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Her Choice (N S Howard)

Her Choice by N S Howard

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Claire loves her roommate Alison, dominating the beautiful woman. She believes the spankings and lovemaking she gives her satisfies Alison’s needs. That was until Michael entered Alison’s life. The powerful, handsome man quickly commands Alison’s attention, and she surrenders to his wants.

But Claire won’t give up Alison without a fight, and embarks on a plan to win her back- a plan that could have disastrous consequences.

This story contains bondage, spankings, mild BDSM and sex.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 38056

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Romance, Male Dom - M/F, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Her Choice
N. S. Howard

Chapter One

Alison closed the door to the apartment behind her, leaning her back to it. She let out a long sigh to announce to her roommate she was now available for questions on her evening. Alison liked to think she had lived life to the fullest, but always knew she was missing something. However tonight she did believe this time she met the right man, at least he exerted confidence that she found interesting and a bit intimidating.
She should have had greater confidence in her looks, with medium sized breasts, a slim figure and blonde, curly hair. She had been often told she was pretty, but still thought of herself too heavy, and wished her hair was straighter. She found men were usually too polite to her, treating her as if she was delicate and might break. Her newest find had a different attitude, almost indifferent whether she liked him or not. He also was in control, deciding where they went and what they did. He was strong and wasn’t opposed to telling her what he wanted and expected.
Claire stood smiling at her. “So how was it with your mysterious new boyfriend?” Where Alison had a small self-assurance issue, it couldn’t be said the same for Claire, who had no difficulty expressing her opinion on a number of issues, requested or not. She was pretty in the classic sense, average height with a figure with turns similar to a race track. Her short hair was naturally a soft brown but currently died black. She liked to keep it a straight, no nonsense look. She was aware she scared away a few men with her dark looks and pleased with that knowledge. She pretended interest in Alison’s latest boyfriend, suspecting he would disappear from her life like Kevin did a few weeks ago.
“It was wonderful. He took me to dinner, helped me get through this French menu and we had two bottles of this fantastic wine. And just a minute ago gave me an oh-my-God kiss. I was ready to have sex right there in the hallway.”
Claire grinned. “Now that would get the neighbours to open their doors. What does he look like?”
Alison bit her lower lip and looked up. “Tall, slim, nice shoulders. Has dark hair and didn’t shave, so he has this shadow on his face. I love his voice. Commanding. He’s strong too, big hands.”
“What does he do?”
“Investments I think. He has money, judging by his car. Lives out in the suburbs.”
“Now don’t get too excited. You’ve only had two dates with him.”
“Yeah, but I’ve got a good feeling about him. Anyway I’m seeing him again in a couple of days.”
“Next time invite him in. I want to meet him.”
Alison wandered into the living room with its Ikea style of furniture. “Just don’t give him a rough time. He won’t take the usual smart comments you make, especially to men. That I’ll guarantee.”
“Whatever. I call them as I see them. Anyway, I’m heading to bed.” She grabbed Alison’s hand and gave her a kiss on her lips. “I’m happy for you all the same. He just better not hurt you.”
Alison watched her walk into one of the two bedrooms. But no pain, no gain.
* * *
Morning came and Claire watched Alison brush her hair through the open door of her bedroom. She stood at the doorway, admiring the figure covered by only a pair of panties. “Jill just texted me. She wants to know if we want to join her for drinks at her place tonight and watch some flicks.”
Alison gave her a smile as she turned to her. “Sure, sounds okay.”
Claire walked into the bedroom and gave her smack on her ass. “Okay, I’ll text her back.” She exited the bedroom, glancing back into the bedroom.
* * *
After dinner Claire changed from her office attire to pants with black leather on the front and stretched white fabric on the back, plus a loose green top. She saw Alison standing in her jeans while texting on her phone.
“Hey, are you planning to wear that?”
Alison looked up. “Yup, it’s comfortable.”
Claire shook her head. “Put on a skirt and change your top.” She waited as Alison stared at her, considering her order. “Or would you like a spanking first?” She gave a grin and advanced toward her.
Alison gave a quick smile. “All right, I’ll change.” She turned back to her bedroom.
Claire followed her and stood at the doorway.
