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Mandy's Training - Book 1 (Peter Malin)


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The narrator of this story has a powerful persona over women. When he meets the beautiful but docile Mandy, he knows he wishes to have her as his personal submissive and from the very start, over dinner, he begins issuing his orders, which she immediately obeys. Quite obviously the girl loves being dominated and her training continues with very high heels, fetish clothing and regular whippings to keep her in line; all of which Mandy loves! When her Master introduces a Mistress into her life, Mandyís pleasure (and his) is complete.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 31100

Style: Male Dom - M/F, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Chapter One

The final presentation of the afternoon was well under way.
I sat back in my chair watching her intently as she moved about the raised dais. Up to now, I had been pretty bored listening to the various ideas the advertising agencies had dreamt up but at least this tall, attractive woman was worth looking at.
She was the boss of one of the top five agencies and had a reputation for being equally as tough as any of her male counterparts. The word was of most men keeping well away, unable to handle the fact she had made it on her own merits and, as a result, needed neither their support nor their patronage. It was highly likely she also probably earned more than most of them as well, a fact most men seem unable to accept.
As I listened, I found myself wondering if it was true she found relationships difficult to maintain, having earlier overheard someone commenting on the fact she lived alone and what a waste it was.
Being the finance director, I was only at the presentations to hear how much the launch of our latest product was going to cost. As usual, all of the agencies' proposals meant spending far too much money and it was down to me to keep a lid on the overall marketing costs. To them, I was probably the least popular person in the room.
Still, with legs like hers, I mused, she would get a longer hearing. The more I looked, the more it seemed her whole outfit had been designed to give the impression of being outwardly very professional yet at the same time clearly indicating to anyone who was experienced enough to read the signs, there was a real woman inside.
The heels of her shoes were high but not too high; the hem of her skirt was just on the knee; the fitted jacket not over-emphasising the obvious sensual curves of her figure; her make-up giving focus to her eyes while her long blonde hair framed her face. Everything about her made me wonder what she was really like.
My mind continued to wander. I had finally got over the pain caused when Helen had left me. In spite of the fantastic relationship we had enjoyed for all those years, her career had always been very important to her and so, when the job came up in the British Embassy in Washington, she had not hesitated in accepting it.
I had taken her departure very hard. The results of all my time and effort spent in training and teaching her were now probably being enjoyed by someone else. Lucky sod! Still at last I was finally back on an even keel and beginning to look around again. The time had come for me to find a new challenge.
I became aware I was the centre of her attention. Having come to the end of the presentation, she was explaining the projected costs and I got the impression she was almost daring me to query them. I smiled to myself thinking, 'No, lady, not at this time. I'll choose where and when!'
There was a polite round of applause as she finished. The Chairman stood up to thank everyone for their presentations before concluding with "There is a cold buffet and drinks in the board's dining room, ladies and gentlemen, please help yourselves." As we all drifted out of the boardroom, several of those hoping for our business headed towards me. Fortunately just then I was called to the phone, enabling me to escape.
Later, having sorted out the problems, I wandered into the dining room, piled some food on a plate and picked up a glass of champagne. Everyone had split into small groups which suited me fine and, walking over to one of the windows, I sat on the padded sill and started munching.
"I'm told you keep a tight hold on the purse strings, Mr Marshall ... and that you're a tough negotiator."
She had soft, dark brown eyes. They reminded me how appealing seals were but I was not taken in. Even with their soft, sad and gentle eyes, seals were still very efficient, deadly hunters who killed to eat in order to survive.
"Mrs Webster, isn't it?" I said as I stood up.
"It's Ms actually. I prefer that to being called Miss, but my friends call me Mandy." She offered her hand.
As we shook hands, I said, "Please join me. This is quite a comfortable place to sit. I'm Mike or Michael by the way, I don't mind which, and I too prefer the informal approach. What I don't do, however, is ever negotiate business matters when drinking champagne. I have very strict rules."
I caught a sudden flicker of interest in her eyes. Had she reacted to my mentioning strict rules? Interesting!
We chatted away for a while and I enjoyed her subtle attempts to get me more interested in her. It had been some time since anyone had even tried and it felt so good, I was content to let her massage my neglected ego. She had obviously done her homework well for she knew quite a bit about me. While we talked, I became aware of a growing sense of excitement. Judging by the strength of the reaction between us, our chemistry was almost certainly a potent mixture.
"Do you prefer being on your own?" she asked.
"It doesn't bother me. I'm quite able to look after myself until the next challenge comes along," I replied and again there was a fleeting reaction. "How about you? I hear you tend to frighten men off. Why's that?"
"Successful women tend to be thought of as being somewhat intimidating. I am very good at what I do and do not suffer fools gladly. I run a tight operation and expect my staff to give their best at all time. I'm seen as one who gives orders and expects them to be carried out without question or hesitation. I probably give off an aura of being totally in control and I also happen to earn a lot of money. Most men can't seem to handle that which is a pity. Still, it's more their loss than mine."
"You sound as if you don't have a current partner. That seems to me to be a waste."
A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.
"That's nice. No, I haven't anyone at the moment. My last relationship ended because I got fed up with always making the decisions and he was content to let me take charge all the time. It never dawned on him I was doing that all day long so nothing was ever different for me. In the end, I had no desire to keep doing it in my leisure time as well so we split up."
This was getting better by the minute!
"I can understand that. I'm old fashioned enough to think that, within personal relationships, man should always be dominant; a simple fact which has nothing to do with sex discrimination, emancipation or anything else. In the relationships I've had, I have always been totally in control."
I had been watching her closely and now I was certain I had triggered something.
"You certainly come across as one who could never be intimidated by any woman, successful or not, Mike. I find that quite refreshing."
She was obviously waiting for my next move. However, now was not the right time but there was no harm in leaving some bait.
"Well, at least now you won't think I'm running away because you're intimidating me ... but I'd better mingle and be seen to be fair to everyone." I paused and held her eyes with mine. "I've enjoyed your company. We will continue this conversation at a more convenient time. I'll call you!"
I stood up.
"Yes please, I'd like that, Mike." she answered, reaching into her bag and handing me a card. "My private number is on there as well. I'll look forward to your call."
She had not queried my directness at all. This was promising.
"Fine," I said and, on impulse, decided to test my instincts. "One thing though. I don't like to see women slouching. It always looks as if they're ashamed of their figure. Sit up properly and pull your shoulders back."
Her eyes locked onto mine. Suddenly they were no longer soft. Obviously she was not used to being bluntly told what to do. For several seconds, she tried to stare me down but I just raised an eyebrow, demanding her to do as she was told.
Then the interest was back in her eyes. She sat up straight and pulled her shoulders back, making her jacket stretch over her curves in silent protest.
I had won and, by lowering her eyes, she acknowledged my victory.
"Yes, Mike," she said quietly.
"That's better," I said and walked away. I stayed for only as long as was polite before making my exit.
I did not talk to her again.


