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The Permissive Society (Kay Nyne)

The Permissive Society by Kay Nyne


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Who says that girls can't be kinky too? Sexy Japanese teen Kimiko is living proof. In fact she would class herself as perverted, she craves acts and degradation that other women would consider to be nightmare scenarios... but Kimiko doesn't care what others think, she knows what she needs, and she knows exactly how to get it.

Fetish Content - Strictly 18+ Open Minded Adults Only

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 03 / 2018

No. words: 7028

Style: Bondage/BDSM Fetishes, Interracial Bondage/BDSM

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


That had been two weeks before, and after a series of phone calls Kimiko had finally met her sponsor. Sat in the public bar of a pub on the eastern edge of town he had looked her up and down with a critical eye.
“Come dressed how you feel most comfortable.” he had instructed.
Kimiko had worn her favourite sharking outfit, something that she hadn't been able to wear since arriving in England, her short skirt and tight boob tube, knee length virginal white socks and black patent leather school shoes. Slutty schoolgirl was the look and she pulled it off well, her delicate features making her look several years younger than her nineteen years.
“You have ID?” he had asked as his eyes took in every inch of her.
Kimiko lowered her eyes submissively as she offered him her passport, effectively confirming her date of birth and sexual legality.
Kimiko had nodded, her eyes fixed on her shiny shoes.
“Slut?” he asked, his tone; matter of fact.
“Yes sir,” she replied softly. “I am a slut.”
And then, as sudden feelings of disappointment engulfed her he finished his drink and stood.
“On this card is an address, and a time.” he said as he offered a small square of thick white paper, “I will propose you as a new member. Come dressed as you are now, do not be late... because this is a onetime offer, it will not be repeated.”
And as Kimiko studied the hand written card he left.
Now the ball was in her court, now she could discover if she enjoyed being violated when she had given verbal rather than silent consent, now she would learn if she could say yes, and still love their attentions just as much.
If she hadn't confirmed the address several times Kimiko would never have guessed that the plain wooden door led to any club. It looked like the side entrance to a very old industrial unit, and being on the edge of an industrial estate that is exactly how the club's home had begun. Once upon a time heavy machinery had combed and cleaned and spun cotton, but the machinery was long gone, and the factory shell had been bought by a kinky Earl. Like the infamous Hell Fire Club it had always been a place for excess and debauchery, but whereas the Hell Fire had fizzled away and died, The Permissive Society had stood the test of time. It was private, and that was its success, it was selective, that added to the appeal... and it was also pedantically picky when it came to its female members. This wasn't a wife swapping club, there were swingers there, but only the most beautiful.
Almost exclusively the members were married, singles were a rarity... that was a fact that Kimiko failed to grasp. She was also unaware that the night she had been instructed to attend was not a usual club meeting night. It was marked as a special function, men only, it was an event arranged to check the suitability of a club rarity.
The door opened slowly and cigar smoke leaked out into the night air, a warm glow welcomed her in as her sponsor took her by the hand.
“Good girl!” he crooned as a finger hooked into her cleavage and eased her boob tube to reveal a peek of firm young breasts. “Punctuality is a quality that we demand here, also discretion, absolute discretion!”
Kimiko nodded respectfully, and revelled in the first disrespectful action she had experienced since arriving in uptight England. His total lack of hesitation in reaching out to inspect her tits had sent a thrill through her body and told her that she'd made the right decision.

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