“What’s the deal about wearing a skirt?” She peeled off her shirt and jeans and stood in front of her closet.
“You always wear jeans when we go out. I want you to dress up a bit this time. Jill and Sam usually dress up when we see them. Wear your yellow skirt.”
Alison pulled it out and held it in front of her. “It’s on the short side, you know.”
“I know, but it makes your legs look longer.”
Alison pulled on the skirt and added a dark grey knit top. “Okay. Satisfied?”
Claire nodded. “That’s a very cute outfit. You still may get that spanking later.”
“Whatever.” Alison selected a pair of high heels. “Are you driving or do we take a cab?”
“I’ll drive.’
They walked together in the parking lot to Claire’s blue Honda Civic.
“Sorry about ordering you to wear a skirt. I said that wrong. I really wanted it come out as a request.” She opened the passenger door.
Alison sat and swung her legs inside. She gave Claire a smile. “That’s all right. But you did threaten to spank me as well.”
Claire closed the door and went to the driver’s side. “I meant that in fun. Did I scare you with the spanking comment?”
Alison shook her head. “Not really. I thought you were just teasing me.”
Claire backed her car out, briefly resting her hand on Alison’s leg. “I do like to tease you.” She drove out of the parking lot, turning right. “I would also like to spank you.” She looked at Alison, wondering how she would react.
Alison peered back at her, but rather than reacting on the threat of a spanking, changed the subject. “So, Sam is now engaged to Brian. Have they set a date yet?”
“No, she thinks it may be next summer. It maybe a destination wedding. Samantha always wanted to go to Costa Rica.”
“How’s Jill handling this? They were pretty close for a while.”
“Jill is happy for her. They were always more like just good friends.” Her hand touched the leg again, the fingers pressing for a few moments. She slid her hand up, briefly touching the hem of the skirt before returning it to the steering wheel.
“That’s good to hear.” Alison shifted her legs, kicking off her shoes as she drew her feet back.
Four traffic lights later, Claire turned down a side street. “Almost there.” She gave Alison’s knee another squeeze and left it there as the car slowed, waiting to see how Alison would respond. Alison placed a hand on Claire’s hand, resting it there momentarily before slowly lifting Claire’s hand back to the wheel.
Claire parked the car. “It should be a fun night.”
Alison smiled. “Yes, Jill always makes things interesting.”
Jill open the door to her bungalow with a flourish. She reminded Alison of a Renaissance painting of feminine beauty, a few extra pounds, but confident in her appearance. She also had the ability of making others feel good when she was around them.
“Come in, my sweet friends.” Jill gave each of them a hug and a kiss.
Alison took off her shoes and entered the living, stopping to give Samantha a hug. She turned to an armchair but Claire grasped her hand, and pulled her to a loveseat.
“Let’s sit here.”
Alison sat with Claire joining her, their hips almost touching. She looked over at Samantha, who gave them a curious stare.
Jill passed out drinks and filled the coffee table with nibbles. She looked at Alison and commented, “You look lovely. I don’t believe I’ve seen you in a skirt in a long time.”
“Thanks. I was going to wear jeans but Claire told me I had to wear a skirt since you always dress so nice.”
Sam laughed. “So you always do what Claire tells you?”
“No, but this time she threatened to spank me.” Alison took a drink as the others laughed.
“It still might happen.” Claire grinned as she rubbed Alison’s thigh.
Jill replied, “Now that sounds like fun. Can we watch?”
Alison waved her hand back and forth. “No, no, no. I don’t want to be the entertainment this evening.” She was glad when the topic moved on to other things, largely about the upcoming wedding. Claire continued to touch her legs, occasionally stroking them. She noticed Samantha was watching them, and when she tried to push Claire’s hand back there was strong resistance. The hand refused to leave and Alison gave up trying to remove it.
The drinks were refreshed and as the conversation continued, leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I could spank you now, you know. Maybe you’d like that.”
“No,” she whispered back. Alison rested her hand on top of Claire’s hand after she had gradually pushed it higher up her leg.
“Are you sure? We could take a vote.” She whispered, her voice slightly louder.
“No, please. Not in front of them.” Alison giggled.
“What are you two whispering about?” Jill asked.
Alison quickly replied. “Nothing. Claire is just teasing me.”
Claire added. “I was telling her she should be spanked. Right here.”
Jill had a look of amusement. “I think that would be fun to see.” She refilled the glasses.
