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Claire (Kay Nyne)

Claire by Kay Nyne


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Five years together has left Harry and Claire's marriage feeling a little stale! Maybe a few nights out apart it will help, new places, new faces. Claire starts going to bars and clubs with the girls and after a while she begins hinting to her husband that while she's out other guys hit on her. Should Harry be worried? Angry? Or should he just accept that his wife likes to tease? 18+ Cuckold Erotica

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 04 / 2018

No. words: 5020

Style: Cuckold Erotica, GLBT

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“You know I'm just playing,” she had said one evening as she prepared for another girls night, “I love you babes, I'm never gonna do anything but it feels really nice to flirt.”
“I trust you.” Harry had said immediately, “Flirting is harmless.”
“That means a lot to me,” she replied quietly, a small smile forming on her painted lips, “It's liberating to be able to go out and let my hair down without you getting all jealous and possessive. Because you already possess me, I'm always coming home to you regardless of how crazy the night gets.”
“Which means regardless of how tipsy you get.” Harry chuckled and gave her a wink that brought a flush of colour to her cheeks.
“You should be flattered.” she said as she turned away, “The guys don't lust over the other wives… just yours.”
“So they lust for you?” Harry had grinned, he'd never heard her speaking so openly about her nights out with the girls. Usually when questioned on her return she would smile and shrug before saying things like… yeah, it was okay, or the club was good but too loud for you. Non specific, not quite avoidance but not full disclosure either.
Claire glanced up, clearly trying to read his expression, deciding if his good humour was genuine of feigned.
“So many of them,” she giggled, judging his reaction safe. “They do get a bit fresh when I'm dancing.”
“Touching you up?”
Claire had winked, and Harry had grinned, a calm reaction that disguised the turmoil inside him.
“They try,” she added, “But it's all harmless, it doesn't mean anything. And the other girls are far worse than me. Don't say anything,” she lowered her voice conspiratorially, “But Joan actually took one guy out to the back of the club and fucked him right there in the alley!”
“Trevor's Joan?” Harry gasped in genuine surprise, Joan wasn't exactly what he would describe as… desirable!
“Promise you won't say anything!” Claire had said, alarm in her tone. “She was pissed, and if Trevor ever found out it would destroy their marriage. Six years down the drain because of one drunken mistake.”
Harry had shaken his head, then smiled to give reassurance. “I promise.” he said as casually as possible, pretending that Joan's infidelity was no great shock. “So no-one tries to get you out the back?”
Claire's eyes darted to his before returning to the mirror as she applied a fresh coating of lipstick. “A couple of guys tried that.”
“Individually, or together?” Harry had chuckled but continued to study her expression. He knew his wife better than she thought, he had studied her, the nuances to her expressions and reactions, he knew the telltale signs that signalled she was maybe bending the truth.
Claire glanced again and smiled, then she ran the tip of her finger against the side of her nose, it looked like she was scratching an itch but he knew she was buying time while she thought. Sometimes he knew she was confirming if what she had just said matched something she had told him before, she knew he was bright, she also knew that he would instantly pick up on discrepancies, and sometimes she did it while she debated if she had said too much!
And this time she's doing just that, he thought, and probably wondering if she's digging herself a hole right now.
“Individually of course,” she giggled, “Or do you think I go out looking for gang bangs?”
There was a times when you didn't even know what that meant he thought, but she's probably picked up quite a lot of kinky knowledge from the other women in her group. A few he knew, others he knew only by their reputation, and others like Joan were just so insignificant that he had hardly noticed them before.
Harry had placed a hand on her shoulder. “I trust you, love.” he said softly, then slipped the hand forward and down inside her light dress. Oh wow, he suppressed the words as his fingers found her nipples were as hard and bullets, and totally contrary to her normal habit she wasn't wearing a bra.
She's excited! She's going out braless… and she's feeling horny.
“So does anything like this happen?” he asked softly as his hand cupped her breast and gently squeezed.
“Would you mind if it did?” she replied, her eyes locked on his in the mirrors reflection.
Harry thought for a second, shocked that a sudden stirring in his pants was adding to the confusion he was feeling. He should have been jealous, worried, angry? So why was he getting hard at the thought of another man groping his wife's tits?
“I trust you,” he repeated quickly realising that it wasn't really an answer to her question, “So no, I guess I wouldn't mind. If you were allowing them to grope you just for fun!”
Claire flushed slightly and looked away from his reflection before answering in a matter of fact tone. “It is just a bit of harmless fun, I like to tease, it makes me feel good.”
“You let them think they're getting more, then you let them down?”
Claire nodded and began to brush her long hair. “Yeah, exactly, it's just for fun.”
Harry shifted uncomfortably, he needed to ease the pressure on an erection that was filling his restrictive underwear uncomfortably, his cock was trapped, hard and bending almost painfully as it filled out into a space that was proving to be far too tight.
“That's hot,” he paused for a moment, the confusion clearing. “Actually, that's very hot.” He nodded, then squeezed her breast again. “So how many times has this happened?”
Claire, clearly confident in his acceptance had chuckled quietly before grinning. Slowly she reached up and pressed her husband's hand tighter against her chest. “It never has baby, they always try, and I always stop them because it would feel like cheating… but if it really turns you on…?”
“It does,” The words emerged before Harry could stop them. “Actually. Honestly Claire, the thought of it really does turn me on.”
“Then tonight might just be the night that I stop fighting them off,” she said softly, “Tonight I might just let my defences down.”

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