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NEVER ENOUGH (Sylvester Horne)

NEVER ENOUGH by Sylvester Horne

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Barrymore Rosemont, known to most as Barry, is a lecher and a pervert. Aged sixty, he is a rich, successful, business man whose greatest interest in life is however having sex with as many different women as he can.

He lives a life of luxury, having a home in Queensland, and a penthouse in Adelaide, beside staying in luxury hotels.

During this particular two-month period this story covers nothing is allowed to thwart his debauched lifestyle.

In this tale, which is about wanton sex, he romps his way through prostitutes, university students, receptionists, college girls and porn starlets, simply enjoying himself.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 44000

Style: General Erotica, Interracial Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Extract from NEVER ENOUGH

Back at the house, he found Celeste standing in the kitchen – naked – watching the coffee machine dispense her favourite latte into a tall, slender, handled-glass. Instantly, her round rumps caused his penis to twitch.
“You’re fucking sexy, as always,” he said, admiring her impressive physique.
Celeste Amore – that was probably not her real name – was thirty-six, if he could believe her, but had no reason to doubt her word. Slim, five-foot seven-inches tall, she possessed a fabulous figure, a curvaceous 37-25-33.
“It’s a fucking good job I am sexy otherwise a dirty old man like you would not be paying to screw me,” she riposted, turning around to face him, impishly grinning, holding her glass mug in her right hand.
Barry was sixty, and an unrestrained lecher.
Pushing her shoulders back, she waggled her chest, causing her impressive, natural double-Ds to jiggle wonderfully.
Invitingly, she made a show of slithering her feet further apart, fully exposing her tightly-cropped-V of brown pubic hair, pointing as it did to the plump-peach that was the entrance to her vagina.
His penis swelled to hardness, the remnants of last night’s Viagra no doubt assisting. Testosterone was usually enough for him – but he just liked the boast that modern medicine could give so that he could, when he wanted, be rampant for most of the night – what most prostitutes considered to be a nightmare.
Stepping up to her, he cupped her breasts. Hazel eyes twinkling, she fluttered her false eyelashes, and nonchalantly raised her glass to her lips, taking a sip, trying, no doubt, to convey something of a playful detachment. Celeste was undoubtedly something of a commensurate actress – a high-class escort needing good acting skills.
Bending forwards, lowering his head, he set to sucking on her perfectly-round, two-inch wide, coral-pink areola.
“You dirty beast,” she jested, before taking another sip of her latte.
Using her spare hand, she deftly pulled down the zipper of his red-cotton shorts. Popping the button, she peeled the flaps to one side. Her fingers eased the top of his underpants down, tucking the elastic under his ball-sack, allowing his now-yearning stiff muscle the freedom to expand to its unencumbered maximum nine inches.
Hardly love making, Barry knew, but he eagerly thrust his rod into her. It was heaven. Warm and wet, she was clearly ready. There again, he had always found that Celeste could self-lubricate in an instant, whenever they were going to fornicate.
She was his favourite professional whore. Foolish though it maybe, he believed that she looked on him as her favourite client – certainly her most demanding, dirtiest client, but one she knew paid generously. They had just spent Friday, Saturday & Sunday indulging in numerous bouts of carnal activity.
“You’re amazing, you randy goat,” Celeste said, affectionately. “Hell, if all my clients were like you I’d be shagged out most of the time.”


Refreshingly written. Lightweight Australian non stop sex with many Aussie nuances. Kept me interested throughout. Good read. Well done. 5 out of 5 (Fred)

Author Information

Over fifty years or so I have daydreamed my life away making up stories as I went about the chores of daily life. They were sexually oriented fantasies. I try to be realistic - write how the world is or was - not hide behind the veneer of political correctness.

I hope readers get some enjoyment from my efforts.


Publisher Information

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