walked away, her hand to her chin in thought as she tried to find a good enough reason to have him hanging there.
“Shall I bring the make-up?” Carol asked.
“Yes, but there will be red lines on his body and a battery, electrodes. We will wire his balls up. Oh and don’t forget the butt plug, we don’t want any nasty accidents, do we?” Ann asked, smiling a knowing smile at Carol.

Chapter 2 - Punishment

Thursday evening arrived and the two women went to his shop. As they entered, they smiled at him and then followed him into the back, after asking for a watch he had repaired for Ann. He was a watch repairer and they had left one earlier in the week to give them an excuse, it was faulty, so as not to alert him.
He was excited, this was his dream and his love, his Mistress, was about to carry it out, for him, or was she? Was it just the repaired watch she had come for?
He saw her enter and smiled, bowing his head to look at the watch he had in front of him, replacing the battery.
“There you go, Madam, good as new, five dollars please,” he asked, handing back the watch.
“Hello, your watch is ready, I'll get it for you in a moment, Madam,” he said to Ann as per normal. The woman handed over the money and thanked him, turned and left as he looked at Ann. His faced showed the anticipation, yet there was a frown, a question. Was this to be the kidnap, or just to collect the watch?
Once he had been paid, he turned and went in to the back. Carol waited till he passed through the curtain door then closed and locked his shop door, whilst Ann went into the back and grabbed him, her hand over his mouth. A moment later Carol entered, he struggled, playing the game, but not that much, she did have a very good hold of him, but it made it more authentic if he did.
They were good, each knowing what to do to complement the other. a moment later and if it had been real, the outcome would have been the same. Ann, her hand over his mouth, the other wrapped around him, was pushing him down, whilst Carol put handcuffs on him pulling his hands behind his back as she did so. He was not very capable or strong, for these ladies it was easy. Carol hit him behind his knee with hers and he went down. The hand over his mouth moved and an acrid tasting cloth was pushed in his mouth, tape put over the top. He was blindfolded and then they opened the back door and bundled him into a van they had parked in his yard. Carol had the key to the gate; he had given it to her a couple of years earlier when he hoped they would kidnap him. There was a hill down to his shop and Carol used this to reverse into the yard silently,
Now with him lying on the floor in the back, Ann went back into the shop and closed it up, locking the doors, whilst Carol tied his ankles and hog tied him in readiness for Ann's return, then put the belts over his body, fastened to the net, then hauled him off the floor suspended in the net, tied and fixed in place for the journey.
This was exciting for him, they had done just as he expected. As they drove to wherever they were taking him, he mused about the fear he felt, yet there was anticipation, excitement. The feeling of security, held so firmly, swinging there as the van took the corners, yet he was anxious. How far would she go, would it hurt a lot? He had been very naughty and although a lot would be playing the game, she was also angry at him so would she really hurt him?
It was not the direction they took to his Mistress's dungeon. When leaving the back street to his place, they needed to turn left for her dungeon and they had turned right, they were heading out of town, not into it.
This just got more and more exciting. His Mistress was a very attractive woman in her black leather cat suit, she was adorable, her firm breasts pushing against the shining black leather, her crotch defined against the tight cat suit that hugged her form so tightly. Thigh length black leather boots, you could see your face in, the shine that deep and the elbow length black leather gloves completed the appearance.
Today she was not in her uniform, being outside in the street, but he hoped she would put it on later, when she was playing with him.
Her scent was also appealing, sweet, yet with an acrid, no that is not correct, powerful essence, like an aphrodisiac. If it wasn't an aphrodisiac, it was to him. Her make-up today was very appealing; unlike the usual make-up she wore when attending to him. Then it was dark, mysterious, her jet-black hair tied back in a bun, she looked evil, yet she had that sweet touch. She knew exactly how to entice and be commanding at the same time. Was he infatuated with her, or in fear of her? He couldn't decide; she invoked both qualities.
If he was good, took a little extra pain, or managed to escape from the bondage she had put him in, then she would be kind and give him hand relief, but never fuck him, that was not part of the arrangement, just to dominate him and bring some relief from his frustrations. The normal was for him to kneel before her, rubbing his cock until he shot his cum into a pot. She would take the pot and put it under a microscope, counting the sperm, so she said.
