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Educating Sophie (Farouk)

Educating Sophie by Farouk

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    • Average 4.0 from 3 ratings

Sophie’s godfather has come to stay - and her life is about to stand on its head. For Morris Cutter is a sadist with a penchant for training young beautiful girls, especially if they are well endowed. Young, teenage Sophie is perfect in every way - as well as being the daughter of one of Morris’ previous sex slaves!

Sophie's education begins immediately, with discipline which shocks but excites her. From then on the training gets harder and more humiliating, but she responds to everything her godfather asks or demands of her.

The school Sophie attends is also a training area for sex slaves and pony girls, with the Headmaster the instigator of it all. He also just happens to be an old friend of Morris Cutter. Sophie is about to enter a very strange world indeed. And this is just the beginning of her education!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 4 / 2018

No. words: 38100

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



“What colour panties are you wearing?”
The question stunned Sophie. As she stood before her beloved godfather, she blushed brightly. It was not only the wickedness of what he was asking but also the tone in which he asked. Her Uncle Morris had phrased his question as though it was the most normal remark to ask his 17-year-old goddaughter who stood before him with legs wide apart and hands up in the air.
“White ones,” Sophie said, her blush deepening.
They were alone in her bedroom where they had been for some time now. Her uncle was staying with them for a while both to conclude some business in the area and to attend his goddaughter’s seventeenth birthday party.
“That’s nice.” His smile was encouraging. “Raise your skirt and show me.” As Sophie tentatively raised her skirt she considered the absurd position she had been made to adopt. What she was doing before her Uncle Morris raced through her thoughts. She knew he was asking her to do something wicked but the thought secretly thrilled her and yet appalled her. She was a little afraid as nothing like this had ever happened with her uncle before. But her Uncle’s charismatic tone as well as his large 6’8" frame and rugged appearance persuaded her and she raised the hem of her skirt to her chest, showing him what he wanted, looking directly at his face.
Morris got up and, standing beside her, said: “from now on I want you to wear your panties like this.” He pulled them up until they were wedged into the crease of her bottom. At the front, the fabric cut deeply into her sex which was clearly on display. Sophie stood in a daze at what was taking place. Her entire being was filled with ambivalence: enjoyment and apprehension.
Her Uncle then went and sat down again, looking at her and clearly appreciating what he saw. His goddaughter had certainly grown into a beautiful young lady. Her fine mane of dark raven hair, elegantly tanned legs supporting her six-foot frame, her large 48" double Ds, trim waist, fine sculptured cheek bones and brown eyes. This fine specimen of womanhood would soon be his property until she reached the age of 25. His to shape and train according to his methods and desires. From her 17th birthday, he would be responsible for Sophie’s welfare as dictated by her late Father’s will and testament.
Sophie, her long tanned legs and sex clearly on display as her panties bit deeply into her crotch, felt heat emanating from between her legs.
“I think you better take your top off as well.”
Sophie took off her T-shirt, knowing she presented a lewd spectacle. She now stood in her white trainers and white panties, legs apart and hands up in the air as though she’d been arrested. Her T-shirt and small skirt were discarded. Her massive balloon size chest thrust forward arrogantly, dark brown nipples erect, all for her Uncle’s gaze.
Morris was enthralled by the beauty before him. Her body was splendid. However, it was her magnificent tits that bowled him over. Those fine giant breasts were simply made to be slapped. They were impressive. Just like her mother’s, maybe even better. He would enjoy the moment he tortured those giant udders, maybe even hang her by them. Perversity coursed through his thoughts. If only he’d known what a promise his god-daughter was, he would have started her training much earlier than was stipulated by the will.
“Bounce up and down for me, Sophie,” he said trying not to betray excitement in his voice.
Sophie jumped up and down for him, still keeping her hands in the air. The motion was delightful. A breast fetishist’s dream. Her balloon breasts bounced with each jump she took, her tits undulating in graceful motion akin to poetry. As she jumped up and down, her large double Ds slapped each other. A sheen of sweat coated her skin as her breathing became laboured and still she bounced for her Uncle, her melon size chest moving beautifully.
After twenty minutes of jumping up and down, she was made to stop. Sitting upon her bed he smiled at her and told her well done.
“Now star jumps and really concentrate on doing them nice and wide,” he said.
The process began all again as she spread her legs wide as possible with each jump. Her panties riding higher into her causing a stimulation that made her move faster and jump higher. Her large melon breasts performed their own routine of movement as the round orbs of tit flesh slapped into each other. The joy written on her Uncle’s Morris face was evident as he encouraged her to jump even faster. Sophie’s youthful athletic body and bouncing mammoth tits were hypnotising him.
After many of these exhausting jumps, Morris called a halt to her exertions although he could have watched her body bouncing before him indefinitely. Sophie’s flushed face smiled back at him seeing the excitement written all over his features. She too was happy performing before him but she did want to dwell upon these feeling.
“Good girl. Time to cool down. I want you to turn around, spread your legs and touch your toes,” he said. The smile changed to a look of pure lust.
Sophie found, despite herself, that she was obeying him. She still watched his face from an up-side-down angle while she awaited further instructions. Her mind was over heating like her body. Her desire for the game to stop and yet continue troubled her.
No further instructions came, however. She stayed in the same position while her Uncle Morris watched her until they were both called to tea by her aunt.

