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HELL FOR HARRIET by Frack Anders

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Albert Denton is back in action in a brand new harem packed with gorgeous and unwilling playmates - and a few of the old familiar faces besides! The sex gets hotter and the beatings and degradations wilder as Denton and his icy mistress strive to satiate their privileged clientele in...
Hell For Harriet!

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 3 / 2018

No. words: 36916

Style: HAREMS AND SLAVES, Male Dom - M/F

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


What Fresh New Hell Is This...?

‘Alright, my lovely, we’re going to play a little game,’ smiled Julio. He pointed his cane at the centre of the room and Aurelia had little choice but to obey. She tiptoed past the obscenity of his naked body and stood to attention with a look of dread on her pretty features. Her mind reeled. What new “little game” had the beast now in store for her? Julio deliberately let the silence drag on in order to increase the tension. What a thrill it was to have this teen beauty to play with! Her nude body had already begun to perspire and the quiver of her breasts and the shy wink of her naked camel toe added an extra electric tingle of sexual excitement to his already engorged penis.
‘Bend over,’ he snapped suddenly. ‘That’s it, you little porno! Grip your ankles and pull your head well into your shins!’ There was just the tiniest of pauses, and then the girl jack-knifed her body and Julio thrilled as the bitch presented him with the taut flesh of her bottom. Her buttocks yawed wide and he drooled at the puckered pink of her exposed anus.
‘I’m afraid your recent bad behaviour has earned you six strokes of the cane,’ he said with a passable imitation of regret, ‘and you of all people should know the penalty for naughty slave girls!’ Her muffled sob left a warm glow of satisfaction in his balls as he continued to torment his lovely victim. ‘Now you know I don’t enjoy whipping naked young women,’ he drawled with mock sincerity. ‘On the contrary,’ he assured her, ‘I’m going to go out of my way to give you a more than sporting chance to avoid justice!’ Aurelia wanted to puke. She knew the sadistic swine very much enjoyed every waking moment of his freedom to beat and torture helpless females.
‘Here’s the deal,’ he continued. ‘if you want to avoid the full six strokes you most thoroughly deserve then you need only take the first one without the slightest sound or movement.’ He almost laughed out loud at her dilemma. ‘Do you understand what I’ve just said? If I detect even the slightest twitch in your body then I will be forced to continue with the punishment! He gave her right buttock a hefty smack with the palm of his hand for emphasis. ‘Did you understand what I’ve just said?’
‘Ee-argh ... Y-yes, master!’
Julio gave his prick an encouraging squeeze. He placed his nose between the musk of her buttocks and the girl shivered at the sudden heat of his breath upon the tender flesh of her brown-hole. ‘You can do it,’ he whispered, ‘just one good stroke, and if you can control the pain then it’ll all be over!’
They both knew the challenge was near impossible. In all the months she’d been incarcerated in the harem, Aurelia had never seen a girl survive that first impossible agony, and yet the thought of having to endure a further five full-blooded strokes made her mind reel in terror.
‘Okay, my precious,’ he cried happily, ‘let’s get this over with!’ His cock now boasted twelve inches of throbbing, straining erection as he positioned himself behind her. Aurelia sucked in her breath and tensed every fibre of her lithesome young body. Oh, God, her mind screamed at her, please don’t let me move! But the moment had come. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as Julio lined himself up for the first blow. He took careful aim with his cane then he laid a full-power stroke into her quivering backside.
The rod smashed into the tender flesh of Aurelia’s bottom precisely between the dividing line between her nates and her buttocks and Julio was forced to wait for what seemed like an eternity before the girl finally reacted...


Acting Lieutenant, Harriet Wickling-Soames or “Harry” as she preferred to be called, steeled herself for a gruelling 20-mile speed march over the Brecon Beacons.
The twenty-year-old beauty had only just completed her Capture-And-Interrogation phase. The round the clock questioning had been conducted in a women-only environment but the nasty personal insults and the endless shouting had almost gotten the better of her and at one stage she’d almost cried but a group hug and a hot cup of tea and a wink from her big-breasted instructor had seen her through, and now she was more than ready for the ultimate test. Her good-luck teddy was still safely tucked in her rucksack and she double-checked her pockets for a fresh pair of panties. The brunette made sure to turn her shapely bottom away from any male onlookers as she re-tightened her boot laces, and then she stood up and considered the mountains. She had a ten-mile head start on the boys and there were only four check points. Four check points and a sprint to the land rover, and she’d have done it; the first female to have made the SAS! Some concessions had been made of course; her pack was half again as heavy as the men and she’d been relieved of the burden of a weapon yet she saw nothing untoward in the reverse sexism, and how she loved the army. It was so ... squidgy!
The umpire blew his whistle and Henrietta trotted gaily up to the start line. Sergeant Carson held up an arm and studied his watch for a few moments then he made a downwards cutting motion with his hand, and she was off.
Carson emitted a sigh of relief. With all the militant feminism flying around, he’d made it a point to keep contact with these new soldierettes to an absolute minimum. He knew only too well that one innocent remark taken out of context and he’d find himself on the carpet and no quarter given and he decided they could keep their new, touchy-feely army. He felt his prick harden as he watched the firm flesh of Harriet’s buttocks swing from side to side as she disappeared into the distance. Another Jane Bond, he sneered, and he almost wished they’d shove her into action. With a bit of luck, the rag-heads might just die laughing...