“What can we expect from such a small member, very low, too little to be of any use, isn't it, slave?” she would ask him a final insult to demean him, then a kiss on the cheek, a smile and he would be escorted to the door.
The van stopped, waking him from his dreams and then starting up again. The driver got out when it stopped, then they moved off again and stopped. Where were they, a traffic jam? No, why did the driver get out? To see what the holdup was… no that was not it. The van started again and then stopped again and the driver got out again, he lay in the back trussed up, gagged, blindfolded and suspended. She always did do things properly. This was just like he imagined a kidnap would be, apart from being suspended, why had they done that? She was careful, thoughtful, was it to stop him being thrown about in the back as they cornered? He wouldn't have put it past her to think about that, to stop him being hurt and bruised.
The van started again and stopped, but now the engine noise was different; it seemed to echo. He felt, sensed that they were indoors, a warehouse perhaps? She did have a lot of contacts, friends. Had she borrowed a warehouse? Wow, what excitement. There would be pain, he accepted that, but within his limits, there was also the safe word he could use if necessary. He felt his dick beginning to rise with the excitement, the anticipation.
The back doors opened and his companion got out, they lowered him and dragged him to the doors, then carried him out.
They untied his knees and the hog tie and then began to undress him, pulling his pants down to his ankles and unbuttoning his shirt down to his wrists. They retied his knees and untied his ankles and stripped him completely, before retying his ankles and then leaving him on a cold stone floor, naked.
They had worked in silence, they knew what each had to do. It had a sense of military precision about it. He heard chains rattling, as if being pulled through a pulley and then they lifted him up, untied his hands and retied them in front of him, he felt the cold of a steel hook going between his wrists and then his hands being pulled up and up and up until his toes, just his toes, rested on the stone floor.
That was when his Mistress removed the blindfold and gag, He looked at her, there she was, his Aphrodite, clad in her dungeon attire, the long ankle length dress she had worn into his shop had hidden her clothes of pain and desire. He admitted to himself as he gazed at her, he desired her, being out of reach to him just made his desire all the more fervent.
“Slave, why are we here? Is it because you betrayed me? I have taken into account that you betrayed your wife six times this year alone which will not be tolerated. Why did you marry her to have your children without an emotional attachment? Is she just a body to fuck like a drill, a tool to be used, to bore into a hole? ‘I want a fuck, get your knickers off,’ is that all she is to you?” his Mistress demanded.
“N-no, Mistress, I do love her, but, well, I mean,” he mumbled.
“Spit it out, man, what is she, a blob of flesh lying on her back, her legs open, waiting for your - ha, I was going say dick, but just look at it, a pathetic excuse for a dick, isn't it?” she demanded, raising her voice.
“Y-yes, I-I thought that by coming to you it would help me, help control my urges,” he said.
“Oh, so you blame me, for your failings, do you?”
“Oh, no, no, I-I didn't mean it like that,” he said, more of a wail.
“In what way did you mean it, that I am not severe enough? That can be attended to right away, very easily. Now we come to the other indiscretion, don't we?” She moved in close, threatening. “You not only cheated on your wife, you cheated on me, didn't you? You worthless piece of shit!”
“Y-Yes, Mistress,” he said hanging his head.
“Mrs. Jones, for the want of a name, is entitled to her revenge, isn't she, which I dole out for her, but if that is the case, then how much additional pain do you have to take to compensate me? Now, am I less valuable or more valuable? Do I deserve a greater penalty, or less of a penalty for your weakness, more or less pain? Personally,” she said, closing in on him uncomfortably, “I think I’m worth more, because I’m not using enough force to control you. So instead of a minor pain shall we try severe to agonizing pain, to see if that works?”
“I-I-I, won't, I won't do it again,” he said, feigning fear, he knew the safe word and she observed it.