Morris was staying for the week at the end of which his god-daughter would be accompanying him to his home. As he sat watching television, Sophie joined him, sitting on his lap. Her Auntie Ruth and Uncle Cedric had left to attend a private dinner. As they both said good bye neither saw anything out of place as a seventeen-year-old sat on a middle age man’s lap. It brought back to Sophie’s mind the very first time she had actually met her Uncle Morris. Then he had given her a present which she had opened whilst on his lap. The lasting impression she had got from his visit was not the very expensive bracelet he had given her but the incredibly large erection that she felt. The incident brought back thrilling memories to her mind.
Before she sat on his lap Sophie showed her Uncle that she still wore her panties as he insisted, firmly pulled tightly between her bum-crease and sex. Morris took a long time examining her and pulled the panties deeper and harder into her sex, making her flinch.
“You’ve changed your panties,” he said in a flat even tone, trying not to betray the fact that he had a raging hard on.
Sophie looked at him shyly. “Well, yes...I wet myself!”
“I was so excited with what you made me do that when Auntie Ruth called me I...I... I,” she blurted out. She looked at him guiltily. “I didn’t mean to. I was too excited Uncle, honest.”
Inwardly Morris smiled to himself. Having seen his god-daughter bounce for him increased the perverse things he wanted to make her perform and the sooner he got her training under way the better. Here he was presented with the perfect pretext to chastise her.
“I think you should be punished for this type of behaviour. What do you think?”
“I’ve not been punished for anything before,” Sophie said quietly.
“That’s very lax of Cedric though I don’t suppose you’re his responsibility now. So I will just have to remedy that situation now.”
“What are you going to do?” she asked, again very quietly.
“I’m going to start by educating you in the correct ways of behaving. I’m going to punish your behind for your lack of control and then begin teaching you how I want you to behave in future.”
“Punish my behind?” she asked.
“I’m going to spank your bottom until I’m satisfied that you have learnt something from your experience.”
“What will Auntie and Uncle say?” Sophie said, not sure of this turn of events.
“I’m sure they won’t mind. I’m your god-father, after all, and I undertook an oath that I would bring you up the right way as I see fit.”
His serious tone worried Sophie.
“Don’t look so frightened, girl. This will do you good and will condition you to the way things are going to be. The punishment will be in two parts with my hands now and tomorrow morning with my bedroom slipper.”
Sophie’s unease increased.
“Or would you rather the slipper now and my hand tomorrow?” he asked in a cheerful tone.
Sophie gulped. “Your hand please, Uncle,” trying to control her fear.
“Good. Slip your panties off and come across my lap.”
Still hesitant, Sophie pulled her panties off and left them lying on the floor. Although her Uncle was close by, sitting on the sofa, composed, waiting to punish her, the prospect of draping herself across his knee was extremely daunting and unreal.
She was going to be punished, her bottom spanked, her Uncle’s hands upon her. Deep down inside she wanted this, needed this to happen. And she was going to show her Uncle that she could take whatever punishment he dished out.
Morris pulled her short skirt back to reveal the naked cheeks of Sophie’s bottom. Sophie’s senses were heightening. She felt the fabric of his pants. His hands were surprisingly cool on the taut cheeks and she could definitely feel the erect mass of his penis touching her stomach. She strained her head to see him lift his right arm.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
Sophie looked even more frightened and nodded. What a question to ask! To hide her shame she buried her head in the sofa seat.
Morris Cutter was an aficionado, an expert at smacking young women’s bottoms. It was a pastime he thoroughly enjoyed. Looking at the youthful and delectable bottom presented to him in all its naked charm made him pause to admire the superb sight of Sophie’s flawless orbs. The taut and abundant cheeks of her ass would have made any saint weep. This was a bottom made to be spanked, asking to be punished.
His heavy hands collided first with the right cheek, smacking hard. Then the left cheek. The smacking force alternated in a rhythm of pain. Sophie tensed, squirmed, and wriggled her bottom in a vain attempt to avoid the heavy slaps.