Harriet put on an extra spurt for the last four hundred yards then she staggered up to the rendezvous and acknowledged the two-man welcoming committee with a nod of her head. She was too exhausted to speak but the soldiers gave her a smile of encouragement and indicated the rear of the vehicle. For a moment she hesitated. There was something decidedly odd about their uniforms; their boots weren’t regulation issue and their hair seemed a tad too long for the army but she reminded herself that the SAS were undercover specialists and any concerns she might have had were quickly forgotten at the prospect of a chance to escape the biting wind and lose herself in a hot cuppa.

‘Is she out? Queried Garcia.
His companion twisted about in his seat to look at the girl. She lay sprawled across the back seat with her mouth open. She was clearly oblivious to the world and he grunted his satisfaction.
‘Out for the count.’ He smiled. ‘Put your foot down, compadre; the plane won’t wait for ever!’

Chapter One

There was a renewed swagger about Albert Denton as he strode through the harem with the impressive bulk of his genitalia swinging menacingly between his thighs. His ten-inch cock was enclosed in a silken pouch but the ultra-thin material did nothing to disguise the snake-like dimensions of his masculinity. Indeed, it only served to emphasise his authority and the sexual tyranny he was free to impose on the unfortunate slave girls of his own stable. In fact he’d only just finished emptying the entire contents of his balls into the mouth of a pretty teenager and he had every reason to feel happy with himself. He’d deliberately worked the unfortunate girl for over an hour and a light sheen of sweat still clung to his muscular torso and it added an extra gleam to the impressive musculature of his carefully depilated body.
The girl in question silently cursed the beast that had only just finished pounding and stretching her naked body. She remained curled in a ball with her hands thrust between her thighs and tried to will away the dull ache that Denton had left in her vagina. Her mind reeled at the sudden change in her fortunes. She was lost in a nightmare beyond her wildest imaginings; a hidden palace for sex-slaves, and yet how could she have possibly known that such places could have existed beyond the boundaries of her own naive existence? She emitted a series of heart-rending sobs. What had she ever done to deserve a fate like this? In happier times, nineteen-year-old Aurelia Lomax had simply taken for granted the lofty privileges once afforded her as sole heir to the immeasurable wealth and privilege of a Dot-Com multi-millionaire, and yet it had taken but a few short and agonising weeks of relentless and methodical thrashing at the hands of the twins to transform the once arrogant brat into a mewling and servile little sex object. Gone were the days when she could command an army of minions to serve her every need with the flick of a finger, and how she’d loved to degrade the proles and the losers that hovered around her day and night anxiously anticipating her every whim; the gardeners and the chauffeurs and the help, and even the poor, put-upon piano tuner, and not to mention the working class students at her university whom she’d grudgingly paid absolute bottom dollar to ghost write her classwork. And then there was her long-suffering step-mother Madeline and her nineteen-year-old daughter, Kaylee. Aurelia regarded them both as a pair of gold diggers and she resented their sudden intrusion into her relationship with her father. She’d always been Daddy’s little girl and she couldn’t understand his infatuation with Madeline, and as for Kaylee; wow, talk about a total loser! The red-head could have been pretty but for her obsession with the Goth, Death-Metal scene and it was obvious she cared little for money or fashion or boys. She was so-ohhh, not L.A. And Aurelia suspected she was a closet dyke and she simply died whenever her sophisticated friends called to the house to be greeted by “The Creature” hovering around dressed in funeral black with that eternal, end-of-the-world look on her miserable face. It made Aurelia a laughing stock and she lost no time instigating a hate campaign against Kaylee on her Facebook page. “Check her out,” wrote Aurelia, “I’ve got Vampirella living in my house!” She strove to drive a wedge between her father and Madeline by insinuating a clandestine relationship between her step-mother and some unknown former lover, and little by little, a gulf began to develop between the grown-ups. The poor woman had tried so hard to please her new husband but Aurelia stepped up her spiteful campaign to discredit the forty-five-year-old former widow, and in the end, terrified by the looming prospect of an ignominious divorce and lonely oblivion, Madeline had finally picked up the phone and dialled a particular and ultra-secret number, and within days, her troubles were over.
Aurelia had simply disappeared. One minute she’d been drifting into a marijuana-induced sleep in the luxurious surroundings of her five-star campus accommodation, and the next the thing she knew, she was a shivering, stark naked prisoner confined to the deafening silence of a stone cell. Her initial resistance had proved to be heroic, but the twins had gone to work on her proud little titties and her delectable teen derriere with their usual sadistic enthusiasm, and within a matter of days, the once proud beauty would do anything, absolutely anything to avoid the relentless bite of the cane on the tortured, tender flesh of her bottom. It was hard to believe, but the teenager had become almost grateful to be afforded the opportunity to excel herself when she’d been tasked with those long, long evenings spent sucking the cocks of grinning male overseers, and even the endless, retch-inducing hours spent licking and tonguing the anuses and vaginas of the twins was preferable to having herself strapped yet again to a leather horse and flogged to the point of screaming insanity.
And so, little by little, Aurelia had morphed into yet another delightful addition to the harem. Her name had been mockingly changed to Oral-lee, and by the time the girl was handed over to the dubious care of Albert Denton, she was more than ready to do her utmost to degrade her mind and her soul to keep his satanic temper dormant and to twist and contort her exhausted body in ever more inventive ways in order to further excite his relentlessly filthy libido.