Three days later, I punched her private number into the phone keypad and listened to the calling tone.
"Mandy Webster. Who is this?"
"This is he who makes you sit up properly," I replied.
There was a long pause. She was either trying to remember who on earth it could be or she was at a loss for words.
"Hello Mike. I'm glad you've called and yes, my shoulders are back as required." A slight tremble in her voice betrayed her excitement.
I kept the momentum going. "Good. I'm used to having people do as they're told. Now, about dinner. Tomorrow evening. I'll pick you up at eight. We'll go to Antonio's. That's not a problem, is it?"
"Oh, er ... no, it's fine, I'd like that. I've heard of Antonio's but haven't been there before. What do I wear?"
After her slight hesitation, there were no questions or objections, only acceptance. This was beginning to feel right.
"Something sexy to show your figure off and I prefer high heels. Antonio's is a favourite haunt of mine and it's a place where one can enjoy discreet privacy. I want to find out more about you and also to see how well you respond. This is not business, it's pleasure, so don't expect to discuss product marketing or anything and, by the way, lateness is not an acceptable habit. Anything else?"
"I don't know. I can't understand why I am going along with this. I seem to react to your instructions without question. You don't ask me, you tell me. I'm not used to this at all."
"Then be warned." I said "You've come up against someone who is used to being obeyed in all things. It's the way I am. I am not one who could ever be intimidated by either who or what you are. Quite the contrary in fact. After a while, you will probably find yourself wanting to respond to my will more and more. Now, if that's a problem, then you should not join me tomorrow."
"I'll be ready at eight, Mike."
"Yes, I knew you would be," I replied and then hung up.