“I don’t think so.” Alison tried to sound casual as Claire played with the hem of her skirt, exposing more of her legs. She began to take deeper breaths of air. She quickly finished her drink, only to see it refilled again. She relaxed her legs, allowing Claire to continue to lift her skirt bit by bit and slightly parted her thighs.
Alison noticed Claire had managed to expose most of her legs, pushing the skirt up bit by bit. She began to feel warm, and slightly aroused at Claire’s attention. She felt Claire grab her far hand, and slowly pull it across her body.
“No, not here.” Alison resisted slightly, her arm across Claire.
Jill crossed over the room, laughing. “Come on Alison, I think you’re outvoted on this one.” She gently pushed at Alison’s shoulder.
“Just roll on your stomach.” Claire encouraged her.
“No, please.” Alison began to lean over Claire. She moved slowly as Claire placed an arm around her waist with Jill pressing on back. “This is so embarrassing.” She placed herself on Claire’s lap, moaning quietly. She felt her skirt being lifted up to her hips, and then the sudden smack on her bottom. More smacks, increasing in frequency. She cried out once but didn’t resist.
The spanking stopped momentarily, but only so her panties could be pulled down. They weren’t just lowered past her cheeks, but removed entirely. Then the spanking was resumed, harder this time. Jill, who was standing next to her, gave a couple smacks as well. Alison cried out, squeezed hands into fists and kicked her feet. The spanking didn’t really hurt, but thought she should act like it did.
Jill called out to Sam. “Do you want to have a couple of smacks too?”
Alison heard footsteps, and an additional hand hitting her sore cheeks.
Finally it stopped, with Claire gently massaging her ass.
“There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”
Alison shook her head. “But it was very embarrassing to be spanked by everyone.” She carefully rolled off Claire’s lap, stood and inspected the damage to her ass. “Oooh, very red.” She gently tugged down her skirt as Jill and Samantha laughed.
Jill spoke. “You’re such a darling for allowing Claire and us to spank you. I’m going to get you some cream for those cheeks.”
Alison raised a finger at Claire. “That wasn’t very nice. That hurt and you did it front of the others as well.”
Samantha asked, “But did you enjoy it.”
Alison crossed her arms and smiled. “That’s beside the point.”
She stood as Jill lifted her skirt and applied the cream.
“There, that should help take the sting away.”
Alison sat on the loveseat gingerly. “Ow. No wood chairs for me for a while.”
Claire leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Love you.”
“Love you too. But maybe with less hurt in the future.”
They bid goodnight, with Alison stuffing her panties in her purse. She felt drunk and decided to carry her shoes to the car. She didn’t resist Claire leading her by the arm. Again Claire opened the passenger door and helped her inside.
“Before we do up your belt, lift up your skirt.”
“Do it.”
Alison lifted her ass and pulled up her skirt.
“Good.” Claire belted her in.
As soon as the car was in motion, Claire began to touch her again, quickly finding out she was wet.
Alison moaned. “Please stop. I know I’m very horny right now, but I would like you to stop.”
Claire sighed. “All right. You’re pretty drunk too.”
“Yeah. And horny. And embarrassed. And I have a very sore ass.” She closed her eyes and smiled.
She fell half asleep in the car, and later Claire helped her back to the apartment, undressed her and tucked her into bed.
In the morning Alison dragged herself out of bed, prepared herself for the day and slouched in a chair drinking coffee. She looked at Claire eating toast.
“Thanks for not taking advantage of me last night, but I’m mad at you for spanking me last night.”
“Was it the spanking, or because it was in front of Sam and Jill, or the fact you enjoyed it?”
Alison frowned and then gave a smile. “All right. Point taken. Damn, why am I so weak when I have a few drinks?”
“It does make you more fun.” She bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Drink your coffee. You have to leave for work soon.”
“Yeah, and with my ass still sore, it’s going to be a long day.”
* * *
Alison arrived at the apartment before Claire and made dinner. Claire turned on the TV as they ate in the living room. Several shows later, Alison carried the plates to the kitchen. She went to her bedroom to change, wanting to get comfortable for the rest of the evening.
“So tell me more about your boyfriend, Michael.”
“He’s hard to describe.” She sat next to Claire on the couch, wearing a t-shirt that she would sleep in. Claire was now wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms that she normally removed before climbing into bed.
“Try me.”
“Well, he’s strong physically and mentally. In control. Scares me a bit but I can’t stay away from him.”
Claire put her arm around her shoulder. “Sounds like you’re falling for him.”
“I am.” She watched as Claire flicked to a nameless romance movie with forgettable characters.
“Be careful. You know we’ve both been through messes before.”