Oh, yes, Albert Denton had been reborn! From a Jack to a King, you might say, and the measured and thorough fucking he’d just given Oral-lee had proved to be a wonderful start to the morning. There was an extra vengeful pleasure in porking a snooty University bitch, and for one dark moment his battered features creased in a rage. There were a couple of other college cunts from his past that he’d love to get his hands on, he thought hatefully, but he dismissed the fantasy and reminded himself of how extraordinarily lucky he’d become. By some weird and unexplainable quirk of fate he was right back where he’d always longed to be; in a position of absolute sexual dominance and authority over the choicest and most beautiful young girls the world had to offer and the humiliating memories of using his right hand to try and slate his never-ending lusts had been firmly relegated to history. From a Jack-off to a King, indeed!
Oral-lee had known immediately the moment Denton emerged from his morning shower that she’d be the first to bear the brunt of his monstrous cock. For the unfortunate slave girls it had become a degrading morning ritual. They sat now passively in a circle, each secretly hoping that some other bitch would be selected to suffer the morning’s workout, and since Oral-lee was the newbie, they’d decided that there was more than even chance that she’d be the one to have to spread her legs for another of Denton’s typically brutal poundings. Oral-lee sat in misery alongside her stable companions with a mute look of despair on her pretty features. Back in Los Angeles, she knew her girlfriends would even now be engaged in another of their wild shopping sprees; teasing boys and maxing out their parents credit cards and posing around town in their sports cars, and yet here she was, enslaved and helpless; a nude plaything hoping desperately that she wouldn’t be given the “honour” of servicing what she regarded as a filthy old sex-perv.

There were five nude girls all told including the blonde English girl Hazel and her not-so-secret lover Natalie and even now the two eighteen-year-olds were holding hands as if to give themselves courage, and next to them the more mature curves of twenty-five-year-old Raphaella. the Italian babe hadn’t changed; she still possessed the magnificent curvy figure of a Grecian goddess and her generous hindquarters and the heavy firmness of her mammaries ensured that she always remained a firm favourite. Harem etiquette often required that each slave wear a variety of elaborate hairstyles reminiscent of ancient Rome with an emphasis on up-do’s and buns, and up to an hour of laborious preparation might be needed to ensure each one came up to the regime’s exacting standards. Raphaella sulked beneath the black of an Egyptian wig and the overall effect complemented perfectly the dark olive glow of her skin. The former daughter of a Mafia Don, the sloe-eyed beauty had had long experience as a slave under the former Mkomo regime, and how she’d despaired when she’d found herself still in chains and consigned to the less than tender mercies of this particularly revolting Englishman. Yet she’d lost none of her Latin fire and the hateful flash of her brown eyes still flickered with traces of rebellion.
The hiss of the shower died away and Denton finally emerged in all his naked glory. A worried-looking teen named Penelope pursued him with a towel and tried to dry him down but he was impatient for pussy and it was all she could do to swab the muscular spread of his shoulders.
The blonde was still a virgin and highly prized and it was remarkable that the wolfish Denton had been entrusted with her safe keeping but he’d learned his lesson from his previous downfall and his fear of failing plus his new-found professionalism had ensured that so far not even her mouth had been sullied. In any case, he was partly motivated by the knowledge that sooner or later her maidenhead would be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Probably to some ultra-rich camel jockey, he thought sourly, but then at least she’d be his to enjoy any time he wanted and in the meantime he had all the pussy he needed to keep his horny libido out of trouble.

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a writer with a very wild and devious imagination!


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