The pain became a reality and she screamed. Morris was pleased with the sound and with the way the round globes of her rear shuddered under the impact of his hand. The angry imprint left a beautiful mark of pain on her tender flesh. He was immensely pleased with himself. The spanking of a young lady was to be compared to art and followed the strict rules of any science. Morris Cutter believed himself to be at the cutting edge of this beautiful and exacting science. The harmonics of pain from Sophie’s lips, the deft stroke as his hand slapped on to her tender flesh, the timing and the precise calculation of the force of impact, all came out in a wonderful equation of pleasure and pain. Experience by both parties: pleasure for him, pain for Sophie.
The battering slaps continued for what seemed like ages to Sophie. She could feel the heat in his hands and the hard blows. Her eyes were watering and her squeals became more audible than before. The slaps were increasing and there seemed no end to them or the hurt. Sophie’s mind was in turmoil. Her beloved Uncle Morris was beating her and though she knew there was something wrong with this situation she could not see herself stopping what was happening to her abused bottom. In the deepest recess of her mind she was enjoying the fact that she was being punished. She somehow felt the chastisement was merited and that her crime of wetting herself was being expiated by the spanking. She also felt that there were more punishments to follow and that she would gladly commit a catalogue of crimes to receive them especially from Uncle Morris.
At one point she transmitted a plea for her Uncle to stop the punishment but he merely looked at her without stopping the onslaught of slaps. Her whimpering became worse, so Uncle Morris stopped and took a white ball gag out of his blazer pocket. He forced this into the cavity of her mouth and tightened the white straps around her head. This done he continued with the beating, holding her more firmly than before. Her whimpering was subdued but the pain increased. She was hoping that her poor bottom could endure the battering but then she realised that she was getting a beating whether she wanted it or not.
When the pounding of her bottom finished she did not dare get up. She did not really know whether her Uncle had actually finished with her. Somewhere in her mind a troubled thought flickered alive: she did not want her Uncle to finish. She wanted more. The hurt inflicted upon her bottom was still burning as were the perverse feeling she was experiencing. She was also desperately aware that her sex had become aroused and was lubricating nicely. Surely he would know that she had enjoyed the punishment. She jerked slightly when she felt his rough hands pinching and kneading the flesh of her sore flesh. Sophie closed her eyes to the cruel beauty of the pain that his fingers produced.
Morris could hear her whimpering nicely into the gag. The taut flesh of her tortured bottom felt delightful to his fingers. He started to probe her sex. His middle finger entered her with ease because of her wetness. The heat was hotter than his hands. He smiled to himself. His beautiful young niece had all the hallmarks of a submissive, something he had detected from the start. He congratulated his judgement.
His fingers played with her sex in an almost casual way, probing deep within her. He knew the havoc he was causing her both between her legs and in her mind. He extracted his fingers from the wet confines of Sophie’s cloying sex and smelled the sweetness of her juices.
Sophie did not see the broad smile stretched across her Uncle’s face. She did not know the plethora of informative signals that her body gave off to him as he punished her. Her body’s response to the thrashing gave Morris key information about the subconscious reaction of her needs. She wanted to be dominated and to surrender herself to the pleasure of pain. Morris would willingly help her to achieve this goal. His hands were skilful in eliciting flinching pain from her. In the helpless and prone position Sophie found herself in she could do nothing but accept the treatment her Uncle administered to her bottom. The pinching and fingering continued unabated as though he was testing her reactions.
Then the unexpected happened and Sophie went wild with lust and longing.

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