Alison felt the push on her shoulder and twisted downward. She gave in to the hint and rested her head on Claire’s lap. “I know. But this feels right. Like I’m going to a whole new world.”
They watched the movie in silence. Gradually Claire stroked Alison’s side. Bit by bit the bottom of the t-shirt lifted up until the bottom of her cheeks were exposed. Fingertip played on the exposed skin. Alison gave a small moan of content.
Claire continued the light touches. When she heard a second moan she tugged up the shirt higher and slipped her hand underneath, moving up to her breasts. The moans became louder.
“Let’s get a bit more comfortable. Take off your shirt.”
“I don’t know if I should.” A moment of hesitation and Alison lifted herself up, allowing Claire to pull off her top. She put her head back on Claire’s lap, unresisting to her touches.
The movie came to an end, but not Claire’s touches. “Come on. I’m taking you to bed.”
“Alright.” She allowed Claire to take her by her hand to Claire’s bedroom. She gave Claire a kiss and then sat on the bed.
Claire took off her pajama bottoms. Gently she kissed Alison, leaving a trail of kisses along her body. Claire mounted Alison, rubbing her pelvis against her. She used her mouth and body until Alison was groaning and stretched out her arms above her head. She arched her back in response as Claire used her fingers and licked her between the legs.
Alison gasped as the climax over took her. Minutes later she curled next to Claire, softly kissing her shoulder. “That was very nice.”
“For me too.”
Alison rolled on her side and Claire followed suit, spooning her. She drifted off to sleep, hearing Claire whisper, “I don’t want to ever let you go.”
* * *
The restaurant and drinks were done too early in posh restaurant. Alison stared at Michael from across the table. “Now what do we do? I thought the dinner would take all evening.”
“It was a mistake to order the house specials. They must have them prepared earlier.” He grinned. He suspected the owner of the restaurant, a friend of his, had moved their order as a top priority.
“I have a small condo downtown. Perhaps we can have a drink there? It has a nice view of the city.”
“You have a condo and a house?”
“Yes. The house is a bit of drive after a long day. The condo gives me a place to go without driving too far. I sometimes use it during the day for a quiet place to do work and to change.”
“Sure. Let’s go there.”
Alison was getting accustomed to his politeness in opening doors and helping her in out of his car. Still she knew there was a dark side to his civilized behaviour. The condo was on the forty-seventh floor and the balcony did indeed show a glittering view of the city beyond. The condo was furnished in soft blue and grey accents. The furniture was sparse but expensive.
“It does look like a workplace.” Alison gazed the lack of clutter and clean interior.
His hand pressed at her waist and she walked to balcony, stepping outside to the cool air.
“I’ll get you a drink.”
She waited and accepted the cognac. “Were you planning to bring me here all along?”
“No. I was waiting for the opportunity to bring you here or my house. But I wasn’t going to plan or force the issue. I want you, and I have patience to wait for what I want.”
“What do you want from me exactly?” She turned to him.
“All in due time. Do you know precisely what you want from me?” He paused as she considered his question. “Sometimes in the affairs of the heart too much planning takes away from what we need.” He kissed her, and returned for longer kiss. Pulled her close and continued to kiss her.
Alison felt her knees go weak. She let carry her back inside and didn’t resist being undressed by him. Her dress dropped to the floor, baring her breasts that he quickly attacked with his mouth. She worked at his tie as he pushed her toward the bedroom. She fell backward on the bed and he slowly tugged off her panties. She kicked off her shoes as he removed his jacket.
She waited on the bed as he undressed, unhurried as he surveyed her body. Alison took deep gulps of air as he slid on top of her. Hands roamed over their bodies, exchanging heat and sweat. The touches became more insistent and faster. She tried to roll on top of him but he quickly asserted his authority and pinned her underneath him. As her legs wrapped around his waist she knew he was the one in control, and was very willing to accept that.

Author Information

Creator of Praxton - a wonderful planet in a future world where the women enjoy being controlled by their male counterparts.


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Publishers of non-adult and adult fiction. Authors, experienced and new are welcome. We have a number of different sites for various genres, including specialist sites for Romance (www.a1romancestories.com, our non-adult and erotica site at www.fiction4all.com and a number of adult sites based around our main site at www.a1adultebooks.com

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