“No, you won't, because I am going to make you endure excruciating pain. We haven’t tried electrical shock treatment yet, have we? Psychiatrists used it in the fifties to treat mental illness; they attached electrodes to the head and gave their victims a shock. Your head is not the problem, is it? You dick is, so that is where I will treat your malady.”
They put some red goo on his nipples and to each side and then around his genitals and his Mistress pushed a probe up his urethra. He squirmed, it was uncomfortable, slightly painful, and then a cap went over the end of his cock and she put tape over it and down his cock, fixing it in place. A wire ran between his legs and he felt her inserting a butt plug, he moaned as it entered, it was large, the biggest she had ever pushed up his arse and again she put tape over it to hold it in place. Then she took the two wires and plugged them into a box and switched it on. Slowly she upped the dial, watching him as the power of the current increased. He moaned and moaned and then twitched, just a little more power and he cried out.
“Slave, in a moment several friends will be arriving, I can't let you see them or hear what is said, but to avoid having to pay me, you will scream when I shock you, if not, then I will make you scream. The dial is set at two, it goes up to ten, five times the pain I have given you. Now do you think that will make you scream? I do, avoid it by screaming. Let's give it a try, shall we?” she asked him and pressed the button. He screamed and she smiled.
“Good. It appears I won’t have to increase the power, shame. The other thing is I need you to hang about whilst we have a chat, my friend here will put a box under your feet whilst we talk, but it will be removed prior to the shock when I need you to scream. Don't fail me like you do your wife and who was the trollop you cheated on me with?”
“Oh, oh no, I-I would never do that, Mistress, that was, well, cheating on my wife has become a weak excuse, can we say, so I thought that cheating on you would be more, err, well, err, serious, to, to encourage you to, to kidnap me.”
“Slave, if I find out you’ve cheated on me, and believe me I will, then this won’t be a play scenario. Do we understand each other?”
“Y-Yes, yes, we do I-I would never, no never cheat on you, Mistress,” he said.
“Me thinks he protesteth too much,” his Mistress's companion said.
“I have to agree, up the current just a bit, like four settings from two to six,” she said and smiled at him. “Don't worry, you won’t need to fake the screams now.”
Her companion, Carol, someone he had never met, but accepted that it would need two of them to kidnap him, removed her panties in front of him, hiding her clit with her skirt from his view, and stuffed them in his mouth. He liked his mistress to do that, but he was being punished, so it wasn't her tasty panties that were used. She put the tape over the top and then blindfolded him. A box was placed under his feet and ear muffs over his ears.
He hung there in his own world, devoid of external stimulation. It was not comfortable. He regretted cheating on her, he knew she knew he had, this was bad.
She wouldn't cause him too much pain, he would scream for her, she would not need to increase the power to make him scream. What if she knew about him cheating on her? She seemed to have eyes everywhere, did she know already?
Now he was feeling anxious, but couldn't do anything about it, both women knew exactly what they were doing, he was held, and held securely. He just had to hope that she had some mercy and would forgive him. The woman he had visited wasn't as good as she was, even if the session ended with a fuck, like the other times he hoped she didn't know about, he had made a mistake going elsewhere and now regretted it.
Ann had been hurt when she heard that he had been elsewhere, but he had come back to her. She also knew that the other dominatrix offered sex, which she did not, so was that the reason? If it was, she was not about to change, she would rather lose him than fuck him. Then again he came back and told her, he had admitted it, wasn't that in itself a compliment, that she was the best? She had him, the occasional stray was inevitable, the grass always appears greener, but rarely is and he came back, she had consoled herself.
She would make sure that he didn't stray again; she was going to take him to his limits and slightly beyond, push him. She smiled, his head had already dropped as she had expected, as his own thoughts pervaded his mind about how he had cheated on her and the shame, guilt was building up, she decided that he would make an excellent prop for her scheme.
Now hidden from view in a dark corner, awaiting her attentions which he knew would be later, he felt fear rising, yet anticipation of her attentions to him and the knowledge that she knew his limits, and would not exceed them. Yet she did have an angry look in her eye, so his fear rose steadily.

Author Information

Born in 1949 in England, I worked in the food industry and recently began writting erotic novels.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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