The door opened even before my finger touched the bell. My watch showed it was two minutes before eight.
"Come in, Mike."
I walked into a comfortably furnished lounge and turned to look at her. Her blonde hair had been piled high on top of her head. She had done her make-up superbly well, dark shades of eye-shadow and mascara highlighting her eyes, making them seem even larger while vivid red lipstick emphasised the fullness of her lips. She was wearing a simple black silk dress. I smiled to myself when I saw how the shoulder pads cleverly accentuated the way she was holding herself as I had specified. The front of the dress was spit down to her waist, revealing the swell of her breasts whenever she moved and its hem stopped some three inches above her knees. The sheen of what I guessed to be black stockings showed the shape of her legs to perfection and her patent leather court shoes had heels that looked to be about four inches high. On each cuff of the long sleeves was a silver band which almost had the appearance of handcuffs. Her nails were painted the same colour as her lips. Apart from earrings, she wore no other jewellery.
"You look absolutely fantastic, Mandy."
She smiled her pleasure at my compliment. "Thank you, Mike. I hope this is what you had in mind when you told me to wear something sexy."
"It is perfect. As I suspected, you have a superb figure."
"Thank you again, kind sir. I used to think my bust was too big and the same of my hips. Then, to my absolute delight, the hour glass shape became very fashionable again. But it's quite some time since I had a reason to dress like this." The tip of her tongue slowly traced a wet sheen over her lips. She was breathing quite quickly.
"When did you last masturbate?"
Her eyes first widened in amazement then narrowed as they bored into mine. This was certainly not how she was used to being spoken to.
I watched as her cheeks turned crimson. Would there be anger or embarrassment? Would she ask me to leave or simply answer? Would my will prevail? When her shoulders dropped slightly and she looked down, I knew I had won again.
"While I was having my bath."
She sounded like a child who had just been caught out doing something naughty. Her shoulders straightened as she looked at me again. There was no defiance in her eyes, only a fear I might be laughing at her. I did not let her off the hook.
"Did you enjoy it?"
She half smiled.
"Yes, I did. Very much."
Her cheeks were slowly losing their heat.
"Do you masturbate often?"
"I have done it more over these last few months. Mike, why am I not angry at you for asking these questions? I don't understand."
"There is no need to understand. What did you think about as you masturbated in the bath?"
The flush returned to her cheeks and she looked down again. Now I knew for certain she was to be my next challenge.
"I'm waiting."
"About being with you. Mike, please don't ask any more. I don't know what to think."
"Look at me!"
I waited as she slowly and reluctantly raised her eyes to mine.
"You must not be concerned. Nothing unpleasant will happen to you, I assure you. I have always exerted my dominance over women. You know there is already a strong sexual chemistry between us and I intend to investigate further. I also suspect you will come to relish not being in control of a situation for once." I paused then went back on the attack, "Are those stockings you are wearing?"
"Yes they are, Mike. I thought they would be what you would want me to wear."
"What else?"
"I'm not wearing a suspender belt. They're self-supporting. Just my dress, stockings and shoes. Oh, and panties of course."
Now for the final test.
I kept looking at her and raised an eyebrow. Her forehead creased as she wondered what my silence meant. She looked down as her cheeks went crimson again. Now she understood my unspoken command.
"You want me to take them off?"
I waited silently till she looked up and then held her with my eyes. Her lips had parted and she licked at them nervously as she tried to re-establish her own willpower. A car horn sounded somewhere outside.
Her sigh was her acknowledgement of yet another defeat. As the seconds ticked by, I knew she was wondering if she should leave the room in order to obey. Then, as if needing to bolster her self-confidence, her hands moved and slowly pulled her skirt up over her thighs. I watched as she hooked her thumbs into the skimpy black lace panties and pushed them down, raising each leg in turn in order to step out of them.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said, tossing them aside before smoothing her skirt down again. Her eyes were now sparkling, showing her arousal.
"Time to eat." I said. "Where's your coat?"


Very well written. The sex is awesome and well detailed. Can't wait till this author's next book. Great BDSM reading materials. 5 out of 5 (steve)

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